OH NOES!!!!!! Where'd my page go? I dont know!! DX, how rude! Who could do such a horrorific thing?
Lolz, dont worry peoples, page will be back, it was just really ugly, so im re-doing it. The new petpage will be like 100000000000000000000000000% better! i promis, i think o_0, i dunno, but it will take sum time....

HEY LOOK! My guild banner, by the way, you shud clicks it C:

Only the wind is as radiant as the adventure of Winter Secrets!

Name: Articimy
NicName: Artic
Birth: 12/9/1986
Bloodline: royalty
Gender: Male
Paint: White
Family: I dont believe any survived
Friends: ?
Love: Can i love?
Clan: ?
Eyes: Left eye black w/ red pupil & right eye white with blue pupil
SpecialMarkings: None
Accessories: Earrings

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Oh noes! My reffy! srry, it was out of date, i gave artic his spots back and it made his referance picture 'oh so yesterday' XD well blah blah, hi!?!??!?!?

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