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According to a myth, there lies a white bark tree with dazzling pink and purple flowers that allow you to see the tree's once adventurous past.
Alright so before you begin, Grey is the name of a pet I'm hoping to obtain for myself in the near future.

 Year 2938, a few centuries since the Earth "died". The planet decided to finally strike back at us - we who have done nothing but pollute and destroy it. A natural radiation wave swept over the whole planet in merely a week, destroying much of the population and mutating the survivors. Our bodies reformed and grew animal-like features like wings and tails. We had no one to blame but ourselves...

December 30, 2938

 A great problem has arisen. It's not the fact my pink dove wings catch the eyes of bullies. It was the government. Twice a month special agents came to the orphanage to find new children to take somewhere with promises of water and family. They never return.

 I guess they're after me this time because I heard my name through the cheap paper walls. Ever since the radiation, the government keeps a tight hold on the world's water supply because... there's just a severe lack of it. My mutation, although lacking in many departments, had a hidden talent. When we had run out of water on Christmas I had thought of water filling up my cup - and to everyone's astonishment, it filled up. A crowd of children gathered near the door, so silently and unnoticed, I ran out of the orphanage through the back door. I whipped out my pitiful (yet fully functional) wings and sped into the skies, faint shouts coming from where I had left.

 I beat my wings faster as dark figures lifted off the ground as well, my heartbeat drowning out every other sound. Soon the dark night engulfed my small silhouette.

Jan 3, 2939

 "Hnnmph!" I grunted as I lifted a large vase of water to the bedroom. The tavern lady thanked me and gave me a warm hug. The government hadn't given out the monthly water on the 31st and she didn't know what to do. The kind lady had taken me the dark night on December 30th without question and helped me escape from my pursuers in her cellar. When some government officials came earlier morning, they weren't looking for me, but rather the boy sitting next to me. Apparently he's some sort of terrorist.

 When the Earth had shriveled up, rich people and important government figures fled to the moon where they set up permanent space towns. The boy here kidnaps these rich people for their money and blows up their estates back on Earth, as a revenge for the children dying all over Earth while they planned to escape.

 "What's your name," I asked, managing a slight smile.

 "I don't have one," he muttered back. Awkward silence between us, I told him my name.

 "I"m Arideus, but call me Deus. Nice to meet you! We should figure out a name for you," I recommended, holding out my hands for a shake.

 "Then just call me Grey, it's what my boss calls me," he replied, taking my hands. We smiled as the door above creaked open, the scorching sunlight peering through. The government officials had left.

Feb 14, 2939

 "Owowow," I winced as a sharp pain pierced my stomach. Recently I've been experiencing pain every time I created water. Grey found it strange and asked me a few questions.

 "So it hurts to create water? Do you feel tired, exhausted? I've seen you cough up some blood yesterday..." The last comment trailed off. Nodding to his remarks, I sat down and grabbed a cup of water.

 "Yeah it's been happening often recently, especially if I make more than two cups of water."

 "Hey Ari," Grey whispered hesitantly, "What if every time you created water, your body deteriorated? Like, water creates most of our body, so it's in a way, our life. By creating water...what if you were decreasing your lifespan?"

 My heart stopped as Grey finished his hypothesis. I had been in denial, but I knew he was right. I was dying every moment I created water - but I had refused to believe that I was digging my own grave.

March 8, 2939

 Grey and I have been gathering people for a coup d'etat and creating connections. Last week I had overheard a bunch of men in the tavern speak that if every unhappy citizen tried to overthrow the government, life would be easier. This was true, but what not everyone knew was that there was enough water for people, but the government had been acting selfish. It was up to our revolutionaries to open their eyes.

 Only a day later, Grey broke into a government building close to the tavern and called up some anti-government factions underground. I had heard of many of them, but there were the less infamous people mingled in. Grey seemed to have a knack for information and scary intuition.

 By now, Grey and I learned that I was coming closer to death with every drop of water I created. How much closer, we had yet to find out, but Grey seemed to become more leader-like. He ordered me not to create water for every unfortunate soul that crossed our path; never had I felt more terrible.

June 18th, 2939

 We watched the news today. We had to wear heavy cloaks because of our infamous reputation. The TV showed us that some farmers had found small wells underground, but the government officials had taken the land for themselves. The farmers had been kicked out of their own land - their homes.

 I curled my fists in anger, feeling powerless to do anything. I wished that I could have cried, but that would mean less water in my own body. I was unable to even express my own feelings.

July 21st, 2939

 Grey brought me to a place I didn't know. It smelled fishy, and small rocks jutted out of the ground. There was a constant breeze, soft dirt going in my shoes every step. Looking up at Grey (who was a good foot taller than me with a muscular body), he looked down back at me.

 "It's a lake." He smiled. A lake? How could lakes even exist in this time and date? There are no lakes, I told myself, not even ponds. I took a step forward in curiosity, ready to dip my foot into the murky liquid.

 "Stop!" Grey shouted, grabbing my arm and pulling me back. "The lake's not much of a lake - it's more of a chunk of acid. It'll burn right through your skin".

 "Oh," I sighed, disappointed but with a positive thought. There had to be a drop of water in the lake, and that meant lakes, seas, ponds, rivers and everything returning was much more than just a dream.

Aug 9th, 2939

 We held our first Revolutionary Meeting today, where all leaders of all revolutionary groups came together for ideas. Grey volunteered me to be in charge of the introduction speech. What was wrong with him? Why would he volunteer a frail pink wing-ed 5 foot tall boy to host such an important meeting? 'You can do it,' he told me, laughing. Ugh. As hundreds of individuals sat down in the abandoned auditorium, I shakily faced the audience.

 "Uh, is this working?" I muttered, tapping at the mic. "We all here uh, go against the government.. the ones who have oppressed us for over centuries..." My hands felt clammy and I could feel my knees shaking. In the corner of my eyes, I spotted Grey, his lips curled in pleasure. Oooooh nah.

 "Mmh. Let me start this over. Welcome, my name is Arideus and I can create water." Small gasps and chatter arose but I waved them to be silent. "Of course, there's a price for everything - I die a little every time I create water. Yet here I stand, hundreds if not thousands of people have water supplied by me. However, I am unable to supply everyone with water, and we're all here to face the source of the problem; the government. Look around you - these people have the same interests as you, to create the world over again. We need to start the revolution, and prevent a second disaster that the government will bring by stopping their monthly water handouts. Help me, and help those around you, revolutionize the world."

 The crowd roared and the applause sounded like thunder as I exited the stage.

 "Wow, aren't you popular," Grey joked as he patted my back to change spots with me. Grinning back at him, we fist-bumped as I ran off into the curtains. I felt ready to take on the world.

September 16th, 2939

 Everyone grabbed weapons as the special day came near. Grey hacked into the governmental system and thousands of civilians and our militia bursted through the capital, burning and screeching. Seven hours later, the government waved their white flag, initialing their loss. Cheers broke and some of us even cried out of joy. Swiftly and effectively, leaders sent out water to every corner of the world, rejuvenating the thirsts.

 "Who will become leader?" one commander asked, talons still sharp from the battle.

 Grey will," I answered sternly, looking up into his eyes.

October 10th, 2939

 Since the battle the water supply had been shrinking. We didn't tell people under leaders anything - we had just fought a war to prevent the water hogging, but the truth was inevitable - water was stills scarce. Twiddling my thumbs I looked up to the sky. The sky was the same as my escape from the orphanage a year ago. Empty. Sighing, I made up my mind.

 I would pay the price.

November 4th, 2939

 Important leaders gathered once more. There was one difference - Grey would not attend this meeting.

 "Good evening everyone," I cheerfully said looking around the room. Fifteen men and women sat around a table, wearing casual clothes (we didn't have a choice of uniform).

 "Soon the water supply will run out, and we will return into being the water-less state once again. Havoc will break out and we will no longer be able to handle the crowd." Uncomfortable fidgets.

 "So I have planned this meeting to discuss the one method of our... survival. I will recreate the oceans and replenish the water supply." They all stared in disbelief at me as I mentioned the plan.

 "Sir, how exactly would that happen? What about Commander Grey? I reckon he will strongly despise this plan," a woman mentioned. I nodded as I returned her questions, "which is why I need everyone to stay silent. Tell everyone that everything is under control, and that they will never run out of water as long as Commander Grey is alive." They all nodded, and I dismissed the meeting. I held the door as they left, and not one of them could look into my eyes.

 The only thing left was to mentally prepare myself and bring this topic to Grey.

January 3rd, 2940

 I noted Grey to come meet me at the ex-capital. I then carried him to what was once known as the most beautiful island and resort. As the warm sun and the gentle breeze blew at my hair, I walked into the remains of the beach. White salt plagued the area. After a moment of silence, I looked back at Grey.

 "I remember I met you today last year. It was a funny meeting huh," I spoke, voice shaking a little towards the end. I had prepared myself, yet the thought of me dying still scared the heck out of me. Always intuitive, Grey understood what I was about to do.

 "Don't you dare," he commanded, voice full of authority. He would make a wonderful leader. I backed up from him, the sand hugging my feet.

 "Thank you so much for supporting me until the end - you were the best friend I've had." At this point, tears threatened to leave my eyes.

 "Stop. Stop! STOP!" Grey shouted as water sprang out of nowhere. My knees buckled as I fell onto the ground, sand and blood choking my existence. The pain was unbelievable. My skin felt like it was being torn to pieces, and sharp pains jabbed at every part of my body. Curling into the rising water, I could hear Greys screams getting further and further away. My last view of the world was Grey holding me up, tears streaking down his dust caked face, screaming. As my senses dulled, I continued to focus on water. Soon enough, I felt nothing but a sense of coolness around me.

Art by me

Arideus is a 150cm tall boy with light gray hair often tinted a little blue from the cloudless sky. He has a fair complexion just like a girl's so he often gets mistaken for a girl. His wings are smaller than the others but it supports him and 60kgs more than his body weight. His wings are mostly white with pink ends. His physique is very slender, no muscles whatsoever. A weakling, really.

Personality-wise, he's shy and timid. Definitely not seen as a leader on the first glance, but his tendency to give more than he takes allows for everyone to love him dearly. His best friend is Grey, who is the complete opposite of him - muscular, tall and leader-like.

Art by others

The air gently blew against Arideus's hair as he glided down to the ground. Loosening his brown scarf, he looked to the sky, squinting as the sun's glares met his eyes. Behind him, the door to a small house opened, and an artist exited holding a brush. Mesmerized by Arideus's wings, the artist stared a bit before going back into the house go gather the rest of his tools. Exiting once more, the artist pointed for Arideus to look in his natural state as he dabbed at his pincel.


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