Hello everyone, and welcome to my portfolio! We could say this is just my little corner in all over Neopets that I'm going to solely dedicate to myself, keeping track of what I do on the site, my goals, friends, guild, and just pretty much everything about me. I'm Sosu, by the way, and I plan on keeping my portfolio as simple as possible, so I hope you all enjoy your stay! You can use the navigation at your left to navigate or simply scroll down to find more thing.

Whether you want to get to know me better or if you actually are a member of my guild who was interested in knowing more about me, feel free to take a look around the page. If there's something I love to do is meeting people and chatting with them. Without further ado, sit back and make your stay an enjoyable experience throughout my portfolio!


  • Name: Sosu
  • Country: Argentina
  • Age: 21 years
  • Timezone: NST + 5
  • Stengths: Patience, thrifty, friendly, good memory, creative, talkative, intelligent, supportive, fast learner, understanding, funny, active, punctual, organized.
  • Weakness: Prideful, impersistence, greedy, loud, harsh, competitive.
  • Currently reading: Duma Key by Stephen King.
  • I love feng-shui and I'm always moving furnitures around my house.
  • I love women and I have a weird but lovely attraction to those girls who can have short hair.
  • I can listen to the same song million of times and never get tired of it.
  • I was almost kicked out from my house due absences.
  • I hate cats due some bad experiences when I was a kid.
  • Every time I post in any board, the board either gets deleted or no one ever posts after me. Coincidence? No, I don't think so.
  • I love cooking and I was going to go to a Culinary school before discovered that I loved graphic design. I'm really good at cooking, specially baking.
  • I met three of my best Neofriends already, and still keep in touch with outside Neopets.
  • When I'm nervous or a situation that drives my nerves batty, I start to laugh.
  • Even though I'm a busy person, you'll always find me on here.
  • It never takes me more than just half an hour/an hour to make layouts and less than 20 minutes to code them.
  • Scrabble is my favorite game and I can play it in both Spanish and English and have the same wisdom level.
  • I love playing videogames and I've got the Wii in 2011. I still have the N64!
  • I spend more time speaking andtyping in English than Spanish in my daily life.
  • I love travelling by subway.
  • Horror movies are my favorite movie's genre. I have over 30 in my DVD shelf.
  • I'm so organized it hurts at times. I think I've got OCD.
  • I have a weird obsession of gifting items all the time.
  • I'm so thrifty and I hardly spend money/NP, but when I do I end buying the most expensive things.
  • I over use the :* and (: smileys, even when I talk to people who I'm not friends with.
  • When I drink coffee I never drink the entire cup, I always leave some in there and I have no idea why.
  • General: Graphic design, autumn, girls, making fonts and lookups, foreign languages, travelling abroad, chewing gum, scarves and jackets, airports, ice coffee, cold weather, dark grey blue and brown colors, symmetry, videogames, nintendo, tight clothing, bears, dogs, schedules, watches, crafts, incense, technology, computers, mobiles, air conditioner, horror movies, ice ceam, polaroids, strawberries, watermelon, white chocolate, laughing, homemade food, pizza, things that smell good, football, rugby, cars, rainy/stormy days, taking naps, sleeping, happiness, dressing up, customizing my pets, kacheeks and draiks, chatting with friends, giving advices, money, neopoints, guilds, avatars, tv series, nights.
  • Movies: Horror in general, Inception, Avatar, Tangled, Finding Nemo, Transformers, The Lord of the Ring, Hunger Games, Jeepers Creeper, Black Swan, Another Earth, 2012, Chocolate, Pirates of the Caribbean, A Better Life, The day after tomorrow, The Avengers.
  • TV: The Walking Dead, Modern Family, Glee, The Simpsons, Friends, Touch, Terranova, Married with children, TV news, Music channels.
  • Books: Sophie's World and The Solitaire Mystery by Jostein Gaarder; The Miser by Molière; Full Dark, No Stars by Stephen King; The Dark Fort by Pablo Nieto.
  • General: Drawing, bright colors, cats, dirtiness, empathy, warm days, uncomfortable clothes, rings, vegetables, writing content, magazines, loneliness, being sick, salty food, headphones, reading, hypocrisy, speeches, high speed, stamps, battledome, trading pets and nc, dices, roleplaying, gambling, people that don't understand what I say, inconsistency, asocial people, bad jokes, shocks, very small places, bad advices, interviews, spiders, insects, people that yell at a lot, animal abuse, people who neglect animals, rude people, inconsistencies, noobs, arguments, unhealthy eating, judgment, key quest, dirty socks, slowness, heaters, lemon, colors that don't match, plots, when I have to find something I lost, handwriting things.
  • Movies: Harry Potter, Paranormal Activity, Shutter Island, Sherlock Holmes, Documentary in general, Horror movies that don't scare me.
  • TV: None in particular.
  • Books: None so far, fortunately.


    OFF NEOPETS: I know you are probably wondering if Sosu is actually my real name. Well, I can tell you that it's just an alias I go by since I started to play here. As I started to play when I was young, I never liked the idea of giving my personal and real information so to avoid any inconveniences, I decided to keep this nickname. However, my closest/best neofriends know my real name but they can be counted on the fingers of one hand.

    Let's talk about what I do outside Neopets and in my daily life. I'm from Argentina, Buenos Aires to be more precise, and I'm 21 years old. (For those who want to know, my birthday is on September 5) For those who didn't know, Spanish is my mother and native language. However, I'm fluent in English and I can somewhat understand and speak Portuguese as well. Even though I graduated from high school in 2010, I started to attend to college in 2012. I completed some courses in the mean time but for some reason it took me a few years to realize what I really wanted to do with my life, and that's why I'll be majoring in Multimedia Design in March 2014. Our school system/time is a bit different here so that's why I start next year. Making graphics has been my always-loved hobbie as I have been making them since 2006, now I decided that's what I truly love doing most of my time. On the other hand, foreign languages is a really piece in my life. I can consider myself a fast learner and it only took me a year to become a non-native, fluent English speaker. I've been playing Neopets in English since 2009 and that pretty much helped me a lot to acquire all the knowledge and wisdom I currently own. However, I gote my major during 2012 after attending to a special English Institute. Since then I realized that I can learn foreign languages quicker than other people, and I've proved it by minoring in Portuguese and Italian at same time (that's what I'm currently doing at the moment) I dream with being able to express myself and offer my services to any people in the world and that's why I do believe being bilingual/trilingual is a long-term goal at the moment. I'd love to be able to speak as many languages as my mind allows me while I can live.

    I have a non-identical (fraternal, that is) twin brother and I currently live with him, my wonderful mom and my 15-year-old husky. I have never had neither the best nor the most perfect life. My dad passed away in October 2005 after holding a disease for over 10 years. I spent most of my time at home helping him and taking care of him. When I say most of the my time I mean, whenever I got home from school I was doing it, because back in that moment I was only 11 or 12 years old, and the only thing I did was just to help him as much as I could. If I wasn't at school, I was either helping my dad or sleeping for getting so tired after doing chores, because to add up some more stuff, I also helped my mom to take care over my house when she was working and that was slowly becoming into a daily routine. While my dad was getting worse, my grandma started to get worse as well and when he passed away, it was my grandma's turn. She sadly passed away in May 2012 (she was 95 and, so she couldn't keep struggling) What I used to do for my dad, I did it for my grandma as well.

    In 2012 I decided it was time to start going to see a counselor and it was one of the best things I could have done. This person helped me a lot to get over what has happened in my life. I started to get to know myself more and started to allow myself to do the things I wasn't able to do before. I pretty much became a new person. Now I have many friends again and I hang out with them every now and then and I'm always doing things to keep my mind busy with something. I do not regret anything. All the time spent helping my family was solely done by love and I do not regret the time I somehow lost. I know I can't get that time back but I'll enjoy what it's coming from now on. I always try to enjoy life at its fullest.

    If I had to describe myself, I'd say I'm a really optimistic and possitive person. I always see the bring things on people. I'm one of those people you will count on whenever, no matter the distance nor the facts. I'm always here for friends and even for the people who I'm not friends with anymore. I used to be so prideful but over the years I managed to change that, even when they don't deserve it. I'm a better person today and I strive to be one every day. I'm really outgoing and talkative. I love meeting and talking to people about everything and anything. I'm such a driven person and passionate with whatever I aim for. I love leading and I work better by myself, however I do manage myself pretty well when I have to work with people. I'm very very organized, perfectionist and symmetric when it comes about graphics. I'm very thirsty and I can save up money without spending a penny if needed. I love helping others and I spend most of my time helping them. I will always put myself onto other people's shoes if it's needed and I'm a very understanding person. Confidence is one of the things I treasure the most. If I lose confidence on people, I'm pretty much losing what it makes me keep attached to them. I never get mad or upset but whenever I do, I honestly can be your worst enemy. I can't stand people who hurt others so I try to never do what I don't want others to do to me. As I always was an outgoing person, I've made so many friends and have also met wonderful people. I love to be able to keep in touch with them from time to time and I do treasure friendship as much as I can. If we once were so close to each other, don't worry, because I never forget about people like you. I'm very creative and let my imagination flow in my daily life. I'm really patient, punctual and persistent when I have to. I also have such a good memory when it comes about remembering certain situations; though when it comes about numbers and dates, I may not be that good.

    Now-a-days I'm just an avarage college student. As of March 2013 I started to attend to a placement course which will allow me to get in the college I'll be transfering to next year. Fortunately I always managed myself to have time for neo. I seriously spend hours a day here, but I always have time for college and for my friends. I used to work as a courier from October 2012 to June 2013 and it was my first job. I used to be one of those people who whenever they had to go out, they didn't even know where downtown was located at. Thanks to this job I could commute around the city with no problem. I do consider myself as a happy commuter. I know my city like the palm of my hand and I'm very proud of myself because I thought I'd never be able to. I love sleeping and I pull up all night when I have the chance. I love nights and I'd rather stay awake at night than during the day (I pretty much love getting my sleeping patterns all flipped) I seriously love making graphics and I'm so glad it will be part of my life in a few years. I do see myself working freelance and helping myself with foreign languages as well. I guess you can't really describe your life until you let people to get to know you throughout the time. As of March 2014 I'll be officially starting my major in Multimedia Design.

    ON NEOPETS: Here at Neo I go by the name of Sosu. It's not my real name. though. I remember when I started to play here back in 2004 and my parents always told me I shouldn't give or tell people my personal information such as my name, surname, etc. so I decided to create myself a nickname which I could go by. In that time I used to watch anime a lot and the one I watched the most was Naruto. My favorite charapter was Sasuke, hence why my name is Sosu.

    As I previously said, I've been playing here since 2004 but I've had some extended hiatuses from time to time. I had period of times in which I didn't even come here, and the main reason was that I used to always get frozen/suspended. I've had several accounts in the past and most of them were iced for either CG or hacked. I never knew how to appreciate my accounts back in that time. My very first account was icecream_mania. I know it's a funny name but that was it, and yes I do love ice cream! I think it was frozen after 3 years since I first made it and it was during that time when the site was full of CGers. As a result, I had my very first hiatus which lasted around 6 months or so. Quitting Neo is not an easy thing but those 6 months were so long. I remember I had some really serious internet issues in which my connection used to get disrupted all the time so I pretty much gave up.

    After going through a lot of accounts, I've decided I was going to make my last one, which was my previous account sosutreil. That was seriously my best account and the one I got so many things accomplished with. Sadly it was mistakenly frozen in June 2012 for bad languages in the board (I say mistakenly because when the reason involved the boards, which means, I should've been permanently silenced) I submitted a ticket right after it happened and it has kept the same status (Work in Progress) since then. I self-froze sosunub, which now is my main account, so I could quit but I didn't last a week. I can say now that I've got everything back and accomplished what I once did before, but my pets and my gallery are the things I will never be able to get back.

    Most people know that my favorite season is Autumn and that I have dedicated my entire account to it (including gallery, pets' customizations, petlookups, lookup, everything) I just love that season and Neopets has such a good sense to represent this wonderful season, from the items to all the images they offer. I don't know how to explain my love for this season and I don't have any particular one to be honest, I just love it!

    Let's talk about what I do here in the site the most. I love collecting avatars as well as making graphics. There was a time in which I used to take graphic requests all the time but now I don't due lack of time. One of the reasons why I also stopped to take requests was the fact people never acknowledge nor appreciate the time you spend making a graphic for them. However, I'm pretty sure you'll eventually find people with lookups or layouts made by myself, because, if not always, I usually help my friends by making them graphics whenever they need something but that doesn't mean I'll start taking graphics again.

    I'll talk about my site now. I've run and owned Autumn Breezes since June 16th, 2010 and I had to close it after three years and a half. Honestly, having made this site was one of the best things that could have happened to me here in the site. I happily remember how I started to make it. Back in 2009 I was joined a guild named Cherry Blossom. I used to run a page with lookups only for members and I was told that I really should make myself a site. Premade lookup sites weren't so popular in that moment so I thought it'd be a good time to make myself one. I wasn't sure at first but I did my best. I started to advertise it like crazy and it was getting popularity and a lot of viewpages over the time. The site was considered one of the best and largest in all over Neopets during the time it was active (2010-2011) My site let me meet so many people over the years. I was the first person introducing avatar themed lookups on Neopets and I won the Site Spotlight after it was re-introduced in July 2012.

    On the other hand, I was told to join the SunnyNeo in 2011 but I'm somewhat retired at the moment. I do make one or two graphics a year, though. I love helping people when it comes about making graphics so that's why I decided to be part of the staff.


    A heartfelt thank-you to all of my best friends and the people who have been always there for me, for having helped me achieve my wishes and neogoals, just for everything they have done. I am overwhelmed by your generousity and you have left me speechless. Your friendship is the greatest and best gift and I will never be able to thank you enough. My gratitude can't be explained. Below you can see the people who I loved talking to or who I still keep in touch with. There are also people listed here who mean something special to me and whether or not we still keep talking to each other, they will always remain. I wish I could list every single peson I like here but sometimes it's just hard to remember. To those I warmly thank you! You know who you are.

    JULI: She was and currently is my very first best friend. I met her back in 2008 when we both used to play Neo in Spanish. I used to take requests for my graphics and she was lucky enough to get one made by me. I still remember the lookup she asked me for: it was about a faerie pteri and it was so ugly. Anyways, she has kind of quit the site already but we talk to each other in real life. I have no words to describe how lucky I am for having such an amazing friend. From the outside to the inside, she's a wonderful, smart and caring girl who I'm thankful for having as a friend both on Neopets and in real life.

    AGUS: I met Agus back in 2008-2009 too. I remember I added her on mason but hardly talked to her. We never got along well but we started to in 2012. She is one of those people that are always there, no matter if you had a fight with her the day before. She will always try to help you. We were lucky enough to meet each other in March 2012 when she came to where I live and of course I forced her so we could see each other. Now we try to meet each other as much as we can and we're really close. She is so shy and introvert, and that what I love about her the most. Did I ever mention she makes outstanding drawings? I hope this friendship never stop growing!

    LAU: I think the story of how we met is the funniest one. We had friends in common and one of her friends told me to help bumping one of her boards, then I met her. We started to talk in the board as well as through neomails right after and I told her that I was going to make like a contest to find my new BFF. And we started to talk, without even thinking she was going to be that best friend but yes, she indeed ended up being my best friend forever. We got along so so well that now we can practically live without each other. We're like siblings in the few months we've known each other. Words would never sease to describe how amazing this girl is and how much she means to me. She's splendid, smart, cheesy and so funny. I love you to pieces, Lau, and I wish youwere more active on the site again. I miss my napster and your support! I love you!

    AMELIA: She's like my right hand. We can ensure you that our friendship got stronger over the time (years now, right?) Because if I do remember well we didn't get along as well as we do now. I remember we always saw each other in different guilds and after staying in the same ones, we started to talk to each other more often. Amelia, formely known as Muffin, is such an irreplaceable, sweet girl and I'm proud to call her one of my closest friends. We can fortunately count on each other whenever it's needed. It's so amazing knowing she is always there for me when I need someone to talk to. She's so helpful and caring. I love you Amelia and I'm so glad we could keep in touch after such a long time.

    ROSCO: I remember I met Rosco in my very first guild back in January/February 2011. It was hard to get to know him, as I felt he was kind of shy or maybe he didn't like to talk to people, but after being in the same guild I could get to know him. He was the most helpful person I've ever met. I remember I always asked him to proofread the content I wrote for my guild and he was always there when I need someone to correct all the grammar mistakes I made. I'm so glad we learned how to trust in each other and we still keep in touch now. He's an amazing person in the inside and outside.

    GERARA: How could I stop talking to this amazing girl? Rara was the leader of the first (or second, I don't remember) guild I've ever joined when I started to play Neo in English. This happened back in 2009, if I do remember well. Anyways she was such a charming and cary person and she was always there to me! Unfortunately she doesn't play Neo as much as she used to but we still keep in touch from time to time or when she logs in here. We send mails to each other and we have such a good confidence now. I don't know of any other person who has supported me as much as she did. She's means a lot and I love her to pieces.

    MADDIE: I don't think there's any other more enthusiastic person outthere more than Maddie. I just love her. We got along so quickly and she's always, and when I say always I mean ALWAYS there for me. She's so supportive, funny, caring person overall. I love how we can count on each other and that we never judge each other. We can talk about everything and anything and we know we'll always count with each other's support. Thanks a lot Maddie! I hope this friendship can keep growing.

    ASH: If you look up for the definition of Sweet, then Ash should be definitely be there. She's the sweetest, most supportive and most caring person I have ever met here on the site. It's amazing how she dedicates her time to help others even when they don't need it. She's always there for you, no matter if you are friends or not, she will always be there whenever you need to count on someone. When she came back to neo after a hiatus she neomailed me and I smiled because I remembered all the time we shared here. I've known her for years and she's definitely one of those friends you can't forget about. I love you, Ash! I appreciate every single conversation we have had which always end up being so funny. You are always there for me as you know I am and will always be here for you as well. I'm so glad our friendship could keep intact over the years and knowing you'll stick with me wherever I go it just makes me the happiest guy.

    JORDI: Where to begin?! You are one of those people someone gets to know and that they would never imagine they'd become so close to each other. That's how I feel right now. I'm so happy when I offered myself to make you that layout, I think that allowed us to get to know each other so well and get to that point in which we can rely on each other no matter one. We got close so quickly it's hard to believe! We talk pretty much every day and we understand each other so well. We are like neo soulmates, that is. You are gorgeous, Jordi! Your sense of humor is genius as well as the way you care about everything. You just need to less worry about things and just enjoy yourself as much as possible! I love I can trust on you as if I have known you for years and I know this friendship is going to last forever. Afterall, that's what NC Random Silenced Twinsies do, don't they (; I love you lots!

    AMANDA: Amanda could be considered my only neo-mommy. She's such a caring, supportive and even lovely person I randomly met on a board she had made. I remember she was gifting a specific NC item and she just sent it to me as a gift. We didn't stop talking since then. She has been so helpful lately, and it seems she's that close to me and I'm happy I can consider her as a friend. She's always there when I want to talk to someone and our conversations can go from Neopets to real life matters. She's amazing at giving good and wise advices and is always cheering me up. Thank you so much for everything!

    FOY: I first met you through your brother Rosco. For some reason I thought we would never get along well. Like the few times we talked was when I was actually talking to Rosco and you always seemed like a apathetic person. We could never had a proper conversation until you decided to join Wistful and I think that could have been one of your best decisions. The confidence we have now is what I treasure the most. I could even say that I'm getting along much better with you now than with Rosco, even though I know him for longer. The fact we talk to each other every day/every other day makes it special. I'm proud to have a friend like you, Foy. You are one of those people who are not afraid to tell what you truly think about something, and honesty is what resembles you the best. You are a great person in the inside and the outside and you are like the only person who has a chance to speak to me! I know we will meet each other some day and that I'll travel and stay in your house when I visit you. You are funny and caring, just like Artemis but I think he loves food more than you do.

    CHARLIE: Ok so when did we first meet? Like in October 2013 or so, right? I mean we got close to each other so quickly people would be scared. What I love about you is how free we are to talk about everything and anything and our sense of humor is the best ever and bo one could be against of that! If there's someone who makes me laugh is you, Charlie. I love you to pieces and I do mean I love you every time I tell it, which is like ten times a day or so. I love how understanding you are and that you are always there to help me. I love how you care about me! You are beautiful, Charlie, and I wish you had a better opinion about yourself. No one can tell you what to do or anything, you are just perfect in the way you are and I love you for that. For being so driven with certain things as well as always trying to find the best way to solve problems.

    DAMI: Mi amigo Dami! He joined one of my guilds in 2011 and we kept talking since then. Spanish is also his native language so that's why we could get along with each other so well. Although he doesn't play Neo as much as he used to, we still talk to each other every now and then. I'm happy he's my friend, as I don't have many friends whose language is the same one as mine.

    KIUCHI: I met Kiu so randomly! I think she neomailed me to make a guild but in that moment I was in another one. I decided to give it a try and we start working it out together, even though we hadn't talked before. I can say we really get along well when we made Daydream. Even though we couldn't really finish it as we wanted, we still talk to each other from time to time and to catch up on things. When I talk to her she brings so many good memories. I love how hilarious and supportive she is. (:

    SKYE: What can I say about this girl. I think we met each other like 3 years ago. I remember I neomailed her for a suspicious copy of one of my layout styles that someone (or was she? I can't remember) has used in one of their graphics. I think the guild was called Deviant and some of the layouts were so inspired by mine. Later on I invited her to my guilds and we got so close to each other and we're besties now. We're happy we never lost contact to each other and we know we'll be always be for each other whenever we need someone to talk to. I wish she were more active now as I miss her a lot. Skye is so open-mind and I love how she always try to cheer my up. She's so fun and I wouldn't know what to do without her. Thanks for everything, Skye!

    CAMI: What can I say about this wonderful girl? I met her in my guild back in 2011 and we got along so well if I may say so myself. Unfortunately she had quit the site for months and we really lost contact but now she's back and it's amazing how fast we could get in touch with each other. She was the very first person who I spoke in English to... face to face. Remembering that conversation makes me laugh, as my English was so poor back then. Either way I'm happy I can consider her as a close friend, always supporting and advising me. She's always there in right moment. I wish she still keeps on learning Spanish, as she'd be such a good teacher. I love you Cam and best of luck in life!

    ALEX: Alex is another friend I made when being in the same guild with. I remember I always neomailed him to join my guilds, as I used to make them a lot a few years ago. He never says no and he's always there for me whenever I feel like having a chat with him! Although he's semi-retired now, I try to keep in touch with him as much as possible. Plus Spanish is also his native language. I think he must be the first person I met in the English boards and whose language wasn't that one. Gracias por todo, Alex!


    DECEMBER 9TH, 2013
    It's been about two months since I last wrote a journal entry. During that time I've been silenced and suspended for the same reason and something that was involving my portfolio. After asking some friends to review the portfolio, we came to the conclusion that part of the content I had written could have been misunderstood by TNT so that's why the portfolio was ripped off a few times already. Hence why I have made this new one, which is css based by the way. I've been coding a lot lately and I felt it was time to do a major change and try something new and different from what you guys are used to see. I'm in love with this page and how functional, eyecatching, simple and easy to navigate it turned out. I have also got rid of a lot of content but I have pretty much kept everything. I hope you like it!

    A lot of things have been going on. The most important one was that I finally finished that silly placement course I had to attend all this year. I graduated with a score of 94 out of 100, which means, the art college I applied for will be accepting me in next year. I'll be finally starting my major in Multimedia Design sometime in late March 2014. I'm full of joy and couldn't be any prouder of myself! I can't wait to start studying what I love doing as well as getting to meet people with the same interests as me. On another brighter note, my Summer break has finally arrived so it's about time I sit and relax for the almost four months I have free. I do plan taking some trips in January and February but we shall see how things go.

    As for Neopets, I have closed my site Autumn Breezes. I won't say much about it but you can read my reasons in the page. I just want to thank once again all mh friends for supporting me! On the other hand, November was such a lucky month for me. I won the Random Contest for the first time and got gold trophy! The item prize was that new birthday goodie bag. I opened it just to find that I had gotten one of the new Birthday Pepets. I was amazed it was a Kadoatie! In that day I also got the new Goparokko avatar as well as my very first Faerie Fountain Quest! The item in question was so cheap and you know, I didn't hesitate a second and got the Buzzin avatar. I have been also trading NC like crazy recently. I try to buy NC once a year during Fall season and I'm so happy and proud I have downsized my wishlist a lot in the last 2 weeks. I've gotten my most wanted items and even more (Thanks to Jordi for all her support) I'm just worry that my mom will get so mad at me when she sees how much money I spent on it lol

    Even though I've been so MIA during the last two weeks of college, I started to become more active once again within the Neo community. My guild Wistful is going better than ever! We had a special recruiting week in which we overreached our member cap and got about 35 members! The guild has been so active and chatty I'm just thrilled by it. I can't even believe the guild is celebrating its firt anniversary in New Year! Have you noticed how fast did this year fly by?! It's unbelievable. I'm so looking for a New Year to start, a full of promises, goals and resolutions. I hope I can keep all the friendships I have made this year as well as making new ones. (:


    Q: What programs do you use to make graphics?
    A: Since I first started to make graphics, back in 2005 or so, I've been using exactly the same program which is Paint Shop Pro 7. It's definitely one of the oldest programs for making graphics there are out there so I highly recommend you to try something different if you ever want to make your own graphics. I have a wide experience making graphics with it so I can pretty much do what someone would do using Photoshop. I do know how to use another programs but I can't really bother to learn a new one so I'm always sticking to my beloved PSP!

    Q: How did you learn css/html? Can you teach me?
    A: I remember I had a sort of html class at school when I was like 12 so that pretty much helped me to get involved with them when I started to code pages here at Neopets. Neo used to have, or I think it still does, had a guide to css and html so you should try it out! The more you practices, the more things you will be able to code.

    Q: Do you take graphic requests?
    A: Unfortunately I don't take custom/graphic requests. I already offer this service for my guild members so I basically make graphics just for them and for my personal use too. However, whenever I get more spare time, I tend to make boards or gift people graphics randomly! I don't bite so feel free to ask me if you want something, but I highly doubt I'll ever make you something if I don't have enough time.

    Q: Can I neomail or neofriend you?
    A: You can neomail me every single time you feel like doing it. People neomail me about css and html issues, questions, about everything. I'm really open-minded and talkative so if you feel like having a good time chatting with a strange person, feel free to do it! I'll be more than happy to reply them. As for the Neofriend requests, I keep them opened but I only accept them if I actually know you. I don't like NFing people I have never talked to before so, unless we do know each other, they will remain exclusive.

    Q: Can I edit your lookups and/or codes found in your site?
    A: Every single premade lookup you can find at my site are free to be used and edited. What I don't allow is to edit the layout/imagery itself. Now if you want the codes to code your own lookup, then go ahead and grab them. Crediting is mandatory so don't forget to either keep the link back button to my site or make a link directly linked to my lookup.

    Q: Let's say I have a layout, will you code it for me?
    A: I most certainly help people coding their layouts if they have zero knowledge about coding them. Honestly, it doesn't take me that long to code unless you want something specific. I will only code simple layouts so don't expect any sort of fancy navigation or content. Other than that, I'd be happy to help you!

    Q: I found somebody who has stolen your content. What should I do?
    A: Feel free to neomail me. I always neomail people when they stole something, either a graphic or codes. Stealing artwork is not allowed on the site and it's perfectly reportable so, unless the person leaves proper credits or remove them, I'll have to report them to TNT and hopefully they pages will be removed.

    Q: Can you tell me where do you get all the images you use for your graphics?
    A: Sure thing! To start with, Neopets offers a really wide variety of Backgrounds which you can find here; Just download them to get a bigger resolution but keep in mind that some of the images may be down or broken. On the other hand, I also use a lot of NC and NP wearable backgrounds. Fortunately there are a few sites that offers those SWF files that preview a big resolution of the background you want. These are the sites I frequent the most: Background Bonanza, Dr. Sloth (It's a JellyNeo's Extension), Caption Contests and pretty much from all the places you can get good and high-quality images like those old plot comics.

    Q: As for your resources, where do you get all your textures and patterns?
    A: Over the years I started to storage every single texture I may use in the future. I have them saved on my computer and some of them are 5 years old or even older. The thing is that I never kept the pages where I got them from. Usually, when you poogle things like light textures or vintage textures some good sites appear so I tend to wander around them and get some. However, I also make myself my very own resources so I can guarantee I'll always vary when using them. If the site allowed us to talk about another off-sites, I'd be glad to name some so you could search from there.


    AIFP I caught Aifp in the pound as I really love short-named pets. Camouflage Kougras are basically one of the best pets TNT made in my opinion. They do represent the Fall season really well and I just love the colours.
    APAEN: This was the first pet I created on this account. He always remainded as my lab rat but my best friend gifted me a Faerie Tuskaninny Morphing Potion for Christmas 2012 so since then I pretty much stopped zapping him. He's basically what represents my love for Faerie Tuskaninnies. My ultimate dream pet is an Unconverted one as I do believe they are the most autumnal neopets so he's basically my favorite neopet and he has luckily gotten some BD stats already.
    BISEA: Bisea was one of my avatar pets until a very good friend of mine, Domi, decided to morph her and paint her Chocolate. Choco Draiks always were a dream pet of mine and I'm so happy she could get me to get one. I truly love her!
    GAWNY: I caught Gawny in the pound and decided to morph her into a Spotted Lupe. I always liked Lupes and Gelers for being so dog/animal-like and so, Spotted Lupes looks so autumn-y and I really love the colour scheme.
    AUDLEA: I adopted Audlea about a year and half ago. A friend was tyring to downsize their pets and so she knew how much I loved autumn and let me adopt her! She was one of the first pets I got when I started to collect my favorite autumn-looking pets.
    IRNIAM: I got Irniam when I traded a Chocolate Blumaroo to one of the members in the guild. She loves Chocolate pets and I love Woodland ones so I think it was a good trade!
    NORHA: I adopted Norha when a very good friend was quitting the site. I'm very fond of Draiks and she was a Pirate one when I adopted her. Then I hand-painted her Orange to match with the season.
    DESATE: I also adopted her out when a friend wanted to give away her pets. She also was a Pirate Draik that I later hand-painted Red. She was the last Draik I was needing to complete my family. I lend her for the avatar!
    MIFFLE: Both Maraquan Scorchios and Kacheeks are the only Maraquan pets I truly love, specially for their colours. I've been trying to get a kacheek but then I saw a guild member who was adopting out pets and I saw Miffle. I adopted her in June 2013.
    OPFA: I don't remember who I got Opfa. I think I traded for her last year when Krawks' value wasn't as deflated as it is now. I really like krawks and this is the only colour that I'm very fond of. I lend her for the avatar!
    BUATI: I created Buati on the Cybunny Day and painted him Camouflage right after the colour was released. I really like how he looks like now.
    GAPEN: This is the first draik I created myself and hand-painted Brown. I'm very proud of her as I thought I wasn't able to save up enough to get one. She's really special and one of the first additions to my family.
    REYKZ: Reykz was definitely one of my best achievements. I remember I had restocked a stamp which I could sell for millions and then I was able to buy myself a Plushie paint brush. I love Plushie kaus, specially the Unconverted ones.
    RICROL: Ricrol was the first pet I adopted out. I think I got her in 2011 when a friend specially traded a pet of hers to get her for me. Gnorbus are so cute and Brown was just the right colour for her.


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    In New Years 2013, after having taken a hiatus from making guilds, I decided it was time to give it a new try and see how things could go. I started to make Wistful with my best friend Lau. Unfortunately she stepped down a few weeks later due being so busy with school but she remained as a member. The guild is still going stronger every day and it's still up and running! I can't describe how happy I am with this guild and every single hour I spent working on it. We offer everything, from many activities which members participate all the time (that thing about people not participating in activities is a lie, or at least it has never happened to Wistful yet) to 500 obtainable guild stamps you can collect, premade petpages and lookups, monthly events, you name it. We have pretty much everything. We are always trying to make things that suit all members' interests and so we try to make and come up with new pages every now and then. We provide that active, chatty and welcoming home away from home you have been always tooking for.

    Wistful definitely became that home I was referring to. The people there are just amazing, so supportive you just wish to be there with all of them, face to face. They are so active, chatty, cheery, they are just perfect. I couldn't be any happier with the result of this guild. I think every day I spent working so hard on it was so worth and I couldn't be any more thankful for that. Every single member is special and I feel how we can count on and support each other when it's needed. That's why I love making guilds and why I hardly join others. Being on council and leader a guild allow me to meet every person who joins just when they join the guild. This guild was definitely one of the best things that happened to me this year and we all hope it can last for a few more months or even years! We're always looking for members, so why don't you check our our website? Do not feel intimidated by our guild stats, any member will ever feel left out or ignored.


    Festive Mini Holiday Tree

    Festive Autumn Branch Garland

    Hourglass With Falling Sand

    Altadorian Wig with Gold Ribbon

    Pink and Purple Striped Hoodie



    Marching Veespa Foreground

    Winter Lights Effect

    Falling Autumn Leaves MC

    Green Apple


    Games Master Cape


    Starry Layered Collar Shirt

    Night Vision Contacts

    Yooyu Head

    Glowing Ona Handheld Plushie

    Pastel Mushroom Garland


    Rough Game Bandage

    Starry Rainbow Garland

    Steam Pipe Garland

    Chariot Chase Chariot

    Dazzling Midnight Wig

    Sunny Day Face Paint

    Nighttime Sky Garland

    Lair of the Beast Background

    Autumn Windswept Wig

    Breezy Autumn Path Background

    Altador Colosseum Background

    Bumble Beam Earrings

    Sugar Negg Background

    Potted Easter Negg Tree

    Glittery Red Trees Foreground


    Starry Night

    Sunny Day

    Moonlit Night

    Miniature Sun Lantern


    Blue and Yellow Decorative Fence FG

    Holiday Windowsill Foreground

    Festive Embroidered Holiday Road BG

    Kiko Match Stringlights

    Ray Gun Shower

    Holiday Windowsill Foreground

    Frosted Autumn Tree

    Scattered Light Shower

    Cheery Holiday Frame


    Autumn Leaf Gift Box Mystery Capsule

    Fall Pumpkin Patch Mystery Capsule

    Fall Gift Box Mystery Capsule

    Shimmering Autumn Leaf Mystery Capsule

    Tree with Changing Leaves

    Autumn Back Porch Background

    Pumpkin String Lights

    Autumn Leaf String Lights

    Autumn Gourd Cart

    Fall Leaf Belt

    Jack-O-Lantern Tree

    Ghostkerchief Popping Out of a Pumpkin

    MiniMME6-S2: Golden Flower Wreath Wig

    Baby Candy Corn Hat

    Autumnnal Kacheek Plushie

    Illusen Plushie

    Orange Negg Plushie

    Red Techo Plushie

    Woodland Cybunny Plushie

    Woodland Grundo Plushie

    Woodland Koi Plushie

    Earth Faerie Usuki Doll

    Ilere Usuki

    Illusen Usuki

    Book of Usuki Pumpkin Carving

    Guide to Orange Furniture

    Illusens Diary

    Altador Cup Collectors Jacket

    Ixi Forest Cape

    Proper Peophin Lady Wig

    Halloween Y14 Goodie Bag

    Happy Halloween Bag

    Woodland Bori Morphing Potion

    Woodland Draik Morphing Potion

    Woodland Koi Morphing Potion

    Woodland Mynci Morphing Potion

    Woodland Skeith Morphing Potion

    Woodland Tonu Morphing Potion

    Red Krawk Morphing Potion

    Golden Candy Cane Sword

    Illusens Blade

    Brown Fir

    Red Jinjah

    Red Faellie

    Altador Sunny Eggs

    Cannibalistic Pumpkin

    Chocolate Orange Volcano

    Illusen Frosted Cupcake

    Pumpkin Smoothie

    Brass Usuki Coin

    Yooyu Wood Carving

    Tiny Golden Shell

    Royal Orange Cowry Shell

    Golden Violin

    Red Mouth Harp

    Isca Pumpkin Pie

    Illusens Hip Blade

    Autumn Leaves Snowball

    Frozen Leaf Shuriken


    Dear friends, words can't describe my gratitude towards all the effort and time you all have taken in order to please me by gifting anything from this wishlist. You know you are the reason take keeps me tied to this site and I will never have enough words to thank you all for every single thing you have done for me. You mean the world! I'll start listing every single person who gift me from the cheapest to most expensive items. Although I won't be able to give you something in return, I think you all deserve a small place here so people can appreciate yo as well as me!

  • LINDSAY: Chocolate Covered Cherries.
  • COT: Illusen Wig, Fancy Red Costume Wig, Halloween Footed Pyjamas.
  • OWLIE: Golden Shield, Golden Geraptiku Talisman, Golden Snowflake, Red Origami Nimmo Toy, Red Lutari Plushie, Thick Red Pen, Orange Jelly Bean Bag, Red Negg Goo, Red Krawk Plushie, Tonu Orange Juice, Red Rose Sugar Cookie, Red Quiggle Plushie, Red Gummy Hearts.
  • KELLY: Altador Pen, Altadorian Archives, Altador Traffic Guide, Altador Cup Cake, Altadorian Lentil Soup, Altadorian Sponge, Amber Coral Coffee Table, Bag of Gold Pillow, Bamboo Forest Foreground, Berry Sugared Gelert Gummy, Cherry-Smothered French Toast, Caramel Latte, Chestnut Soap, Cherry Sugared Slorg, Caramel Iced Coffee with Extra Caramel, Brown Uni Pencil, Brown Goatee.
  • DOMI: Wooden Spear Pencil, Peppermint Latte, Red Carpet Dos & Donts, Orange Meerca Snack, Basic Golden Nerkmid, Brown Spotted Shell, Iced Caramel Coffee, Orange Negg, Red JubJub Bean Bag, Haunted Woods Violin.
  • BRI: Red Hissi Plushie, Red Glittery Brush, Red Moltite, Red Chia Dress, Red Sticky Hand, Cosy Red Snow Jumper, Gummy Orange Chia.
  • KAT: Earth Faerie Dress.
  • ANNA: Illusen Connect-the-Dots, Orange Petpet Paint Brush, Chocolate Sugared Slorg, Pumpkin Ice Cream, Illusens Bottled Magic.
  • CAMI: Golden Shoyru Plushie, Golden Tooth, Golden Goblet.
  • KAYLA: - Brown Faellie, Veggie Flower Cracker, Veggie Delight Jetsam Fin Crackers.
  • MADAME: Jelly Coffee, Red Xweetok Plushie, Red Bori Plushie, Orange Chocolate Snowflake, Orange Uni Sherbert Sundae, Red Poinsettia Sugar Cookie, Red Tuskaninny Plushie, Sliced Orange Tea, Coconut Creme Pi Pie, Cocoa Ukulele, Cocoa Violin, Coconut Cream Pie, Golden Flotsam Necklace.
  • ANNA: Cococrazy Ice Lolly, Plaid Peophin Bow, Chestnut Shampoo, Chocolate Green Tea Parfait, Cool Wooden Tiki Head, Coconut Coffee, Eyrie Golden Hand Mirror, Delfin Driftwood Sculpture, Forest Fruits Sandwich, Fresh Green Potpourri, Orange Gem Candy, Red Gem Candy, Red Flotsam Plushie, Red Elephante Plushie, Red Grarrl Plushie, Red Grundo Plushie, Flowered Vase, Gold Handled Uni Brush, Gold Glittery Soap, Glowleaf Melon, Golden Fernsprout, Golden Altador Brush.
  • FOY: Cheerful Red Wig and Hat.
  • WENDY: Spiky Orange Murex Shell, Green Apple Waffle.
  • MADDIE: Altadorian Wig with Gold Ribbon, Orange Mylife Journal.
  • JEN: Coconut Hot Dog, Coconut Soup, Coconut Tonu Cake, Spicy Coconut Soup, Wheelers Coconut Bike, Tomato and Coconut Pudding, Orange Lemon Ribbon, Orange Chia Cake, Orange and Mango Coffee.
  • ASH: Gold Limited Edition Plushie Set.
  • LAU: Orange JubJub Pom Pom Toy, Natural Wooden Pipe, Illusen Classic Combo, Golden Pteri Shield, Wooden Grarrl Skeleton, Maple Koi Waffles.
  • AMANDA: Earthy Magnifying Glass, Fantastical Mushroom Tree House, Halloween Geb Handheld Plushie, Red Apple Plushie, Illusen Vine Rug, Red Apple Wall Clock, Peophin Berry Bread, Illusens Book of Charm, Leaf-Sewn Tonu Top, Leaf-Sewn Tonu Belt,Illusens Forest Essence, Illusen Waffle, Jam-Covered Popover, Candy Corn Latte, Maple Key, Pumpkin Pancakes.
  • JENNY: Golden Bori Plushie, Orange Candy Floss.
  • KELLY: Candy Corn Classic, Stale Candy Blade, Persimmon Cake.
  • LORI: - Illusen Floating Doll, Layered Autumn Leaf Dress, Lovely Heart Arbour.
  • RITA: Red Draik Plushie.
  • ABI: Halloween Spyderweb Gift Box Mystery Capsule, Halloween Striped Shirt and Tie.
  • JORDI: Ornamental Pumpkin Wand, Spooky Sprouted Pumpkins, Crokabek Garland, Bree Usuki Doll, Falling Autumn Leaves Mystery Capsule, Illusen Chilled Summer Soup, Illusen Harp Guitar, Orange Lupe Sponge, Secluded Bench Background, Wooden Golf Club, Ixi Archer Wig, Orange Beekadoodle, Halloween Jinjah.
  • JAE: Creepy Glowing Jack-O-Lantern Garland, Jack-O-Lantern Chandelier, Harvest Feast Background, Pumpkin Faerie Dress.
  • KAZUMI: Woodland Cybunny Morphing Potion.


  • Petpage made and coded by Sosu.
  • All right deserved. Codes are not free to use. Thieves will be reported.
  • Pattern/Background from Colourlovers.
  • Adoptables found in the About Me from Bisou.
  • My portfolio was last updated on December 9th, 2013.

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    I want to stay on Neopets,
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    Heads Up! You're about to leave Neopia!

    You've clicked on a link that will take you outside of
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