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I woke up that morning in a clean bed. It was warm, the blankets were thick and downy. The room smelled like roses and honeydew melon. I stretched, trying to figure where I was. That's when it hit me: my fever was gone. I sat up, taking a deep breath of the air. For the first time in two years I didn't cough. I was healed. I nearly jumped for joy. That was when I realized that my world was still black. I guess for years I had assumed that when I was healed the colors would all come back. I leaned back, tears slipping down my face.

I tried my best.

I turned my ear towards my new owner and scowled, tossing my pillow at her.

Apparently your best isn't enough, I snapped, pulling the blanket around my shoulders. I could hear her footsteps across the wooden planked floor. She sat down next to me, running her hand through my fur.

I never told you my name, she said, and I tried hard to keep up my annoyed facade.

I don't care.

I am the Librarian.

I struggled to keep my face from breaking into a smile. I failed miserably.

What kind of name is that? I laughed a little, and she chuckled.

Not as nice a name as Anna.

But that's not my real name, I said quietly.

No, I guess not. But this is a new home, Anna. I turned to face her. And you can be whoever you want.

Anna's Home by Librarian



Rainy days

Hot tea

Pen and paper


Big crowds

Being alone





Name: Anna
Age: About 19
Gender: Female
Home: Neopia Central
Magical Alignment: Dark -Water
Personality: quiet, thoughtful, blunt, empathetic
Appearance: Anna is a striped Xweetok with light, pastel fur of blue and pink. Her hair color, however, is anyone's guess. As long as Almedha's known her, she either dyes her hair or wears wigs on a rotating cycle. Her eyes are a very light blue/gray color that lends to the assumption that Anna is, in fact, blind. Even though she's blind, however, she has an acute sense of fashion. No one has quiet figured out how she can do this, seeing as her outfits always match even though she can't possibly know what colors she's wearing.

Family: Almedha, Eps
Friends: She has some, I think.
Enemies: She probably has some of these, too.


Extrovert - - - - - - x Introvert
Sensing - - - - - x - Intuitive
Feeling - - - x - - - Thinking
Perceiving - - - - x - - Judging

Anna is an INFJ, a personality type known as the Counselor. The proverb "still waters run deep" applies to Anna very much. Even though she doesn't have much to say, she has innumerable thoughts to match every moment of silence, and often those thoughts are deep and serious convictions of hers. Anna's life has given way for her to be an advocate for the oppressed and depressed and, like other INFJs, might even entertain fantasies about exacting revenge on those who wrong others. Even though Anna is blind, she has a good understanding of how to communicate with others; and this lends to her hobby and hopeful career of writing novels.


at the timeshare

Asgarrd has quite a few characters sharing his brain and biscuit for the time being, unless he can find a way to get them out. Only five talk to him regularly, though there may be more... He's really not sure.

Monday seems to be a quiet and reclusive fellow, which Asgarrd doesn't mind a bit. He has on particular special ability, but he doesn't share it often. Asgarrd was confused about this ability until Friday was kind enough to share with him that Monday can see the future. Monday usually keeps confidence only with Wednesday and it's safe to assume that you will never meet Monday speaking through Asgarrd.
Favorite quote: I told you so...

The supposed old warrior of the group, Tuesday seems to have a bone to pick with the others and is just as happy as Asgarrd is to be there. He doesn't get along with any of them, but Wednesday and Thursday especially. He's loud and has a horrible temper, making him one of Asgarrd's least favorite of his "guests." Besides that, though, Asgarrd doesn't talk to Tuesday much.
Favorite quote: I was here first!

It's obvious that Wednesday is used to being in charge. He seems to "watch over" (though he doesn't really have corporeal eyes anymore...) Thursday like a son and Friday like a daughter. Maybe they really are family, Asgarrd doesn't know. He is very protective of them in any case, and is, overall, the most easy-going about this change of locale... Though he does seem to change his mind on a whim.
Favorite quote: Sorry I lost you your eye... Nervous habit.

If Asgarrd could pick any of his new "friends" to fight his battles for him, Thursday would be that one. Thursday is always looking for a fight and going quite stir-crazy in Asgarrd. He wants to be out exploring and is ultimately the reasons Asgarrd one day leaves Meridell behind to travel the world and become stronger. Thursday's only failing (before, when he had his own strength of arm) is that he's not too bright.
Favorite quote: ... Sounds like a good idea to me!

Friday only talks a little bit more than Monday, and is the only girl that Asgarrd has heard speak. She rarely takes over Asgarrd, but always asks permission when she does. In general, she's polite and always seeks peace. Of course, with people like Tuesday and Thursday around, that's a very difficult proposition for her. She does, however, treat Thursday and Wednesday with kindness she doesn't show Tuesday or Monday. Maybe they're related... Favorite quote: I'll teach you to sew.

Life is not a story. Life is many stories told by many people. One person's life is not just theirs. It's the story of a hundred people. No character is an individual; no story is a thread. A character is the lives they've touched and what lives touched theirs. A story is a tapestry.

Would you like to help me tell a life's story?


At first I was going to write these long, drawn-out stories for all my pets, but I decided that a tl;dr version would be best because I don't know if anyone really reads them. Anna's life is separated into three sections, which I will tell you about here. Also, wherever any roleplay Anna is involved with fits in, I will also include it here as part of his story. Without further ado,
Anna: Abridged.

Life 1: Abandoned. Anna began life as an ordinary Xweetok of an ordinary Neopian. She doesn't talk about what exactly happened, but she eventually ended up sick and in the Pound. She was so sick for so long that she became blind. She stayed there for untold months, thinking that this was forever. Little did she know, one day when the door to the Pound opened and all she could hear were footsteps, that her life was about to change. She met the Librarian, who took her home and took care of her, introduced her to her friends, and gave her a new lease on life even though things would never be like they were before.

Life 2: Home - Again. When Librarian went on a journey for lands unknown, Anna found herself pounded and scooped up once again, her life once again changed. Anna spent much of the first six months with Almedha's family bitter and angry, believing that promises were nothing but empty words and family, in fact, did not exist. She eventually warmed up to her new brothers, the nice one first, but the crazy one took a little time. Soon, a new roommate moved in, a kindred spirit to Anna with a love of learning even if they were on completely opposite subjects.

Life 3: Princess. Epsilonic spent a lot of time convincing Anna to go to an actual school; she didn't have to stay home all the time surrounded by her Braile books just because she was blind. Anna eventually gave in and went to school, where her life was once again changed. A series of unfortunate events one day brought Anna nearly to tears—though she's not one for theatrics. Just before the day could be declared "the worst day ever," a knight in shining armor offered to help her. Perhaps it was shining armor. Anna couldn't see him, of course, being blind. But she didn't need to see him. He had a good heart, and all the eyes in the world can't see that if they aren't looking.


Contrary to popular opinion, Asgarrd does actually have friends outside of family. Granted, not many. But Asgarrd has been known to go on the odd adventure with them and has actually come home none the worse for wear! Mostly.

Here is a nice little list of Asgarrd's friend(s when he actually gets more than one), how he met them, and what they did.

One day, summoning the masses (as he usually does), a mysterious witch appeared to answer him. She offered him a deal: a treasure in exchange for a favor in the future. Being the not-so-forward-thinking Zafara that he is, he accepted. She gave him his sword, forged from starlight, and told him to be ready for when she returns to collect on the debt.

On walkabout one day, Asgarrd got himself in a little trouble. It happens. Fortunately, a nice stranger showed up and got him out of it. Turns out there was a lot more trouble to be had ahead, because the adventure was only just beginning.

This pint-sized annoyance shows up quite often on Asgarrd's ear, just nibbling away. They might get along very well if she would stop trying to eat him and he would stop trying to get away, considering they both have a massive sweet tooth. Just a slight misfortune of being a biscuit.

Asgarrd met this rockstar while roaming around with Almedha, as he usually does. She gave him an impormptu concert and invited him to come meet her family in Meridell. Perhaps they will have more adventures...

Meet Me at the Pond?

So you want one of your pets to meet Asgarrd (that is, roleplay)? Nice. Bring your fishing pole and a picnic basket. Maybe some hot chocolate if the weather is cool. We'll roast some marshmallows over a fire. But there are a few things you've gotta know first.

1. Asgarrd lives in Neopia (normally Meridell or Brightvale... though he has been known to visit other places as long as he can be home in time for dinner) and he is a Zafara. By that, I mean, he's got no idea where Earth is and he's definitely furry. Furry anthro. That sometimes runs around on all fours like a squirrel. (Think Rabbit from Winnie the Pooh.) Don't be alarmed.

2. That being said, I don't mind if your pet is anthro or quad (Asgarrd hangs out with both), and I don't mind tweaking little things about Asgarrd (like his height, for example) to make him fit in better with your pet. Although size disparities could be fun...

3. Almedha replies really, really slow sometimes. And Writer's Block lives just next door to her, too. But if you're getting impatient, she won't mind a friendly reminder! Or even an angry reminder. She's just kinda laid-back like that.

4. Your character will be added to Asgarrd's list of friends. It's a special place. Or maybe it's not. I'm not sure. But it's pretty exclusive. See, only one pet's there right now.

5. Almedha isn't picky about things like... grammar... spelling... As long as it's not a chatplay, Almedha will be pleased as a peach with a hairbrush.

6. If I haven't scared you away (don't be scared--I don't bite), you can drop Almedha a mail about it.

Roleplay Log

Just so, you know, I can find things and keep them all where they belong and stuff. I tend to lose things if I don't do this. On the bright side, you get to read the fabulous writing of people not me! Which is a bonus, am I right? :3

All Roads

Here would be where I put links and stuff like that. Because it's exciting to do that. Any Xweetoks out there who want to trade links? Drop me a mail.


Thank you for fixing the table for me. x3

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