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Greetings Earthlings, and welcome to the rave. The intergalactic noise-machine. The interstellar beat-reference...

What started off as a reminder-to-self for entering a space-y mood, has evolved into a mass listing of tunes befitting the various Altador Cup teams. Well, with a heavy emphasis on Virtupets of course ;-)
With that in mind, most of the music listed on this page might fall into electronic, techno, rock, house, dance, and alternative categories. But that shouldn't deter you if you're not a fan of those genres: if I can say one thing about my tastes, they are very varied.

So what are you waiting for? Click on the navigation links below and get swept up in untidy alphabetical music-lists.

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I'm the cowboy, The Space cowboy

Like I stated before, this is just a list of music (actual music you can go out and find yourself, GASP!), not a collection of music codes because dang I would love to learn how to make those. However, I'm incredibly lazy, so I don't see that dream coming to fruition. Instead I've alphabetically mashed out song titles that may or may not sound Virtupetsy to you. Artists/Soundtracks with multiple suitable songs are listed below the singles... that sentence made way more sense in my head.

Also, if you see any asteroids (aka, astericks), know that I'm just using them to block out words this site might not agree with. You should still be able to find the songs on your own even by omitting these problematic unseen words.
One more thing, the official ViPZ page (linked at the bottom of this page) has a huge list of Virtupets-y songs. For convenience's sake, I'll try not to include any of the songs listed there (even if I did suggest some of them ^u^).

A is for Action ~Ima Robot
Adventures ~Decibelter (Within a Deep Forest Soundtrack)
Bring the Noise ~Benny Bennasi vs Public Enemy (Pumpkin Remix)
Can't K.ill Us ~Glitch Mob
The Creeps ~Camille Jones (Fedde LeGrand Remix)
Dusty Blinds ~Kaleb
Equinox (First of the Year) ~Skrillex
Error Operator ~Taking Back Sunday
Feel it in My Bones ~Tiesto featuring Tegan & Sara
Inner Universe ~Origa
Knight Rider ~Crazy Frog
The Massacre ~FantomenK
Microphone Check ~Illegal Sub***
Mind K.iller ~Adam Freeland (Jagz Kooner Remix)
Nostrand ~Ratatat (Ikerion Remix)
Ooh La La ~Goldfrapp
Rhinoceratops vs Superpuma ~NSP
Super Fighting Robot ~DJ Alici Remix
Take me to the Bonus Level Because I Need an Extra Life ~***ophonique
333 ~Malajube

    Crystal Castles
      *** Smear
      Suffocation (HEALTH Remix)

    Eiffel 65
      Another Race
      My Console

    ELO (Electric Lights Orchestra)
      Here is the News
      Secret Messages
      Yours Truly 2095

      A Tiny Spaceship's Final Mission
      CPU Mood
      The Massacre

    Game Grumps Remixes
      Arin's Done ~by SutherSonic
      BaBoom ~by Atpunk
      Captain's Log ~by iSandwich
      Freight Train ~by Oddboy18
      Let's Go ~by Suthersonic
      The Song of Barry ~by Oddboy18
      Sweet Sweet Delicious Meat ~by Em-One
      True Ambivalence ~by Em-One

    Homestuck music
      Arcade Thunder ~Volume 8
      Atomyk Ebonpyre ~Volumes 1-4
      Battle Brotocol ~Colours & Mayhem, Universe B
      Beatdown (Strider Style) ~Volumes 1-4
      Galaxy Hearts ~Volume 8
      Havoc ~Volume 8
      Jade Sylph ~Colours & Mayhem, Universe A
      The La2t Frontier ~Alternia
      Mayor Maynot The Wanderers
      Orange Hat ~Colours & Mayhem, Universe B
      Purple Bard ~Colours & Mayhem, Universe A
      Starring (bonus) ~Alternia
      Time on My Side ~Strife
      Unite Synchronization ~Volume 8

    Janelle Monae
      Make the Bus ~Featuring Of Montreal
      Many Moons
      Violet Stars Happy Hunting

    Knytt Stories Soundtrack
      Arrivee Distante
      Hors du Grenier
      Parmi Les Automates

    Machinae Supremacy
      *** my Hamburger Baby
      Flight of the Toyota
      Jets N Guns Theme

    Need For Speed Pro Street Soundtrack
      A Blast Beat ~DUNE
      A Cause des Garcons ~Yelle, riot in belgium remix
      Fight and *** ~We are Wolves
      I used to dance with my Daddy ~Datarock
      More ~*unkie XL feat. Lauren Rocket
      Pogo ~Digitalism
      We Know You Know It ~Foreign Islands

      Another Planet
      Blood Sugar
      Girl in the Fire
      Hold Your Colour
      Out Here
      Propane Nightmares

    Persona (all game osts)
      Electronica in Velvet Room ~Persona 4 soundtrack
      A Heartful Cry ~Persona 4 Arena soundtrack
      Long Way ~Persona 4 soundtrack
      A New World Fool ~Persona 4 soundtrack

    The Prodigy
      Action Radar
      Hot Ride
      Invaders Must Die
      Voodoo People ~remixed by Pendulum

      Aiii Shot the DJ
      David Doesn't Eat
      Different Reality
      Faster Harder Scooter
      Hyper Hyper
      The Learning Process
      Let me be your Valentine
      Move Your ***
      No Fate (trance remix)
      R U Happy?
      Rhapsody in E
      Time and Space
      Watch Out
      We are the Greatest
      Zebras Crossing the Street

      Calling all Stations
      Stand For Something

      Mega M*** Problems
      Robots in Need of Disguise

    Sucker Punch Soundtrack
      Army of Me ~Bjork featuring Skunk Anansie
      Panic Switch ~Silversun Pickups
      Search And Destroy ~Skunk Anansie
      White Rabbit ~Emiliana Torrini, sucker punch remix

    TWRP (TupperWare Remix Party)
      The Device pt 2
      The Hit ~ft NSP
      Prismatic Core

But wait, there's more!

Other teams, other songs.
My taste in music is... well let's just say "varied" and thus, while I'd like to fit every song I love into a personal Virtupets Music list, I can't. Sometimes, no matter how desperately I try, I just can't convince myself of the non-existant VP-ness in certain tunes.

Because of this, I bring you a poor excuse for an Altador Cup encompassing list of all team tunage. These are songs that I'd love to listen to whilst yooyuballing, but they're not very fitting for my team. So... if you're from another team and want to listen to these songs, by all means! They're pretty rad.
And if you're a fellow Virtupets player... you can... um... listen to them... when we're up against these teams? I don'w know, man.

Note: asteroids (astericks) mark songs with words in their title/artist/whatevs that might not be neo-appropriate. They shouldn't hamper your search for them, though.

      G*** of No More ~StarBomb
      I'll Libera Myself from *** ~Persona 4 vs Gurren Lagann
      Inner Universe ~Origa
      Lux Aeterna ~Clint Mansell
      Manticore ~NSP
      Midna's Lament ~Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess ost
      Nero's Law ~Cloudberry Kingdom Soundtrack
      Obsidian Towers ~Homestuck Prospit & Derse
      Sticks and Stones ~Jonsi
      Wishmaster ~Nightwish

      Brightvale Castle Interior ~Neopets the Darkest Faerie soundtrack
      Brightvale Village ~Neopets the Darkest Faerie soundtrack
      Dragon Roost Island ~Legend of Zelda: Wind Waker soundtrack
      Heart Shaped Box ~Dead Sara
      The Hero of Rhyme ~StarBomb
      Hidden Village ~Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess ost
      How do I life? ~Game Grumps remix by Em-One
      It's Dangerous to go Alone ~StarBomb
      The Wretched Automatons ~Nier Soundtrack

    Darigan Citadel
      Akiyama Battle Theme ~Yakuza Dead Souls
      Attitude City ~NSP
      Clubbed to Death ~Matrix soundtrack
      Derse Dreamers ~Homestuck Prospit & Derse
      The Genesis ~Persona 4 soundtrack
      Mist ~Persona 4 soundtrack
      Pleather for Breakfast ~No More Heroes soundtrack
      Shadows of the Labyrinth ~Persona 4 Arena Soundtrack

      Lost Woods Dubstep Remix ~DjEphixa
      One step at a Time ~Jordin Sparks
      Opal's Theme ~Steven Universe soundtrack
      Outside the Fairy Council ~Rayman 3: Hoodlum Havoc ost
      Soar ***~Game Grumps remix by Atpunk [neopets coding glitches with the word "on".]
      Terraform ~Homestuck Volume 13
      Unicorn Wizard ~NSP
      Whistling Dave ~Scooter
      WITCH Theme

    Haunted Woods
      A New World Fool ~Persona 4 Soundtrack
      Beetlejuice Dubstep ~Figure
      Black ~Homestuck Volume 1-4
      Crasher-Vania ~StarBomb
      Spooky Spectrum ~Oddboy18

    Kiko Lake
      Dance Apocalyptic ~Janelle Monae
      Escape Pod ~Homestuck Volume 8
      Evidence ~Cloudberry Kingdom Soundtrack
      Living in a Bubble ~Eiffel 65
      Ripcurl ~Cloudberry Kingdom Soundtrack
      Super Shooter ~Rip Slyme
      When I look In Your Eyes Opus Orange Kotomi Remix

    Krawk Island
      Discussion of Delusion ~Game Grumps remix by Oddboy18
      Missions for the Brilliant Executor ~Persona 4 Arena soundtrack
      Mutiny ~Pendulum
      One Piece 4kids Rap
      Pumpkin Party in Sea ***'s Water Apocalypse ~Homestuck Volume 9
      The Vulture ~Pendulum

    Kreludor (in case the above music isn't to your liking)
      Applause for Pokemon ~Lady Gaga vs Pokemon Theme mashup
      Blue Chair ~Cloudberry Kingdom Soundtrack
      FIDUSPAWN, GO! ~Homestuck AlterniaBound
      Gold Mage ~Homestuck Colours & Mayhem, Universe A
      Pokemon Dance Mix ~... pokemon tv soundtrack
      When I look In Your Eyes ~Opus Orange

    Lost Desert
      Bad Girls ~M.I.A.
      Bazaar District ~Neopets the Darkest Faerie Soundtrack
      Carapacian Dominion ~Homestuck: The Wanderers
      Gerudo Desert Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess ost
      Jeep Thrills ~Tomb Raider 4 soundtrack
      Main Theme ~Tomb Raider 4 soundtrack
      Stone Tower Temple ~Legend of Zelda: Majora's Mask ost

      ***ngle Jingle ~Game Grumps remix by Oddboy18
      Gold Pilot ~Colours & Mayhem, Universe A
      Greasy Gross Hair ~Game Grumps remix by Oddboy18
      Octopus I love you ~Dalmatian Rex and the Eigentones
      Under the Waves ~Pendulum
      Underneath the Water ft Mike Aruba ~Game Grumps remix by YogurtwithSprinkles

      Farm Road ~Neopets the Darkest Faerie soundtrack
      The Legend of Antwerp ~Game Grumps remix by Oddboy18
      Meridell Battle Music ~Neopets the Darkest Faerie soundtrack
      Meridell Castle Music ~Neopets the Darkest Faerie soundtrack
      Meridell Outskirts ~Neopets the Darkest Faerie soundtrack
      Roundtable Rival ~Lindsey Stirling
      Song of Storms Dubstep Remix ~DjEphixa
      The Wandering Wolf ~Persona 4 Arena soundtrack

      Darkened Streets ~Homestuck Prospit & Derse
      Flying with Globox ~Rayman 3 soundtrack
      Lava Trouble Bubble ~Machinae Supremacy
      Piranhas in the Air ~No More Heroes soundtrack
      Quad Squad ~Game Grumps remix by Oddboy18, iSandwich, Yogurtwithsprinkles, and Tspeiro
      Sick Bubblegum ~Skrillex

    Mystery Island
      Don't Stop the Party ~Pitbull
      Dreaming of Boys ~Kate Bush/M.I.A. Party Ben Mashup
      Til the World Ends ~Brittany Spears feat Nicki Minaj & Ke$ha
      Top of the Pops 2012 ~Mashup-Germany
      Va Va Voom ~Nicki Minaj

    Roo Island
      The Cliffracer Song ~m0gred
      Elektro Grump ~Game Grumps remix by Blargafiggle
      Jumping all over the World ~Scooter
      SMASH! ~StarBomb
      Speed Star ~Yakuza 4 soundtrack

      Atomic Bonsai ~Homestuck Strife! Album
      Nothing but You ~Paul van Dyk (Cirrus Remix)
      Tokyo (Vampires & Wolves) ~The Wombats
      Umbral Ultimatum ~Homestuck Vol 5

    Terror Mountain
      Aggro ~game grumps remix by Jetkick
      The Beginning of something Really Excellent ~Homestuck Volume 5
      Crush ~Pendulum
      Set me on Fire ~Pendulum
      Snowboard Race ~Rayman 3 Soundtrack
      Too Cool For School ~Game Grumps remix by Em-One
      Wrong Lyrics Danny ~Game Grumps remix by Oddboy18

      The Almighty ~Persona 4 soundtrack
      Bloodshot ~Megas XLR soundtrack
      Grumper Kuwanger ~Game Grumps remix by Blargafiggle
      Hit the Drum ~Scooter
      Steel Python ~No More Heroes soundtrack

And the Beat Goes On

And here we are at the end of the line.

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