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Why, hello there! Welcome to Mishmash, a little css premade site run by me, Robin!

I've been fiddling around with other peoples' codes and premades since shortly after I joined Neopets in 2013, and recently I decided that it was time to start making my own. However, there is only so much you can code for yourself, so I decided to start making premades. Thus, in January 2017, Mishmash was officially born!

Mishmash is so named because of my coding style... Everything I've learned, I learned through experimentation, messing around, and deconstruction. All my premades are essentially just random pieces of code that I "mishmash" together until I get the desired result. It's worked pretty well so far :)

But enough about that! I hope you enjoy this random little assortment of premades... they are 100% CSS, so they are completely editable and personalizable, though I've included a few color options for ease-of-use. Now go forth, and code my friends! And if you have any questions, comments, or suggestions, please feel free to drop me a neomail!
  • June 27th 2018 Back from a (ridiculously long, unannounced) hiatus. Sorry about that! Real life's been keeping me pretty busy. Looking to add a couple of new premades within the next couple of weeks and keep Mishmash up and running ;)

  • January 9th 2017 Mishmash has another new affiliate! Indirect; is a premade site run by the amazing Shaedi! She has a bunch of great collaborations and awesome user lookups, so go and check her out! :D We are also proud to announce that we are now listed at Directly :)

    To top off all the great news, I've also added two more color schemes for TEA PARTY, and a whole new layout, UNTIL THE SUN SETS!

  • January 7th 2017 Mishmash officially has its first affiliate! Yay! :D Coding Revolution is an awesome premade site, run by the even more awesome Sunny!

  • January 6th 2017 Made some minor changes to TEA PARTY for ease of use ;)

  • January 5th 2017 Mishmash is officially open!
And now for the boring technicalities...

Rule 1 These premades are free to use across all of Neopia, so long as the credit remains... I worked hard on these, and if anyone wants to use them, I want the whole world to know I made them. I also want people to be able to find their way back here so that even more people can use my premades. No, I am not a humble person, why do you ask?

Rule 2 Again, you may edit all the premades to your heart's content (that's what I made them all CSS for!) but that doesn't mean you can remove the credit. Nuu. My credit, mine, all mine.

Rule 3 I was going to put another rule here, but I don't actually have one. That's it. Yep. Short, boring, selfish rules. NOW GO EAT SOME CAKE AND HAVE FUN WORKING ON THOSE PETPAGES!!!!
note: these premades may work best with a 1,366 x 768 resolution

Bubble Wand - Application layout

Simple Sophistication - Site Layout

In Bloom - character layout

Tea Party - Pet Portfolio layout

Until the Sun Sets - Character layout

  • All coding and content created by Robin for Mishmash's purposes only, unless otherwise stated.
  • Poppy Banners image from Synthetic.
  • Button Placeholder images by Euphoric.

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