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Hi stranger! Welcome to Queen Graphics, a button request site run by me. This site was opened on June 24, 2016 and my goal ever since has been to provide quality buttons that fits your needs. Let's find the perfect button for your site!

Since I just recently started the site, I'm still getting used to requests and everything, so the result might not be what you expected, and I'm sorry, let me know and I'll gladly redo your button until it is the way you wanted. If you really want a button in a certain way, be as specific as you can, provide me details and I will try the best I can.

Need to contact me? Just neomail me! I'll answer as soon as I can, I'm always here.


July, 15 - 4 new resquests added today :)
July, 7 - I always forget to write here but only today 8 new buttons were added! Yayyy
June, 30 - 24 requests added to the site in this 6 days it has been on. Thanks everyone!
June, 27 - 8 requests added and 3 new affiliates today :)


First of all, I make buttons for everyone. Guilds, sites, about me pages, not UFT, contests...
Please CREDIT ME somewhere. Use one of my link back buttons or link the button back to this page.
Do NOT claim the graphics on this site as your own and do NOT redistribute them on your own site.
Don't take a button that it's not yours. If you want one, request your own.
You may request one button at a time. Once I finish your request, send another one and I'll make it when it comes your turn.
I complete requests in the order they are received.
Use the form provided in the request page, specially if you want a custom, it's easier this way. Be specific with what you want, there will be higher chances that I'll understand exactly how you want your button.
For now, I only make Neo-Related graphics.
I won't accept your request if your site has stolen content or if you have stolen content from another site previously.
I'll neomail you when I receive your request and when I complete it.

Neomail me if you have any doubts!


Let's talk about what really matters, shall we? There's two types of requests you can make:

Custom: you design everything in the button - the image, the colors... But BE CAREFUL, keep in mind that for example some fonts won't work with a particular border or image, and that sometimes the color you pick will make the text hard to read, so I'll have to change it.

Use this form to neomail me:

My pick: You say what text and image you want (and maybe what animation too) but you let me pick everything else, based on my creativity. I prefer this way, because I think you only know the right colors and everything once you're making the button.

Use this form to neomail me:

Customizing your button

All these examples bellow were made by me to make it easier for you to choose your button. However, you can suggest something else too.


If you're looking for high-quality images and don't know where to find them, I suggest:
Neopets Backgrounds
Caption Contest images
Ro's SWFs
Shopkeeper images
Dr. Sloth's Image Emporium


Finally, here's where you get your request. :)
If the button is not what you expected, neomail me and I'll gladly redo your button. Customer satisfaction is a priority.


Get your code here:

Get your code here:

Get your code here:

Get your code here:

Get your code here:

Get your code here:

Get your code here:

Get your code here:

Get your code here:

Get your code here:

This section is cleared very often, so if you missed your button here, try looking in my portfolio.

Waiting list

1. Breezy
2. Emma
3. Amy
4. Eco
5. Nikita
6. Trina


Placeholders, blank bases, counter bases... Coming soon!


Here you can find some of my previous work. :)


What program do you use to make your graphics?
I use Photoshop and GIMP.

How long until you finish my request?
It depends. Sometimes I can finish it in under 20 minutes and other times in 2 or 3 days. It's all about the time I have in the moment or the level of difficult of your request... There's no way to know. But when your request is done, I'll neomail you, don't worry.

Can you teach me how to make a button?
Sorry, but no. I'm not good at teaching anything, but if you want to learn I suggest you take a look at A Button Collection, it's a complete and wonderful guide that will teach you everything you need to know about buttons.

What do I do if I see someone using your work without credit?
Send me a neomail immediately. I don't tolerate theft. Period.

Do I need to have a site to request a button?
Of course not! I make buttons for Avatar Lending pages, NC lists, wishlists, Pets UFT lists, anything!

What are your requirements for affiliates?
I look for sites who offer high-quality content and that are completely established. I read all forms that are sent to me.

For any other questions I haven't answered here, neomail me.

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