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She is the one who stole everything from my site and made it hers, she even claimed she edited it herself, she took it down now but I don't want this to happen again, so I'll put her user up for a while. I'm very depress about this....



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Hey there!

Hello welcome to Persues! I'm your hostess, Lily I will show you around the site! Have a question? Neomail me! Affies are always OPEN. I will reject if the site is not high quality. I'm currently looking for a sister site so send me a neomail and I'll reply back as soon as I can! Persues is a winter theme and I'll keep it like it! ^_^ Mu friend Victoria (jiyaro) helped me out a bit and gave me the name. The first thing that popped in my head is winter! So why not? I have an amazing banner and amazing buttons! Request away if you want to be listed. I accept everyone! No stolen content though.

Started in: Jan 8 2010


Feb 20 10
Okay guys, I'll be taking a long hiatus tomorrow because I have a project to do and plus I want to earn my self some neopoints. So maybe 1 week of hiatus will do. I'll be back though. Count on it! Feb 17 10
Yo! Sorry for no updates I'm sorry lol. I don't really have any thing. All I got was 1 affies and more listings x_x lol
Feb 13 10
I'm watching Lightning thief with my brother and mom x_x ugghh............I don't really wanna watch it, I'd rather just read the book. So I'm working on my site and all, lol sorry for the no updates lol.

Feb 7 10
More listings, and also my friend is going to chucky cheese xP I like their Pizza though, lol any ways more listings, got to get new buttons, bla-bla.......
Feb 6 10
Its my piano recital today D: I'm sooo nervous. OMG, I won't do some listings for today I'm sorry.
Feb 5 10
Wow! No updates 0_o -sigh-, I'm sorry D: But its a new months so happy valentines day!
Feb 3 10
Sorry for not doing my updates :(, I HAVE been listing though,
Jan 27 10
I have been working on my new review site. :) Jan 26 10
I have like some muscle pains today. It hurts!! My mom is still forcing me to go to school though. I wanted to stay home *cries*
Jan 25 10
I was thinking of revamping, but too lazy too -_-. I'm waiting on my reviews to be done but its been like 3 weeks and still no reviews -sigh-. I got listed and got a few affies :D Jan 24 10
I made another site! Its called Falling rain. :D Got on affie and I was listed in New Acadia today :)
Jan 22 10
Hey!!! Nothing much happened really, I was just really listing sites, you know? Okay then (: Hoping to change the layout soon :*
Jan 21 10
This is sad, just sad, some one actually took part of my site and made it their own -_- So I can say she is a stealer, if you wanna say "Stop stealing Persues's site", try neomailing her. Heres her site, Mystery Catalogue. Its isn't even half that good if you ask me, lol. I'll be putting her up on the Wall of Shame.
Jan 19 10
NOOOO! Week end is over and I have to go to school, request for listing will be slow this week, so if I haven't replied in 2 days send it to me again, either the neomails were deleted by accident or it was just lost, -sigh-
Jan 18 10
OMG!!!! I just got 1 affie from Lost in the Wonderland ^^ yes! Anyways I'll be deciding to go on haitus XP not sure though. Today was my birthday too, only 3 happy nirthday though ;( Jan 17 10
Hey! Got an affie from Spark. I'll be requesting some reviewers to review my site. I got 2 fan mails and an award, ^_^ Go and check it out :D Jan 16 10
Tons of affie request today!!! I'm so tired of junks in my NM today, may be I would go on hiatus. -sigh- have a birthday party today so I won't be listing to much XP......
Jan 15 10
Yes!!! Had 1 affies and 1 lister! Doing great so far! And also improving :) LOL!!! For now on I'll be updating more. I'm kind a getting tired of this banner though XD I should change it, yet I'm to lazy. The 18th is my B-day so feel free to send in a "Happy Birthday" X)
I got one fan mail :D I'll be taking a screenie of it and put it up.
January 14 10
UUUGGGHHH!!!!! Sorry! I haven't been updating since Monday D: I'm soooooo sooorrry!!! I've been listing a couple of sites and my friend has a new directory ^^ check it out!

Jan 11 10
I'm soooo sorry I've haven't done my updates :( Its school and I have homework....I'll be updating more in the future, I promise! Got listed in September Rain though.
Jan 8 10
Well, well, well.....not doing my updates dailly huh? Sorry! Its just school and I'm tired. I've been listing some sites and getting some affies though :D Had +3 affies and +4 lister's :D


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