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There are two ways to look at life : you can complain that roses have thorns or you can be happy that the thorns have roses.


August 25th: Sorry guys, I've been quite the busy little bee lately, so this site has been kind of neglected. But I'll try to update whenever I can. (Like right now, for example!) :) Thanks for the patience!
July 18th: Lots of new quotes and sayings added. Disclaimer is up. Things are running smoothly! :)
July 14th: The site is up and running! Yay!
July 13th: Coding is finally finished, now just working on the content. Site should be up and running by the end of the week/month if not a lot earlier, depending on my schedule.

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I'm Mia, co-owner of Words~Unspoken. My partner Rae and I love quotes, and Rae created Words~Unspoken to celebrate our favorites. Feel free to browse, and feel free to quote it if you want to!

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*Update* Not sure what's up with the counter, the site seems to be having some trouble. I will monitor the site for any improvements, but for now we will have to live with the little broken picture :( Sorry all!

About The Site

Hello! I'm Mia, and this is Words~Unspoken! What do we do here? Well, my partner Rae and I post our favorite quotes and sayings! Feel free to browse and shoot me a neomail with any questions, comments, or concerns!

We will eventually have many sections, but they're just one big section for the moment. What's the difference between a quote an a saying? A quote is something that someone said and it never changed. A saying is something many people say over and over and it changes over time as people tweak it in their own way.

Have fun browsing!




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