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Amazious' Icons

Hello guest! How did you find my little site, eh?
So, you migh be wondering right about now what this little page is all about. To answer that question, I created this page so that I wouldn't have to take away from any of my other pets' pages on my main account, flying4you. So, I created a side account, flying2you, and made my amazing soon-to-be maraquan Ixi, Amazious.
As you've probably noticed, there are almost no text boxes on my premade site! How are you supposed to get the icons if there is no premade coding? DON'T FREAK OUT! The Instructions Section on this page will answer all of your questions... hopefully.

♥ Stephanie

(The number of people visiting my lookup at the same time as you)
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The instructions are pretty simple. All you have to do is copy the coding below and paste it where you want your icon to be. Next, drag the icon you want to your address bar, then copy the url that's in your address bar and paste it where it says "insertimghere". Simple, right? Well, I hope it is. If you have any questions, don't hesitate to ! Thank you, and enjoy!

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GOAL: 250


Cutout UniMynci Fade to GreyKougra FlamesUsulBlinking RooShenkuuFaerie Bubbles - Thinking and BlinkingFqdIllusenAngryGelertFunDraikTonuBraveChiaOnaSmileEmmaEmEmilyBreakoutZanessaPink Hearts VanessaPuppyTaySara
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Uni HeartsFaerie BubbleWanna FightDanceShake ItSighMaraquan DraikTonu LoverNightsteedFun In The SunI Love JhudorasunnySaraCute
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Happy Mynci DayBlumaroo JesterHappy Chia DayI Love ChiasIllusenFaerie Bubbles SquaredHappy Tonu Day18Pink Heart EmilyRockstarBreakoutB&W EmmaDakotaForgotteneverSwiftI Love Sara
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Faerie BubblesTickle Tickle TickleYou Are My SunshinePink Scarf EmmaPretty In Pink Emily OsmentMileyDakota FanningColdplayZanessa HeartsVanessaGoofyShooting Heart Taylor
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Don't know how to make your own icon? That's ok, I'll make one for you! All you have to do is fill out the following form, then me.

Don't know how to make your own link back button for your website? That's ok! I'll gladly make you one.
*PLEASE NOTE* If you want me to make your button out one of the button bases that are in the "Goodie Box" below, please include the number of the base; you can do this by hovering over the image and including the number that you see when you hover in the request neomail you send to me. Thank you!
Anywho, all you have to do is fill out the following form then me.

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Request Pick-Ups

FOR: rainbowanimallover - (Don't forget to give me credit!)

Cliffhanger Answers:

FOR: _animal_person_ - (Don't forget to give me credit!)

Cute & Cuddly Graphics:

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The following are icons/buttons that I've made in the past for other people.

For Ash:

For Melanie:

For Sharpie:

For Pip:

For Rainbow:

For Miss Amy:

For Alyss:

For Nat:

For Zo:

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The Goodie Box

Below are some blank button bases for you to use. You'll have to credit me somewhere on your page if you use them though. I made some from scratch, google, and Neopets' backgrounds. =3

Total number of button bases: 106


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This pet page was made by superflyest, but edited a ton by flying4you/flying2you. You can get one by clicking here
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March 9:

WOAH! Over 250 views! *claps hands and runs around room*

Man, I'm really sorry guys, my computer's got a really huge virus, so we are going to have to get a new hard drive XP. Right now, I'm on my dad's computer doing a few updates, and adding as much stuffies as I can to make up for not being on as much. I just want to let you know that I won't be able to make anything that requires animation for a few days, or possibly a few weeks because of my computer. I'm working really hard to fix this problem, so please bare with me!

I deleted the section "Banners". They weren't going so well... I also added twelve blank buttons; more will be coming soon!

March 2:

Today I haven't been able to do much because my computer's been acting really goofy lately... But.... I have been able to update and tell you guys what's been going on and that I might not be able to update for a few days... Anywho, I hope you guys understand, but once I "get back" I will be adding TONS of icons and more blank buttons! (I also filled one request) March 1:

Today I finished creating the "Review Scores" table/section. Go ahead and look, I'm not scared... :/ I also deleted the old link back buttons because I got really tired of them; so I made five more that look MUCH better!

February 28:

One new link back button, created a new section called "Review Scores

Well, I've finally finished my (2hr, lol) mini-construction on the site. As you've noticed, I made a new banner, and edited a few things. Now, the "Off-Page Navigation" bit is under the page navigation; it used to be above the welcome message, but I thought it didn't look as good as it could've... anyway the old lookup looked like this: (Drag image up to your address bar to see full image)

Three requests, two new icons, one new affilate, and we got 150 page views! HOOT HOOT!

February 27:

We've reached 100 views! (Drag image below to address bar to see full image)

Anywho, I've added 2 new affiliate, added 45 blank buttons, and completed five requests.

February 26:

One new affiliate, icon, and two requests!

Sorry I didn't update yesterday, it's just I was really busy working on school work and requests. =3

February 24:

I've applied to get reviewed at

Wish me luck!
*crosses fingers*

Two Affies and one request

Today I added a new section called "The Goodie Box". This section features blank button bases that I've made. Yes, I know they aren't the best things in the world, but I think they're pretty good... Anyway, the whole reason I made that box was because some people do not know what they want on their link back button when they request it, but now, you can hover over the images to see what number you want and tell me in your request form! That way, I won't be just scratching off ideas from the top of my head, and you'll get something you know you'll like other than you just hoping I'll make something you'll like.

February 23:

I've been reviewed!

Sweet Insanity has completed reviewing my site! YAY! I got a 103/100; you can check out what Madison had to say about my site here!

February 22:

I got two requests today, added five new icons, and got listed at another site!

February 21:

Yippee! Got one request today, put up three new icons, and deleted the affiliates that shut down their site. I also added a visitor counter! What's a visitor counter you may ask? Well, it's an electronic counter that counts how many people have visited your site! Cool, huh?

February 20:

Worked on some icons, added a new set-up for the request pick-up section, and got one new affiliate!

February 19:

I've applied to get reviewed, and am on the waiting list at

Wish me luck!
*crosses fingers*

I got a request today, added four new icons, and added four new affiliates.

February 18:

Gosh, I'm so sorry it's been a while since I last updated! I've been pretty busy making icons, and other stuffies.

I got a request today, two new affiliates, and added ten new icons.

February 15:

I've been reviewed!

Delicate Reviews has completed reviewing my site! YAY! I got a 97/100; you can check out what Becca had to say about my site here!

Anywho, I completed my banner! I know it's not much, but I think it'll do for now, don't you think? I added some chia icons today, and another banner!

For all of you who neomailed hugs and sympathy letters due to my injury, thank you so much! *gives bear hug* I'm doing much better than I was when I first got injured; and again, thank you for the sweet neomails.

February 14:


First of all, I'm really sorry I didn't update yesterday; I injured myself really bad figure skating XP.
Anywho, I'm working on making Amazious' Icons' header picture! (As you can tell...)
I'm working on some CHIA, TONU, and MYNCI icons for the upcoming celebration of their birthdays!
As you've probably noticed, I've added a new section: Banners! I'm really excited to be expanding my site a little bit more!

February 12:

Today I added 22 new celebrity icons! I also got my first request, and finished the "Page Navigation" bit.

February 11:

Hia! Today I added a few celebrity icons. I added page anchors too! What are page anchors you may ask? You see the links above? Well, I had to link those to certain parts of this page; that's why they are called page anchors. Speaking of navigation, I added those fun little pictures (they're under the first header on this page) for our navigational system for off-page links; for example, My Account, Pet Central, Explore, etc...

February 10:

Hola! I added four new link-back buttons for those of you who want something smaller than an 88x31 button for your site, page, lookup, etc. The size I chose was 88x15, so they are pretty small, but I hope you like them anyway; I especially like the one with the snow slorg on it.
Today, I officially decided that I'm taking requests for icons or buttons (link-backs)! I've created a section under all the icons for people who want to request.
Anywho, let me know if you have any suggestions or comments!

February 9:
WOW, I became with 21 new sites today! YAY! I also got listed at a few sites too; directories that is. I added a few new icons here and there, too. Delicate Reviews neomailed back, and said that I'm on their waiting list too!

February 8:
Put some more icons on today. I became affiliates with some sites today too! *pokes affiliate table* I also applied to get reviewed by

*crosses fingers*

February 7:
Created site today! Played around with coding, put some icons on, added link-backs...

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Total Affie Count: 44
Goal: 75

Soroptimist Impulse Cliffhanger Answers Button Requests Button Bliss Dark as Day MLLL Tips 4 Success Arpeggios Biography Stephanies Art Stephanies Screenies Katherines Blinkies Kaths Blogs Kaths Screenies Mocha Pixels Reviewd The Commonplace ABT Whisper Creating a Petpage Reviewers Unlimited On the Board The Faerie Tail Exclusive The Crepe Box Angel's Palace Delicate Reviews Jupiter Crystal Directory The Neotastic Book Guide Defying Gravity Reviews Zoloias Flashing Blinkies Pretty Pics Reviewed Graphically Yours Face Paint The Climb Circus DDR Reviews Petpetpet List Cute and Cuddly Graphics Sandstar's DirectoryUntaken Pet Names Painted Hearts
Thunskyre Graphics

Want to be an affiliate? Fill out the following form, then !

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Directories I'm Listed In

Dark as Day MLLL Soroptimist Moonlit Angels Palace Jupiter Crystal Directory I'm Listed on Sandstar's Directory! You should be too!
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Review Scores


Review Date: February 28, 2009

Total Score: 92/100

First Glance: 16.5/20
When I first came in it was an okay vibe. I've seen better. I like the way you did your off-page navigation, but you don't really need that drawing saying vote for me, really. But its a nice site. You say you gotten reviewed, but I dont see the marks you got?! You should make a header for ALL THAT!

Content: 19/20
Aw, so close! You have a lot of everything, but the banners look really rushed on [in my point of view], because you can see the picture's border and being shrunked down. But nice work on everything else!

Updates: 15/15
Nice work! ^^

Spelling and Grammar: 10/10
Excellent! xD

Creativity and Organization: 23/25
Your site is VERY creative, and is totally YOU! Site is very organized, except that you have gotten reviewed at many different sites, but I dont see the results. You shoulkd make a header for that!

Link Back Buttons: 4.5/5
You have nice link back buttons, but you have a lot of ones that arent 88x31. Its the reccomended size, which you should start making!

Would I Come Back: 4/5
Yeah! I would totally come back, and request buttons and stuff (:

Final Thoughts
A graphics site, that is fantastic, but needs to make a header for ALL the reviews you have gotten, and making 88x31 for your own site. Fixing it will end in your site making its way to the top (:

Total: 92/100
You may take an award, once notified!

Sweet Insanity

Review Date: February 23, 2009

Total Score: 103/100

First Impression 12/10 Holy cow! To be honest, the first thing I thought id see was a crappy banner and a wierd background (Which is what id usually see for an icon site) but I didnt! Amazing!

Content 26/25 WOW. Your icons are amazing! Of course ill come back for more! You have so many cool things on your site!

Updates 10/10 When I first scrolled down on your updates, I thought it went back to the beggining of last year, but it went back to the beginning of this month! WOW!

Spelling and Grammar 10/10 I didnt see anything!

Layout and CSS 25/25 Its great! Everything matches, the colors are nice, I like the text area background.

Organization 10/10 You have navigation for everything!

Uniqueness 10/10 Definatly! This is the best icon site I have EVER seen!

Total points: 103/100 You can get the reward!

Delicate Reviews

Review Date: February 15, 2009

Total Score: 97/100

First Impression: 20/20 Cool banner! I love your layout, it looks cool.

Layout: 17/20: Your banner is a little bigger than your tables under it, but it's not a huge problem. Your layout is also premade......

Neatness: 10/10 Everything looks neat.

Spelling and Grammar: 5/5 I didn't find any errors

Content: 15/15 You have amazing graphics!

Updates: 5/5 Sorry that you injured yourself. Anyways, you are keeping your viewers informed!

Organization:10/10 I found everything really easily.

10/10 You created everything, and everything is amazing!

Links: 5/5 All the links I check were good.

Total Score: 97/100 or 97%! Great job!

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Below you'll find the awards that I've received.

Given to me by:Sweet Insanity Reviews (Drag to address bar to see full image)

My site was soo cool, it made the owner of this review site's eyes water!

Given to me by:DDReviews (Drag to address bar to see full image)

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Page Hits

Started: February 22, 2009
at 1:10:11pm NST

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