Hello and welcome to *Click* Buttons! *Click* Buttons is a button request site run by Ally. I hope you enjoy my site, and feel free to neomail me about any queries or comments.
I invite everyone to come and browse my site, and request a button if a space is empty!
Enjoy the site and thank you for visiting!


10 Apr 2011: Okay, so the waiting list is completely full now, so requests are closed. I will start these requests hopefully sometime this week, but I'll keep updating so you know what's going on :)

4 Apr 2011: Sorry I haven't been doing requests lately, school's been really busy and my internet is doing funny things at the moment D: school ends this week so I should be able to get around to some of those requests once holidays start! It's my birthday in 3 days (7 Apil). Soo excited XD + reached 2500 page views!!!

19 Mar 2011:Listed at Soroptimist's Site Recognition Month! Thanks to Cass for that. Finished 2 requests, and my entry for the Button Collage.

11 Mar 2011: Fnished three buttons.

6 Mar 2011: Finished two requests, + reached 2300 page views :)

1 Mar 2011: yay! Its Autumn now in Australia from today :) Finished 3 requests today.

19 Feb 2011: Finished three more requests.

13 Feb 2011: Finished three four requests and made new link back buttons, + reached 2200 page views!

12 Feb 2011: Some of the coding is working again, my textboxes work now! I've started getting requests again, I'll hopefully get around to them tomorrow. Also, still looking for affies, feel free to apply.

1 Feb 2011: Well, I'm back! Merry Christmas and Happy New Year! I've been planning this layout for a while, and I'm quite glad how it turned out. It's called V4 Shenkuu Blossom. I've had a bit of trouble with this coding glitch, as you can probably tell - no textboxes are working at the moment, but I'm working on this! Oh, and reached 2100 page views!

14 Dec 2010: I'm going on holiday tomorrow to South Africa for 6 weeks, so I'm going on hiatus. I finished all the requests on the waiting list and requests are now CLOSED. + Reached 1800 page views!

6 Dec 2010: Finished five requests today! AND reached my goal of completing 200 buttons!

4 Dec 2010: Welcome to the new layout - V.3 White Christmas. It's taken me a few days to finish it, but I'm happy with it. Hope you like it!

28 Nov 2010: Finished three requests again + Reached 1700 page views!

27 Nov 2010: Finished another three requests :)

26 Nov 2010: Done 3 requests, the waiting list keeps filling up! :) I'll try and get some more done tomorrow, because it's the weekend! Yay!

24 Nov 2010: I've moved my button portfolio to a separate page so this page loads quicker! I've done almost 200 buttons now, so I'm really excited :) Still looking for affies, feel free to neomail.

22 Nov 2010: Finished three more requests.

17 Nov 2010: Finished 3 requests :) I deleted quite a few of my affies today because they have closed their sites :( So I would really love to get some new affies! Feel free to neomail me! + 1600 page views!

13 Nov 2010: I'm back! I've done 3 requests so far, but planning on trying to do every request on the list in the next few days. Requests are now back open. + Reached 1500 page views!

05 Nov 2010: I've put *Click* on hiatus because I have exams this week so I definitely won't be doing any requests. Sorry!

28 Oct 2010: Finished 2 requests, I'll do more tomorrow because I have a curriculum day tomorrow (Friday). Yay! I have a five day weekend... no school til Wednesday!!

24 Oct 2010: Finished three requests. Didn't go to school today, I'm sick :/ + Reached 1400 page views

17 Oct 2010: Finished three requests! + Reached 1400 page views

02 Oct 2010: Finished 3 requests, also got rid of 2 button borders and replaced them with 2 new ones! + I've reached my next button goal of completing 150 buttons! ++ Reached 1300 page views!

27 Sept 2010: Finished the last 3 requests on the list. It's holidays right now and I'm loving it! I'm so close to reaching my button goals of completing 150 buttons!

20 Sept 2010: Came back to Melbourne today after a weekend in Sydney! Had to sleep on the coach back, it wasn't very comfortable :/ Anyway, finished 6 requests.

15 Sept 2010: Finished another 3 requests. Last day of school for me tomorrow! Then Term 3 holidays :)

11 Sept 2010: Finished 3 requests + Reached 1200 page views

1 September 2010: Finished 4 requests, so requests are OPEN again! It's the first day of spring in Australia ;) Kind of sad for me, I actually prefer the cold weather to the hot weather. Weird, I know :P + Reached 1100 page views

26 August 2010: Finished 4 requests!

20 August 2010: Petpages are back up so I can edit my page again, but requests are CLOSED while I get through the current requests and somehow finish my homework ;) + Reached 1000 page views!!!!

9 August 2010: Recieved my first review from Yield Reviews, so I've changed a few things on the site because I think some of the advice I've been given was very good and I'm willing to make changes to make my site better (:

6 August 2010: GIMP has been acting up a bit lately, so requests have been slow. Also, next week is my school production and I'm playing alto saxophone in the band for it :) So I won't be doing a lot of buttons next week either. On the plus side, I've completed 5 requests tonight, reaching my goal of 100 buttons complete!

30 July 2010: Yay! Reached 900 page views! :)

25 July 2010: Reached 800 page views!

8 July 2010: Reached 700 page views :)

4 July 2010: Completed 5 requests + 1 BOTM entry! A total of 9 buttons! The waiting list is empty… Oh and please vote for me in the competitions above! I've entered 4 BOTMs – check out my entries! Oh and I just remembered: *Click* Buttons has been open for 3 months now! :)

2 July 2010: 3 requests and 2 BOTM entries finished.

1 July 2010: Completed 3 more requests + reached 600 page views!

28 June 2010: Completed 3 requests. I'm now on holidays for 2 weeks so I should be able to complete requests a lot quicker than I have lately.

13 June 2010: Completed 2 requests, and in doing so reached my goal of completing 50 buttons! Also, reached 500 page views! That's awesome since I've only been open about 2 months :) Oh, and the waiting list is empty (as always! lol)

13 June 2010: Four requests done, waiting list empty.

13 June 2010: Added the finishing touches to the new layout, made new link back buttons including one that matches the current layout! You can find them here.

12 June 2010: New layout! This is V.2 Harris Holiday. Hope you like it! There are also 2 new button borders to choose from. Please feel free to request a button, and remember to vote (see above)!

09 June 2010: Please vote for my buttons in the three above competitions! Oh, and reached 450 page views! :)

07 June 2010: Completed 3 requests. Sorry that the requests are so slow now, but I've got exams this week and my internet is really slow. On the plus side, reached 400 page views!

26 May 2010: Completed FIVE requests + reached 350 page views already! Since 5 requests were completed at the same time, the "last 3 requests" section has expanded a bit just this one time :P

25 May 2010: Completed 3 requests + reached my first goal of completing 30+ buttons!

17 May 2010: *Click* Buttons has reached 300 page views! :) Just came back from music camp yesterday afternoon, and I'm going on another overnight school camp thing tomorrow! :D

11 May 2010: Completed two requests.

07 May 2010: Completed one request + reached 250 page views

04 May 2010: Completed 1 request. There was a power cut at my school today at about 2:45pm so concert band was cancelled :(

02 May 2010: Completed two requests

28 Apr 2010: Completed 1 request, + reached 200 page views!!!

23 Apr 2010: 4 buttons completed, going to the ANZAC Day dawn service tomorrow! I've almost reached my goal of 30 buttons completed and the site hasn't even been open for a month! Thanks everyone who has requested a button!

21 Apr 2010: 3 buttons completed.

19 Apr 2010: 3 buttons completed! + *Click* has reached 150 page views!

14 Apr 2010: Three four requests completed. Also, *Click* has reached 100 page views!

09 Apr 2010: Received one request and completed it. The waiting list is empty AGAIN! + Listed at Broadway and the Base Cave Catalogue (in original borders section)

08 Apr 2010: OMG I'm 16 now :) Oh, and I received 3 requests, they're all finished already. + I'm listed at Sandstar directory.

06 Apr 2010: Won't be on neopets tomorrow, it's my 16th birthday!!! Yayayay!!! You can still request, but I can't do anything about them till the 8th. :) + Listed at LBB

05 Apr 2010: Huge thanks to Kitty, who fixed my coding so that the layout now works in firefox! Thank you!! Also, finished both button requests, so the waiting list is empty again ;)

04 Apr 2010: + 2 requests, also I found out from Kitty [effictio] that this layout doen't work at all on firefox :( hopefully that can be fixed soon.

02 Apr 2010: Received my first request and first two affies! I finished the button request already, so there are still 10 empty places for requests!

01 Apr 2010: *Click* Buttons is officially open! Let me introduce myself... my name is Ally, I'm an Aussie girl who loves being creative and making music. I decided to open this site because I love making graphics (what other reason is there?). Hopefully I will soon have affies and button requests... I really want to start making buttons!




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The Buttons

This is the section you're here for! The buttons! Feel free to neomail a request form for a button if there is room on the waiting list. If the waiting list is full, your request will be ignored.


We all hate them, but how would we function without them?

1. Neomail all request forms to horsegal070494 (just click the envelope below).
2. Only request a button when there is room on the waiting list.
3. When I say Cat Empire, you say Pablo.
4. For now, I make buttons for anything you want a link to. That includes userlookups, galleries, about me pages, etc.
5. I DO NOT do animations, no matter how nicely you ask.
6. If your site closed down or goes under construction before I get around to making your button, I will neomail you about whether you still want it.

You can request up to 3 buttons at a time... but it will take much longer!

Waiting List

2. Erica (2 buttons)
3. James (2 buttons)
4. Hannah (2 buttons)
5. Felipe
6. Taylor (2 buttons)
7. Aurora
8. Sasha
9. Open
10. Open

Button Borders

All buttons are 88x31 and transparent!

Standard Borders

*Click* borders

Button Fonts

Send Request

Just press Ctrl + A then Ctrl + C to copy the whole form, then click on the envelope below.

Button Portfolio


Make sure you get the coding here before your button moves to the portfolio!


Ninja @ Paws of StarClan


Buttons completed: 240
Goal: 200 250

Go here for the portfolio!


[Foomanshu] for the envelope button and the Open/Closed signs.

Pixel on the counter from [Peach Pit]

Coding and layout image by me, [horsegal070494]

Thanks Caitlin [tottimonster] for just generally being helpful.

Counter from boingdragon, counter base by me.

Coding help to make the layout compatible with firefox by Kitty from [εxpressions]