Hi there! It seems like you're here for information on what I like to call the Imperialverse. Less of a plot-driven story and more of a setting with a bunch of characters running around and inevitably being affected by said setting, this little worldbuilding and character development project has been a hobby of mine for nearly six years, and things are always growing and constantly changing. If you want to read more about this militaristic nightmare of a society and just a few people who inhabit it, the best place to begin is here!

- Pup

The Empire

A massive autocratic nation under perpetual martial law, the Greater Andromedan Empire is located exactly where you think it is--somewhere in the Andromeda Galaxy.

It consists of eight star systems and spans half of its local cluster, aiming to have control over all reachable stars and inhabitable planets. The Empire is concerned primarily with the acquisition of land, resources and power, with most of its society and legislature reflecting its militant goals.

Due to its tumultuous and belligerent history, Imperial citizens are more than used to a long line of despots walking in and out of Imperial High Command. To them, an iron-fisted rule is the norm, not the exception. Though occasionally, a kind ruler may rise from the ashes for a while, the struggle for power in Imperial High Command is fierce, and those who do not vigilant about keeping their position are swiftly deposed.

History of The Empire

The Greater Andromedan Empire has a long, established history, starting with a union of two planetary nations
and evolving to its current state as a vast empire spanning eight star systems. Here is a brief summary of the time between.

The Stellar Union

Before the Greater Andromedan Empire became what it was, there was a small interplanetary union made up of two neighboring terrestrial planets, Casnoth and Faria. The leadership of both territories agreed on the possibility of an interplanetary alliance, deciding to share resources and living space as opposed to fighting over it.

Over time, the two separate legislative bodies merged as one, forming a singular entity, with leadership to be further determined by the people. Things were relatively stable for over a century after the merge (despite a few inevitable civil wars here and there) until the combined resources began to diminish. The planets were showing early signs of becoming overcrowded; riots and fights for space were escalating violently, and the leadership had no choice but to search for potential answers in lands beyond.

Collapse of the Union

Negotiations didn't seem to work. The two other planetary nations in the star system were reluctant to assist, let alone take refugees from the declining Stellar Union. Citizens were becoming angry at the inaction. Many pressured the Union's leadership to declare war, but the leaders were convinced that in time, negotiations would work out in their favor. Funny thing is, they would have, if a small (but angry) group of military leaders didn't overthrow the Union's entire legislature in the matter of a week.

As soon as all control was assumed, the Union's new leaders declared war on all inhabited planets in the star system. Hordes of desperate citizens instantly signed up to fight, though many still disagreed with the entire situation at hand. The dissenters were quickly shut down, and the "Stellar Union" became the Stellar Empire.

Rise of an Empire

After acquiring all habitable space in the solar system, the Stellar Empire wanted more. The rush from conquering swept across the nation like a wave, and so the early Imperial leaders set their sights on further colonization.

Nearly all scientific and engineering efforts were directed towards improving faster-than-light travel and weaponry. The military only grew in size as plans to expand were made. Holding these efforts back were lingering Union loyalists, though the Imperials had no tolerance for their valiant, but non-violent efforts. There was no diplomacy--only a constant thirst for power.

Interstellar Expansion

The first ventures into the nearest star system were unsuccessful. Unwilling to give up, the Imperial army kept returning, weakening their targets bit by bit. Over time, a planet was conquered. After another long struggle, yet another was taken. The Imperials continued on for close to a century, with leaders coming and going but the objective never changing. They utilized a 'planet hopping' tactic to simultaneously secure their newly claimed colonies all the while attacking the unclaimed ones. The wars were long and brutal, but once again, another star system had fallen.

Nearly half a century passed before the Imperials got sick of sitting around and began craving military victory once more. Plans were yet again drafted to take not one, but two star systems in the area. Military equipment continued to advance, as did Imperial Ranks. The events of the past repeated once again, leaving the Stellar Empire with four solar systems in total, and the Stellar Empire was subsequently renamed to The Greater Andromedan Empire.

The Reign of 2003

By this point, over a hundred individuals had claimed the title of "Emperor" by the Empire's 250th anniversary. Though long established, the fight for control in the upper-levels of the Imperial government was never-ending. Some emperors managed to reign for over two decades, others for a mere two weeks. If any weakness were shown, someone in Imperial High Command would take notice and use it to their advantage. It was simultaneously the most powerful and most dangerous position any Imperial could be in.

A young first-class general by the name of Agatha Vornach was one such individual who had her sights set on becoming the Emperor. She watched the every move of her superior, Emperor Steckral while gaining his trust as an adept military advisor. This was the mistake that led to the brutal end of Steckral's career. Vornach swiftly replaced Steckral in a well planned coup of brute force. In keeping with the Imperial tradition of changing the names of things all the time, Vornach declared herself as the 'Supreme Commander' of the Empire, emphasizing the influence of the military on Imperial society. She also changed her name to Commander 2003 in honor of the first unit she served in (the 2003rd Infantry) and to separate herself from any and all familial ties.

2003 quickly proved herself to be an Emperor...err...Supreme Commander that was unlikely to budge from her position easily. She trusted nobody, kept nobody close, and was not willing to abscond over anything until her vision for the Empire was fulfilled. Her goal? Take over four more star systems by the end of her reign. With the size of the Empire being what it was, 2003 knew the feat would be difficult, but feasible.

2003 funneled nearly 75% of the Imperial budget into military endeavors. A barrage of recruitment efforts were unleashed on the Imperial citizens. The draft, which had always been in effect, was made to be less restricted. Within just a few years, the Imperial military quintupled in size.

Waves upon waves of soldiers were set loose on 2003's target star systems. What had taken over a century for other emperors to achieve, 2003 accomplished in 25 years. Currently, the Empire is still under 2003's rule, whom we bet has her sights set on even more still.

The Empire's Future

This section deals with the future timeframe, which begins after the end of 2003's administration. More in-depth information can be found here

Through the help of numerous cybernetic enhancements, Supreme Commander 2003 managed to live until the age of 180 years when she passed away of natural causes. Prior to this, she had selected her successor, a first-class general named Gustav Ragnar, to take over her position. Ragnar (not knowing the origin of 2003's numerical title) took on the designation of Supreme Commander 2004 and was only in power for three months before another general, Stasya Asterion, swiftly and violently removed him from power.

In a logical sequence, Asterion assumed the title of Supreme Commander 2005 and set about her work to simultaneously consolidate and strengthen both the Imperial economy and the Imperial military. She is most notable for implementing biomechanical technology into the military, creating a powerful force of cyborg soldiers known as the Enhanced Infantry Unit.

The Imperial High Command

The "Imperial High Command" is a term used to describe all powerful and influential individuals involved in the Imperial governing process. Though the Empire is, in essence, an autocracy, the Supreme Commander relies on the Imperial High Command to carry out her policies and enforce them throughout a nation that is literally the size of eight solar systems.

The Supreme Commander

The Supreme Commander is exactly what it says on the box. Formerly known as the Emperor prior to 2003's rule, the Supreme Commander is the individual in charge. The Supreme Commander's word is law; no negotiations, no checks and balances, no nothing. Though it's not advised to change well-established laws on a whim, the Supreme Commander has that capability and will not hesitate to use it.

Since absolute power tends to corrupt, most Imperial rulers have been very unsavory individuals. 2003 is no exception.


Most rulers have advisors, because as much as they like to think they are, most rulers are not all-knowing. The Supreme Commander, like a wise leader, also has a number of self-appointed advisors, though she never seems to take the advice of any of them. Go figure, what else would you expect from a power-hungry but paranoid tyrant who sees potential sabotage around every corner?


With the current size of the Empire, it's impossible for 2003 to enforce the laws all on her own. Thus, she has placed 'carefully selected' (read: brutally and mercilessly brainwashed) delegates to carry out her ruling in farther-off areas of the Empire.

Military Command

All Second and First-Class Generals are considered de facto members of Imperial High Command, and a good majority of them work in the Imperial Command Tower on Casnoth making important decisions concerning the military units they are in charge of and military proceedings as a whole from afar. Since Third-Class Generals usually work on other bases and even on the battlefield, they are not necessarily thought of as members of the High Command despite their power.

The Imperial Military

The driving force behind the Empire's expansion, the Imperial military is at the center of both Imperial lawmaking and Imperial society itself. It is a highly respected and feared entity among the citizens, with many a young Imperial dreaming of boldly fighting for their Supreme Commander. Too bad most end up as cannon fodder.

Public Opinion

While popular sentiment concerning the Imperial military varies by planet (and more importantly, how long ago said planet was conquered,) the two founding planets of Casnoth and Faria are highly militaristic in terms of society and are incredibly supportive of the destructive efforts of their Supreme Commander. It is also important to note that war has not been waged on either planet's soil, and while approximately 30% of the adult population are combat veterans who have seen the horrors of war first-hand, pacifism is highly frowned upon and anti-war opinions are rarely spoken out in the open.

The Military's Composition

The Imperial military consists of three branches.

The largest and most well-known of these is the Imperial army. The army consists of infantry, cavalry, artillery, special operations, and a good number of other specialized combat divisions, as well as the vast network of support and command personnel that work behind the scenes. Though the training is harsh and Imperial combat tactics are brutal, the Imperial Army (particularly under 2003) is not particularly selective about who was capable of joining. It is often joked that if you're not bedridden in the hospital, you are eligible for service.

Though it is a smaller entity than the army, The Imperial navy works closely with them to secure maritime victory on planets where oceanic warfare is critical. While Imperial sailors are generally highly competent, they are not deployed as often as Imperial land forces are and are generally overlooked by the public.

The smallest of the three, the Imperial Aerospace Corps is known for its two highly specialized divisions: the Atmospheric Fighting Division (the equivalent to an air force), and the Interstellar Transport Division, specializing entirely in exactly what you would expect. Contrary to popular belief, the Empire does not engage in space combat, preferring to attack their targets directly.

Ranking System

this is on vayes page. also draw pictures of rank insignias youve been meaning to redo this since 2011


The Imperial military consists of approximately a 55%/45% ratio of drafted personnel to volunteers. The Imperial Conscription Act is the piece of legislation that dictates the specifics of the Imperial draft, and applies to all "able-bodied" Imperial citizens between the ages of 17 and 25. The Imperial definition of "able-bodied" is very vague, and those who generally would be deemed unfit for combat in other forces are still taken by the Imperial military as they are in constant need of more soldiers (infantrymembers, specifically). There is no specification concerning gender of draftees; if a conscripted individual is considered able to fight, then that is all that matters. Conscripted individuals are not allowed to choose their placement and and most draftees end up being placed in infantry units and are thrown directly into warzones soon after they complete training.

These harsh restrictions and regulations concerning the Imperial draft serve to encourage Imperial citizens to voluntarily enlist, a decision that allows them more choice in matters like placement. A number of people will choose entering the military as a specialist, receiving training and experience that is equivalent to a college degree in terms of getting hired in the civilian workforce after military retirement. Military recruitment is persistent and almost overwhelmingly targeted at young Imperials, pushing enlistment numbers ever-higher.

All members of the Imperial military, drafted or volunteer, must adhere to a five year contract. Even if a person is injured in combat, they still are bound by their contract and are obliged to work in a military profession (though obviously not combat) for the remainder of the five years after recovery.


ugh just ask Zero he does this for a living


ummmm things about how 2003 constantly fights wars and sends waves of troops until she gets what she wants????

Imperial Society

imperial society -rules/laws in place -punishments -is there a justice system? -how it works (taxes etc)

Standards of living, standards of beauty, general culture, popular imperial aesthetics, social customs???.


Name » Agatha Vornach
Alias » Supreme Commander 2003
Rank » Supreme Commander
Occupation » Tyrant

Age » ???
Height » 5'11
Weight » 165 pounds
Figure » Powerfol, toned
Gender » Female
Voice » Sharp and authoritarian.
Posture » Confident and commanding
Demeanor »Imperious, intimidating

Alignment » Lawful evil
Favorite Color » Grey


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Physical Description

2003 is incredibly imposing just from looks alone. Not counting her ears she stands at a height of 5'11", and has a sturdy build. She appears significantly stronger than she really is, but the illusion works in her favor. 2003 has an aggressively confident posture, and tends to take up more space than she needs. Her body language is highly tuned to display as much of a sense of sheer power as possible after years of ruling.

2003's fur is mostly a light purple, with darker, less saturated versions of this hue on her ears, back and shoulders. Her hair is naturally bright green as a result of her cybernetic enhancements, as are her eyes. Small portions of green tubing peek out on her arms, legs, and obliques, but these sections are relatively unobtrusive. Since these bionic additions are primarily intended to improve longevity, 2003 looks a solid 20 years younger than she really is due to decelerated aging.

2003 is never seen by the public out of full uniform. She occasionally wears a peaked cap, but prefers to go without. Her cape is worn nearly 75% of the time, but she will sometimes forgo wearing it in high winds or in rainy weather. 2003 is a stickler for polishing her boots, insisting that they remain nearly reflective. What changes most often about 2003 is her hairstyle, though it rarely exceeds shoulder length.


In simplest of terms, 2003 is a tyrant. A constant force of power-hungry aggression, 2003 takes what she wants and does not take no for an answer. She desires control over all aspects of her life, including her emotions, which she channels fiercely and directly in order to get the results she insists upon. She has little regard for the opinions, comfort, safety, and lives of others, viewing most others as mere pawns for her to influence. Because of this, her military tactics are brutal, and she does not hesitate to keep sending waves upon waves of troops in order to secure the objective--often resulting in many casualties.

Tying in with her overconfidence, 2003 is incredibly decisive. She trusts her intuition more than she trusts anything else. Though this method often works well in military endeavors (which is 2003's area of expertise; she constantly has military strategy running through her mind) her rash and stubborn decision making in other sectors (primarily of economic nature) have caused her issues that often are patched up by a series of more bad decisions. What she is particularly good at is spinning the truth: she is a highly articulate speaker and a good liar, often pinning the fault on people or circumstances that are not directly tied to her.

bad bad evil terrible evil bad bad evil. literal movie villain. a terrible role model, you dont want to be like her ever. mention that she is really loud at some point because she is REALLY LOUD. more info will come here when it happens, obvs.


Never in all their history have men been able truly to conceive of the world as one: a single sphere, a globe, having the qualities of a globe, a round earth in which all the directions eventually meet, in which there is no center because every point, or none, is center — an equal earth which all men occupy as equals. The airman's earth, if free men make it, will be truly round: a globe in practice, not in theory.


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- The Management

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Present Day

What is known as the 'present day' timeframe focuses on a point of time during the middle years of 2003's reign. Though these characters here certainly aren't frozen in this point in time, much of their character development and such is focused around it, hence why we call it 'present day' Empire.

2003 ▼

The Supreme Commander of the Greater Andromedan Empire, 2003 is an overbearing ruler who will not hesitate to retaliate against any and all threats with excessive force. She relies on merciless military strength and loaded threats to get what she wants, often eschewing diplomacy for declarations of war. Her military tactics involve mass deployments of waves of troops and are brutal both on her combatants and on her own soldiers.

Her aggressive nature is apparent in her personal mannerisms as well as her policies; she is known by those she works with as explosive and obsessed with power. Over the years, she has learned to channel her rage decisively, and though she is highly emotional, she weaves this aspect of her personality into her own highly planned pursuits for even more control. She has a habit of taking up much more space than she needs and has no regard for the safety and comfort of others.

If you would like to learn more about 2003, click here!

Vaye ▼

Vayehn Lievi is a former combat soldier who suffered greatly from psychological trauma after facing overwhelming tragedy on the battlefield. Hyper-aware of his situation, Vaye refused to live in denial and resolved to recover as much as he could from his emotional wounds all the while living out the rest of his military days working as an accountant on a military base. Now accepting that he will never be exactly how he was before the war, Vaye now concentrates his effort on making the best of his mental state all the while befriending a number of others he sees around the base.

Vaye generally presents as a very calm and focused individual, opting to be alone when going through times of great stress. He is simultaneously incredibly logical and emotional, using the disconnect between the two to his advantage in many scenarios. He is a diligent and cleanly man with a not-so-secret fondness for sweets and lounge music. He is now best friends with his former drill sergeant, Zero.

If you would like to learn more about Vaye, click here!

Zero ▼

Avery Zero had grown up with hardship from day one. Developing an incredibly unhealthy sense of self-loathing and a literal addiction to exercise in his adolescence, this hatred grew with him into adulthood. He joined the military in hopes that the fast-paced nature of war would give his aggression an outlet, and for a while, his run as an artilleryman did just that. However, a severe burn from an explosion suddenly ended Zero's combat career for good, sending him back into a spiral of intense self-directed anger. When all was said and done recovery-wise, Zero found his place as a drill sergeant on the same military base he was trained at. Thoroughly lonely, he never felt any impetus to change his life around until he reluctantly befriended others and slowly begun to take the first steps to shed the insecurities that plagued him for years.

Though generally unlikable due to his outwardly angry demeanor and his emotional instability, he becomes incredibly loyal and much less guarded towards those he trusts. He is rarely physically violent towards others, but the same cannot be said for himself; he still pushes himself to his breaking point in terms of exercise and ignores his own health constantly. He is best friends with Vaye, who often serves as his voice of reason.

If you would like to learn more about Zero, click here!

Cliff ▼
As a preface to this, Cliff is actually my friend's character who exists within Imperialverse. She has others, and the only reason I own Cliff the neopet is because he was UFT and said friend said I should offer. I did, and now Cliff is here.

Clifford Steel served with Vaye back in their combat days, with Cliff continuing in the fight long after Vaye was sent back to base. After his return, Vaye was relieved that a single other member of his squad had survived, and the two became close through their shared experiences.

Cliff is silent, observant, and protective. He only speaks when he needs to, usually revealing his snarky sense of humor when he does. Surprisingly calm, Cliff tends to put people at ease and though he often has issues trusting others, he has the capacity to remain civil in situations of conflict.

More info on Cliff is still in the works. Sorry 'bout that.

Greta ▼



Brygade ▼
Maximilian Brygade is the head of the Imperial Interrogations Unit, a military operation dedicated to exactly what you'd expect. Cruel in every sense of the term, Brygade oversees every single interrogation and often conducts them himself. He is vicious and lethal, and is often considered more corrupt than the Supreme Commander herself.

Brygade was nearly removed from power by one of his junior officers, Major Aldak Karkovin. Brygade survived, resulting in Karkovin fleeing the Empire. After that incident, there have been reports of numerous Imperial officers and their family members going missing, and High Command has a sneaking suspicion that Brygade might be interrogating more than just convicted traitors...

If you would like to learn more about Brygade, click here!

Conq ▼
Aldak Karkovin was a young Imperial officer who was reassigned to work in the Imperial Interrogation Unit under the command of Colonel Brygade. Karkovin was absolutely appalled by the horriffic nature of the interrogations Brygade conducted, and after only six months, they decided they had enough. Karkovin devised a plot to take over and dissolve the Imperial Interrogation Unit and was almost successful, but their plan was inevitably thwarted and they were arrested for high treason. With the help of a few people they befriended, Karkovin broke out of prison and set off to escape the Empire's borders.

Karkovin was successful in their endeavor, and after eluding search parties, was eventually declared missing. They now live outside of Imperial territory, assisting defectors (mostly draft dodgers) in escaping the Empire's clutches under the rather ironic alias of The Conqueror.

If you would like to learn more about Conq, click here!

Angstrom ▼
Boris Angstrom is an impulsive and violent draft enforcer, essentially tasked with hunting down and 'dispatching' Imperial draft dodgers. As such, he is constantly on the move, though his thirst for destruction is seemingly endless. Angstrom grew up with a poor family in a remote mining town on Casnoth and was presented with very few job opportunities outside of working in the mines that sustained the town's entire economy. After finding mining to be a miserable ordeal, Angstrom quit his job on a whim and left town. He promptly joined the military to specialize in the aggressive field of draft enforcement.

There is no doubt that Angstrom abuses his legal power for financial gain. He bullies people out of their money and belongings, and won't think twice about harming others in order to get what he wants. Angstrom is an impulsive spender and is far from having accrued a fortune. Though he would never admit it, he has a deep-seated need for approval that rivals his desire for money and thrives on praise and recognition.

More info on Angstrom is still in the works. Sorry 'bout that.


What is known as the 'future' timeframe generally refers to what happens during 2005's reign. Because of this, we don't necessarily consider the later years of characters like Vaye, for example, to be a part of the 'Future' timeframe. Since this section of Imperial History (future history?) is pretty new, there isn't much here yet, but rest assured there will be more characters running around here soon enough.

2005 ▼

Coming to power after taking out 2003's direct successor, Stasya Asterion (now more commonly known as Supreme Commander 2005) seemed like an antihesis to 2003 in many ways. She is a quiet, understated and stoic leader, very unlike the loud and demanding 2003. However, 2005 did have one major trait in common with the former Supreme Commander...her desire for absolute power.

2005's primary agenda was strengthening the Empire's economy and infrastructure as opposed to expanding it. She downsized the military significantly, opting to implement and weaponize current cybernetic technology to 'improve' the soldiers themselves. Under her legislation, 2005 developed an elite unit of terrifyingly powerful supersoliders who were agonizingly brainwashed to fear defying authority more than their own demise. Though 2005 is fully aware of how painful and cruel the 'upgrade' process is, she views it as a necessary burden to ensure Imperial success.

If you would like to learn more about 2005, click here!

Stahl ▼

Roderick Stahl was drafted into the regular military, and out of a need for something more, thought it would be a good idea to sign up for the Imperial Enhanced Infantry Unit. He quickly learned that this was the worst decision he was ever going to make. After undergoing a series of excruciating surgical procedures, genetic editing, and a harrowing training regimen, Stahl was now a weaponized shadow of what he was before.

Like all others in the Enhanced Infantry Unit, Stahl is loyal to the Empire primarily out of fear; he is more terrified of authority and punishment than he is of anything pertaining to combat or warfare. Beyond his engineered physique and mental conditioning lies an incredibly sensitive, supportive and methodical man who will often push himself to the brink of exhaustion making sure the others in his unit know someone is there for them. Though he willingly listens to the problems of others, he has a hard time with advice and has difficulty telling his own emotions apart: it's usually a mixture of fear and exhaustion, punctuated by hopelessness.

If you would like to learn more about Stahl, click here!


is casnoth an instrument? no patrick casnoth isnt an instrument. imperia inst an instrument either. the planets about the size of mercury and is the origin of the ~dog people~ though a few cat people live here as well. member of the original union. casnoth is more industrialized than faria


capital city. think washington dc but 100% evil everyones evil and nefarious and in uniform and i imagine its like mostly grey and super high tech and in the center is the IMPERIAL COMMAND TOWER which i will talk about when this isn't semi-informative filler text.


another city, about 6 hours from imperia? like the size of columbus ohio, about-blocked- of the elite military academy which ill talk about here maybe.


near. faria. wherever u aria. home planet of the ~cat people~ but a few dog people live here as well. faria is a major imperial commerce planet and is also home to a number of pretty important military bases. its about the size of venus so we arent even covering much ground here yeesh. most of the actual stuff happens here


large 'suburb' of a military base. very residential, located in a desert that isnt super...deserted. think nevada or arizona? military base TC-05 is located here and pretty much everyone lives here now because of that.


Kind of like new york in that its a big ol' city that is full of economic disparity but it's not as fancy as new york. maybe it's more like chicago. either way it's large. zero and greta grew up here.


a really niiice suburb of somewhere. its so nice. everyone drives lexuses. everyone shops at nordstrom or whatever. imperial nordstrom. an upper middle class cesspool. of course vaye grew up here


honestly the name sounds so nice but its kind of like if some /cruddy/ college town and las vegas joined forces with new jersey i have no other way of describing it.


So you want to start an army? Need a few well-trained men who will boldly follow your every command? Well, we have some right here.

The rules are simple enough: don't steal them, don't claim them as your own, and don't enter them in any contests. They're soldiers, not models.

If you want a custom, neomail The Management. Requests are usually closed due to time constraints, but trades, on the other hand, are usually open.

Now go forth and conquer!

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