If you are here, it appears you're seeking information on the Empire, its glorious history, its powerful and accomplished ruler and other such topics. If you're here for the adoptables and fun stuff, please direct yourself here. Thank you for your time, and we appreciate you coming here to read about this over-the-top militaristic nightmare I made up for fun.

- The Management

The Empire

A massive autocratic nation under perpetual martial law, the Greater Andromedan Empire is located exactly where you think it is--somewhere in the Andromeda Galaxy.

It consists of eight star systems and spans half of its local cluster, aiming to have control over all reachable stars and inhabitable planets. The Empire is concerned primarily with the acquisition of land, resources and power, with most of its society and legislature reflecting its militant goals.

Due to its tumultuous and belligerent history, Imperial citizens are more than used to a long line of despots walking in and out of Imperial High Command. To them, an iron-fisted rule is the norm, not the exception. Though occasionally, a kind ruler may rise from the ashes for a while, the struggle for power in Imperial High Command is fierce, and those who do not vigilant about keeping their position are swiftly deposed.

If you are interested in reading more about the Empire as a whole, we implore you to keep reading.

History of The Empire

The Greater Andromedan Empire has a long, established history, starting with a republic of four planetary nations
and evolving to its current state as a vast empire spanning eight star systems. Here is a brief summary of the time between.

The Stellar Republic

Before the Greater Andromedan Empire became what it was, there was a small interplanetary republic made up of two neighboring terrestrial planets. The leadership of both territories agreed on the possibility of an interplanetary alliance, deciding to share resources and living space as opposed to fighting over it.

Over time, the two separate legislative bodies merged as one, forming a singular republic, with leadership to be further determined by the people. Things were relatively stable for over a century after the merge (despite a few inevitable civil wars here and there) until the combined resources began to diminish. The planets were showing early signs of becoming overcrowded; riots and fights for space were escalating violently, and the leadership had no choice but to search for potential answers in lands beyond.

Collapse of the Republic

Negotiations didn't seem to work. The two other planetary nations in the star system were reluctant to assist, let alone take refugees from the declining Stellar Republic. Citizens were becoming angry at the inaction. Many pressured the Republic's leadership to declare war, but the leaders were convinced that in time, negotiations would work out in their favor. Funny thing is, they would have, if a small (but angry) group of military leaders didn't overthrow the Republic's entire legislature in the matter of a week.

As soon as all control was assumed, the Republic's new leaders declared war on all inhabited planets in the star system. Hordes of desperate citizens instantly signed up to fight, though many still disagreed with the entire situation at hand. The dissenters were quickly shut down, and the "Stellar Republic" became the Stellar Empire.

Rise of an Empire

After acquiring all habitable space in the solar system, the Stellar Empire wanted more. The rush from conquering swept across the nation like a wave, and so the early Imperial leaders set their sights on further colonization.

Nearly all scientific and engineering efforts were directed towards improving faster-than-light travel and weaponry. The military only grew in size as plans to expand were made. Holding these efforts back were lingering Republic loyalists, though the Imperials had no tolerance for their valiant, but non-violent efforts. There was no diplomacy--only a constant thirst for power.

Interstellar Expansion

The first ventures into the nearest star system were unsuccessful. Unwilling to give up, the Imperial army kept returning, weakening their targets bit by bit. Over time, a planet was conquered. After another long struggle, yet another was taken. The Imperials continued on for close to a century, with leaders coming and going but the objective never changing. They utilized a 'planet hopping' tactic to simultaneously secure their newly claimed colonies all the while attacking the unclaimed ones. The wars were long and brutal, but once again, another star system had fallen.

Nearly half a century passed before the Imperials got sick of sitting around and began craving military victory once more. Plans were yet again drafted to take not one, but two star systems in the area. Military equipment continued to advance, as did Imperial Ranks. The events of the past repeated once again, leaving the Stellar Empire with four solar systems in total, and the Stellar Empire was subsequently renamed to The Greater Andromedan Empire.

The Reign of 2003

By this point, over eighty individuals had claimed the title of "Emperor" by the Empire's 250th anniversary. Though long established, the fight for control in the upper-levels of the Imperial government was never-ending. Some emperors managed to reign for over two decades, others for a mere two weeks. If any weakness were shown, someone in Imperial High Command would take notice and use it to their advantage. It was simultaneously the most powerful and most dangerous position any Imperial could be in.

A young first-class general by the name of Agatha Vornach was one such individual who had her sights set on becoming the Emperor. She watched the every move of her superior, Emperor Steckral, while gaining his trust as an adept military advisor. This was the mistake that led to the brutal end of Steckral's career. Vornach swiftly replaced Steckral. In keeping with the Imperial tradition of changing the names of things all the time, Vornach declared herself as the 'Supreme Commander' of the Empire, emphasizing the influence of the military on Imperial society. She also changed her name to Commander 2003, as the 2003rd person to achieve the rank of first-class general and to separate herself from any and all familial ties.

2003 quickly proved herself to be an Emperor...err...Supreme Commander that was unlikely to budge from her position easily. She trusted nobody, kept nobody close, and was not willing to abscond over anything until her vision for the Empire was fulfilled. Her goal? Take over four more star systems by the end of her reign. With the size of the Empire being what it was, 2003 knew the feat would be difficult, but feasible.

2003 funneled nearly 75% of the Imperial budget into military endeavors. A barrage of recruitment efforts were unleashed on the Imperial citizens. The draft, which had always been in effect, was made to be less restricted. Within just a few years, the Imperial military quintupled in size.

Waves upon waves of soldiers were set loose on 2003's target star systems. What had taken over a century for other emperors to achieve, 2003 accomplished in 25 years. Currently, the Empire is still under 2003's rule, whom we bet has her sights set on even more still.

The Imperial High Command

The "Imperial High Command" is a term used to describe all powerful and influential individuals involved in the Imperial governing process. Though the Empire is, in essence, an autocracy, the Supreme Commander relies on the Imperial High Command to carry out her policies and enforce them throughout a nation that is literally the size of eight solar systems.

The Supreme Commander

The Supreme Commander is exactly what it says on the box. Formerly known as the Emperor prior to 2003's rule, the Supreme Commander is the individual in charge. The Supreme Commander's word is law; no negotiations, no checks and balances, no nothing. Though it's not advised to change well-established laws on a whim, the Supreme Commander has that capability and will not hesitate to use it.

Since absolute power tends to corrupt, most Imperial rulers have been very unsavory individuals. 2003 is no exception.


Most rulers have advisors, because as much as they like to think they are, most rulers are not all-knowing. The Supreme Commander, like a wise leader, also has a number of self-appointed advisors, though she never seems to take the advice of any of them. Go figure, what else would you expect from a power-hungry but paranoid tyrant who sees potential sabotage around every corner?


Due to the size of the Empire, it's impossible for 2003 to enforce the laws all on her own. Thus, she has placed 'carefully selected' (read: brutally and mercilessly brainwashed) delegates to carry out her ruling in farther-off areas of the Empire.

Military Command

Considering that the military is the brain and spinal cord of the Empire, it's obvious that high-ranking military officials do have a say in how things are run (so long as the Supreme Commander agrees with them, of course). There is no distinction between the military and the police in the Empire, and it's not rare that the CEOs of most Imperial businesses tend to also be commissioned officers.

The Imperial Military

Blurb here maybe

The Military's Composition

branches of the imperial military. all of them.

Ranking System

this is on vayes page. also draw pictures of rank insignias youve been meaning to redo this since 2011


again...diagrams. include: formal dress, everyday dress, combat, training/barracks uniform


Need those drawn too :/


da rulez?


Drafting vs enlisting, 5 year draftee contract, recruitment and such????


ugh just ask Zero he does this for a living


ummmm things about how 2003 constantly fights wars and sends waves of troops until she gets what she wants????

military -different ranks -what they do/enforce -who is recruited for the military & why -why people join (conscription etc) -where does it operate -rules/restrictions -uniform, equipment etc maybe?

Imperial Society

imperial society -rules/laws in place -punishments -is there a justice system? -how it works (taxes etc)

Standards of living, standards of beauty, general culture, popular imperial aesthetics, social customs???.

International Relations

Never in all their history have men been able truly to conceive of the world as one: a single sphere, a globe, having the qualities of a globe, a round earth in which all the directions eventually meet, in which there is no center because every point, or none, is center — an equal earth which all men occupy as equals. The airman's earth, if free men make it, will be truly round: a globe in practice, not in theory.

The Ruler

It is much more secure to be feared than to be loved. - Niccolo Machiavelli


Name: Supreme Commander 2003
Formerly: Agatha Vornach
Rank: Supreme Commander
Nationality: Imperial
Fur: Purple and green
Eyes: Bright green
Height: 5 feet 11 inches
Species: Lupe
Brush: Robot
Gender: Female
Age: 54 (appears to be in her 30s)
Intelligence: Above average.
Personality Type: ENTJ
Alignment: Lawful Evil


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+ Decisive; 2003 is a very quick decision maker. Though this occasionally poses problems, her intuition is usually strong enough for her to make a solid choice in a relatively short amount of time. She is not one to change her mind last minute.

+ Articulate; 2003 is a very good speaker. She can persuade nearly anybody to do her bidding through emotional manipulation alone, and is such a good liar that her subjects insist that she is the most honest leader in the history of the Empire.

+ Tactical; There is always a strategy ticking at the back of 2003's mind just waiting to be brought to the forefront. This trait shines best in times of war, where her shrewd thinking more often than not leads her to victory.

+- Aggressive; 2003 fights for what she wants relentlessly. Without explanation, it's easy to see how this can have both its benefits and repercussions.

+- Authoritarian; 2003 is very controlling, both in her personal life and in her leadership. Though this has worked wonders in the realm of keeping her citizens in check, it also causes 2003 to drive people away--especially potential allies.

- Immoral; 2003 is a powerful individual, and power most certainly corrupts. She is brutal and unforgiving both in her wartime tactics and her legal decisions, and doesn't seem to care much about innocent lives. At all.

- Narcissistic; Viewing herself as a higher being, 2003 likes to make it known that she superior in every way. She refuses to admit any fault with herself, and because of this, often denies the advice of others.

- Stubborn; 2003 is unchangeable. Her decisions, mannerisms, and demeanor are pretty much set in stone, and she refuses to budge under the pressure of outside influence. This goes hand-in-hand with her narcissism; according to her, there is nothing she can do that is wrong. Any error is the fault of someone else, and she will refuse to go back on anything based on this principle.

- Rash; Despite having a number of qualities that make her an excellent leader, 2003 is easily affected by feelings of anger. She reacts abruptly and violently if she is ever called into question or if her authority is defied.


Never in all their history have men been able truly to conceive of the world as one: a single sphere, a globe, having the qualities of a globe, a round earth in which all the directions eventually meet, in which there is no center because every point, or none, is center — an equal earth which all men occupy as equals. The airman's earth, if free men make it, will be truly round: a globe in practice, not in theory.


A collection of work depicting the Supreme Commander. To see them in their full, high-res glory, either drag the image to the URL bar or right click and select 'view image'.
- The Management

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The Imperials

The Greater Andromedan Empire, being as large as it is, is teeming with millions of people, each with their own stories, thoughts, and dreams. Here are six of them. Why are they important? We don't really know.

Why not hover over their pictures and have them introduce themselves?

Spr Cmdr 2003

What is it, peon? Can't you see I'm a very busy individual? Your petty civilian needs will be addressed en masse at 5 on the Imperial News Network. Now scram!

Lookup - Petpage

Cpl Vayehn Lievi


Cmd Sgt Avery Zero

Ugh, look at you. You're so small, so...weak! I don't think anyone as pathetic as you could lift a pencil! You hear me? Pathetic!

(The man hasn't looked away from the mirror, you go completely unnoticed.)

Lookup - Petpage

Cpl Clifford Steel

(The man sits, intently polishing a boot. This continues for five minutes before he looks up at you, tilts his head in confusion, and looks back down at his boot.

Not a word was spoken)

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Col Maximilian Brygade


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Aldak "The Conqueror" Karkovin


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Character Bios

2003 ▼

Name: SprCmdr. 2003 (Formerly Agatha Vornach)
Rank: Supreme Commander
Gender: Female
Age: 54 (appears to be in her 30s)

Enneagram Type: Type 8
Alignment: Lawful Evil
Positive Traits: Decisive, Articulate, Tactical
Neutral Traits: Aggressive, Authoritarian
Negative Traits: Immoral, Narcissistic, Stubborn


Vayehn Lievi
Having never met him, Vaye is just a nameless, faceless pawn to 2003.

Avery Zero
2003 met Zero twice at awards ceremonies. She recognizes him as a good soldier and a commendable drill instructor, but does not know him on a personal level.

Clifford Steel
Having never met him, Cliff is just a nameless, faceless pawn to 2003.

Maximilian Brygade
2003 considers Brygade to be a wonderful asset to the Empire, but not much more than that.

Aldak "Conq" Karkovin
2003 views Conq a traitor and wishes to see them eliminated.

Miscellaneous Facts

Soon B^)

Vaye ▼

Name: Vayehn Lievi
Rank: Corporal
Gender: Male
Age: 24

Enneagram Type: Type 6
Alignment: Neutral Good
Positive Traits: Resilient, Compassionate, Persuasive
Neutral Traits: Emotional, Cautious, Organized
Negative Traits: Paranoid, Shy, Critical


Avery Zero
Vaye met Zero as a cadet, being trained by the formidable sergeant in basic. After Vaye was removed from combat, though, he and Zero formed an unlikely but strong friendship. Vaye regards Zero as a brother, and the two are pretty much inseparable. Vaye also tends to serve as Zero's main source of emotional support, echoing Zero's begrudging kindness during Vaye's own recovery process.

Clifford Steel
Very close to Cliff; the two served together in combat and re-united a year after Vaye was sent back to base. The two care deeply about each other, with Vaye feeling incredibly protected when in Cliff's presence.

Commander 2003
Vaye is slightly critical of her ruling style, but he keeps those thoughts to himself out of self-preservation. He doesn't have strong enough convictions to want to actively change the status quo, but generally disapproves of the Empire's belligerent nature.

Maximilian Brygade
Vaye has met Brygade once or twice when Brygade visited the base Vaye worked on. He is thoroughly unnerved by Brygade, but can't place his finger on why.

Aldak "Conq" Karkovin
Vaye views Conq as being in the right, though doesn't outwardly express this as supporting a 'traitor' is illegal.

Miscellaneous Facts

→ Vaye is slightly nearsighted. His eyesight is somewhere in the range of 20/80, and he wears contacts most of the time.

→ Vaye's favorite color is mint green. Most of his civilian clothing features the color in some way.

→ Though not allergic to any foods, Vaye is irritated by dust. This is one of the many reasons he prefers things to be tidy.

→ Vaye used to know how to play the clarinet, but is sorely out of practice.

→ Vaye is slightly nearsighted. His eyesight is somewhere in the range of 20/80.

Zero ▼

Name: Avery Zero
Rank: Command Sergeant
Gender: Male
Age: 32

Enneagram Type: Type 8
Alignment: Chaotic Neutral
Positive Traits: Loyal, Reliable, Protective, Focused
Neutral Traits: Competitive, Honest
Negative Traits: Insecure, Angry, Unhealthy


Vayehn Lievi
First viewing Vaye as pathetic and contemptible when training him as a cadet, Zero's opinion on Vaye shifted while befriending the man in the infirmary ward shortly after Vaye's return from the battlefield. The two have a powerful friendship based on support and compassion two things Zero desperately needs but never outright asks for. Zero was there for Vaye in his time of need, and now Vaye returns the favor, serving as one of the few who can talk Zero out of a rage and slowly shift his own self image to a more positive place.

Clifford Steel
Zero respects Cliff, but doesn't outright like him as a person. He appreciates the fact that he's a friend of Vaye, but is aware of Cliff's disdain and mistrust of him and thus keeps his distance.

Commander 2003
Strictly loyal to the Empire Zero holds 2003 with the highest of regards. He considers the two occasions he personally met her to be the proudest moments of his life.

Maximilian Brygade
Like most others who come in contact with Brygade, Zero is both unsettled and intimidated by him.

Aldak "Conq" Karkovin
Zero does not know Conq personally, but knows and strongly disapproves of Conq's treason.

Miscellaneous Facts

→ Zero is absolutely convinced that his first name, Avery, is incredibly girly and therefore he refuses to be addressed by it

→ Zero smells of unwashed gym clothes for reasons too obvious to explain.

→ Zero is missing an eye on the scarred side of his face. His eye was so badly injured in the explosion that it had to be removed. He wears a glass eye to hide this.

→ On average, Zero destroys one punching bag per month.

→ Zero would like you to know that he can also bench press 300 lbs and can easily do more push-ups than you.

Cliff ▼
Name: Clifford Steel
Rank: Corporal
Gender: Male
Age: 26

Enneagram Type: Type 1
Alignment: True Neutral
Positive Traits: Steady, Easy-Going, Logical
Neutral Traits: Quiet, Solitary
Negative Traits: Mistrusts others, Too serious


Vayehn Lievi
Vaye served in Cliff's unit during his combat years, and witnessing the slow mental deterioration of his battle buddy led Cliff to develop a need to protect Vaye even after he was sent home from the battlefield. Vaye and Cliff are very close friends, but sometimes Cliff forgets how far Vaye has come and attempts to shield him from things that don't bother him anymore. Despite this, the two get along incredibly well.

Avery Zero
Cliff was trained by Zero. He disliked him then, and he dislikes him now. Cliff worries constantly that Zero would physically harm Vaye (something Zero would never do in the first place) and overall doesn't trust him. Eventually, Cliff warms up to Zero and realizes he isn't a threat, but it's a slow process and the two never become overly friendly.

Commander 2003
Cliff respects his ruler, but not with the same gusto that Zero does. He is apathetic towards Imperial affairs, and would rather be concerned with his own life than the Empire as a whole.

Maximilian Brygade
Cliff definitely feels that Brygade isn't trustworthy in the slightest.

Aldak "Conq" Karkovin
Cliff honestly has no opinion on Conq, though like most Imperial citizens, is aware of their attempts to overthrow Brygade.

Miscellaneous Facts

Soon B^)

Brygade ▼
Name: Maximilian Brygade
Rank: Colonel
Gender: Male
Age: 49

Enneagram Type: Type 3
Alignment: Neutral Evil
Positive Traits: Efficient, Charming, Ambitious
Neutral Traits: Intimidating
Negative Traits: Sadistic, Pathological Liar, Cowardly


Vayehn Lievi
Brygade doesn't know Vaye personally, probably sees him as weak and/or disposable.

Avery Zero
Brygade doesn't know Zero personally, probably sees him as a capable soldier.

Clifford Steel
Brygade doesn't know Cliff personally, probably sees him as a capable soldier.

Commander 2003
Does all he can to stay on the Commander's good side in (unrequited) hopes of being promoted to general. He is very much a "yes-man" towards those of a higher rank than him, particularly 2003.

Aldak "Conq" Karkovin
Out of anyone in the Empire, Brygade is the one who despises Conq the most. Conq's reputation as a military traitor (and as a hero by anti-Imperials) was earned when they attempted to overthrow Brygade and subsequently reform (or rather, eliminate) the Imperial Interrogation Bureau. Though 2003 does not deem Conq a large enough threat to pursue any further, Brygade wishes to see all forces allocated to finding the fugitive 'traitor'.

Miscellaneous Facts

Soon B^)

Conq ▼
Name: Aldak "The Conqueror" Karkovin
Rank: Former captain; discharged for treason.
Gender: Neutral
Age: 36

Enneagram Type: Type 6
Alignment: True Neutral
Positive Traits: Driven, Intelligent, Innovative
Neutral Traits: Secretive, Wary
Negative Traits: Trusts nobody, Not very organized


Vayehn Lievi
Conq has never met Vaye.

Avery Zero
Conq has never met Zero.

Clifford Steel
Conq has never met Cliff.

Commander 2003
Conq despises 2003 and the way she runs the Empire. Though their hatred for Brygade is stronger, Conq takes pride in being viewed as a traitor by the Empire and its supporters.

Maximilian Brygade
Conq used to serve under Brygade as an officer in the Imperial Interrogation Bureau. Conq found both the job and their supervisor, the sadistic Brygade, to be absolutely deplorable, and staged a takeover attempt to seize Brygade's position and reform the Interrogations Bureau. The attempt failed, and Conq was charged with treason as reported by Brygade. Having escaped prison, Conq still holds great animosity and disgust towards Brygade and his evil ways.

Miscellaneous Facts

Soon B^)

The Future of the Empire?

Asterion and Trooper here. basic stuff then a link to trooper's page etc etc etc

Reading Order

Once everyone's petpages are done OI OK holy moly when will that happen?

2003, Vaye, Cliff, Sergeant, Conq, 2005, Trooper.

The Extras

Let's face it, reading all the information above is tiring. We here in the Empire understand and have provided some fun things like adoptables and whatever other fun things the management decides to put here.

Remember: Fun is mandatory!

Sci-Fi Badges

If you are still here, we can assume you like sci-fi. I mean really, we all love sci-fi. If you don't, then we will continue to live in denial and say you do.

So we are distributing free Empire-sanctioned badges to declare your love of sci-fi. We offer many different genres, guaranteed to look good on most backgrounds and fit in most spaces. It doesn't matter if you wish to signify the genre of your pet's story or just express your love for science fiction, these badges are here. Please use them.

If a genre you adore isn't currently available, please neomail The Management and we will manufacture a badge for you and all else to enjoy!

It is strongly advised you link back to this page if you use one. We at the Empire would appreciate your support.


So you want to start an army? Need a few well-trained men who will boldly follow your every command? Well, we have some right here.

The rules are simple enough: don't steal them, don't claim them as your own, and don't enter them in any contests. They're soldiers, not models.

If you want a custom, neomail The Management. Requests are usually closed due to time constraints, but trades, on the other hand, are usually open.

Now go forth and conquer!

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