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agb2001's dailies **




I will no longer be updating this page. See my userlookup for more details.


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free dailies

These are all the dailies that cost you nothing to play.

Once a month, you can collect 2,000np and an item for each of your neopets from here

Twice a day, you can try and cheer up King Skarl

Once a day, you can collect some free things from the Advent Calendar
Once a day, you can try and impress King Hadan
Once a day, you can collect free jelly from the Giant jelly
Once a day, you can collect free omelette from the Giant Omelette
Once a day, you can drop a scarab in the Qasalan Expellibox
Once a day, you can visit the Tiki Tack Tombola
Once a day, you can visit the Deserted Tomb
Once a day, you can spin the Fruit Machine
Once a day, you can collect your Bank Interest
Once a day, you can visit the Shop of Offers, where a rich slorg will give you some np.
Once a day, you can visit the Meteor Crash Site 725-XZ
Once a day, you can look in the Toy Chest
Once a day, you can try to track the movement of Kreludor at the Lunar Temple. Guide
Once a day, you can answer the Daily Puzzle.
Note - there is usually a thread going on the Help Chat with the answer
Once a day, you can collect a free gift from King Altador (Click on him).
Note - you need to complete the Altador plot first. Guide

Every 12 hours, you can try to catch something at Underwater Fishing
Every 12 hours, you can visit Coltzans Shrine
Every 8 hours, you can spin the Wheel of Slime
Every 30 minutes, you can visit the Healing Springs

From 6am - 7am, 2pm - 3pm and 10pm - 11pm NST, you can try and steal something from the Snowager
Once a day, from 12 - 1am, you can play Count von Roo at Deadly Dice
Note - your neopet gains a level if you beat him, and loses one if he beats you. You can also get an avatar if you tie then win, but you can lose it again if you tie then lose.

non-free dailies

These are the dailies that you have to pay np to be able to play;

Every 6 hours*, Ice Caves Scratchcard Kiosk. Cost - 600np
Every 2 hours*, Deserted Fairground Scratchcard Kiosk. Cost - 1,200np
Every 4 hours*, Lost Desert Scratchcard Kiosk. Cost - 500np

Once a day, The Wheel of Knowledge. Cost - 500np
Every 2 hours, The Wheel of Excitement. Cost - 150np
Every 40 minutes, The Wheel of Mediocrity. Cost - 50np.
Every 2 hours, The Wheel of Misfortune. Cost - 100np.

Every 6 hours, Test Your Strength. Cost - 100np.
Every 3 hours, Treasure of the Black Pawkeet. Cost - 300np, but can sometimes change to 150np.
Maximum 10 tickets a day, Neopian Lottery. Cost - 100np a ticket.

*Note - if you play one scratchcard kiosk, it resets the time for all three of them.


These are just other links

New Features
Neopian Times
Money Tree
Rubbish Dump
The Neopian Second-Hand Shoppe
Note - you must complete the Secret Laboratory Map first
Petpet Lab
Note - you must complete the Secret Laboratory Map AND the Petpet Laboratory Map first
Stockmarket. Bargain Stocks
Cap'n Threelegs' Swashbuckling Academy
Soup Kitchen
Note - you must have less than 3,000np
Neopian Haiku
Mystery Island Mystic
Wishing Well
Mysterious Symol Hole
Foodclub. Guide.
Note - you must collect your winings within a week (7 days) of the match, or you might not get them


Not all quests are worth completing. This is the maximum of what I would spend on each quest;

Esophagor - 3,000np
Brain Tree - 3,000np
Note - to find the answer to the brain tree's question, you must complete 2 Esophagor quest's. He will give you the answer.
Kitchen Quests - 2,000np
Snow Faerie - 3,000np
Witch's Tower - 1,000np

Please be aware that everytime you complete a quest, it is at your own risk. The rewards that you recieve may be worth more or less than what you spent.

one-time only

These are free items/np that you can only collect once.

Free 150NC
Click the link that says 'Claim free 150NC

Word Scramble - Answers;
Issue #21 - woowoogrub
Issue #22 - pandaphant
Issue #23 - yooyuball
Issue #24 - snowmuncher
Issue #25 - money tree

For these, you answer a few questions, then you get a book! All the answers are on
this page;
How to Draw
Puzzles and Games
Ultimate Field Guide
Grey Faerie Chronicles
Ghoul Catchers

easy games

This is a list of easy games, which you don't need to be that good at to still get quite a bit of np;

If you play all these games the maximum number of times that you can, and score the amount shown, you will earn around 6,250np

Name - Adver Video
Score - Around 350np, average
Earn a day - ~1,750np
Notes - Whilst the ad is playing, I just open up a new window and play another game until the ad is finished
Extra Notes - Many people seem to be having errors at this time. If you are, try turning off your ad-block (if you have one) if it still doesn't work, or you don't have an ad-block, send a bug report to TNT.

Name - Kash Basher
Score - 870
Earn a day - ~3,000np
Notes - Unlock hard mode, first - you can hit the Kash much futher in hard mode. Wait until the wind is at 9, then hit it. As the Kash is going up, hold down the spacebar. Then, when it starts coming down, take your finger off the spacebar.

Name - Meerca Chase
Score - 150
Earn a day - ~900np
Notes - Play hard mode. It's difficult at first, but you get use to it

Name - Turmac Roll
Score - 200
Earn a day - ~540np
Notes - Play hard mode. It's no harder than easy mode, and you get better berries.

Name - Hasee Bounce
Score - 100
Earn a day - ~750np
Notes - Collecting more than one doughnutfruit in a jump means you get more points. Type 'doughnutfruit' to have the time reset. It only works once per game, so I suggest you use it near the end.

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