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Aethia is an account improvement guild based on a variety of challenges. Through your participation in a variety of different challenges you'll be able to earn guild avatars and trophies and of course be improving your account as you go.

Want to apply?

If you're interested in applying, please also read our About page and our FAQ page before sending in your app.

Aethia is a private guild that seeks active and ambitious members. Although we do not have specific requirements, we look for those with accounts that already show significant effort in account improvement.

Still interested in joining? If applications are currently open, just grab the form below and mail it to coco_bella from your main (indicate if you are joining on a side, though). Along with the application please include a link to a petpage or pet description where you have chosen your icons to display your interests in the types of challenges you would/would not like to receive. The icons can be found here and an example of how they'll be used is here.

After you send in your application, you should hear back within 48 hours. Guild invites will be sent to accepted members before the close of recruitment. Be sure guild invites are turned on when applying!

applications are currently : closed

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Upcoming Challenges

September: Create-Your-Own
October: Trick or Treat
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About Aethia

Aethia is a unique account-improvement guild that features challenges as a way for members to reach larger goals. Regardless of what your goals and interests are, you'll find Aethia is a wonderful guild for furthering your account. With a variety of unique features and a community focused on encouragement and support, Aethia is a wonderful place to call home!

Aethia's Features

  • 3 Teams - By splitting our members into 3 teams, we give you more individualized (and immediate) attention from leaders, a tighter-knit community to work with, and our most-loved Team Challenges
  • 6 Challenge Types - Through the use of 6 different challenges (see details here), members are given a variety of options to choose to work on. Doing this allows members to have challenges that are harder or tend to be procrastinated on, while still allowing them to be productive and meet activity requirements.
  • All-Stars - Aethia All-Stars is a page that ranks members' progress against both other Aethia members and Neopia as a whole. Through AS, members will be able to see how their accounts stack up against everyone else, as well as pinpoint areas that need the most improvement. Members who are exceeding in a particular category can even earn an avatar or trophy to show off.
  • Challenge Icons - In order to optimize Aethia for members of various tastes, challenge icons were designed (by the wonderful Claire!) as a way for members to designate their interests to leaders and other Aethia members. With 33 icons in 6 different categories, there will always be something for everyone!
  • Member Logs - Member Logs are pages created for each member and are located on the various team pages. Each Member Log contains a list of that member's current and completed challenges, the selected challenge icons, and a showcase of the various trophies, monthly trophies and avatars earned by that member.
  • Monthly Challenges - Our monthly challenges are month-long events that focus on a certain aspect of account improvement. Members who participate in each monthly challenge are able to earn various avatars, as well as a trophy for their Member Logs.
  • Portfolios - Although not required, most members choose to create and use their own portfolios as a way to keep track of goals, challenges, avatars needed, and just about everything else. Coding knowledge is not necessary and members would be thrilled to suggest premade sites if needed.
  • The 'Other Worlds' Board - As a way to keep both active and less-active members involved, Aethia has implemented a 2-board system. In addition the guild board (which hosts slower and more goal-oriented chatter), the Other Worlds (OW) board is a great place for members to actively chat, as well as seek out encouragement, advice or help for their current goals and challenges.

Once You Join...

Once your app has been processed and an invite has been sent, your app will be sent to a leader (Ann, Heather or Anna) who will create your member log for their team page.

After this is done, you will receive a mail from your leader with a link to your log. After this, all you need to do to finish settling in is introduce yourself on the guild board and select your individually-set challenges (Personal, Duel and Thief). If you wish you are also more than welcome to keep a log on your own petpage (either as a separate page or as part of a larger goals/about page/portfolio ). However, it is entirely up to you and some members even chose to forgo this completely.

Activity Requirements + Member Sweeps

Because Aethia is solely focused on account improvement, we have strict activity requirements and we expect our members to reach them each month. Members who are unable to meet requirements will be swept on the 28th of each month. If you have been previously swept (or left on your own) and would like to rejoin, we encourage you to reapply as long as you will be able to continue meeting activity requirements.

NOTE: While there is no post requirement, we still strongly encourage remaining an active chatter on either our OW board or our guild board. After all, this is one of the best tools for account improvement since you can always find encouragement and tips here!

Our requirements are as follows:
  • 4+ challenges completed (at least 2 of which must be leader challenges)
  • Minimum of bronze in the Monthly Challenge (MC does not count as one of the above challenges).

In addition to members being swept for not meeting activity requirements, members could also be swept if they:
  • Cause any drama or try to incite trouble with another member
  • Are repeatedly offensive or rude to other members
  • Engage in theft (including art or coding theft) from any source
  • Cheat, act irresponsibly, or against the Neopets TOU
  • Reflect poorly on Aethia to the rest of the Neopian community

Member Hiatus

A member of 3+ months can take a 1 month hiatus, while a member of 6+ months is allowed up to 2 months.

If you haven't been a member for long enough, or you think you'll need longer than your alloted time, it may be best to consider leaving the guild over your busy period. However if you mail Claire when you're interested in rejoining, we'll let you know if we currently have space or you can reapply when we're next recruiting.


Can I join on a side account?
Yup, side accounts are more than welcome. Your main will be added to the account HST table and you'll obviously complete your challenges over there, but you'll be a member on your side. As long as you'll still be active on your side we've got no problem with this at all =)

Can I steal a challenge if someone else has already stolen it?
Yup, there's no limit on how many times a challenge can be stolen.

Can I steal a challenge if I've already stolen it before? (e.g challenges to feed 1 kad, 3 new avs etc.)
No. You may only steal the same challenge once. But if two people happen to have the same challenge, you can steal it from one and then the other.

Can I steal a challenge if the original owner of the challenge has already completed it?
No. Challenges may only be stolen from the original owner, and only from their current challenges, not past challenges.

If my challenge has been stolen can I still complete it?
You can, we call it stealing challenges because it amuses Claire more than copying challenges. And she wanted an avatar with Kanrik on it.

Can I steal more than one challenge at once?
No, only one of each type of challenge at once.

Can I have challenges that overlap/are very similar?
This one is tricky, if it's accidental and the challenges aren't practically identical then that's ok. For example if you have a pink challenge to earn 5 new avatars, and you set yourself a personal challenge to earn a new game avatar that would be ok (though it's best to avoid overlapping challenges too often). However if you set the personal challenge to +1 avatar, then you'd be asked to change it as the point of challenges is to work on improving your account, if the challenges are the same then you're completing more challenges but not doing anything new on your account. Same with if you have a Feed 10 kads challenge, and then wanted to steal a Feed 1 kad challenge. Claire may turn a blind eye to the occasional overlapping challenge but if the majority of your challenges are overlapping so you're getting lots of trophies with less effort you'll probably be asked to choose some different ones. Or you may find your next Pink challenge is a particularly difficult one. Though that would obviously be a complete coincidence.

Am I allowed to get a new challenge without completing my current one?
While allowed, we ask members to exercise caution and only do this in extremely rare cases with deserving situations (i.e. you've had a challenge for many months and have spent a great deal of time on it without success). If a member habitually changes challenges without completing them, future requests may not be taken seriously. If you find yourself always wanting to change a challenge, it is best for you to reevaluate your selected challenge icons or whether you want to remain in Aethia at all.

How do I earn the Slowpoke avatar?
Time Challenges are put up on the guild homepage, and when you've completed one you mail in that you've completed it. The challenge won't be removed until 5 people have completed it, however sometimes (most of the time) the page may not be updated straight after 5 people have completed it, so if you happen to complete it after the first 5, but before the challenge is listed as complete, you'll get the Slowpoke av.


As a member, you'll always have at least three challenges. There is no time limit for challenges, and you may complete them in any order that you choose to. However, a member must complete at least 4 challenges a month in order to meet activity requirements.

The details of the seven different types of challenges you can achieve are outlined below.

NOTE : To see who assigns (or assigned) a certain Leader or Retired challenge, respectively, hover over the challenge name.

Leader Challenges




Additional Challenges


Individually Set. Each member gets to choose their own personal challenge and it is up to you how hard or easy you'd like to make it, but remember that challenges are not meant to be things you can complete in five minutes. If you'd rather not give yourself your own challenge or are lacking inspiration then you are welcome to get another member to choose one for you instead!

Individually Set. Some of us work better when there's a competitive element involved, so if you're one of those people grab a friend and decide on a challenge together. It could be earning a certain amount of np, getting a new trophy or reaching x amount of avatars. Whatever you decide between the two of you it'll be added to both of your logs and the race to see who reaches it first will be there for all to witness. Better make sure it's you!

Individually Set. Always want what everyone else has? Well now you can! If you're struggling with your own challenges, fancy a change of pace or just want to be a little annoying you can steal a challenge from another member! If you look through the logs of other member's current challenges and see something that takes your fancy then give it a shot. If you complete it you'll get another shiny trophy. Make sure when submitting your challenge to mention the member you 'stole' the challenge from; we have highscores for the most completed stolen challenges, but also the members who have had the most challenges stolen from them.

Leader Set. These challenges appear randomly and end after three people have completed them. Time challenges will be posted either on the Challenge Directory home page or on the guild home page, and they will be removed as soon as three people have completed them (or as soon after as possible), we will have a high score chart tracking the members who have achieved the most time challenges.

Retired Challenges






Monthly Challenges

Each month there will be a new challenge listed that anyone can participate in. This is a good way of working on something new with a group of other people. As multiple people are working towards the same thing at once it's a great chance to share tips and resources for completing the challenge. The challenge will be split in to three ability tiers with gold, silver and bronze trophies so that members can choose the challenge they feel most suits them that month.





Ranking up in Aethia is based both on your post count and the amount of challenges you have completed.

Haste - Starting rank.
Spark - 3 normal challenges completed & 2 leader challenges.
Flash - 10 normal challenges completed & 8 leader challenges.
Flight - 25 normal challenges completed & 20 leader challenges.
Ascension - 50 normal challenges completed & 40 leader challenges.


Trophies are awarded every time you complete a challenge, and the trophy you get depends on the type of challenge you've completed. They will be displayed on your Challenge log which is located on the Challenge Directory, but you're welcome to add them elsewhere if you like. For full details on all of the current trophies available, check the challenges page.


Avatars are earned for doing a variety of different things. They can be for completing a certain number of challenges, for being on one of our challenge highscore tables and for other miscellaneous things. Below are the current available avatars and how to get them. These will be displayed with your trophies on your Challenge Log. If you believe you've earned an avatar please make sure you inform your team leader when updating challenge logs we often aren't checking if something awards an avatar, so a friendly reminder in your update would be extra helpful ^^

Thief Avatars

Steal and complete a challenge from a certain person's log... I wonder who it is o.0 Steal and complete a challenge from a certain person's log... I wonder who it is o.0 Steal and complete a challenge from a certain person's log... I wonder who it is o.0
Steal and complete a challenge from a certain person's log... I wonder who it is o.0 Steal and complete a challenge from a certain person's log... I wonder who it is o.0 Awarded to those who have earned every thief avatar currently available.

Challenge Completion Avatars

Complete 5 Bunny challenges. Complete 5 Plushie challenges. Complete 5 Scroll challenges.
Complete 10 Personal challenges. Win 3 duels in a row. Get x15 for three different trophies.
Become a Slowpoke. Complete a challenge within 24 hours of it being assigned. Complete 50 member challenges (personal/thief/duel)
Complete 50 leader challenges (including retired leaders) Complete 100 challenges (any type) Complete the gold monthly challenge requirement in 15 days or under.
Complete double the requirements for a gold monthly challenge. Complete any challenge. Awarded to those who complete 5 leader challenges in one month.
Earn 3 gold monthly trophies. Complete the most challenges in a month on your team. Be the first person to complete a timed challenge.
Complete a challenge to try for an avatar a specified number of times without earning the avatar.

Post-Count Avatars

Post 50 times on the guild board. Post 100 times on the guild board. Post 250 times on the guild board.
Post 500 times on the guild board. Post 750 times on the guild board. Post 1000 times on the guild board.

Team & Rank Avatars

Be a member of Spite. Be a member of Malice. Be a member of Vanity.
Reach the rank of Haste (starting rank). Reach the rank of Spark. Reach the rank of Flash.
Reach the rank of Flight. Reach the rank of Ascension.

Misc. Avatars

Create an avatar (and decide how to earn it) for the guild. Create a guild graphic or layout. Gift something to another member (graphics & art also count)
Be a member for 100 days (switching accounts or rejoining resets you to 1) Help teach a fellow member something (restocking, kadding, coding, a specific game etc.) Point out a mistake on the website to Claire via neomail
Earn by being a member of the guild on Aethia's birthday (January 1) Enter into a Duel with someone you've already Dueled Complete 1 of your 3 current goals (as listed on your log page)

Retired Avatars

Complete a gold challenge during the Aethia beta. Complete a silver challenge during the Aethia beta. Complete a bronze challenge during the Aethia beta.
Complete 5 Nabile challenges. Complete 5 Jubbie challenges. Complete 5 Tangerine challenges.
Steal and complete a challenge from a certain person's log... I wonder who it is o.0 Steal and complete a challenge from a certain person's log... I wonder who it is o.0 Steal and complete a challenge from a certain person's log... I wonder who it is o.0
Complete 5 Slorg challenges. Complete 5 Pink challenges.


  • Peter for the layout coding and many of our avatars.
  • Heather for the background.
  • Claire for the layout header. Every mistake you notice on this page also belongs to Claire xD

Link Back

Buttons link to their creators, huge thanks to all of you ^^


Aethia was inspired by a guild I used to be a member of but sadly closed down, Purple Bug. Members would be assigned an account improvement related challenge based on their own personal interests on neo and the things they wanted to achieve, and through achieving these things you could move up ranks whilst continually improving your account. I found this a much better way of working on my account as I'm far less likely to procrastinate when I have other people setting me goals than when I just set them myself.

After Purple Bug closed down I did a lot of searching to find a guild that would motivate me towards reaching my goals as well as Purple Bug did but I couldn't find anything. So after speaking to a few people, including Purple Bug's old owner, I decided to work towards creating a guild with a similar concept and Aethia was born.

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