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My art and the rundown

If you have come to see an Art Directory, I'm sorry to say that is no more. There wasn't enough interest to justify the work. This is my personal (Neopets) art page. Feel free to look around.

Hello! Welcome to my art gallery :) I've always enjoyed art, and use mediums of all kinds. However, You will likely see mostly digital art as it is the easiest to share with the world. Hate scanning or taking pictures then uploading them. Most pictures that you see are thumbnails; just drag and drop the image in the address bar if you want a closer look.

In any case, thank you for dropping in! However, keep a few things in mind:
Sharing my art: If you like a picture for whatever reason and want to put it on a neopets page, then sure no big deal. Just credit me, preferably with a link.
Using my art: If you want to use my art for a neopets graphic or what have you, I have no real issue with that. I simply require that you ask first via neomail, and credit me.
Stealing my art: If I find out that you have taken a picture I made be it for a layout, banner, or just posting it with not only no mention of me, but my signature has been removed or cropped out and YOU are claiming to be the artist, I will come down on you so hard you won't even be sure which way is up.
Non Neo Friendly Art: I do draw stuff that would not conform to TNT's standers, so I don't post it. However, if something slips past me, maybe there's a watermark with an off site address or something, please neomail me and let me know.
Drawing Requests: It can't hurt to hit me up and ask me if I'll draw your pet. I like drawing. I like pets. But if I decline either because I don't have time or I just flat out don't feel like it, please don't take it personally and harass me. Try again later.

Neopet Themed Art

All art has been inspired by neopets be it fan drawings of other people's pets, characters from neopets, or just some crazy idea I had. To see in full, drag and drop thumbnail in your address bar.


Drawing people is a pain; but they look so pretty.
These are my drawings of what I would consider to be a more realistic style of people drawing. Though, admittedly still a tad cartoony. To see in full, drag and drop thumbnail in your address bar.

All My Fan Art

I love animated shows and movies. Anime to Disney and back again. I also like many video games. So, I celebrate by drawing characters I quite enjoy. To see in full, drag and drop thumbnail in your address bar.

Other Digital Art

This is just where I'm throwing all my other digital art. Maybe it's a character I created, maybe I felt like drawing a bunny; whatever.To see in full, drag and drop thumbnail in your address bar.

Hands On Art

I love exploring all kinds of mediums. I will experiment and see what works and what, well not so much. Here's some of what I've made.To see in full, drag and drop thumbnail in your address bar.

Art from Others

A wee page to display art made by other users for me; either in a trade, or out of the goodness of their Heart. All credit should be displayed.

Thank you Anna (seluker406)
Picture of my Woodland Uni, Pobawa
Thank You Melly (faeriemelly)
Picture of my Spotted Hissi, Sighus and his petpet: Grasper the Reptillior
Thank you Sarah (sarah_hedgehog10)
Picture of my Striped Xweetok, Aurouea
Thank you Twillie (twillieblossom)
Picture of my Eventide Buzz, PisoMilo