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Clan: StreamClan
Age: 25 moons
Gender: Tom
Eyes: Dark blue
Pelt: Medium grey; fur is long but thin.
Build: On the larger size, but proportionally very long and slender. He's agile and quick, but doesn't have a whole lot of power.
Apprentice: none, eager to have one
Mate: none, not actively looking
Kits: none, yearns to have them
Strengths: Hunting, scouting, running messages, dealing/playing with kits.
Weaknesses: Close combat, clan politics, social.
Personality: Slipstream is an earnest, hard-working tom, but he tends to be a little awkward socially. He never quite clicked with his fellow kits or apprentices; he always did things that were not quite the right thing. He's hoping to make actual friends as a warrior, after blending into the background for so long. He tends to be calm and quiet, but optimistic. He loves running and hunting, and enjoys teaching others. In the past he has dreamed of romance, but hasn't been able to find that special she-cat thus far. Regardless, he's eager to have kits of his own; unlike many warriors, he would gladly trade a patrol for kit-watching duty.


Clan: StreamClan
Age: 8 moons
Gender: She-cat
Eyes: Yellow
Pelt: Strawberry-orange tabby, medium-long fur.
Build: Average-size, average-build. A little large for a she-cat, but willowy despite her fluff.
Mentor: none yet
Mate: none
Kits: none
Strengths: Patience, diligence, loyalty, level-headedness, solving disputes, hunting.
Weaknesses: Energy, decisiveness, assertiveness.
Personality: Cedarpaw is a calm, even-tempered she-cat with a natural talent for getting along with others and facilitating relationships between others, but she has trouble standing up for herself. She tends to get pushed around by even her closest friends, simply because she never pushes back. When it comes to defending her clan, she never hesitates, but herself is a different matter; this has, on occasion, proved troublesome if she has an important task. She likes kits, but has trouble controlling them; the more boisterous consider her boring, and quickly sense that they can walk all over her. While the Queens understand she has good intentions, she isn't often asked to watch kits as she can get a little overwhelmed.



Clan: DuneClan
Age: 10 moons
Gender: She-cat
Eyes: Pale yellow.
Pelt: Dusky brown tabby; fur is thick and short.
Build: Small but sturdy, very compact body. She holds her ground well and doesn't get pushed around. She has quick reflexes, but isn't particularly fast or flexible.
Mentor: none yet
Mate: none
Kits: none; a load of trouble if you ask her
Strengths: Combat, clan politics, battle strategy.
Weaknesses: Hunting, kits and elders, medicine (she hates taking it), sitting still.
Personality: Heatherpaw is an intense, slightly gruff she-cat with great enthusiasm for exercising her athletic ability and little patience for sitting still. Despite her energy, she finds battle strategy and clan politics fascinating and tends to be constantly aware of relationships and power balances within the clan. She can be pessimistic and sometimes says the wrong thing at the wrong time, but she tries to be friendly. She's not very good with elders or kits, and tends to be uncomfortable with both; the Queens vary between pitying her and chasing her off when she gets near, most others are able to see past her grumpy exterior in time.

Fiercepaw/Fierceheart (Coco)

Clan: DuneClan
Age: 16 moons
Gender: Tom
Eyes: China blue.
Pelt: Long, silky seal-point fur. Surprisingly thick and warm.
Build: Average-sized, but with sturdy limbs. He packs a huge punch, but doesn't have the best coordination.
Apprentice: none yet
Mate: none, not actively looking
Kits: none
Strengths: Battle, hunting, loyalty, eagerness.
Weaknesses: Patience, control, anything requiring finesse or subtlety.
Personality: Once a kittypet, "Coco" became part of DuneClan when a storm separated him from his family. Since coming to DuneClan, he has become fiercely loyal and eager to prove his worth; he's also decided that kittypets are the lowest of the low, and his goal is to become worthy of his clan. He throws himself into everything, often recklessly or without considering the best method first; he is full of clan pride and enthusiasm, however. He is always eager to do any chore required of him, although he truly prefers hunting or combat. He yearns to be the best warrior in the clan. He likes kits, and has a lot of respect for clan elders, but he is often rougher than he should be with them; he thinks clan cats are superfeline, to some extent, and that clan kits should be tough. He also hates kittypets and wishes he hadn't been one himself.