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welcome to Peony, a request site by Abi. Peony offers all sorts of services for each and every neopian, including graphic requests and premade pages. This site was created to solve my never-ending hunger for creating graphics and layouts, as well as to help out friends everywhere. As a low-maintenance site, Peony won't be updated every day nor will requests be open all the time. My aim, however, is to provide high-quality service and products. Thank you for visiting, I hope you enjoy browsing!

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{ requesting a graphic/layout }
  • Please only request if you plan on using the result.
  • I reserve the right to decline your request if I feel I cannot complete it.
  • The only problem I'll have with you, is if you claim my work as your own. If you do so, I have the right to report you for stealing.
  • If you'd like to view examples of my work, vist my portfolio.
  • If you'd like to request something for offsite purposes, contact me at backtalking @ da.
  • I will only slightly adjust requests, I will not completely remake them.

  • button Here at Peony, we offer button requests. Buttons are small little graphics that are a standardized size of 88x31 pixels. I offer two styles: regular and nebula. Click here for more information on nebula buttons!

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    nebula buttons are quick and easy ones. They take the least amount of time, and have a pre-assigned font, background, and animation.

    layout Here at Peony, we offer layout requests. You can either request a CSS layout (which is all coding) or a Graphic layout (which has an image). These generally will take a while to complete, so please be patient!

    requests are currently open!
    send in your form!
    banner/icon Here at Peony, we offer icon/banner requests. Icons are small graphics that spruce up your site! Banners however, can be used to make a simple layout super pretty. Icons tend to be 100x100, but banners can be any size.

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    {using a premade layout}
  • Peony offers a variety of different layouts. They range of simple CSS to more extravagent Graphic-Based layouts. These are up for grabs for anyone who needs a layout fast and doesn't want to wait. Enjoy!
  • Don't claim my layouts as your own. If you do so, I have the right to report you for stealing.
  • You can use my layouts for anything, onsite_ If you'd like to use it elsewhere, let me know through backtalking @ da
  • Graphics-Based Only: Please do not edit the main image at all. You are free to play around with the coding, but not the images.
  • CSS Only: Let me know if you'd like a layout in a different color in a different colour by neomailing me with the subject, Layout Recolor.

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    Affiliates are open, send me a neomail if you are interested.

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    Many thanks to one of my dearest friends, Sar. I love you so much, and thank you for the support!

  • Photography used in any of my graphics are (c) to their creators. I do not take credit.
  • Fonts are from Dafont, with credit to their original creators.
  • Textures and colouring .psds (c) Details, ClarabellafaireStock @ dA, Enhancers @ dA,  LyricalLiesX @ dA.
  • Brushes used in the creation of my graphics are (c) to hawksmont @ dA, MouritsaDA-Stock @ dA, and VioletSpell
  • All resources used in the making of Peony, belong to their original creators if I have not stated them.
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