4th June 2018

Since the Altador Cup rules page isn't working, I don't know when the cup ends. I have instead guessed the end date. I have probably guessed incorrectly. Be Warned!

Update: the rules page now works and confirms the end date is the 29th. Keep in mind this calculator is silly and doesn't know about the practice/break days (it's on my todo list, honest)! I've also updated it for the new rank requirements, which changed sometime after the AC started.



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Note: This might take a little while to fill up. If it looks really empty and contains people with 0 points, check back later.


PPP stands for Points per play - the number of points you receive when you send an eligible score for a game. Note that there are minimum scores for some games, which are as follows:
  • Slushie Slinger minimum score: 270 points.
  • Make Some Noise minimum score: 2700 points.
  • Shootout Showdown minimum score: 1 goal.
(Note that these are only approximate scores, and are typically based on what I've read or been told.)
If you send scores that are below the minimum score, it will count as a play but you will not receive points (Nor will you get any closer to the next rank).

This calculator only knows the total number of games you've played for each mini-game, and so may think you are at a higher rank than you really are if you've sent scores below the minimum.

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