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Thursday, January 13th
○ Hey everyone! I plan to start updating this site in the near future again!
--deleted past updates--


Welcome guest to Starcrossed, a guide to the basics of Neopia! You will find everything you need - regular dailies, 100k a day in games, avatars, cheap books, etc! Everything is divided for your convenience. Please enjoy!

Have questions or comments? Neomail Anna!

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Thursday, July 29th

Daily Puzzle

Answer: Jurin T.
Prize: 375 NPs

Faerie Crossword


4. neopian
7. lamp
9. pink
10. mystery
11. edna
14. glowing
15. fungus


1. fan
2. cup
3. vampire
5. orb
6. ant
8. pompadour
12. cloud
13. sitar


Band: Chomby and the Fungus Balls
Avatar: Yes
Cost: 1250 NPs

Featured Game

Destruct-O-Match III
Ratio: 0.41
Score: 2440 points
NPs: 2000 NPs



Abandoned Attic

Get free items. Only for accounts three years and older.


Collect your interest every day.

Coltzan's Shrine

Get free items or raise pet stats.

Council Chamber

If you did the Altador plot, collect a prize.

Daily Puzzle

Answer the question for neopoints or items. Guide

Despicable Me

Complete tasks for prizes.

Deserted Tomb

Search for random prizes and avatar.


Click on ga console under tv, and then on daily trivia bonus game. US only. Guide.

Faerie Crossword

Solve the puzzle for 600 nps a day. Guides: 1 and 2

Fruit Machine

Spin for random prizes. Guide

Giant Jelly

Collect a free piece of jelly everyday.

Giant Omelette

Collect a free omelette everyday.

Grumpy Old King

Try for prizes and avatars twice a day.

Guess Marrow Weight

Guess weight of marrow once a day.

Healing Springs

Heal your pets every 30 minutes.

Lunar Temple

Solve puzzle and win prizes. Guide

Mac and Cheese

Click Daily Prize. US only.

Magical Blue Grundo Plushie

Talk to for random prizes and avatar. Guide

Meteor Crash Site

Try for random prizes.

Moltara City

Click on bottom left corner pile for shiny obsidian. Guide

Money Tree

Try for some free stuff!

Monthly Freebies

Get 2000 nps and a food item for each pet once a month.

Pet Laboratory

If you have the pieces, risk changing your pet.

Petpet Laboratory

If you have the pieces, risk changing your petpet.

PetPet Park

Look in toy chest for free item.


Click on daily trivia. US only. Guide.

Potato Counter

Play 3 times a day for neopoints.

Qaslan Expellibox

Try for free NC and Neopoints.

Rubbish Dump

Try for free stuff! Guide

Second Hand Shoppe

Try for free wearables.

Shop Till

Check to see if you made a profit.

Six Flags of Fun

Collect flags to earn prizes.


50-100 free neopoints.


Visit for random prizes and avatar between 6-7 am, 2-3 pm,and 10-11 pm. Guide

Symol Hole

Send a petpet down the hole for random prizes and avatar.

Tiki Tack Tombola

Play for random prizes.


Visit with petpet for random prizes or avatar. Guide

Underwater Fishing

Fish with each pet for items. Guide

Wise Old King

Try for prizes and avatar. If the King has gone out, try back in a few hours.

Worms and Gears

One gear per day.
Worm Guide.
Gear Guide.

Free Food

Movie Central

Click on left door. Feed up to four pets once a day each.

Soup Kitchen

Must have under 3000 neopoints total.

Capri Sun

Click on the fridge. Feed up to four pets once a day each.

Pay to Play

Chance Games


Pay 250 neopoints to play.

Buried Treasure

Pay 300 neopoints for chance for avatar and prizes. Guide


Buy a cheese, chance for avatar. Guide

Coconut Shy

Try for 100 nps to knock down a coconut for possible avatar.

Cork Gun Gallery

Pay 100 neopoints to play.

Deadly Dice

Play from 12-1 NST for prizes and avatar.


Play for prizes and avatar.

Double or Nothing

Pay 10 neopoints to play for prizes and avatar.

Faerieland Employment Agency

Complete jobs by buying items in a limited amount of time.

Kiss the Mortog

Pay 50 neopoints to try for prizes and avatar.

Neopian Lottery

Play for neopoints and prizes.

Pick Your Own

Pay 400 neopoints to pick some berries and earn an avatar.

Strength Test!

Pay 100 nps every six hours.


Poogle Races

Bid on races every 15 minutes.

Turdle Racing

Bid on races every 15 minutes.


Deserted Fairgrounds Scratchcards

Pay 1200 nps to scratch a card.

Ice Caves Scratchcards

Pay 600 nps to scratch a card.

Lost Desert Scratchcards

Pay 500 nps to scratch a card.


Wheel of Excitement

Spin for 150 nps every two hours. Guide

Wheel of Knowledge

Pay 500 nps to spin once a day. Guide

Wheel of Mediocrity

Spin for 50 nps every 40 minutes. Guide

Wheel of Misfortune

Spin for 100 nps every two hours. Guide

Wheel of Monotony

Spin for 100 nps once a day. Guide



Compete against other pets or in one player battles.

Defenders of Neopia

Beat competitors for trophies.

Mystery Island Training School

Train pets under level 250. Pay with codestones.

Mystery Island Volcano

Turn your normal codestones into red codestones to use at the Ninja Training School.

Secret Ninja Training School

Pet must be above level 250. Pay using red codestones.

Pet Equipment

Equip your pets with various battle items.

Petpet Battles

Have your petpet fight other petpets.

Swashbuckling Academy

Pet must be level 40 or below. Pay with dubloons.

Other Links


Bid on items against other users.


View all of the clothing items you can put on your pet.


Display items for all of Neopia to see.

Hidden Tower

Check out Queen Fyora's secret store.

Item Log

Accept or reject items given to you by other users.


Play games against other users for neopoints and prizes.

NC Mall Album

A list of all of items you have bought at the NCMall.


Send mail to other users.


Look up important facts about Neopians.

Neopian Times

Submit an article, editorial, comic, or series!

Notice Board

Pay neopoints to advertise your shop!


Abandon your current pet or adopt a new pet.


Quickly organize your items.

Safety Deposit Box

Safely store items.

Stamp Album

Put your stamps here for all users to see.

Stock Portfolio

View the value of your stocks.

Storage Shed

Store items you want to put in your Neohome.

TCG Card Album

View your TCG Cards.

Trading Post

Trade items with other users.


Sponsor Games

Hover over image for extra information.

Capri Sun Sandy Mandy

Ratio: 1.00
Score: 1000
Neopoints: 1000

CATS & DOGS Laser Base Break

Ratio: 0.10
Score: 10000
Neopoints: 1000

Cocoa Puffs Crossword

Ratio: 0.51
Score: 1962
Neopoints: 1000


Froot Loops™ Kung-Fu Klash

Ratio: 1.00
Score: 1000
Neopoints: 1000

Kids Choice Awards Rescue Blimp

Ratio: 2.55
Score: 393
Neopoints: 1000

Kraft Capri Sun Slow Moe Shell Shock

Ratio: 1.00
Score: 1000
Neopoints: 1000

Kraft Capri Sun Splash Bash

Ratio: 0.19
Score: 5264
Neopoints: 1000

Kraft Capri Sun Tomato Toss

Ratio: 0.19
Score: 5264
Neopoints: 1000

Kraft Mac & Cheese Stadium Blaster

Ratio: 0.48
Score: 2084
Neopoints: 1000

NC Shopping Race

Ratio: 0.20
Score: 5000
Neopoints: 1000

Nickelodeon's Big Green Trivia


Ratio: 1.64
Score: 300
Neopoints: 492

Six Flags Thrill Ride Drive

Ratio: 0.69
Score: 1450
Neopoints: 1000

SpongeBob Flashback Jigsaw

Ratio: 0.31
Score: 3226
Neopoints: 1000


Where in the Park is Mr. Six?

Ratio: 0.75
Score: 1334
Neopoints: 1000

100.000+ In Games

Hover over image for extra information.

Quick Guide

Ratio: Game Score to Neopoints Ratio
Score: Number of points to aim for when playing game
Neopoints: Number of neopoints earned for said score.

You should play each game three times to reach the 100.000 neopoint mark.

25.000 Neopoints

Wheel of Slime

Ratio: 1.00
Score: Random, 100-2000
Neopoints: Random, 100-2000

Adver Video

Ratio: 1.00
Score: Random, 100-800
Neopoints: Random, 100-800

Fashion Fever

Ratio: 1.00
Score: 300
Neopoints: 300

Catch the Petpet

Ratio: 0.70
Score: 700
Neopoints: 490

Petpet Pair Up

Ratio: 1.02
Score: 500
Neopoints: 510

Smug Bug Smite

Ratio: 1.00
Score: 500
Neopoints: 500

Bouncy Supreme


Ratio: 1.00
Score: 1000
Neopoints: 1000

Kass Basher


Ratio: 1.25
Score: 800
Neopoints: 1000

Maths Nightmare


Ratio: 1.15
Score: 870
Neopoints: 1000

Kiko Match II


Ratio: 2.74
Score: 365
Neopoints: 1000

MAGAX Destroyer II


Ratio: 1.21
Score: 827
Neopoints: 1000

Freaky Factory


Ratio: 3.90
Score: 257
Neopoints: 1000

50.000 Neopoints

Crisis Courier


Ratio: 0.57
Score: 1755
Neopoints: 1000

Meerca Chase II


Ratio: 1.86
Score: 538
Neopoints: 1000

Attack of the Marblemen


Ratio: 5.68
Score: 177
Neopoints: 1000

Turmac Roll


Ratio: 0.87
Score: 1150
Neopoints: 1000


Ratio: 1.88
Score: 500
Neopoints: 900

Dubloon Disaster


Ratio: 2.16
Score: 463
Neopoints: 1000

Web of Vernax


Ratio: 0.69
Score: 1450
Neopoints: 1000



Ratio: 1.10
Score: 910
Neopoints: 1000

Hasee Bounce


Ratio: 2.39
Score: 419
Neopoints: 1000

Raiders of Maraqua


Ratio: 5.67
Score: 177
Neopoints: 1000

75.000 Neopoints

Jubble Bubble

Ratio: 1.58
Score: 633
Neopoints: 1000

Attack of the Revenge


Ratio: 3.33
Score: 301
Neopoints: 1000

Meepit Juice Break


Ratio: 0.90
Score: 1112
Neopoints: 1000

Hannah and the Ice Caves


Ratio: 0.02
Score: 50000
Neopoints: 1000

Rink Runner

Ratio: 10.72
Score: 94
Neopoints: 1000

Extreme Faerie Cloud Racers

Ratio: 5.77
Score: 174
Neopoints: 1000

200m Peanut Dash

Ratio: 1.63
Score: 614
Neopoints: 1000

Grand Theft Ummagine


Ratio: 2.95
Score: 339
Neopoints: 1000

Faerie Cloud Racers

Ratio: 1.92
Score: 521
Neopoints: 1000

Ultimate Bullseye II


Ratio: 8.58
Score: 117
Neopoints: 1000

100.000 Neopoints

Ghost Bopper


Ratio: 4.42
Score: 227
Neopoints: 1000

Sophie's Stew

Ratio: 1.89
Score: 530
Neopoints: 1000


Ratio: 0.01
Score: 100000
Neopoints: 1000

Dueling Decks


Ratio: 0.21
Score: 4762
Neopoints: 1000

Search for Princess Lunara


Ratio: 2.16
Score: 463
Neopoints: 1000



Ratio: 0.31
Score: 3226
Neopoints: 1000

Petpet Rescue


Ratio: 4.23
Score: 237
Neopoints: 1000



Ratio: 0.53
Score: 600
Neopoints: 318

Sutek's Tomb


Ratio: 0.53
Score: 1887
Neopoints: 1000

Hot Dog Hero

Ratio: 0.09
Score: 11112
Neopoints: 1000

Want even more?


Ratio: 0.25
Score: 4000
Neopoints: 1000

Chia Bomber II


Ratio: 0.79
Score: 1266
Neopoints: 1000

Snowball Fight

Ratio: 1.64
Score: 610
Neopoints: 1000

Wheeler's Wild Race

Ratio: 2.66
Score: 376
Neopoints: 1000

Bumble Beams

Ratio: 1.54
Score: 650
Neopoints: 1000

Techo Says

Ratio: 6.13
Score: 167
Neopoints: 1000

Extreme Potato Counter

Ratio: 9.38
Score: 107
Neopoints: 1000

Let It Slide

Ratio: 0.43
Score: 2326
Neopoints: 1000

Snow Wars II

Ratio: 0.72
Score: 1389
Neopoints: 1000


Ratio: 5.49
Score: 183
Neopoints: 1000

Mootix Drop

Ratio: 1.59
Score: 629
Neopoints: 1000

Trouble at the National Neopian

Ratio: 1.17
Score: 855
Neopoints: 1000

Faerie Bubbles

Ratio: 0.70
Score: 1429
Neopoints: 1000

Ice Cream Machine

Ratio: 0.11
Score: 9091
Neopoints: 1000

Chariot Chase

Ratio: 0.29
Score: 3449
Neopoints: 1000


Ratio: 0.80
Score: 1250
Neopoints: 1000

Neopian Links & Info




Darigan Citadel


Haunted Woods

Kiko Lake

Krawk Island


Lutari Island



Moltara City

Mystery Island

Neopia Central

Roo Island


Terror Mountain

The Lost Desert





Battle Magic

Brightvale Armoury

Brightvale Motery

Defense Magic

Desert Arms

Faerie Weapon Shop

Haunted Weaponry

Ice Crystal Shop

Illustrious Weaponry

Kauvara's Magic Shop

Kayla's Potion Shop

Magical Marvels

Maracite Marvels

Royal Potionery

Sakhmet Battle Supplies

Space Armour

Space Weaponry

The Scrollery

Tyrannian Weaponry

Wonderous Weaponry


Booktastic Books

Brightvale Books

Faerie Books

Magical Bookshop

Moltaran Books

Neovian Printing Press

Sutek's Scroll

Words of Antiquity


Cog's Togs

Mystical Surroundings

Prigpants & Swolthy, Tailors

Second-Hand Shoppe

Unis Clothing Shop


Collectable Card Shop

Collectable Coins

Collectable Sea Shells

Neopian Post Office


Brightvale Fruits

Cafe Kreludor

Chocolate Factory

Coffee Cave

Exotic Foods

Exquisite Ambrosia

Faerie Foods

Grundos Cafe

Hubert's Hot Dogs

Jelly Foods


Kiko Lake Treats

Lost Desert Foods


Molten Morsels

Neopian Fresh Foods

Neopian Health Foods


Qasalan Delights


Slushie Shop

Smoothie Store

Spooky Foods

Super Happy Icy Fun Snow Shop

The Bakery

The Crumpetmonger

The Golden Dubloon

Tropical Food Shop

Tyrannian Foods

Furniture and Gardening

Brightvale Glaziers

Chesterdrawers' Antiques

Faerie Furniture

Garden Centre

Kiko Lake Carpentry

Kreludan Homes

Lampwyck's Lights Fantastic

Neohomes NP Superstore

Neopian Furniture

Osiri's Pottery

Petpet Supplies

Roo Island Souvenirs

Spooky Furniture

Tyrannian Furniture


Lost Desert Medicine

Neopian Pharmacy

Remarkable Restoratives


Ever Stocked General Store

Grooming Parlour

Hidden Tower

Igloo Garage Sale

Neopian Gift Shop

Neopian Neggery

Neopian Music Shop

Neopian School Supplies

Smuggler's Cove

Shop of Mystery

Tiki Tack


Faerieland Petpets

Fanciful Fauna

Geraptiku Petpets

Krawk Island Nippers

Legendary Petpets

Maraquan Petpets

Moltaran Petpets

Neopian Petpet Shop

Peopatra's Petpets

Robo-Petpet Shop

Rock Pool

Spooky Petpets

Tyrannian Petpets

Wintery Petpets

Ye Olde Petpets


Darigan Toys

Plushie Palace

Toy Shop


Quests Guide

Random Faerie Quests

You cannot use the shop wizard during these quests. Go to the quest boards to ask for help finding the requesed item!
Go to the quest building to give the requested item to the faerie!
These quests are completely random. There is no time limit.

Air Faerie

What She Wants: Grooming Items
What She Gives: +2 Movement
Price Range: 100-1.000 NP

Dark Faerie

What She Wants: Toys
What She Gives: +2 Hitpoints
Price Range: 1.000-5.000 NP

Earth Faerie

What She Wants Magic Items
What She Gives Makes a pet bloated
Price Range 300-5.000 NP

Fire Faerie

What She Wants: Clothing
What She Gives: +2 Strength
Price Range: 100-10.000 NP

Fountain Faerie

What She Wants: EXPENSIVE Items
What She Gives: Free Visit to Rainbow Fountain
Price Range: VERY Expensive

Fyora the Faerie Queen

What She Wants: Anything
What She Gives: +1 Level, +3 Strength, & +3 Hitpoints
Price Range: VERY Expensive

Light Faerie

What She Wants: Trading Cards
What She Gives: +1 Level
Price Range: 1.000-10,000 NP

Space Faerie

What She Wants: Random
What She Gives: +4 Levels
Price Range: 1.000-30.000 NP

Water Faerie

What She Wants: Books
What She Gives: +2 Defense
Price Range: 1.000-5.000 NP

Timed Quests

You can use the shop wizard when doing these quests.
You must bring the item(s) to the appropriate Neopian in the given amount of time in order to receive your prize.
You can complete 10 of these quests daily.

These quests are usually not worth it unless you are trying to earn an avatar or gain a battledome challenger.

Brain Tree

What He Wants: Place and Time of People's Deaths
What He Gives: Items
How to Get: Visit the Brain Tree in the Haunted Woods.
How to Solve: Complete two Esophagor Quests to get the answers. You must complete both Esophagor quests, even if you can find the answers elsewhere. Return to the Brain Tree.
Price Range: Depends on esophagor.


What She Wants: Random Items
What She Gives: Spooky Foods and a few hundred NP
How to Get: Inside the Witch's Tower.
Price Range: 1.000-10.000 NP


What He Wants: Spooky Foods
What He Gives: Brain Tree Answers
How to Get: Go under the Haunted Woods
Price Range: 1.000-10.000 NP

Kitchen Chef

What He Wants: Random
What He Gives: Stats, items, or neopoints
How to Get: Go to the Mystery Island Kitchen.
Price Range: 1.000-10.000 NP

Taelia the Snow Faerie

What She Wants: Candy or Food
What She Gives: Neopoints, snowballs, or an item
How to Get: Her Igloo
Price Range: 1.000-10.000 NP

Illusen & Jhudora

You can use the shop wizard.
These quests are timed.
You can only complete two of these a day (every 12 hours).

If you fail one quest, you go back to level 1.

Illusen Quests

What She Wants: Rare Items
How to Get: Visit Illusen's Glade.

Avatar: Complete Illusen's 20th Quest.

What She Gives:

Level 1 Illusens Cream Cookie
Level 3 Illusens Potion
Level 5 Illusens Comb
Level 8 Cucumber Eye Cream
Level 11 Illusens Novel
Level 14 Mud Mixture
Level 17 Flower Cake
Level 20 Rain Water Shampoo
Level 23 Rose Shake
Level 26 Earth Spell Book
Level 29 Leaf Shield
Level 32 Illusens Earth Potion
Level 35 Honey Potion
Level 38 Illusens Scroll
Level 41 Illusens Blade
Level 44 Leaf Taco
Level 47 Illusens Orb Plant
Level 50 Illusens Staff

Jhudora's Quests

What She Wants: Rare Items
How to Get: Visit Jhudora's Cloud.

Avatar: Complete Jhudora 's 20th Quest.

What She Gives:

Level 1 Poisonous Lollypop
Level 3 Noxious Nectar
Level 5 Jhudoras Brush
Level 8 Purple Blob Potion
Level 11 Jhudora T-Shirt
Level 14 Gnome Shroom
Level 17 Caustic Potion
Level 20 Dark Faerie Magic
Level 23 Malice Potion
Level 26 Purple Spotted Shroom
Level 29 Wind Up Rat
Level 32 Toxic Shroom
Level 35 Dark Shroom
Level 38 Jhudoras Potion
Level 41 Bartamus
Level 44 Dark Faerie Collar
Level 47 Portable Cloud
Level 50 Wand of the Dark Faerie


Easy Avatars

Clickable Avatars

Quick Avatars

Follow the instructions and get the avatar!

Complete a course at the Swashbuckling Academy. Get six non dung items in Pick Your Own.
Complete a Snow Faerie Quest. Take your pet on a Tiki Tour.
Feed your pet during 3-4 pm and 3-4 am NST. Reply with :)*angry*:( on the boards.
Go to Caption Contest 664 and click on the text above the caption, and press tab, then enter. Visit the Music Page, View Source, use CTRL + F to search 'secretavatar', use the URL given to receive avatar.
Type "I Love Baby Buzz!" in the search box. Go to Edit Shop and change shopkeeper to Usul - Gothic. Must keep shopkeeper to keep avatar.
Reply to a post with 'squawk'.
Visit Usukiland Adert in Usukiland.

Daily Avatars

Try for these avatars daily!

Random when visiting the snowager and getting blasted. Catch the Titanic Giant Squid.
Win 10,000 nps at the Wheel of Excitement. Visit Avatar FAQ and refresh.
Win 1,000 nps at the Wheel of Mediocrity. Have an item turned into sludge at the Wheel of Misfortune.
Land on ?, 5000 nps, or paintbrush at the Wheel of Monotony. Land on the star spot at the Wheel of Knowledge.
Win a prize at the Winter Scratchcard Kiosk. Win a prize at the Deserted Scratchcard Kiosk.
Randomly awarded when pulling the Lever of Doom 100 nps pure pull. Random when feeding your pet at the Soup Kitchen. Must have less than 3000 neopoints.
Get a fortune telling with the word kyrii in it at the Mystery Island Mystic. Refresh until you receive avatar at the Daily Mystery Island Haiku.
Try twice daily to get the Grumpy Old King to throw you out of his kingdom. Tell the Grumpy Old King a joke so he laughs hysterically. Random.
Get a 750 or higher from the Wise Old King. Play Deadly Dice, tie a roll and then win a roll. Can only play from 12 am to 1 am NST.
Random at the Deserted Tomb. Visit the weather page on a gloomy day.
Awarded at Grarrl Keno when you hatch four or more eggs. Randomly awarded when winning at Buried Treasure.
Awarded when Turmy eats your petpet. Random when using the Symol Hole.
Awarded when Lab Ray changes pets species. Awarded when petpet is turned into Pile of Soot by the Petpet Lab Ray.
Random when using Neomail. Beat a Better Than You challenger.
Be one of the first 250 people to guess the Lenny Conundrum correctly. Random when winning Cheeseroller in less than 60 seconds.
Random when knocking off a coconut in Coconut Shy. Refresh at Game Graveyard.
Restock an item with a rarity 80+ at Unis clothing.
Buy an item with rarity 90+ at the Chocolate Factory.
Random when taking home leftovers from Kelp. Random when completing an Edna Quest.
Random at the Discarded Magical Blue Grundo Plushie of Prosperity.

Packrat List

1. Altadorian Practice Helmet 1 np
2. Altadorian Initiate Sword 1 np
3. Warriors Round Shield 1 np
4. Tureen of Olives 1 np
5. Altadorian Bread 1 np
6. Hero Gyro 5 nps
7. Chocolate Lupe Treat 5 nps
8. Drym Shaped Frosted Sugar Cookie 5 nps
9. Honey Filled Olive 5 nps
10. Ionic Bread 10 nps
11. Coltzans Gem 1 np
12. Poison Snowball 1 np
13. Yellow Snowball 1 np
14. Peach Snowball 1 np
15. Wet Snowball 1 np
16. Evil Snowball 2 nps
17. Noxious Nectar 10 nps
18. Branston Battlecard 10 nps
19. Little Timmy Battledcard 1 np
20. Brown Snowball 5 nps
21. Brucey B Battlecard 10 nps
22. Capara Battlecard 10 nps
23. Fernypoo Battlecard 5 nps
24. Kalora Battlecard 10 nps
25. Moehog Hoof Pad 5 nps
26. Chuffer Bob Battlecard 5 nps
27. 00 Hog Battlecard 25 nps
28. Rotten Artichoke 15 nps
29. Icy Eye Snowball 10 nps
30. Basic Rubber Axe 10 nps
31. Day In The Life of King Roo 1 np
32. Kiko Pop-Up Book 1 np
33. Maraqua Colouring Book 1 np
34. Ogrin Survivor 1 np
35. The Secret of Treasure Island 1 np
36. Waterlogged Book 1 np
37. Yurble Tales 1 np
38. Turmac Snacks 8 nps
39. Grooming Your Faellie 4 nps
40. More Than Carrot Cake 3 nps
41. Babaa Care 5 nps
42. Gallion Colouring Book 2 nps
43. Neopian Times Issue 3 3 nps
44. Peopatras Petpets 10 nps
45. Meepit vs Feepit Game Guide 8 nps
46. The Luckiest Babaa 10 nps
47. Gallion Care 5 nps
48. The Gorgeous Gallion 5 nps
49. Fishing For Zafaras 12 nps
50. The Plushie Coffee Table Book 10 nps
51. Faellie Tales 10 nps
52. Furanga Fruit1 np
53. Icky Fruit1 np
54. Screlon 1 np
55. Tangella 5 np
56. Metallic Mote 1 np
57. Smoke Mote 1 np
58. Fire Mote 1 np
59. Water Mote 1 np
60. Salt Mote 10 nps
61. Altador Stained Glass Window 1 np
62. Finneus Stained Glass Window 1 np
63. Slime Covered Window 1 np
64. Space Faerie Stained Glass Window 5 nps
65. Abysmal Window 1 np
66. Broken Window 10 nps
67. Broken Fake Uni Hat 1 np
68. Poisonous Lollypop 1 np
69. Oukin Lolly 1 np
70. Wartroot Snorkle Lollypop 1 np
71. Ghostkerscarf 1 np
72. Tombola T-Shirt 1 np
73. Ultra Fashionable Potato Sack 1 np
74. Veiled Autumn Hat 1 np
75. Jhudora T-Shirt 5 np
76. Bow Tie 10 nps
77. Darigan Faellie Action Figure 1 np
78. Serf Lens 1 np
79. Stone Shield 1 np
80. Sturdy Blue Shield 1 np
81. Wooden Blocking Shield 1 np
82. Small Metal Shield 1 np
83. Heavy Blocking Shield 1 np
84. Bagguss 1 np
85. Grackle Bug on a Stick 1 np
86. Mummified Pepper 1 np
87. Mummy Burrito 1 np
88. Ptolymelon 1 np
89. Rotten Puntec Fruit 1 np
90. Ruined Ptolymelon 1 np
91. Sand Squash 1 np
92. Ummagine 1 np
93. Broken Corn Pyramid 1 np
94. Crackled Mummified Pepper 5 nps
95. Scorched Sutek Beans 2 nps
96. Tchea Fruit 1 np
97. Scorched Tut Trout 1 np
98. Burnt Grackle Bug on a Stick 1 np
99. Cheops Plant 1 np
100. Damaged Bagguss 1 np
101. Damaged Ummagine 1 np
102. Mangled Geopeppers 1 np
103. Mummified Banana 4 nps
104. Sand Grapes 1 np
105. Scorched Sutek Muffin 5 nps
106. Squashed Tchea Fruit 1 np
107. Burnt Red Eye Egg 1 np
108. Scarab Cookie 1 np
109. Broken Seasoning Sand 1 np
110. Pile of Dung 1 np
111. Rockfish 1 np
112. Broken Toy Sailboat 1 np
113. Dull Grey Pearl 1 np
114. Giant Bath Plug 1 np
115. Old Rotten Left Boot 1 np
116. Old Rotten Left Shoe 1 np
117. Old Rotten Right Shoe 1 np
118. Old Rotten Right Boot 1 np
119. Rotting Driftwood 1 np
120. Old Boot 1 np
121. Old Rotten Left Sandal 1 np
122. Old Rotten Right Sandal 1 np
123. Waterfish 1 np
124. Scrawnyfish 1 np
125. Poisonous Jelly 1 np
126. Yellow Growth 1 np
127. Tiki Tack Keyring 1 np
128. Ubikiberry Elixir 1 np
129. Half Coconut Shell 1 np
130. Tombola Pencil Sharpener 1 np
131. Tombola Visor 1 np
132. Unlabelled Tin Can 1 np
133. Bit of Barbed Wire 1 np
134. Piece of Wool 1 np
135. Rotten Berry 1 np
136. Broken Fishing Pole 1 np
137. Bucket of Sludge 1 np
138. Petrified Bone 1 np
139. Palm Fan 1 np
140. Pickled Olives 1 np
141. Sandals 1 np
142. Volcanic Rock 1 np
143. Toy Sailboat 1 np
144. Super Toy Sailboat 1 np
145. Half-eaten Berry 1 np
146. Giant Brown Kelp 1 np
147. Giant Green Kelp 1 np
148. Giant Red Kelp 1 np
149. Spongy Algae 1 np
150. Mossy Rock 1 np
151. Grey Sea Fern 1 np
152. Cinder Block Sea Fungus 1 np
153. Cubical Sea Fungus 1 np
154. Cheery Plant 1 np
155. Tyrannian Mechafish 1 np
156. Magic Crystalline Kelp 1 np
157. Prismatic Sea Fern 1 np
158. Void Plant 1 np
159. Mouldy Petpet Bed 1 np
160. Traditional Bone Throne 1 np
161. Diseased Mechafish 1 np
162. Headless Von Roo Plushie 1 np
163. Red Geraptiku Vase 1 np
164. Lucky Bone Necklace 1 np
165. Potgatkerchi Plushie 1 np
166. Wind Up Potgatketchi Toy 1 np
167. Packet of Gravel 1 np
168. Soggy Old Box 1 np
169. Rusty Old Can 1 np
170. Reject Curly Shaped Sand 1 np
171. Reject Ornate Rainbow Sand 1 np
172. Reject Star Shaped Sand 1 np
173. Reject Flower Shaped Sand 1 np
174. Frozen Mechafish 1 np
175. Transparifish np
176. Golden Moon Comb 1 np
177. Moon and Star Stickies 1 np
178. Snazzy Moon Comb 1 np
179. Rainbow Dung 1 np
180. Pinkixy Keyring 1 np
181. Brightvale Berry 1 np
182. Green Tea 1 np
183. Kassegat Jig Saw Puzzle 1 np
184. Shiny Purple Cowry Shell 1 np
185. Orange Draik Stamp 1 np
186. Dipni Mug 1 np
187. Grundo Inspired Dresser 5 nps
188. Dung Jelly 1 np
189. Smelly Jelly 10 nps
190. Lime Jelly 8 nps
191. Lint Jelly 5 nps
192. Whole Purplum Jelly 10 nps
193. Blueberry Jelly 10 nps
194. Cornupepper Jelly 1 np
195. Glowing Jelly 3 nps
196. Half Eaten Poisonous Jelly 1 np
197. Half Lemon Jelly 9 nps
198. Half Lime Jelly 3 nps
199. Pear Jelly 4 nps
200. Squished Jelly 5 nps
201. Half Strawberry Jelly 1 np
202. Raspberry Jelly 2 nps
203. Lemon Jelly 1 np
204. Mint Jelly 5 nps
205. Baked Beans 1 np
206. Balloons 1 np
207. Blandfish 1 np
208. Blue Ixi Plushie 1 np
209. Blue Moon Petpet Bed 1 np
210. Brown Sauce 1 np
211. Captain Tuan Stamp 1 np
212. Darigan Seaweed 1 np
213. Everlasting Crystal Apple Stamp 1 np
214. Fractalpus 1 np
215. Geraptiku Fly Trap 1 np
216. Geraptiku Snowglobe 1 np
217. Giant Giant Squid 1 np
218. Glaring Eye Wrap 5 nps
219. Glistening Mechafish 1 np
220. Glow-in-the-Dark Moon 1 np
221. Greedy Kadoatie Piggy Bank 1 np
222. Grundo Inspired Dresser 5 nps
223. Heart Toast Sculpture 1 np
224. Hifflo Yoyo 1 np
225. Illusens Comb 1 np
226. Landfish 1 np
227. Lesser Spotted Fish 1 np
228. Lime Elixir 1 np
229. Lotus Leaves 1 np
230. Mallard Balloon 1 np
231. Mint Rolls 1 np
232. Moon Paving Stone 1 np
233. Orange Grundo Chair 1 np
234. Orange Grundo Wardrobe 1 np
235. Orange Kreludan Bed 1 np
236. Paw Print Bed 1 np
237. Pimplepepper 1 np
238. Pink Snorkle Usuki Set 1 np
239. Plushie Fungus 1 np
240. Potted Tentacles 1 np
241. Purple Scallop Shell 1 np
242. Red Kazoo 1 np
243. Ripped Moehog Plushie 1 np
244. Rock Baby Cabbages 1 np
245. Sheknuu Stamp 1 np
246. Shimmery Seagrass 1 np
247. Shiny Obsidian 1 np
248. Slime Sundae 1 np
249. Small Giant Squid 1 np
250. Tanglepus 1 np


Cheap Books

Ghoul Catchers
Grey Faerie Chronicles
The Ultimate Field Guide
Puzzles and Games
How to Draw
Ultimate Tips
Ghoul Catchers 2
Day in the Life of King Roo
1 np
Kiko Pop-Up Book
1 np
Maraqua Colouring Book
1 np
Ogrin Survivor
1 np
The Secret of Treasure Island
1 np
Waterlogged Book
1 np
Yurble Tales
1 np
More Than Carrot Cake
3 nps
Neopian Times Issue 3
3 nps
Grooming Your Faellie
4 nps
Gallion Colouring Book
4 nps
Gallant Gallions Comic
4 nps
Babaa Care
5 nps
Gallion Care
5 nps
The Gorgeous Gallion
5 nps
Turmac Snacks
8 np
Meepit vs Feepit Game Guide
8 nps
Peopatras Petpets
10 nps
The Luckiest Babaa
10 nps
The Plushie Coffee Table Book
10 nps
Faelie Tales
10 nps
Bubble Sculptures
10 nps
Fantastic Faellies
10 nps
Gruslen Pop-Up Book
10 nps
My First Babaa
10 nps
Fishing For Zafaras
12 nps
Tome of Selket
15 nps
The Life of a Double Crosser
15 nps
Counting Babaas
15 nps
Lenny Crosswords
15 nps
Faellie Handbook
15 nps
Mystery of the Kougra Paw
20 nps
Book of Origami Paper
20 nps
Toast Treats
25 nps
Nimmo - Now and Zen
30 nps
A Kau Summer
30 nps
Attack on Kreludor
50 nps
Petpet Park
60 nps
Inside the Mind of a Lupe
60 nps
Brightvale Castle
100 nps
Cartography For Beginners
100 nps
King Hagan
120 nps
Keeping the Peace
120 nps
Brightvale Maps
130 nps

Only Once

Islandberry Crunch
Click the arrow to the last page.

Collect 250 nps.

Word Scramble
#25 money tree
#24 snowmuncher
#23 yooyuball
#22 pandaphant
#21 woowoogrub.

Altadorian Constellations Plot
Guide here!

Free Neocash Item

Burger King
Codes for prizes.

Site Themes

Altador Cup Must have competed in one of the Altador Cups.
Altadorian Constellations Must complete the Altadorian Constellations plot. Guide here!
Atlas of the Ancients Must have completed one step in the Altas of the Ancients plot.
Curse of Maraqua Must have participated in Maraqua plot and have bought in prize shop for 1 point.
Cyodrake's Gaze Must have got two guesses right in Cydrodrake's Gaze plot.
Daily Dare Received during Daily Dare 2009
Halloween Refresh on neopets at 11:59PM NST on October 31st.
Happy Birthday Unable to keep permanetly, will be able to use on your birthday and on Neo's birthday.
Neopets Basic (default)
Neopets Blue Default theme
Neopets Default Default theme.
Neopets Green Default theme.
Neopets Purple View a purple pet here.
Neopets Puzzle Adventure Redeem 10th code in video game, received as part of plot in PC game, or complete a multiplayer match in DS game.
Neopets Red Default theme
Neopets Yellow Default theme.
Petpet Park Protection League Must have completed at least one step of the Petpet Park Mini-Plot.
Qasalan Must have completed one step of the Lost Desert plot.
Quizara's Curse Redeem all four codes from Quizara's Curse game.
Space Faerie Premium Must be a premium member who has referred five other paying members to premium.
Tale of Woe Must have completed one step in Tale of Woe plot.
The Return of Dr. Sloth Prize in The Return of Dr. Sloth plot.
Valentines Day On February 14th, you must send A Mysterious Valentines Card to another member. Both you and the receiver (as long as you both do not have the site theme already) will receive the site theme.
Winter Holiday In the past was a prize in the Advent Calendar, at this time official way of receiving is unknown.

Neopian Competitions

What to do
Art Gallery
Submit a Neopets-related drawing.
10,000 NP, a rare item and a trophy
Beauty Contest
Make a picture of your pet looking their best.
Better Than You
Beat a high score on a game.
NP, a rare item, a trophy, and an avatar
Caption Contest
Sumbit a caption for the picture.
Np, a rare item, and a trophy
Customization Contest
Dress up your pet and win the vote!
Trophy (pet's lookup)
Faerie Caves Spotlight
Create a faerie cave.
Gallery Spotlight
Create a gallery focused around an unique item.
Gourmet Club
Feed your pet foods with a rarity of 90-100.
Lenny Conundrum
Be one of first 250 to solve puzzle.
% of 2 million, item, trophy, and avatar
Mystery Picture
Correctly identify the picture.
% of 2 million, item, and trophy
Neohome Spotlight
Design and furnish your neohome.
Neopian Books
Have your neopet read the most books.
Neopian Times
Get something published in Neopian Times.
Trophy and Published
Pet Spotlight
Draw a picture and write a story about a pet.
Petpet Spotlight
Draw a picture and write a story about a petpet.
Pirate Cave Spotlight
Sumbit a pirate cave your designed.
Poetry Spotlight
Write a neo-related poem.
Trophy, 1000 np, rare item
Random Contest
Follow week's insturctions.
Trophy, NPs, item, avatar
Site Spotlight
Design and code a unique petpage.
Story Competition
Write the next section of the story.
Trophy, NPs, item
User Lookup Spotlight
Design and code a cute user lookup.
% of 2 million, item, trophy, and avatar

Concert Guide

Concert Hall
Ticket Booth

What are these concerts? Where are they?

Neopia has its own set of bands. One band performs each day at the Tyrannian Concert Hall.

How do I get tickets?

You can buy tickets at the Ticket Booth in Tyrannia or from other users. Tickets cost 1,250 neopoints from the ticket booth.

What concerts play on what dates?

The calendar of the concert dates is below. I will also list today's cocert in today's daily section.

Can I get avatars by viewing concerts?

Yes! I will have the avatar pictured above the concert name in the dailies section if an avatar is available for today's concert. If an avatar is not available, a ticket will be pictured. I also have a table below with the available avatars and the concerts they are associated with.

What are these concerts? Where are they?

Neopia has its own set of bands. One band performs each day at the Tyrannian Concert Hall.

How do I get tickets?

You can buy tickets at the Ticket Booth in Tyrannia or from other users. Tickets cost 1,250 neopoints from the ticket booth.

What concerts play on what dates?

The calendar of the concert dates is below. I will also list today's cocert in today's daily section.

Can I get avatars by viewing concerts?

Yes! I will have the avatar pictured above the concert name in the dailies section if an avatar is available for today's concert. If an avatar is not available, a ticket will be pictured. I also have a table below with the available avatars and the concerts they are associated with.

concert calendar

Twisted Roses
Neopian Philharmonic
Wock Til You Drop
Jub Zambra & the Cobrall Chambers
Blue Kacheek Group
Chomby and the Fungus Ball
The 2 Gallon Hatz
Sticks n Stones
Yes Boy Ice Cream
Mellow Marauders
Chomby and the Fungus Ball
The 2 Gallon Hatz
Sticks n Stones
Yes Boy Ice Cream
Blue Kacheek Group
Chomby and the Fungus Ball
Yes Boy Ice Cream
Blue Kacheek Group
Chomby and the Fungus Ball
The 2 Gallon Hatz

Concert Avatars
Watch Sticks N Stones on the 10th or 17th of the month.
Watch Chomby and the Fungus Balls on the 8th, 15th, 23rd, or 29th of the month.
Watch Jazzmosis on the 6th, 13th, 20th, or 27th of the month.
Watch Jub Zambra and the Cobrall Charmers on the 5th of the month.
Watch Yes Boy Ice Cream on the 12th, 19th, or 26th of the month.



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