With great friends, come great responsibility. Tremendous is a community-based, account improvement guild. That means that our members all strive to enhance our little oasis from within. We offer members that are friendly, active, and ready to settle in a long-term guild. We all make strenuous efforts toward providing an active, fun and drama-free environment! We work together as a team to make sure everyone feels comfortable, relaxed and respected. Everyone pitches in and no one is left behind.

Tremendous is a 18+ neorelated guild that focuses on improving your account at your own pace. We provide help with improvement through our avatar lending program and our account improvement guides as well as moral support. However, that isn't all that we provide. Whether it is a faerie quest, or simply questions about Neopets, we try to accommodate your needs. We offer fun, quick and challenging activities and also monthly guild events.

Our events are random and elegantly planned; from our random act of kindness day, where we help clean up Neopia to our guild birthday bashes where we celebrate our guild growth. Unlike other account improvement guilds, we improve our accounts at our own comfortable pace, meaning there is no hurry to have an accomplished account in Tremendous. We know you come on Neopets to enjoy your time and meet new people not race to be the first to 400 avatars.

Our environment is relaxed and drama-free, the perfect place to kick up your feet after a long day of school or work. We are always looking for kindred spirits. If you're spontaneous, humble, kind and want to be in a guild with like-minded individuals, then join us! Let's make this our home...


Please note, although participation in guild activities isn't mandatory, it will affect your ability to rank up within the guild. Members are asked to have a guild notebook and submit their info to the guild directory in order to reach rank Twirl without doing so you will not proceed beyond rank Wild.

Joining Requirements

    ☑ 18+ years old
    ☑ Account at least 1 month old
    ☑ You must pass our screening first!
    ☑ Must have legible and neat font
    ☑ Must be literate
( We are willing to make any exceptions on our joining requirements for your account & actual age only )



  • Newest members ranks
  • 0 post requirements

This rank is reserved for new members when they join Tremendous. Unfortunately, this rank does not receive any ranking privileges.



  • 500 post requirements
  • Eligible for 1np auctions
  • Added to our directory

Yay for being chatty! Wild members are also able to unlock new guild badges.



  • 1000 post requirements
  • Invite privileges
  • Host guild pages

Twirl members must have a guild notebook and have submitted their info the guild directory.



  • 2500 post requirement
  • Board Monitor privilege
  • Eligible for Sub-council

Our highest rank is reserved for members that have been in the guild for 3+ months. You're truly tremendous!


  • Be Kind: Being nice to others will make you seem more approachable and engaging!
  • Be Respectful: This goes without saying, please keep topics neo-appropriate, and treat every member with diligence. Any defamation of character will result in immediate removal from the guild.
  • Participate : Although participation isn't mandatory, we would love for you to pitch in with helping the guild improve and become a better place.
  • Include don't exclude! Please try your best to respond to everyone who is chatting so that no one gets ignored or overlooked.
  • Have fun! We're here to help you relax and enjoy neo, so be sure to have a good time!


Slogan: Extraordinary in Excellence
Objective: Building a community
Members cap : 60
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    Founded: 12/19/2012

Past Layouts


When you go to someone's guildless board, introduce yourself, ask them if they would interested in a semi-literate, 18+ account improvement guild. For example, you can say things like:

Tremendous is a 18+ neo-related guild that focuses on building a community within. Our members are friendly, chatty, mature and always looking to meet new and exciting people. We offer a variety of activities, guild events, active boards and awesome members. We hope to find like-minded individuals, who would like to be a part of our home.





(Q) I'm not 18 but I love your guild, what can I do?
You're in luck! Although we're an 18+ guild, intended for older neopians, we do allow three exceptions to our joining requirements each month. That means you can chat with us a bit and see if you qualify for an exception. However, if the slots are filled you'll be asked to wait until next month to be considered.

(Q) My account isn't 1 month old, can I still apply?
Yes you can, the same method goes for any of our joining requirements. Please, still send in your application.

(Q) I want to test the waters, can you send me an invite?
Unfortunately, we do not invite people to test out our guild. You may chat with us on the recruiting board to get a feel as to who we are. But being that we're private, we'd like to keep our guild boards for members only.

(Q) I was in Tremendous before, can I rejoin?
Of course! Once a Tremendy, always a Tremendy. However, you're going to have to resubmit an application unless you were removed during a sweep.

(Q) Can I join on a side account?
Nope, I'm sorry. To keep our boards active we ask that members may only join on their main account. Exceptions to this rule is very rare. You're welcome to ask, but others will receive top priority than those asking to join on a side.

(Q) How active are your boards?
We are very active. There are members on at different times throughout the day so the boards are rarely ever quiet. However, it's never insanely busy where you can't get a word it. The chat is always evenly paced.

(Q) When is your boards most active?
It's hard to answer this questions, since there is always someone or at least 2-3 people chatting on the boards, it's hard to pin point exactly when we're most active. I'd say midday, (9am NST) when the night goers and morning people are transitioning.

(Q) I finished the application screening but it sends me to your neomail? Did I miss something?
The actual application to send to me (awelia) is located in the pink box, above the neomail at the ending of the application screening process. If you still can't find it for whatever reason, neomail me. I'll be glad to send you a copy.
Recuriting Status:
We are currently accepting all applications and are actively recruiting members.

Current applications accepted since 25 Aug 2014 - 1:04 pm: 4 applications

What we offer:
  • Monthly Guild Events
  • Democratic council ( everything is voted on )
  • Active, engaging and friendly members
  • Unique, creative graphics & pages
  • Account Improvement guides, tips, & moral support
  • Guild badges, stickers, activities and portfolios
  • Special high rank members perks
  • Monthly council opportunities
  • Weekly 1NP auctions
  • Evil Meepits protections.
  • Avatar lending
  • Dream Pet Zapping
  • Adoption agency

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