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-Kass Basher Guide
-Kass Basher Diagram
-Diagram Key
-Diagram Explaination
-Where To Hit The Kass
-Only Getting 3 Bounces?
-How To Get The Drackonack To Place The Marker/Flag
-How To Get The Infamous "Tree
-Odds Of Getting The Tree
-How To Hit With The Tree
-Kass Basher Questions And Answers
-Kass Basher Final Words
-Sutek's Tomb Pieces
-Sutek's Tomb Codes
-Test Your Strength Odds
-Scarab 21 Moves
-Cheese Roller Cheeses
-Petpet Cannonball Scores
Food Club Info
-General Questions And Answers
-More To Come When I Am Not Too Lazy

Kass Basher Guide
Link To Kass Basher Game

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-Meters needed for avatar=850
-Game size=full screen.
-Game quality=High
-Winds=9 meters/second.
-Whack the kass on the beak when it is falling from the tree.
-Hold the spacebar/mouse till it is at it's peak height.
-I personally like to use the spacebar but some like using the mouse.
-Release the button so that the kass flaps it's wings.
-After it touches the ground hold the spacebar/mouse till it is at it's peak again then let go.
-Repeat that 5 times.
-After the 5th bounce, hold the spacebar/mouse so it slides.
-Each time it bounces it makes a "boing" sound.
-Press and hold spacebar/mouse when you hear the "boing" sound. (Well that is if you have speakers.
If not then sorry you'll just have to rely on your hand-eye skills.)
-Your hand-eye coordination is used in this game and timing is key to getting a far whack. So practice, practice, practice :)

Kass Basher Diagram (reverse game action)
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Diagram Key
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!!!=initial whack (the whack with the bread/stick/bat/tree)
:::=going up, pressing and hold spacebar/mouse (no flapping wings)
|=peak height (levelling off)
...=floating (flapping wings)
;=pressing and hold spacebar/mouse (no flapping wings)
1-5=bounce # "boing"
___=sliding, holding spacebar/mouse (no flapping wings)

Diagram Explanation
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When ever there is a ":" hold the spacebar so the wings don't flap and when
you reach the "|" which is the peak height of the flight you let go of the spacebar.
Try to make it so it's a smooth release. You don't want the kass to jerk at all because
that will result in a loss of distance. After you've let go of the spacebar you will
see "." which means the kass is flapping its wings allowing it to go further. Close to the
ground you will see a ";" this means to press the spacebar again a split second
before you reach the # which is the bounce. Repeat that process again 4 more times so
you get the 5 bounces. Pretend the ground is your bat. You can hear when to
press the spacebar. After the 5th section ends and the kass is at the
final ";" hold the spacebar so that the kass will slide without flapping its wings.

Where To Hit The Kass
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Hit the kass on the beak, approximately where the picture below shows.

Only Getting 3 Bounces?
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-Your timing is key in this game so you are going to have to practice a lot to get the 5 bounces regularly.
-Pressing the spacebar too early cause the kass to drop to the ground to fast which kills its momentum.
-Pressing the spacebar too late will relatively do the same thing.
Things to try
You have to use trial and error on this part. The problem most
people have with this game is their timing. Try holding the
spacebar/mouse a little longer than normal and see if that helps
any. After that, try releasing the spacebar/mouse a little sooner.
There are so many sources of error here because there are so many
different times when you have to press/release the spacebar/mouse.
You have to get it just right so that the kass is constantly moving in a smooth motion.

I Got This Without The Tree

How To Get The Drackonack To Place The Marker/Flag
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There are two methods to get this to happen.
First Method
-Press tab once.
This will bring up the stats of the markers on the top of the screen.
-Start pressing the left arrow till the stats are in the 400 range.
-Once in the 400 range press the down arrow once.
Doing this will make the stats disappear.
-Once the stats disappear press the enter button once.
-Now play the game like normal.
Second Method
I find this method harder because it requires more work. I'll explain later.
-First, you have to try to get the kass to go to about 815m.
-Once there you should be able to see a grey rock.
-Click on the rock.
-Now play the game like normal.
What These Methods Do
-Instead of the turtum placing the marker/flag down the drackonack will.
-The drackonack will continue to place the marker/flag as long as you don't press
anything while it's on its way to putting the marker/flag down.
-Pressing the spacebar, as the drackonack is going to place the marker/flag
down, will turn the drackonack back into a turtum.
Why I Think The Second Method Is Harder
-I find that the second method is harder because it requires you to
get the kass to a certain place in the game and this could take awhile.
Also, for me the second method doesn't always work.

How To Get The Infamous "Tree
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-There is no cheat code to get the tree. It's completely random.
-Just keep letting the kass fall to the ground so that the game resets.
-By game reseting, I mean that you just click the spacebar/mouse again so the game starts over.
-You do not have to reset the whole game and choose the bat again.
-Eventually the tree will fall over into the blumaroo's hands and you will
be able to use it as a bat.
-Keep in mind that this is random. Getting the tree could take anywhere from 2 seconds to
3 hours!!!
-This is a one time use bat.
-Once you use it, even if you don't hit the kass, you have to go through the process again to get it again.

Odds Of Getting The Tree (by:sic_sephiroth)
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(Edited by:_shogan_)
-There is a 1 in 10001 chance to get the tree as a bat. This is 100% accurate.
Don't ask how I can look at the flash games code, I just can.
if (_root.batMode==3)
if (random(odds)==0)
game_main.pos._y=game_main.pos._y - 150;
} // end if
_root.batMode==3 is obviously the mace bat (level 3) Then it does a random
number of 0 to 10000. If that number is 0 then you get the super tree bat.
-The odds of getting the tree has become a lot lower.
It used to be 1:1001 but now it's 1:10001.
-Many of you have been confused as to what the 1:10001 means. It's the odds of getting the tree.
The 1:10001 means you divide 1 by 10001. (1/10001) x100(to find the %)=.009999% rounding up
to the nearest 100th gives you a 0.01% chance of getting the tree.

How To Hit With The Tree (by: fifth_amendment)
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(Edited by:_shogan_)
-When you get the tree, the kass falls at a slower rate. The rate it falls is similar to the
stick/medium difficulty. Because there is no place for the kass to stay before dropping, it falls
from the top of the screen. Do not worry though; it still has the same dropping line as normal.
With a different dropping rate and a higher dropping height, timing your hit becomes useless. What
you need to do is ignore the size of the tree bat all together, forget normal timing, and just
carefully watch the kass as it falls. The position you swing will be similar to the position you
swing when you play in stick/medium difficulty. Due to computer speed differences, this position
is different for everyone. For Fifth, it is when the kass's beak just touches the black line that
separates the mountain from the hill.

Kass Basher Questions And Answers
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Wait, I don't understand how you get the kass to flap its wings?

A:The kass flaps its wing if you press the spacebar/mouse.
If you're pressing the spacebar/mouse down the kass' wings will come
towards its body, making it more aerodynamic and able to fly faster. If
you release the button it will let its wings go out, allowing it to
glide and float farther in the air, instead of traveling at a
constant speed of either too fast or not fast enough. It's just like paper
air planes. If the wings were closed then the plane would move fast and
probably not as far. If the wings were open then the plane would be able
to fly farther, but at a slower rate. You want to have a mix of both.
You want the kass moving as fast and as high as possible, and then
have it glide when it reaches the peak of its height.

Q:Is the tree fake?

A:No, the tree is not fake. Although, it is harder to obtain now that the
Neopets team has lowered the odds of getting the tree from 1:1001 to 1:10001.

Q:I finally got the tree but missed the kass, can you tell me when to hit
the kass or show me on your picture?

A:No, I'm sorry, I can not tell or show you where to hit the
kass with the tree because I myself have problems doing this. I've only
gotten the tree 3 times. The 1st time I got it I hit it by rapidly pressing
the spacebar, the 2nd and 3rd time I got the tree I missed because I was
trying to figure out the exact spot where the kass and the tree connect but failed.
If anyone has tested this and has accurate results that can answer this question
please neo-mail me as it will be much appreciated by me and many others.

Q:I can't get the drackonack to place the marker/flag
down because I don't have a score of 400 yet.

A:After doing some tests I found that you can still get
the drackonack regardless of what bat you're using and what your scores are.
These are the steps I did.
1) Cleared all markers/ farthest hit.
2) Clicked on the bread difficulty.
3) Pressed tab button once and saw distances -16m at the top of the screen.
4) Pressed left arrows on the keyboard twice.
5) Pressed enter button on the keyboard once.
6) Played like normal and drackonack placed the flag.

Kass Basher Final Words
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-If you have any more questions just ask and I'll try to answer them the best I can and ASAP.
Good luck with the game :) neo-mail me and tell me your progress and if my tips/diagram
helped at all :) also if you give this out to anyone else please just credit me. If the
people you send my stuff to has questions just tell them to come ask me.

1 Million Neopoints From Challenges! (^_^)

Well I Thought This Was The Perfect Score Back When The Tree Didn't Exist But I Was Proven Wrong By The Drackonak Picture Above

First Hit With The Tree

No, This Picture Hasn't Been Altered; I Really Did Score 70 Wins During The Hour

I Think I Have Carpal Tunnel Syndrome Now...(0_0)...Lets Hope Not...(^_^)

Other Games

Sutek's Tomb Pieces
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-face: clears the whole screen and gives you 500 bonus points when it reaches the bottom
-ankh(cross): clears the bottom row and the column its in when it reaches the bottom
-scarab: clears the bottom row when it reaches the bottom
-bomb: clears everything above it if it drops 2 spaces.

Sutek's Tomb Codes
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-plzsutekcanihavemoretime(once per play): 30 seconds time bonus
-pyramibread(Unlimited Use): Gives hint as to what match to make to line up 3 in a row

Test Your Strength
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-It's completely random. You don't even have to press the red button. The furthest you
have to go with that game is the click to start. After that everything is irrelevant.
You can test this for yourselves. All you have to do is the next time you play it
only go as far as the click to start. Don't touch the red button. Open a new screen
and check your inventory. And a cookie for example will be in there. Now hit the
red button and it will give you a cookie or whatever your prize will be.

Scarab 21 Moves
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-Full House=200pts
-5 of a kind=100pts
-Straight (one in each column)=100pts
-Super Blackjack(Ace and Jack of Spades)=50pts
-black jack=21pts
-large 21=15pts
-5 under 21 (in one column)=5pts
-Finish deck=10pts

Cheese Roller Cheeses (Cheapest-Most Expensive)
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Cheeses Prices
Spicy Juppie Cheese 150 NP
Smoked Snorkle Cheese 300 NP
Triple Mustard Cheese 450 NP
Honey Cheese 600 NP
Big Beefy Cheese 750 NP
Purple Spotted Cheese 900 NP
Brain Cheese 1050 NP
Alkenore Cheese 1200 NP
Mutated Cheese 1350 NP
Bubbling Blueberry Cheese 1500 NP
Tyrannian Dung Cheese 1650 NP
Quadruple Fudge Cheese 1800 NP
Brick Cheese 1950 NP
Gooey Snot Cheese 2100 NP
Peppermint Cheese 2250 NP
Overgrown Cheese 2400 NP
Heavy Bark Cheese 2550 NP
Warty Blue Cheese 2700 NP
Fragrant Ummagcheese Cheese 2850 NP
Furry Chocomint Cheese 3000 NP
Mummified Cheese 3150 NP
Nimmo Tube Cheese 3300 NP
Space Cheese 3450 NP
Angelpuss Cheese 3600 NP

Petpet Cannonball Scores
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Level Snowbunny(1.5kg) Angelpuss(1.4kg) Tenna(1.3kg) (Rare) Faellie(1.2kg) Babaa(1kg) Slorg(0.9kg) Buzzer(0.8kg)
1 15 14 35 13 12 11 10
2 20 19 40 18 17 16 15
3 25 24 45 23 22 21 20
4 30 29 50 28 27 26 25
5 35 34 55 33 32 31 30
6 40 39 60 38 37 36 35
7 45 44 65 43 42 41 40
8 50 49 70 48 47 46 45

Food Club Info
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Name Odds Like Dislike L-DL sta sta*2 weight w-s*2
sar 13 0 2 -2 59 118 211 93 ys 2 4 0 4 73 146 112 -34 ptw 5 5 2 3 68 136 180 44 nts 2 2 1 1 79 158 169 11
gtg 2 3 1 2 93 186 199 13 fec 11 3 2 1 81 162 166 4 ttk 4 1 0 1 81 162 207 45 sv 13 0 1 -1 61 122 213 91
bc 2 2 0 2 89 178 189 11 ab 13 0 1 -1 76 152 171 19 seo 13 1 2 -1 79 158 177 19 sdtb 2 4 2 2 87 174 166 -8
plp 11 1 2 -1 73 146 202 56 frc 2 1 1 0 81 162 165 3 otfm 4 2 1 1 52 104 221 117 cc 5 1 1 0 66 132 185 53
os 12 4 2 2 74 148 189 41 ftd 5 3 1 2 71 142 151 9 bpc 3 4 1 3 76 152 116 -36 lm 2 1 1 0 82 164 182 18

General Questions And Answers
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The text on your page is too small and you need to fix it.

A:My text isn't small at all. What you need to do is
Click on the "View" option on the top of this -blocked- It's beside the
Edit" and "Favorites" options. Once there, go to text size and pick either
larger or largest.

More To Come When I Am Not Too Lazy
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