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Tibu is a fun-loving king who does his best to protect his territory and its inhabitants. He was thrown into kinghood far to young though when his mother fell. What he lacks in experience he makes up for in sheer determination.


Maned wolves are native to Brasil and I was looking up some folklore type stuff about them and one thought is that they can foretell the weather so thought it would be neat to have this guy have some weather influences both in name and character :) He still needs more developing character wise, but this is how he will look


Omnivorous sea dragon, he can swim in salt and freshwater. On deep dives, his blue spots glow from bioluminesense.


Ker is a croc who lives in the swamp with my other krawk below (Miwi). He is a very laid back guy who doesn't let much get to him.


CAN STAND up on two legs

Miwi is a traditional healer, a witchdoctor of sorts. She is in no way "evil." She heals her fellow swamp inhabitants and critters when they fall ill or injured.


She is quad but can stand on two feet briefly- she's very feline, particularly leopard-like in terms of behavior and anatomy. "Deep in the heart of Africa near the Okavango Delta lies a small structure build to withstand the frequent floods that pound the area. With apparent influence of both African and West Papuan tribes in her attire, a dragon peers her head out the shelter to watch a large herd of bush elephant pass by. Named for the swelling rivers of her homeland, Aqua is a curious and free spirited dragon. Despite her angelic appearance, Aqua has a more playfully devious side which keeps her friends on their toes."

Mrs. Norris

Mrs.Norris is named after the sidekick of Hogwarts caretaker. She is a brat of a cat who loves to get students in trouble. She is a scruffy looking cat with "lamp-like" eyes. She patrols the Hogwarts corridors with an heir of utmost superiority and ill will.


Typical terrier personality :P Napoleon complex, thinks he's rotty, depite being about the size of a min pin. Loves to sleep and occasionally play with squeaky toys.


Vampris is a lynx like feline, who is not entirely feline anymore. She was attacked at a young age by what turned out to be a vampire. She was turned, and has now rose to power protecting the balance of dark over light. She heads a force known as the Obscurums. They battle the light forces to maintain balance. Her sidekick and best friend is Sange, a crow.


Alanu is a weird critter, I'm undecided if I want to keep her hyenaish body structure or make it more jackal like. Either way though, Alanu has a bit of the rough around the edges, no BS attitude. She LOVES snakes, in her human ref/ form she's got a tatoo of a snake + cherry blossom.

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