Boxstercraz's guide to Job Coupons and Basic Jobs
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What are jobs? You can do free jobs without a job coupon or do superjobs with a job coupon. You basically click on the job you want, confirm you got it, and you buy the items the job wants you to get in return for the amount it pays or with a bonus if you do it quick.

Job Coupons : You get them from either the wheel of knowledge in Brightvale or trades/auctions/wiz depending on the color of the coupon. For more information on the different colors of the coupons please visit the homepage of the Employment Agency .
Not worth it because after your coupon degrades to non-brightvale it's hard to find a non-brightvale job under super jobs that pays well. If you were lucky enough to get one for free then sell it for maximum profit. Job coupons with a higher color rank than pink usually cost more than 100k. If you still so desperately want one, go ahead. I had my fun with a job coupon.

If you still want to use job coupons, keep in mind that most of them listed there are brightvale jobs. If you don't see a job that your coupon can use, then you'll have to wait for it to be stocked on the page. New jobs will be added to the superjobs page when jobs are taken. I was lucky enough to snatch a purple job and made back the nps I spent on a job coupon. You basically do the same thing as with a basic job, just that you won't have to fight with anyone over it unless it's a rare job (jobs that aren't brightvale).

Basic Jobs : Note: Having a fast connection with a fast computer is beneficial for doing jobs. If you do not have a faster connection than DSL or a fairly new computer, then it may be harder for you to get a job. You must have at least 5k in your bank to do profitable jobs. It's ok if you don't, you can still do jobs that pay a few hundred nps. Jobs ask you to buy multiple copies of one item. The pay is listed next to the job, but you get roughly a 1k bonus or more for completing it under 1 minute.

Refresh at the Employment Agency in Faerieland 10 min after the hour such as 2:00, 2:10, 2:20, etc at the Basic Jobs page according to the clock in the left sidebar.

Click on jobs towards the bottom of the page and if you didn't get one, refresh immediately and repeat. Keep in mind it's just like the money tree...there are tons of other people at the page trying to get a job at the same time.

Here is a screenie of what the basic jobs page would look like if you refreshed 10 minutes after the hour. You can see I don't even wait for the images to load to start clicking on "apply for this job".

If you got the job this is what you should see: Note the amount of time you have to complete the job. Also note that if the job isn't profitable you can click on the link at the bottom to quit the job for 200 nps and you won't have "failed" on your resume.

You can do 5 jobs per day including job coupon jobs. On a good day I am able to make 20k off doing 5 jobs.

For maximum bonus (bonus is based on how long it took you to complete the job) have two wind*ws open. One wind*w with the employment agency and the other for the shop wiz. You must depend on the shop wiz to complete the job or you will not finish in time.

It is best to copy and paste the name of the item into the shop wiz search area and select identical to my phrase. Keep in mind since the jobs want you to find multiple copies of an item the name displayed on the jobs page will be plural.

After you have bought all the items you had to get (make sure you actually HAVE the job first) then go to STATUS of the employment agency page and click on the link next to your pet's image and name to complete the job. You can also turn in your items at the page that it tells you you got the job. There is a link at the bottom.

You can click on the "click here" shown here to return your items to save time if you still have the wind*w open

Once you complete the job this is what you should see. Note the bonus.

Hope this guide helped! Neomail me if you have anymore questions.