A Guide to Wingoball

Look for the coloured cross, right on the intersection of the cross is where the tip of your mouse pointer should be

Level 2

Level 3
Time your shot right

Level 4
Watch out for your timing, shoot the ball when your Wingoball screen looks like mine I.e when the green gnome has left the bottom side

Level 5
Too Easy huh?

Level 6
Straight Forward. Watch out for the red gnome though, shoot the ball when he is going up or down, not when he is in your way.

Level 7
Just aim slightly under the C "Click any where to..."

Level 8
Time your shot well, and wait for an opening

Level 9
Imagine a line going up from the R in'for' and move your mouse up to the edge of the game screen. A time of 29 is possible in this level

Level 10
Time your shot carefully. Again you should shoot when your screen looks like mine, when the gnomes are going upwards not downwards aswell.

Level 11
Click right on the top of the left part of the V in level as shown in the picture

Level 12
Click where shown and you'll be right. Which is halfway in between the shadow of the note. Click when your screen looks like mine, so when the gnomes are just heading up.

Level 13
Time your shot carefully, You may need some patience to find an open spot.

Level 14
Click Right on the dot at the top of the I as shown when your screen looks like mine, so when the gnomes just turn around and start heading up.

Level 15
Start your mouse at the top of the first o in 'gOod' and move it up to the edge.

Level 16
On the left edge of the S of 'Succeeding' Point your mouse and drag it up to the edge, you can experiment by making your own marker. In the smaller diagram, the red line shows the fastest route in which a time of 28 is achievable, where as the black route 27 is the fastest time.

Level 17
Picture the halfway point of the gnome, and slightly to the right is where you should aim, Shoot when the first set of gnomes is just at it's turning point from going up, to down. Another method is to shoot slightly to the left of the centre as pictured in the smaller diagram. This level is one of the hardest, and it takes trial and error to find a system that works for you.

Level 18
Note the angle. Fairly easy to work out.

Level 19
The next 2 levels are exactly the same in where to click. Click right on the top right corner of the C in "sCore" down the bottom left hand corner of the screen. REMEMBER once you have clicked don't move the mouse pointer away, as the next level is the same in where to click.

Level 21
Quickly click right on the bottom of the S or just slightly above it, works 100% of time if clicked correctly and timed correctly. Click on the S when my screenshot looks like your game -blocked- Or when the 2 gnomes are heading down.
Level 22
Very easy, just wait about 10 seconds or more until all the green gnomes are on the opposite side of where you are going to click. This doesn't happen for a while so you have to wait (10-15 seconds) and you can go either top or bottom, which ever suits you.
Level 23
A level on Wingoball which is all about TIMING. Click right on the top-right hand corner of the box, when the last red gnome's hat, closest to the Wingoball, is going down, Or alternatively when the gnomes on the right are just finished turning and are heading back up.
Level 24
The best way I can describe where to click is half way between the bottom of the L and the bottom of the whole game screen.

Level 25
Ok, this level can be completed 100% of the time every time first shot, and its all about perfect timing and aiming, although with this level it's hard to achieve, thats why it needs 3 screenshots to explain.
This is where you should click, (above),
So I click when the green gnome is in align with the 2nd bottom gnome.
This screenshot shows you where the red ball should be hitting the gnome. NOTE that the gnome is going up, not down, you shoot the ball when it is going down, but by the time the ball gets to the gnome it will go up. I hope that is a better explanation as far as level 25 goes, please neomail me if you are having trouble.

Trophies/Extra speed tips
To get a trophy I would recommend a score of 1334+ on the first day of the month.
By completing a level on your first shot, you get a bonus 25 points, for a total of 625 points across 25 levels

To get 1330+ you must finish every level FIRST shot (25 point bonus) as fast as possible.
To get 1000+ you need to finish 19 levels, first shot within 1-3 seconds (i.e time left = 29-27)
You should be able to finish some levels in 1 second. ( Time left = 29), If you can't try closing down other programs, especially if they slow your computer down or are using the internet, or playing Wingoball with the quality on "low. If that doesn't help, try switching browsers. I know I can't get 1320+ with Internet Explorer, so instead I use 'Opera'.

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