About me

Hi there! My name's Alice. I'm currently studying for my A levels (I took History, English, Philosophy and French) and hope to then go on to study law at university. (Edit- Wow, it's been forever. I completed my A levels and have actually just graduated from university with my law degree! I can't really be bothered to edit this further right now, but I've removed my UL code because it was a bit broken.)
Anyway, I'm bilingual, English/French, and have lived in both countries. I prefer England, but I do miss the French food.
I'm a novice coder and graphics designer, and after taking a 2 year hiatus from neopets, my abilities really have gotten a little shabby- however I do hope to improve. I also love gaming, anime, gardening, art, drama, writing, reading and sleeping. And baking. Aaaaand. Um. That's me.
But I don't know anything about you, so feel free to drop me a neomail introducing yourself, maybe we can be friends! I'm on and off neo pretty randomly though, so I apologise if I take a while getting back to you.
Also, I get silenced. Often. ^^' Usually for discussing topics that are deemed too controversial for Neopets- which I understand, as it is an escape from the real world after all, but being captain of my high school's debate club, I sometimes find it hard to keep my mouth shut haha.

In 2011 I was a council member of a guild called "PBs are forever" which revolved around acquiring, trading and winning PBs. It was a pretty awesome community, and I learned a lot there. It was my first, and so far, only guild. It was deleted, but I'll always remember it for my laughable graphics and coding, which you can see a sample of here:

Oh and don't worry, I've improved since then. Just check out my UL! ;D

My first ever button:

The button I made for my first review site, 2 years ago:

Neopets has been a crazy ride and experience, and I'd like to thank everyone who helped and still does help to make it an incredible experience, including:

bugger_au_007, the PBs are forever guild leader, otherwise known as mixi. She was awesome to me during my stay in her fantastic guild.

ajmed400, Lala, another member of the guild, and someone who was a great friend to me during that time.

ikki_stratos, who helped me out in my earliest days on neopets.

Wendyx92, Morgan, I only met her very recently, but she's been an amazing help, teaching me and walking me through how to resell over the past few days. It's been an absolute pleasure.

And finally, you, for being curious enough about me to click on this link, and for reading all the way to the bottom, despite the fact I have a tendency to ramble on. ;)

These are my current dream pets and customizations that I'm working towards getting. I still have an awfully long way to go though! ^^'


  • Secret Lab Map
  • Create a Userlookup
  • 5 million Neopoints
  • 10 million Neopoints
  • 200 Avatars
  • Paint & Customize Uni
  • Paint & Customize Peophin
  • Paint & Customize Draik
  • Customize Lab Rat


  • Pirate Draik Egg
  • Woodland Paint Brush
  • Lost Desert Paint Brush
  • Water Paint Brush
  • Eventide Paint Brush
  • Malice Doll
  • Spite Doll
  • Vanity Doll
  • Spooky Forest Path Background
  • Mysterious Forest Clearing Background
  • Silver Dubloon Necklace
  • Demure Uni Dress
  • Frozen Flowers Foreground
  • Glowing Spell Runes Foreground
  • Sky Full of Stars
  • Shimmering Blue Peophin Necklace
  • Nighttime in Brightvale Background
  • Elegant Gear Top Hat
  • Gear Spectacle
  • Elegant Gear Boots
  • Fance Top