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Your boss slaps a flashlight onto your open hands. Your job is to patrol the area, he said with a raspy voice, make sure you lock the building and don't let anybody in. He handed you a set of keys holding them by a single silver one. This one, he shook the set by the single key he was holding, is the one your going to use to lock the front door. Got it? Alright. Any questions? You shook your head while taking the set of keys. You just want the night to be over with so you can leave in the morning with a hefty paycheck in your pocket. This isn't the sort of job you would throw yourself into. I mean come on- patrol duty at a near-abandoned museum? Barely anyone comes to this godforsaken place anyway. Besides the occasional old people. You just have to get that new clothing item for your precious Neopet. It's just an ordinary night, what's the worst that can happen? It starts raining. It's a good thing you have an inside job.

Hours have passed and you haven't had to shoo away any bothersome teenagers, yet. So far so good! you think to yourself. The only thing that's bothering you now is your bored stiff. Dang, I should have brought that book to read. It doesn't really matter now. The boss is going to arrive in a couple of hours and I'll be good to- clack clack clack your thoughts were interrupted by a sudden, loud sound. If you heard correctly, it sounded like overgrown nails on the hard ceramic floor. You wait a couple of seconds to hear it again … but you can't hear anything. It must have been my imagination, then, you tell yourself out loud.

On the contrary, a deep, strong voice coolly says. Your startled by the sudden intrusion and flash your lights frantically around to see who it is. Even though the lights are on, they're cheap fluorescents that only give off dim light. Wh-who's there? you call out, This place is closed. Your not supposed to BE here! you said, raising your voice towards the end of the sentence to show your not afraid. No matter how hard you look, you can't seem to find who's voice that belonged to. Your silent for a moment, trying to see if this mysterious being would talk again. After what seemed like hours, you finally come to the conclusion that your going mad. Wow, you sigh, I must be going crazy. After a heavy sigh, you turn around to sit down on a chair nearby.

Instead of walking forward, you stumble to the ground after seeing a large dark grey wolf sitting sophisticatedly in front of you. WOAH! You yell out in surprise, What are wolves doing in a muse- you start to say to him (at least you think he's male) before he interrupts you. I am not a wolf I'm a Lupe. You live in Neopia, kid, use the terms correctly."
He lifted his rear end from the floor and started walking forward in the opposite direction you were facing. Listen, he started, It's raining outside and I hate rain. More than anything. The front door was open so I invited myself in. Your doing a poor job for being on patrol duty, you know. I don't know why they hired you. You were taken aback by the rude comment. You pick yourself up and your eyes follow his movements. You turn around to face him, now his back is facing you. You notice his strange, almost invisible, dark blue markings. You sure talk a lot, for a wol- for a Lupe. He turns around and his cerulean eyes connect with your own, bringing shivers down your whole body. Where's your owner? you regretfully ask after his head drops. Eyes to the floor. She died, he said with a mournful voice. You utter an I'm sorry, under your breath to which he pops his head back up again and says, I'm only kidding, jeez. Cheer up kid. He gave you a smile. You frowned and snapped at him, Stop calling me kid. He throws his head back and barked a loud laugh before saying, Sorry, old habit.

Moments later he starts circling the room as if looking for something. What are you looking for? you manage to shyly ask. I'm not looking for anything. I'm just … getting to know the place, is all.
He turns and gives you another one of his sheepish grins. You could tell he was lying but you didn't want to push it, in case he was one of those angry wol- er- Lupes. Where did you come from? Why are you here, really? he stopped with whatever he was doing and slowly walked towards you. He stops a foot in front of you and whispers, Serious talk, do you really want to know? You wait a few seconds, thinking really hard. DO you really want to know? Yeah, you whispered back, I really wanna know.He looks at you- almost through you- and starts his story. Starting from years ago....


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Roleplay: Open
Name: Lupolio
Birth: June 12th
Gender: Male
Age: Young adult
Eye Colour: Cerulean
Main Fur: Dark Grey
Flaws: Being lazy
Successes: Being charming
Journeys: None
Accessories: None
Criminal Records: None recorded
Status: Single
Diet: Meat

Vena Porta

It's sort of funny, actually, the way I came across that which is called Vena Porta. You see, I've never traveled in a group before. I simply never had the urge to, it's not that I avoid other Lupes ... I supposed I just find myself better off alone- or so I thought. I was wondering aimlessly (much like any other Lupe), and I happened to come across three doors. Sounds crazy, right? Three doors- just hanging around, doing what doors do best. Anyway, I chose the one on the right; a medium sized ivory-colored door. I soon began to discover that behind each door, was an untouched almost holy-like land. It was like stepping in another world. Technically it was! Three doors; Three very different lands. The Merlins Staff, The Crystal Coffin, and The Glass Slipper. Once I was inside the Glass Slipper, I was greeted by the Guardian Baizou, along with many other Lupes. Our meet and greet was short-lived, however, when a terrible storm appeared out of nowhere. From then on, a journey in which I were to be enveloped in, was about to begin. Little did I know that it would be the highlight of my life, while in Vena Porta.

Likes & Dislikes


. Rare Steak
. Procrastinating
. Strawberris
. Limes
. Krispy Kreme
. Fighting bears
. People

. Nuisance's
. Mosquitos
. Consequences
. Ocean water
. The color yellow
. Uncleanliness
. Loud Noises


My other brother might as well be Xhillou's counterpart. Frollo is a type of lupe that's incredibly reserved. He resides in the city of Paris so I don't really get to see him much. Good riddance. He's always picking on me and looking for a good argument. He's stubborn and always believes he's right- no matter what. He practically has no morals and is rude to everyone he meets. He wonders why no one really sticks around. The poor lupe barely even has even one acquaintance. Maybe you can be the one that brings him back to reality?

Xhillou was shy at first but once he was introduced into the family, he immediately fit in. His happy-go-lucky attitude is what keeps me and my brother, Frollo, together for more than a few seconds in the same room. You can say he's a peace maker- it gets annoying at times if you ask me. Sure, I like peace, but I believe that a few fights are necessary to understand each other. Hmmm. That's strange, actually, I don't think he's ever been in an actual argument. Maybe he's not telling me something. Why don't you ask him why he is the way he is and bring me back some juicy story!



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