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  • Hi guest!

    Welcome to my screenies...
    Any suggestions/ratings/awards are welcome, just neomail me to my main: filipa_ (or by clicking the link bellow).
    The awards will be in my FAQ page, Piwie_'s petpage on my main.
    Well, I dont have anything more to say, just hope you enjoy them!

    Counter started on July 23rd 2007

    I am aware that some screenies are so funny and other ones aren't funny at all... maybe, when i get more i'll take the less funny ones...

    Neoboards and Neomails

    Random Events

    My first screenie!yay!

    Glitches and Funny things



    Yay! My first fanmail!

    Yay! My second fanmail!

    More fanmail!

    I'm starting to be famous! =D

    Cheese is better! =P

    I don't know where these people find my screenies but I'm glad they do!



    Thinking in those users with a slower internet connection, I'll put my awards in other petpage, so that (when I have many :P ) the screenie page won't take a long time to load because of them. ;)
    You can find my awards on my FAQ page, under the part of 'My Awards'. The link to the petpage is bellow :)
    Sorry for that and thank you for visiting :)

    My Petpages

    Screenie Buddies and Directories

    Here I'll list all of those, whose screenies I think that are the most funny and the directories where I'm listed.

  • http://www.neopets.com/~Foresta621
  • http://www.neopets.com/~erikablumaroo

    The End

    Liked the page? Link back to me ;)