Town Hall


Welcome to the webbie! Any information you need about the guild is here. If you still have question, please neomail Niki by clicking the mail. All of the places that you need to go can be found at our Town Square.


1 Don't steal. We're all scribblers here, so please be respectful and make your own scribbles; don't take someone elses and say it's yours. That's just rude.
2 Be respectful. To maintain a happy environment in MagicTown, we must respect each other instead of bringing each other down.
3 Don't spam. This simply means that you shouldn't post gibberish or repeatedly post on the guild chat board.
4 Have fun! This guild is pretty laid back, and unlike other guilds, you don't have to be active. So just feel free to chill!


You've just joined. You're checking out the town, making sure it's a place where you want to live. =) Tourists are fine and all, but after a while, they get annoying. So become a resident!

You are now officially apart of the town! To become a resident you must:
1.Creat a town license
2.Buy a house
3.Be in the guild for a week.

Not only are you now a resident, but you actually know your way around town and you feel like this is now your home. =) To become a Citizen you must:
1.Post 100 messages
2.Participate in at least 1 activity.
3.Be in the guild for at least 2 weeks.

You are now a sophisticated and successful person. To be a cosmopolitan you must:
1.Post 500 messages
2.Participate in at least 3 activities
3Be in the guild for at least a month.

Wow! Everyone knows who you are and you get major respect. You are a loyal and active member, and a celebrity is always appreciated. To be a celebrity, you must:
1.Post 1,000 messages
2.Participate in at least 5 activities.
3.Be in the guild for at least 50 days.



Your license is a fun way for others to get a glimpse of you and what you like. You do have to make one to move up a rank, though.

For the ID#, the first digits are the date you joined the guild, (for example, dec. 10 2009 would be 121009) and the remaining are your choice. Just make sure there are 10 digits total.

The first box on the top left will be a picture of what animal you are.

The three boxes at the bottom are any random scribbles of things that represent you/your favorite things/etc.

Your license is just for fun, and is kept in your house. Your house is simply a petpage you make where your things will be kept, like your license and scribbles (and anything else for the guild).


Everything by whatever41612.