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Beyond the golden, soft sand of Hawaii lies the salty ocean, where tourists around the globe come to enjoy the nature breezes warm sun, and rolling waves. Breaking waves and lines of whitewater move shoreward towards shallower waters and of course, the shore. You notice a few visitors are far away in the seas, standing up on a canoe-looking, flat board. You wonder what it is. That in fact, is known as surfing. You turn and head towards a straw hut which stands all alone a couple of meters away from the water. You decide to walk into the fascinating shop, which holds thousands of Hawaiian artifacts and items - including a variety of surfboards.

Aloha guest, and welcome to Alaia, a review site run by, yours truly, Florelle. Alaia is pronounced ahl-lay-ah and It's a type of surfboard made entirely of wood. It's around six feet in length and is used by Hawaiian commoners to surf. At Alaia, we provide helpful, in-depth reviews to help improve the sites you create on Neopets for other Neopians. We offer more than just the typical review site - with more than 3 review formats to choose from! If your site has been reviewed, be sure to take a goodie bag on your way home.

⇢ Hawaiian Updatesnow you can know exactly what happens everyday here at Alaia

July 25th
Hello everyone! I am going to be WORKING on reviews and please, those who wanted to be affiliates with me and list me, please reneomail me. It got lost in my inbox. D: Some good news - Alaia was ranked 2nd at Down The Rabbit Hole!

July 16th
I know I havent been as active but I have been preparing for my semi-hiatus and trip to Jamaica and Mexico. It is tomorrow and I wont have internet connection. I hope to finish editing the layout a bit (since that doesnt take wifi) to perfection so Alaia will have a new layout when I get back. DO NOT REMOVE ALAIA, AFFIES AND LISTERS! I will be back on the 25th! Trance asked to be affies with Alaia and I accepted.

July 9th
I am almost done fixing the layout up a bit. Alaia will be MUCH MORE active after the cruise! I was listed at Ellie's Directory as well and I have one more affie that I will add today!

July 6th
Oh my gosh, I'm so sorry for being a bit unactive! I received the beautiful layout and I'm making minor changes to the font and everything. It is quite busy during the summer and I will be gone on a cruise on July 17th through the 25th to Jamaica and Mexico. Sadly, my parents arent paying for wifi so I'm stuck with no wifi for about a week.

June 20th
I'm redoing the criteria for the Thruster review and taking away the 'goodie bag'. I received my review from The Teahouse (thank you so much!) and I'm going to be changing a bunch of things at Alaia to make it easier for the visitor and make it better.

June 15th
I'm so sorry I havent been updating for a while! My internet was down and I am trying to get a nice layout for Alaia. (:
I closed reviews because I am trying not to overload myself. I have kept site owners waiting a while and I am trying to provide fast and helpful service. I will post the two reviews I completed very soon!
+3 affiliates
+1 review completed

June 4th
I requested a review from Envision today. I won't be on much though today because of my friend's birthday party but I'll work on the second review in line! :D

June 1st
+ 1 completed review
I completed a review but havent put it up on Alaia yet.

May 30th
Sorry, but there has been a delay in getting the new layout. Stay tuned! It will come soon this month! I am working on reviews right now and hopefully will finish two.

May 29th
+ 1 review request
+ 3 link back buttons
New layout coming May 30th!

May 28th
I received a lovely link back which I am going to add right now and was featured Up-and-coming at Critique! :D I feel a bit better and I'm going to start Cocoa's review.

May 25th
Sorry guys about not updating for a day. There has been a delay in getting to work on Cocoa's review so it may take a little longer. Sorry, Cocoa! I slammed into the wall of a roller skating rink four times and I hurt everywhere and don't feel too good.

May 23rd
I requested a review from my new affiliate, Inspection Express and can't wait to see it when it is done!
EDIT: Okay, well I joined a band and I have been working on a lot of stuff for that which is why I didn't do a lot today for Alaia. I DID request to be affiliates with Esteem. I received a button I requested from Teleport and requested a review at Esteem.

May 22nd
I received a review request from Water at Notebook and added her to the waiting list. I also started formatting Cocoa's review and will start on that today.
EDIT:I advertised a lot in Elle's Help Guide and received a request to be affiliates with Alaia. The site is quite new, but looks pretty promising so I accepted. Bella, the owner of the site I'm now affies with, also requested a Malibu review so I added her to the waiting list. I created a new review style as well (The Funboard).

May 21st
Today I worked on Cass's (At Soroptimist Directory) review. I finished the positive comments section and am working on the negative comments and suggestions section. I also added Forever Fonts's review into the folder of archives even though it is still up.
EDIT: I finished Cass's review - my fifth completed review! It went very well and I think Cass at Soroptimist Directory did a FANTASTIC SUPERB job at running Soroptimist. Cass would of gotten ranked #1 if she had asked for a Thruster review. :) I started to format Cocoa's review at Fallen Reviews. Hopefully I'll start today or tomorrow on the review. I am also making The Malibu style ALWAYS OPEN. I got featured at Chocolate Strawbery Reviews and became affiliates with CSR.

May 20th
Cass at Shock canceled her review because she is going to get a new layout and everything so I took Cass off the waiting list. I also got two fanmails that really made my day. It warmed my heart and made me smile! Thank you so much!

May 17th
I added 13th Street to the 'local surf shop' sitely section as an affiliate. I also continued to work on Cass's review a bit more since I didn't do much when I worked on it yesterday.

May 16th
I got an affiliate request from 13th Street and accepted! I'll add up 13th street tomorrow afternoon since I'm working on Cass's review now!

May 15th
I'm back from my trip and done with Rachel & Kathy's review! It turned out great! I just need to paste in the rest from the notepad I wrote it on and then I'll notify Kathy about the finished review since Kathy is currently running Forever Fonts because Rachel has been a bit busy lately.I received the icon I requested from Sandy at 49 Days and it turned out beautiful! Everyone with a score 70 through 79 may pick up this award ONLY.

May 13th
I won't be online tomorrow and probably sunday for I am going to sing at an amusement park and I'm staying there overnight with no laptop or internet. :( However, I will most definitely will be back sometime on sunday. I just won't be able to get online to work on reviews until monday.

May 12th
I'm finishing Rachel & Kathy's review.

May 11th
I got started on Kathy & Rachel's review and started to format Cass' review. Hopefully I'll finish their review in 3-5 days! I also want to shout a thank you to Kelly at Kaleidoscopic for her kind words in her updates about Alaia! :D
EDIT: I actually think I'll finish Rachel and Kathy's review tomorrow instead of in three or five days since reviews have been faster. Then I'll also be able to start Cass' review - which will be my fifth review completed!

May 10th
I finished Kelly's review and started working on Kathy & Rachel's review at Forever Fonts.

May 9th
Michael at The Button Workshop requested a review. I added Michael to the waiting list and continued to work on Kelly's review.

May 8th
I received a review request from Cass at Shock and added her to the waiting list. I have quite a long waiting list! I hope I didn't let reviews stay open for too long. xD I may have reviews open for one more week and see how fast or slow I review. If I'm pretty slow because of homework or something, I'll probably close them. If I'm fast and get a few completed, then I'll keep them open. Also, I'm thinking of creating a folder to keep all the archives and if you would like to see your review again after a week or two, then you can neomail me and I'll put it up for you to read.

May 7th
I worked on Kelly's review a bit more. As said in my last update, I am almost done! I think I may close reviews soon because I have a huge waiting list and I am not sure if a long line will frustrate site owners who want their review quickly.

May 5th
Today I continued to work on Kelly's review. I didn't have too much time today since I had to stay after school for choir practice and then I was practicing the songs. I am almost done with her review and then I'll start on the next person in line.

May 4th
Sorry that I couldn't get on for two whole days! Wow, I have a lot to catch everyone up on. I got two review requests and I got two affiliate requests. I had requested a button from Cloud Nine and (as said before) The Button Workshop and both are finished! :D Also, Alaia was deemed reccomended at Spark! Woohoo! After school today, I'll be working on Kelly's review for her site since I won't get too much done at 3:41 AM NST/ 6:41 AM EST. (which is the time now)
EDIT: I started on Kelly's review and progress has been made. I hope to finish her review in the next two days and start Rachel & Kathy's review. I have quite a long waiting list but I'll keep requests for a review open because I am getting reviews done faster now. I'm still looking for more affiliates, so if you would like to become affies with us, neomail me under sitely. Thanks!

May 1st
Tina at The Rice Hut neomailed me about being affies. I accepted her request! I also said congrats to her because she was the other site Cass featured in *N&NL. :) I also finished Naomi's review on Jinx. I just have to add up her score and add bonus points!
EDIT: I finished Naomi's review completely and I am starting to format Kelly's review at Kaleidoscopic. I'm getting a wonderful review from Relentless, another high-quality review site~ Check them out! Sorry for the confusion there guys, but a minute ago my brother typed in two lines onto Alaia that shouldn't of been on there. Thank-You Mindy for telling me this! I removed this right away and I am currently really angry at my brother! Sorry if I'm a bit poofy - It's probably because I'm yelling at him. Anyways, I became sister sites with Green Jasper and Valerie requested a review! I am going to start Kelly's review tomorrow after school. Wish me luck on Talent Show auditions! I'm playing the piece Tarantella and I have it perfect. It is very surprising because I haven't played piano for a year and before that one time, two years! xD Sorry for being quite random. I'm very excited!

April 30th
Wow, what a great day! Alaia was featured at Soroptimist under *"Newly & Notably Listed" as a site to watch out for and we've been open only four days! Cass wrote: "These are two up-and-coming review sites that show some real promise; if you're in need of a review, check these out." Thanks so much Cass! I also received the button I requested from Simply Elegant! Another thing I did today was request to be affiliates with Critique and Green Jasper and I accepted an affiliate request as well. :) Cocoa accepted my affiliate request so now I have two affiliates and one pending. If anyone has a high-quality review site and would like to be affiliates with Alaia, please neomail me here.
EDIT: Effloresce and Inception became affiliates with Alaia. I am going to continue Naomi's review and hopefully finish. Cocoa was going to review Alaia and I got my score back! Alaia got a 93/100! She requested that I put credits on the top of the sitely section. If you want to read her review on Alaia, scroll down to the bottom of the sitely section!

April 29th
Turnip edited the coding so It would work for other browsers as well. Thanks! I also asked to become affiliates with Fallen Reviews. Cocoa hasn't responded yet. :) I'm also continuing to work on Naomi's review for Jinx. So far, It is turning out really nicely.
EDIT: Soroptimist and The Small List listed Alaia under 'Review Sites'. I also continued to work on Naomi's review. It is almost finished! So far so good! I requested two buttons - one from Buttonized and one from The Button Workshop. c: Also, Cass @ Soroptimist requested a review.

April 28th
Today I got one review request (The Malibu) from Turnip @ The Lunch Box. I am starting her review right now. c:
EDIT: I just finished Turnip's "The Malibu" review. It turned out very nice. Naomi, from Jinx, also requested to have The Thruster review done for her. I'm working on her Thruster review and got some awesome advice from Turnip about Pro/Con reviewing. Thanks! This deserves to go in the credits. :) I also just got Firefox. The layout is pretty messed up in Firefox with the overflow hidden and you can't copy the link back unless you find It's properties. Strange! Thanks, Kelly, for pointing that out! I got reveiwed at How to Offer Great Service and got a 13/20, which isn't bad for my first review and after one day of being open. xD

April 27th
Today I created Alaia and decided it was going to be a review site. I requested a button from Writhe and received it today. It looks quite beautiful! My friend, Naomi, from Jinx created an amazing layout which you are looking at right now. Thank you so much!

ReservationsReserve a spot to rent a surfboard Since I am quite busy at Alaia, I do have some rules that you must follow including that you must reserve a spot to get a surfboard ahead of time. If you haven't noticed, we do have a limited number of surfboards here at Alaia. Yes, we do have fifty or so surfboards, but take a look at how many tourists come here during the day to surf. Oh, and by the way, if you cannot or refuse [to] follow the rules of renting a surfboard or surfing, then you will NOT be able to rent or purchase a surfboard here at Alaia.

1. ONLY SITES on NEOPETS can be reviewed. If we would review all sites (including sites off of Neopets), we would have way too many requests to have their sites reviewed. We wouldn't have enough surfboards for everyone either!

2. Please Link back to Alaia before and after your review.

3. I refuse to review about me pages, shops, galleries, guilds, guides, and applications. I will only review Neopets sites that you have created.

4. Be sure to answer all parts of the request form. Do not assume I know your name. If you didn't read the rules, put Reflection somewhere in the form.

5. If you have made significant changes to your site, you may apply for a re-review.

6. If I do not confirm your request for a review within three days, check the waiting list. If you are NOT there, neomail us again with the form completed.

7. If you are unhappy with your review, please do not criticize Alaia and make rude remarks. I am only trying to help you improve your site and tell you what I think you may need to change.

8. I will review your site in Internet Explorer unless you say otherwise but please note it may take a bit longer if I review your sites in the other browsers for I would have to download them first.

9. If you find me unclear in any part of your review, don't hesitate to ask questions. Although I will try to be as clear as I can in your review.

10. Please prepare your site as best as you can so we can be sure to improve your site the best we can. If your site isn't as well prepared, chances are you might just get a lower score.

Waiting ListWho's waiting to receive their rented/purchased surfboard? 1. Cocoa / Fallen Reviews / The Thruster
2. Valerie / Green Jasper / The Thruster
3. Mango / Eternity / The Thruster
4. Panda / Bluebird / The Malibu
5. Michael / The Button Workshop / The Malibu
6. Water / Notebook / The Thruster
7. Bella / Inspection Express / The Malibu
8. Alia / Android Directory / The Thruster


Title all review requests: Alaia; Review

Surfboards what we have for sale or for rent

The Thruster -
The Thruster is the standard review. This review is reccomended for newer sites or hosts that don't want me to be too critical.
First Impression (?/10) - First Impressions are definitely one of the most important sections in a review. When I come to look at your site, I will say my first thoughts when I first see your site. Are there certain things that get my attention that want me to stay? Are there certain parts that make me want to leave? Do I know immediately what your site is called?
Introduction (?/5) - Is your introduction original? Do I know what your site provides? Does the introduction catch my attention? Do I know who wrote/hosts the site?
Layout (?/15) - Have I seen your layout on anyone else's site? Is your layout unique? What do I feel when I am looking at your layout? Is it a premade layout? Does it fit the theme of your site?
Content (?/30)- Do you have a decent amount of content for the time you have been open? Is it helpful or useful? Is your content easy to understand?
Organization (?/10)- Is your site easy to navigate? Is your site tidy or messy? Can I find everything easily?
Grammar & Spelling (?/10) - How often have you misspelled a word or haven't used proper grammar? Is everything on your site spelled correctly?
Readability (?/5) - Can I read the text easily? Do I have any problems seeing anything?
Presentation (?/5) - Have you presented everything in your site well? Is the text in your site lined up appropiately?
Sitely/Affiliates (?/5) -
Please note that I will take into consideration how old or new your site is.
Did you make an effort to find hih-quality affiliates? Have you been listed at a decent amount of directoris? Are your link-backs enjoyable to look at? Are they high-quality and eye-catching?
Bonus (?/5) - If I feel you have made a huge effort to create and run your site, I will give you a portion or all of the bonus points. It also is awarded for well-made/fantastic sections.
Overall Score - ?/100
Final Comments - I will say any final comments I have about your site and sum up the main area of where the problems were. (if there are any problems) If comments I have don't fall into the categories above, I will also write them here.

The Malibu -

The Malibu is a simple no-score review for those who want something brief.
Positive Comments - Here I will state all the positive comments and things I liked about your site.
Negative comments and suggestions - Everything that I disliked or thought needing some improving will be listed here. Suggestions on how to make your site even better I'll also go here.
Final comments - Anything that does not fall into the two categories above, I will state here. I will also give you an overall statement on how I liked your site or whatever needed improving.
The Bodyboard -
If you choose The Bodyboard review, I will screenie the homepage of your website and comment on what you have done well and what you should change. You may click and drag the screenie of your site to view it in full size.

The Bodyboard is meant to be a starter for newer sites. It will ensure your site has the basics. Your score will be determined from the six sections below:

Appeal (10 points)
Colour Scheme (5 points)
Creativity (10 points)
Layout (10 points)
Organisation (10 points)
Grammar & Spelling (5 points)
Your score will be out of 50. The Bodyboard perfect scorers will not be able to get an icon award, but will be featured/advertised on Alaia for three days.

The Longboard -
The Longboard is very in-depth and is reccomended to sites that are professional and established. It is written in the form of a letter to the owner of the site.
Dear name,
Your review will be in this form. As well as giving positive comments, I will be very critical. If you choose The Longboard review, I will not hold back any comments I have. The criteria is below:
First Impression (?/5) -
Introduction (?/5) -
Layout (?/15) -
(Please do not request this style yet.)

The Fish -

The Fish is a no-score review and only addresses what needs to be improved in a section.
Section being reviewed -
In each section you would like me to review, I will state what needs to be improved and why it needs to be improved. If there are any problems, I will provide suggestions on how you can fix the problem. The Fish will not review what in your site that you've done well. Anything unaddressed in the review, you may assume not does need fixing.

The Funboard -

The Funboard is a no-score review and is basically like an interview. Ask me 5-20 questions about your site and I'll answer them as in-depth as possible. Try and avoid yes/no questions like 'Does my layout look good?'. A few are okay, but don't over-do it. Below are some example questions you may want to ask.
How could my layout be improved?
Should I add any textures or remove textures in my banner?
Are there any gramatical errors in my site?
About how many affiliates should I have max.?

The Funboard review may or may not focus on a certain area of your site. It all depends on which questions you ask. If your site is new and you request the Funboard review style, you won't be improving as much as if you request the Thruster, Bodyboard, or Malibu review rubric.

Customers People who have rented or purchased a surfboard

Site // Name // Review

First Impression (?/10) -

Introduction (?/5) -

Layout (?/15) -

Content (?/30) -

Organization (?/10)-

Grammar & Spelling (?/10) -

Readability (?/5) -

Presentation (?/5) -

Sitely/Affiliates (?/5) -

Bonus (?/5) -

Overall Score - ?/100

Final Comments -

Fallen Reviews // Cocoa // The Thruster

First Impression (?/10) -

Introduction (?/5) -

Layout (?/15) -

Content (?/30) -

Organization (?/10)-

Grammar & Spelling (?/10) -

Readability (?/5) -

Presentation (?/5) -

Sitely/Affiliates (?/5) -

Bonus (?/5) -

Overall Score - ?/100

Final Comments -

Soroptimist Directory // Cass // The Malibu

Reviewed in FF

Positive comments - When I entered Soroptimist Directory, I was wowed by your banner. Your technique to create graphics and layouts is absolutely amazing! You chose just the right textures and pictures for your layout. The book and the animal seem to resemble looking for something and being able to find it. I agree completely that you will find ALL your needs at Soroptimist with the click of a button. With over two thousand links of petpages, your need for a graphic, guide, review, or anything else will be easily cured. Cass, you have done a great job with your symbols as well! They are easy to remember and if visitors forget at any time, they can just click 'Return to Home' and read the symbol key again! Your symbol key is nicely made and definitely not confusing. A few other keys I've read, I couldnt understand or there were way too many symbols to remember! Soroptimist Directory is a unique name for a directory site too. Not many neopians name their sites after a neopet! (Although you could have made the site and then make a neopet for that site.) You have a very creative mind as well. The Site Community is very original and so is The Status Center in the Reserve and The Guide Library. Soroptimist has a lot of link-backs and affiliates. I like how you have an FAQ so that people don't neomail you if their question has been already answered. I bet this saved you from a lot of neomails that would of cluttered your inbox. Your sister site, The Faerie Compass, is also amazing just like Soroptimist Directory! Great job finding a high-quality sister site! I have to say, Soroptimist Directory has blown my mind and you have done a fabulous job running it!

Negative comments & suggestions -I did notice the long scrollbar to the right containing everything in your site. To be honest, I thought it would be a lot easier for viewers if you have anchor links (like at Alaia) where you click a link button and have it lead to a section with maybe a 'back to home' button at the bottom. This is so that whenever I try to scroll down a little bit, I don't go back to the bottom and have to find my place again. Sometimes this doesn't happen, but sometimes it does. This is just a suggestion so you don't HAVE to change it. I'm not as experienced at owning a directory so I wouldn't know exactly if some would dislike that idea. I also thought you should have a layout change every two months or less (maybe three months) so viewers aren't looking at the same layout every time they come. It just gives a little change and variety in color schemes. Other than those suggestions, I have NO NEGATIVE COMMENTS about Soroptimist Directory.

Final Comments - Cass, You have done an OUTSTANDING job running Soroptimist Directory and I was very pleased to be able to review your site. I would recommend Soroptimist Directory anytime to my neofriends and other people on Neopia. With the most links to sites in Neopia, Soroptimist Directory has satisfied visitors once again.
If you haven't already, please take a goodie bag before going home.

Or you can take one of our other kinds of goodie bags which is below.

Florelle would like to know your opinion about your review and if you have any comments! You can neomail her here. Thank you for requesting a review at Alaia! If you were unhappy with your score, you may apply for a re-review after you've made significant changes to your site.

Forever Fonts // Rachel & Kathy // The Thruster

First Impression (10/10) - When I entered Forever Fonts, my mood was extremely positive. I felt as if I was on that plane or rollercoaster thing with the Jub Jub. Rachel - you are an amazing coder! I love how you and Kathy create your fonts too! They are really unique and I've never seen any fonts like yours. I also like how you have a variety of styles visitors can choose from including a few fonts with lines of songs in them. I agree with how Cass at Soroptimist Directory rated Forever Fonts as. (A recommended site) I actually recommended Forever Fonts to one of my neofriends! Awesome job for your first impression!

No points taken away for First Impression

Introduction (5/5) -It's alright that your introduction doesn't have a story to it. A small story would definitely spice it up a bit but isn't nessesary at all. I actually think how you worded and created your introduction is better in this case! Your introduction definitely gets to the point and tells visitors what Forever Fonts provides, even though it is pretty self-explanatory in the title. It also tells how Forever Fonts formed. Very nicely done!

No points taken away for Introduction

Layout (15/15) - As said in the First Impression, I love your layout that you coded! You choose a nice color scheme and a great image for your layouts top! I didn't see any problems with your layout that needed to be addressed. I like the font you used for the title of your site and your names. I was curious what the layout would look like with the title in the bottom left or right hand corner of the "banner". It is not nessesary to change that at all! I was just curious of what It would look like. I like the unique shape of Forever Font's layout. I've never seen any site have a layout like yours, which is good! Actually, not good - More like Great!

No points taken away for Layout

Content (29/30) - Compared to a few other font sites, Forever Fonts has a enormous selection and variety of beautiful fonts to choose from. I understand that creating fonts takes quite a while and for the amount of time you have been open, you have created a large number of fonts. I haven't seen any fonts like the fonts at Forever Fonts. Truthfully. You both have a unique way to creating fonts, which is very good! One thing I suggestion you redo a bit is the I agree and I disagree concept. Anyone can just press I Agree and get to the fonts without reading the rules. An idea is to hide the link somewhere in the rules or say 'click the star next to the 2nd rule to go on'. This way people will actually read and follow the rules in order to view the content. If you click I agree, you should make it so it leads to an anchor saying 'Oops! You obviously didn't read the rules. Click here to go back and read it for the REAL time.' Except if you do have this, make sure you put the border="0" code otherwise it's pretty obvious where to click! Also, I suggest having a bit of extra content to make Forever Fonts a bit more original. Maybe you could have a small selection of pixels or tips on making fonts. This will definitely spice Forever Fonts up to make it more unique!

1 point taken away for rules I agree/disagree because someone can skip the rules and just click I agree to get to the content

Organization (9/10)- I like how you and Kathy organized most things at Forever Fonts! The only thing that was not too appealing was the purple/blue border around linked pictures. To remove this, put border="0" after the image URl.
EX: [IMG SRC="blahblahblah" BORDER="0"]
This should remove the purple border, but your link should still be there. I am sure this will fix that for the images that have the purple border, but if it doesn't then I'll find another solution for you.

1 points taken away for purple borders around images

Grammar & Spelling (9/10) - In the sentence 'All of our fonts are made on Google Chrome, so they might look a slighlty different on your browser.', slightly is spelled incorrectly. It was spelled 'slighlty' and the real spelling is slightly. The 't' and the 'l' was reversed which was probably just a typo, but I suggest you fix that to the correct spelling.

1 Point taken away for incorrect spelling of the word slightly

Readability (5/5) - I had no problem reading everything on Forever Fonts. Forever Fonts's color scheme is very nice and easy to look at.

No points taken away for Readability

Presentation (5/5) - I thought everything at Forever Fonts was presented nicely. You told visitors what you provide and it sounds friendly like your making a conversation with us. I personally like that feel because it doesn't make us feel like you are trying to make a nice little introduction just for the site to fit is theme super nicely. It makes us feel more welcomed. Great work!

No points taken away for Presentation

Sitely/Affiliates (2/5) - I would suggest requesting a few more link backs so viewers or affiliates have more of a variety to choose from. A lot of link backs is always nice for a site to have. I would also try and advertise for affiliates at Soroptimist in Sitely News or ask font site owners with high-quality font sites to have their site affiliates with Forever Fonts because two affiliates isn't a lot of affiliates. I think this because Alaia has been open for a shorter amount of time and has a few more affiliates than Forever Fonts has so I would suggest trying to find a bit more affiliates. I think you are listed at a decent amount of directories and you have a bunch of accomplishments. Great job on earning those wonderful rankings and features! I see Kathy has requested another link-back (shown below)

and put it on your site, but I do not find this button you requested high-quality which takes points away because visitors usually won't view a site with low-quality or okay quality link backs. The stripe texture is a bit heavy and I would choose a different background for that button. I highly recommend requesting a button from Write. Requests are currently OPEN. Writhe is extremely high-quality and the buttons turn out gorgeous. You can also search on Soroptimist Directory for a request site that provides button requests that look more appealing (like the first two buttons on Forever Fonts).

3 points taken away for the lack of link backs, affiliates, and one low-quality link back button

Bonus (3/5) - I know you deserve these bonus points. You and Kathy have worked so hard on making Forever Fonts and I know Forever Fonts will be the next great font site! Continue your great work!

Overall Score - 92/100

Final Comments - The main point deductions today were in the sitely section. I suggest getting a bunch more affiliates and link-backs. If you do request a link-back, make sure its high-quality or look at the request site's portfolio first. I would rather have fewer link-backs that are higher quality than more link-backs that are lower-quality. Overall, I think you did a terrific job on running Forever Fonts! Your award will be coming to you soon! If you haven't already, please take a goodie bag before going home.

Or you can take one of our other kinds of goodie bags which is below.

Florelle would like to know your opinion about your review and if you have any comments! You can neomail her here. Thank you for requesting a review at Alaia! If you were unhappy with your score, you may apply for a re-review after you've made significant changes to your site.

Kaleidoscopic // Kelly // The Thruster

First Impression (10/10) - When I entered Kaleidoscopic, my mood was positive and excited. Your layout is full of colors and is very enjoyable to look at! I truly love Out of Focus' layouts! All of them turn out gorgeous including Kaleidoscopic's layout. Great choice! You advertise Kaleidoscopic nicely as well. I've seen your site listed at quite a lot of directories! Whenever I peek at your new SOTMs, I always see new contestants, which is very good. You don't want a SOTM site with no one entering! Your SOTM themes are extremely unique. I've looked at almost every competition site on Soroptimist and haven't found anything close to the themes you have chosen! You are really creative and have shown that through your hard work and ideas at Kaleidoscopic. Also, I've never forgotten the name of your site. It sticks in my head and so does the URL of your site! If I had a competition site, I would of never thought of naming it Kaleidoscopic! What a extraordinary name! This is quite off-topic but I usually peek at Kaleidoscopic to see how the SOTM is going every so often. Everything seems to be running in order and really nicely! Kaleidoscopic is definitely a well made competition site with a twist! What a great first impression!

No points taken away for First Impression

Introduction (5/5) - I like your introduction even though there is no story to it like other sites I've seen. Everything you state, I believe and find true. Yes, Kaleidoscopic is a unique competition site with a twist. Enough with boring SOTM's and BOTM's, when you can visit Kaleidoscopic - one of the best competition sites in all of Neopia! I agree that some SOTM competitions can be extremely boring and unoriginal, but I disagree completely if you are talking about Kaleidoscopic. Keep up the great work!

No points taken away for Introduction

Layout (14/15) - As said before, I love your layout! Brieta is a terrific coder and layout designer. Great choice of layouts! I would suggest that one day you try and make a layout yourself so you can have your site even more unique and original although the layout you have now is very original and unique! From reading other reviews from other reviewers, Most prefer having as much as you can made yourself. It is completely optional to make a layout yourself one day and I will not take any points off for this, but I'm just commenting how usually others like layouts created by the owner of the site the best. (Alaia does have a layout coded & created by neofriends, but later on I'll be making a layout myself even though I'm not the best coder and layout creator) It's always nice to have a new layout later on. (: I did notice a slight overlapping of the scrollbar and part of your picture on your homepage, SOTM, event, and sitely section as shown in the picture below.

(Click and drag to bar for full size)

I looked in your coding's source and if you wish to fix this, you would have to use top:howevermanypixelsfromtop px; to move it down a bit in your style. This is completely optional, but just a suggestion.

1 Point taken away for slight overlap of scrollbar on picture

Content (29/30) - The new theme of your SOTM doesn't have a lot of contestants yet, which is okay for the time it has been open but I would suggest advertising as much as possible to get more sites to be entered into your SOTM. Same for the LOLOTM- Try and advertise a lot more to get more site- owners to enter their site in the competition.
If you didn't know, Soroptimist has this feature where you can advertise your site under 'Sitely News' and you'll probably get a lot of site-owners wanting to participate that way. A few other directories also have this. I recommend you create a brief paragraph telling about your open SOTM & EVENT that people can enter. I also want to point out that I adore your awards! A rainbow-ish combination is very cool and definitely fits the Kaleidoscopic site theme with rainbows and things. Way to go!

1 Point taken away for small amount of contestants currently

Organization (9/10)- Everything is neat and tidy. Kaleidoscopic's layout is very user-friendly and easy to navigate. A suggestion I have is to put a 'Home' or 'Back' button linked to the home page of Kaleidoscopic so it is easier to get to the homepage rather than looking up at the top of the page for the HOME button. Your site's sidebar is not cluttered with useless about me's, which is nice. Your link-backs and updates are the important things and you have them nicely placed on your site. Your link backs don't have any link borders which is nicer to look at! However under the 'Sitely' section (in reviews), the Critique link doesn't lead to the site, Critique. It leads to a Usul petpage on the same account as Critique's new link. The new link is /~Zephau.

1 Point taken away for Critique's dead link

Grammar & Spelling (9/10) - The very first thing I noticed as I was reading your SOTM History was the words on the header. Instead of April 2011 or March/April 2011, you typed April 2010 and March/April 2010. This is, of course, a typo and that's okay, but I would suggest you change it so it is accurate information.

1 Point taken away for wrong year in SOTM History

Readability (5/5) - Everything is quite readable and easy to view. I have no negative comments whatsoever about the readability of your content at Kaleidoscopic.

No points taken away for Readability

Presentation (5/5) - I feel everything is presented to visitors and viewers extremely well and you deserve full points for the presentation section of your review. You write and explain everything nicely. When I read over your site, everything seemed clear, understandable, and presented well.

No points taken away for Presentation

Sitely/Affiliates (5/5) - I absolutely adore your link-backs! It was real hard to choose one to display for everyone to click on and view. You have a decent amount of affiliates. Since there arent too many competition sites out there, It's alright to have affiliates that are other site genres. If there were a bit more high quality competition sites in Neopia , then I would suggest having all your affiliates competition sites. You have an adequate amount of listers and have received a huge amount of achievments! Everything in your sitely section is organized nicely. Great work!

No points taken away for Sitely/Affiliates

Bonus (5/5) - I think you deserve these bonus points for your hard work and effort you've put into running Kaleidoscopic. Whatever you are doing to run your site, continue doing it because you have created a phenomenal competition site.

Overall Score - 96/100

Final Comments - I am honored to be able to review your great SOTM & more competition site. Kaleidoscopic is definitely one of the BEST competition sites out there! I would definitely recommend Kaleidoscopic to everyone I know. Superb job!
Your award will be coming to you soon! If you haven't already, please take a goodie bag before going home.

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Jinx // Naomi // The Thruster

First Impression (10/10) - When I first entered Jinx, I thought the layout was quite impressive! Even before I knew you, I always thought that you coded your layouts uniquely. Whenever I search on directories for a nice layout, I usually don't find exactly the style that suits my needs, but when I found Jinx, I was very excited to finally find something. I really like the color scheme you used for Jinx. Blue and purple are really eye-catching colors, especially with a touch of maroon. I'm usually not the biggest fan of Neopet-related layouts because you have a limited selection of images to use compared to non-neopet related images although the main layout you created is very nicely made. c: There is one thing I would change if I owned Jinx. Instead of having FAQ and request smaller, I would make it the same size and font as home, content, and sitely. Then, I would probably make 'back to neo?' the smaller size and the original font you had it as. That's just my opinion, though it doesn't really affect anything else like how everything is placed. (Basically, It's not the most important thing, but I think it may spice up the layout a bit more) As addressed in the 'Content' section of your review, I noticed you don't have as much as a variety with the colors of your layouts that you provide as other layout sites, which is fine, but sometimes people don't wish to bother to find or remember the hex color number and try to figure out how to replace it with the one already there. I will talk about this more in the content section of your review.

No points taken away for First Impression

Introduction (5/5) - Your introduction definitely gets to the point, which is very nice. It tells viewers a little bit about you and what you provide. I like how you put a link to your userlookup so viewers can easily neomail you and access your userlookup. Your introduction is quite short, but that doesn't really matter at all. You got to the point and told visitors what you have on your site. Great job!
No points taken away for Introduction

Layout (14/15) - As I said in the First Impression section, I love your layout! It feels as If I was the one with the sorceress and the crystal ball. Your layout is welcoming and bright. I like the color scheme you choose for Jinx. Except, one thing that I would change is how the scrollbar for the content and welcome page overlaps the picture as shown in the picture below:

The best way to fix this problem is to move the picture over slightly, unless, of course, you would like to create another to update the current layout. Besides this that I had noticed, I don't see any problems with your layout that you are using for Jinx. I used Firefox to check if it worked in another browser and It was just as perfect as Internet Explorer so that would rule out browser problems. Jinx's layout is nicely made and pretty user-friendly. Another thing I addressed in the First Impression is a suggestion for your layout. Instead of having FAQ and request smaller, I would make it the same size and font as home, content, and sitely. Then, I would probably make 'back to neo?' the smaller size and the original font you had it as below the bigger font. However, this is not nessesary to change If you don't wish to.

1 point taken away for overlapping of image and scrollbar

Content (27/30) - The content that you created for Jinx is definitely high-quality. When I tried out your layouts, all the pictures were crystal clear and not pixellated. I have to admit that I have seen sites with more petpages and things, but yours are more truly unique and original styles. I've never seen any site have content similar to yours. I would also add more colors to the petlookup style you have or more backgrounds and things to the petpages you created. Maybe all the colors of the rainbow, then a rainbow color for a bigger selection when viewers are picking out a petlookup to use. I stated again in the First Impression that having more colors is easier and more convenient for visitors because then they wouldn't have to bother to find a hex color, remember the code, and then sometimes struggle to place it in the correct code form since some on Neopets do not know how to code that well. They may only know how to do bold, underline, and italic but again, not know how to change the color of it and where to place the hex color code in the style code. The reason I took away three points is because you don't have as much of a selection in colors and different backgrounds of petlookups and petpages and such. What I mean by that is that under petlookups, you only have one style and that's alright. You could add more colors for people to use and maybe later on you could create one more style or so. I'm just suggesting you add some more colors to the style of petlookup. Your petpages are amazing! Truly! But I would have the same style with different backgrounds and colors for more of a variety of that style.

3 points taken away for having the same style only once and not twice or more with different colors for visitor convenience

Organization- When I visited Jinx, I had no trouble navigating your site. Jinx is very user-friendly. I had no browser problems whatsoever when I tested it in Firefox as well as Internet Explorer. Everything is well laid out.

No points taken away for Organization

Grammar & Spelling (10/10) - I could not find any misspellings on Jinx. I read over your entire site twice and you have proper grammar.

No points taken away for Grammar & Spelling

Readability (5/5) - I found everything readable and I have no comments whatsoever about your content and text being unreadable.

No points taken away for readability of site

Presentation (4/5) - I felt that your content was presently nicely and orderly. You did use a lot of smiles scattered about your site, which makes the site not as professional, though a bit more welcoming. Other review sites and reviewers find this unacceptable so maybe you should just have smiles in the updates or maybe one on your site. I recommend taking away a few smileys because at first, I had one or two smiles on Alaia and got a few points taken off for that. This is just going to help you receive a better score for when other reviewers score you as well.

1 point taken away for large use of smiles

Sitely/Affiliates (4/5) - I know you have been updating because I've visited Jinx often before, but I would have either an extra page to show all your old updates or a scrollbar so that when other reviewers or other people come, they'll know your site isn't inactive and does keep up-to-date with updates almost every day about things happening to your site. I also think you should visit Soroptimist Directory or The Faerie Compass and view other nice layout sites and try and find some more affiliates. Another way to find some more lovely affiliates is to put in some sitely news at Soroptimist. I usually look at the sitely news to see what different people with sites are looking for. That way you can apply to become affiliates with more sites and, of course, have more affiliates. I only think this because most sites I've seen who have been open for quite a while have over 20 affiliates. I like your link-back buttons that you created yourself a lot. Definitely high-quality. Out of all your buttons, I would say this is your best button:

I think this because the animation isn't too overwhelming, it's just right and the text isn't dark so I have to squint to see. It is nice and light and easy to read. If I had to pick one I disliked, it would be this one:

I don't love this one because of the darker colors. If I were to change the button a bit, I would make the text 'Jinx' inside white and the animation would be a green instead of the opposite. There is no need to change it. I just said, IF I had to pick one I disliked. :)

1 Point taken away for lack of affiliates and scrollbar need in updates

Bonus (5/5) - You deserve this bonus for your hard work and amazing site you created because of that. What an honor it is to be the first person to get full bonus points and to be ranked at Alaia! Your ranking score is #1 for getting the highest score in the premades category. Stay tuned for your award that is being made!

Overall Score - 84/100

Final Comments - Jinx is a site to watch out for because if you add just a bit more content and advertise in directories, you could be one of the next great premade layout sites!
The main problem we had today was in the content for visitor convenience. As an owner of a layouts site, you want to be sure you have the same style in different colors so Neopians who may not know how to code can easily just plop it in the edit profile, edit petpage, or edit petlookup box. As said in the content section, most visitors (who dont know how to code) wouldn't want to have to remember a complicated hex code and have to struggle to place it in the correct spot in the coding.
Overall I think you did a great job running Jinx and providing high-quality service and content for other Neopians. Well done! Your award will be coming to you soon! If you haven't already, please take a goodie bag before going home.

Or you can take one of our other kinds of goodie bags which is below.

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The Lunch Box // Turnip // The Malibu

Positive comments - Upon entering your site, The Lunch Box, I noticed your layout and title of your site right away. I thought your layout was phenomenal! I really love the mix of the shades of blues and shades of light pinks. You're navigation is definitely easy to access, which is very good. Unlike some other sites I've been to, the first thing I look at when I come to your site is the title. I like that font you chose. It goes very well with the layout you designed currently! I also like how you have a lot of gradient tones. It makes it more interesting to look at, instead of just having plain colors all over the place. The idea of having the story you created as you glance at the content is truly original and unique. You wrote the story so it keeps readers wanting to browse through your graphics as well as being entertained. If I were a link directory, I would definitely deem The Lunch Box recommended. You have created a bunch of content for Neopian's to choose from and a variety of colors for that same resource/graphic. (Like in the Not UFT Banners, there are plenty of Neopet colors to choose from)

Negative comments & suggestions - When I clicked on 'Sitely' at The Lunch Box, I did have one suggestion you may want to consider doing. There is a blank counter base lying at the complete bottom of the scrollbox.

(Click and drag to bar for full size)

If you didn't know about Boingdragon, then you can make an account and add a counter onto the counter base by using x- and y- coordinates. That way it will count who's been to your site along with your other counter showing who's online currently. I also was under the Graphics section (ipod Wallpapers) and wondered what some of the TV shows were under TV shows. An idea you may want to do, is to add alt = "thenameofthetvshowhere" so people will know what TV show it was based on. Same with the other backgrounds or a tiny bit a of text below. This is just a suggestion though so It is not necessary to change it if you don't want to. Another thing that I spotted was in the picture shown below:

(Click and drag to bar for full size)

On the side of your layout at the top, there was a blue line which my eyes kept going to on the right side. It isn't necessary to change this, but I recommend adding a little more teal tint to that tiny spot so it doesn't blend in as much with your background, as shown in the picture. At the bottom, I did notice a bit of grey/white-ish look, but that doesn't really matter. It usually happens when you make something transparent. (sometimes it will make the corners a bit grey) I'm not sure if that was done on purpose, or what, but it's okay. c:

Final Comments - I've always known favorite spelled as favorite, not favourite. I looked up the other spelling and found out it was a British American way of spelling favorite. I just learned something new~ Thanks! :) Overall, you did a terrific job at creating a high-quality graphics/resources site. Continue working hard and creating amazing things for other Neopians to use. Great job!If you haven't already, you may pick up a link-back goodie under the 'goodies' section. Just a link back to the site works if you do not want the button. I would also love to hear how you liked or disliked the review! Feel free to drop off a neomail saying your opinion right here. :)

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