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Possible Asked Questions

Why have I been directed to this page?

You have either: a) visited one of my sites to discover that it was closed and wanted to know more or, b) clicked the link in my userlookup out of pure curiosity.

Why did you close your sites?

As stated before, there were several main reasons for closing my sites. Although it was a hard choice to make after spending so much time building up my visitor count, I realized that I simply could not carry on. If you really want to know more, you are more than welcome to browse my blog, granted that it is still up, of course.

Wait...your sites are closed?

Okay, they aren't technically closed yet. The truth is, I just put these questions in here so I wouldn't have to come back and edit later. As soon as I close them for good, I'll place a link to this page on each site. At that time, this question will become obsolete.

But...But...I thought I was your Neofriend. :(

Yes, I did clean out my Neofriend list. At the time of cleaning, I did not carry on conversations with any of my Neofriends. Many of them I could not remember adding, so I finally decided it was best to just delete them. I did, however, keep the people that I know in real life and one or two that I do happen to chat with.

Can I be your Neofriend?

No. You may only be my Neofriend if I know you in person. I simply do not have the time for random requests from people that probably want to beg for items/pets.

Why can't I Neomail you?

I closed Neomails first and foremost to prevent from recieving affiliate and listing requests from my sites, even though they say requests are closed. For now, Neomails are closed because I simply don't have the time to answer item beggars, n00bs, etc.

Wait a second, if you're so busy, why do I see you lurking the Neoboards?

Although the Neoboards seem to be covered in n00bish discussions, I find humor in these discussions. Sometimes it's great to just relax and laugh a little. Also, I take pride in being a person who lurks the Help boards for the sole purpose of helping those who need it. Also, the Neoboards are a great place to find advertisements for shops and information about new glitches.

What if I have something to ask you? Then what do I do?

First of all, this page is designed for Possible Asked Questions. As Neomails are closed for now, it would not be right to create a Frequently Asked Questions page as I have not been asked any questions. However, if you really feel that your question is of upmost importance, you may send me either a Toy Sail Boat or Super Toy Sail Boat. They are both very cheap, so beware that you may not get your item back. If your question is deemed worthy, I may pop up an Actually Asked Questions section here. However, if your question is rather n00bish, I may set my Great Muffin Army upon you.


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