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{{--}}Snow Fall{{--}}

A camping trip?! Who's idea was it to come on a camping trip?" you call out as your placed your hands on your hips with a sign of protest. The other campers, who had willinging come along (and thought up the idea in the first place) merely shrugged or blinked towards you direction with inaudible grumbles. With a sigh, you let your hands drop to their sides, realizing what you'd finally signed up for.

Yes, all the pretty signs, colored lights and great neopoint offers had looked great at first. "A Trip to scenic Terror Mountain!", they said....and for free! Talk about an opportunity. But, this wasn't exactly what you had in mind. A nice, relaxing ski trip perhaps...or some stay in a warm log cabin for a week as you lounged about in your warm footies and long-johns had been the first thought in your mind. But no, this was a 'roughing it' trip through the cold, nearly uninhabited terrain of Terror Mountain as your tried to reach one of the tallest summits to visit the castle of Taliea.
I can't believe I ever agreed to this..
you stated with a continuing monotone as the other campers started their treck.

Hours seemed to pass by slowly as you crept along behind the rest of the group. With each step, you continued to sigh, unimpressed and unwilling to even be there at this point. Your eyes lifted, seeing in the very front of the caravan was the form of a young, ice bori, shimmering body taking in the sun and casting it back on the brilliant, white snow around him.
Every so often he would stop, standing up on his hind legs to point out a certain part of the mountain.
This here, campers,
he would state, overenthusiastically,
is the sight of the largest mound of snow ever recorded on Terror Mountain.
The rest of the group ooed and ahhed at the sight of the billowing and shifting white flakes that stuck together closely knit like a quilt.
Who cares...It's just a big, giant pile of wet stuff..
you mutter from behind, crossing the arms of the snow jacket in front of you as you stare angrily ahead. The leader bori didn't seem to notice, flicking his tail with a 'clink' noise before moving on up the slope. The others followed in line obediently...but, for some reason, you decided to linger.
Just then....It started to snow

Your eyes fell upon the mound, blinking up while leaning back to try and see to the top of it. It was, indeed, a very tall mound. You scanned all around it, though from where you were standing you couldn't quite see all the way around it. With a gruff, you put down the pack fastened tightly on your back before moving away from your earlier position. The snow crunched loudly under your foot steps, boot incased with the white, frozen water while you slowly made your way to the other side. As you walked, the sound of footsteps echoed from behind the mound. Stopping quickly; you turn about to peer behind you, head moving so fast that whiplash almost set in. Yet, to your dismay, there was nothing there. More muttering came from the back of your throat before you faced the front again, waiting a few moments before pressing onwards_

A few more seconds passed and the sounds came once again. Now this was getting creepy. They where definitely not your own feet making the sound, as they stopped a little behind when yours did. A shiver crawled up your spine as you turn around, again, to nothing. Finally you made it to the side of the mound. With wary eyes, you peered over it to the other side, searching for the source of the noise. Nothing was there...Just more snow, an ever increasing amount as the constant drift fell down from the sky. With a relieved sigh, you put your hand over your heart.
Heh....I'm just hearing things...This stupid trip has got me upset and tensed..That's all...
You say, hoping to reassure yourself. Yet, when you turned your head around to go back to your pack, you found the smaller, leaner form of a young lupe, fiery eyes glancing right into yours. .

you called out, falling backwards as powder flew about your falling body, hitting the earth with a loud CRUNCH. Placing your hands over the rest of your body, protectively, you opened your eyes just a bit to look back to the brute.
Don't eat me! Don't eat me!
You repeated, convinced that this creature was looking out for his next meal. The lupe just stared, his fiery tail flicking behind him as his head tilted, somewhat cutely.
Eat you? Bah! I'd never do that...
he said, his voice soothing, but obviously belonging to that of an adolescent. He then smirked, ears pinning to his head, playfully.

But...That doesn't mean that I can't.
he now teased, baring his fangs.
You whimpered, wincing your eyes shut as you almost went into a fetal position in a defensive maneuver. The lupe laughed.
Don't worry, human, I'm not going to hurt you...My name's Auma, the son of the Phoenix.
he stated, somewhat proudly, though there was a slight hint of coldness in his voice.
You managed to open your eyes back a small bit, focusing more on the features of the lupe.

He was mostly white, though light colored flames moved up his legs, tail and ears. His eyes reflected the same color as his flames, though a little more yellow. Upon his left cheek were marked three, light blue dots...the same color dotting the very end of his tail. He seemed young...but his voice portrayed an elder lupe then he was. He was short for his age.
After a second or two, you finally sat up, staring at Auma with a raised brow to his earlier statement.
...Son....Of the...Phoenix?
you asked, hesitantly.
Auma nodded, giving a warm smile.
Yep! My dad has the soul of the Phoenix in him....Which, I guess, is pretty cool...
he said, head turning away for a moment to look to the fields of snow before him until finally returning.
....Then...Does that mean you do too?
you question once more, no end to the inquiries that were within the realm of your mind.
Auma let out a small laugh, lifting his head, and letting out a bark into the darkening sky, snow still swirling around, but with greater force now.
A loud, squeaking sound came from the sky, the small, firey shape of a creature coming into view shortly, bearing the same color flames as its caller. The fireball cooed and blinked its black, beady eyes towards you, floating there in the air beside Auma before he waved a flaming hand.
Blinking with great surprise, you look over to it and then slowly turned your eyes to Auma for an explanation.
Auma smirked.
This is Iuna...He's kinda like my Phoenix spirit.
he answered, nodding in response. .
he answered, nodding in response. You continued to stare at Iuna for the longest time, not minding the flakes of powdered, fresh snow that were starting to fall on your bare head.
You eventually asked, being totally lost.

Auma rolled his eyes lightly and then flicked his tail over his haunches before his head turned to the sky, two bangs of hair falling over his eyes.
Hmmm.....Well, let me tell you a little more about myself before I try to explain anything else.
he suggested, lifting up his short legs before he walked towards you, nudging your arm.
It'll be good to get out of the cold too...Blizzards come around this place all the time.
With a slightly thankful, though nervous, look; you agreed and got up from the snow, following the fuzzy lupe over the snow as best you could, glad that his flames marked the way against the pounding white all around you....Secretly, in your heart, you wondered if this was a good idea or not.....


12/15/07: What's up, Journal?! It's been forever, hasn't it! Sorry for not writing in you for so long, but yah know...I've been busy protecting the territory and such while Dad was gone looking for mom and you just tend to lose track of time when you're doing that. Anyway, things have been going pretty well; we left Kenshin's island unsucessfully, but Forest didn't seem to upset--espically after he and Rhyax got to spend a little time together at the hotsprings Cupid took us too ;D While we were there, we met these two lupes from the beach that lived near the area and took us to this supposed "legendary" cave. It's been said a monster hangs out there, but I doubt it. Heheh..I wonder if Kono will get scared if we actually go in an investigate that beast. Hehehe...I'd LOVE to see the look on his face.
7/27/06:Hey there! Looooooong time no write, eh, journal? Well, nothing really much to talk about, we've all been pretty having fun at the beach! Still no sign of Kenny...but Cupid's starting to act really weird around me. She keeps talking about 'having no friends' and that she 'doesn't want me to ever leave her'. Hmph. I don't know what's going on, but maybe I will later.
6/7/06:Well, we made it to the beach, finally. But, guess what? Cupid's afraid of sand! Ha! She'll never live this down now...Hmm..I wonder where Kenny is? We've been at the beach for a while now and there's no sign of him. Ah well, we should just enjoy ourselves like uncle Forest says
5/24/06:Hey! I have a journal section now...guess I should be writing it in. Hmm..Well, nothing much going on right now, except that fact that Uncle Forest is taking me, Cupid, and Ryhax to see Uncle Kenny's beach!! Man! I'm so stoked! Can't wait to see the waves again like I did with Aunt Nameless...and I bet it will be more fun with Cupi---The others there too.
5/19/06: Yay!! I actually have a page now^^ Keep checking by for updates, and don't forget to link back! ;D

  • Name:__Auma__
  • Alias: Auma
  • Age: 2 and a half (late teens ;D)
  • Gender: Mom's right about you humans..MALE!!
  • Pack: My family!
  • Mother:Nieyumii
  • Father: Phoenix
  • Siblings: Jhedorah,Zaive
  • Other Family: Uncle Forest, Aunt Nami
  • Friends:Cupid :3,Heart, Aries..I mean Ryhax!, Kee
  • Description: White pelt with light-colored flame-shaped markings on tail, legs, and ears. On his left cheek, right under his eye are three small light blue dots. His eyes are colored like his flames.
  • Mate: pffft...Like I would settle down
  • Likes: No one..*blushes*
  • Pups:*stares at you oddly*
  • Petpet: I guess..Iuna..
  • Terra: On my mom's land, Terror Mountain
My code...Thingy
NC=NlumW4Sl--DCwytu[light colored]E[fiery]ApT^!Lev[6][0]N[2] B--MfyrMiceG[SF]



This is my dad, Phoenix. He's really neat, and we use to spend a lot of time together when I was little, but now that I'm bigger, he tends to leave me on my own so I can 'hunt' he says. Something tells me that he isn't really proud of my decision to not hunt...or that I'm short. I don't know...maybe it's just a hunch.

...Mom. She's beautiful, deadly, and yet the nicest mother you'll ever met. She can be really caring when she wants to...but she's pretty cold when it comes to strangers. I haven't really seen her in a long time..just like my sister. Oh well, at least I have dad and Uncle forest to keep me entertained. Heh.
....My sister. How I hated her when I was little..Or really, she hated me. I don't really know why, even to this day she keeps it a secret from everyone. Somehow, even though she's only a month other then me, she aged faster and is now an adult. Great, now I'm really the smallest one in the family. TT

Yay! This is my 'aunt', Nameless! She's so fun...and she takes me see the pumpkins that she finds. They' orange..and round!! I'd never seen anything besides white and green until she took me on her trip(even though mom and dad didn't like it). But, she's really nice to me, even if she's supposed to be this big...evil..thing.

Now this here is an uncle that I can talk about!! He's SO awesome it's not even funny! He's the one that taught me how to run...he's always been there with dad and me, even though he doesn't like the cold, and he's just an all around cool dude! I"m so glad he's related to me...even though he's not 'really' related...


This is Cupid. She's really the only friend I have that's actually near my age -_-; I don't even have any friends at all besides her. Oh well. Anyway, we've known each other since we were both pups (she's a little older then me) and ever since we were little, we've been playing pranks on others and having fun. She controls thing and lets me fly around with her when I can't! Recently, she's been acting a little odd and saying all this stuff about her being 'man-made'. I'm not really sure if what she says is true, considering when we first met she lied about her identity, all I know is that I need to be a good friend. She's a really nice friend to have...Hey! Don't get any ideas! T////T

Ryhax! Heh, she's a 'friend' of my uncle Forest. She's also the mother of Cupid and supposedly cursed. Eh, I don't think she is..and neither does Uncle Forest. She's just had a pretty bad life and needs good friends like us to cheer her up.^^ She's always around with Cupid, Uncle Forest and I. We all make a great, adventuring team! Hee hee.

This is one of my newest "associates"--Akeera. She mostly goes by Kee, but I don't suppose I've known her long enough to call her that yet. Or have I? You kinda lose track of time when you're in a human city, and ever since I got seperated from Draiyah and found myself right smack-dab in the middle of the hustle and amazing bustle of human life, I've been in a warp zone. Everything's different, interesting, and a bit odd. Akeera is a dog, unlike most of my friends, and she doesn't seem to like me too much. But she saved my life, provided me with food and shelter, and is my offical tour guide to this strange place--pretty odd, huh? I don't know if I'll ever figure her out, though I guess that's half the fun of having a friend: getting to know them better through your experiences. I'm certainly having a LOT of experiences!!

{{--}}Likes and Dislikes {{--}}

Playing with others
Uncle Forest!
Having fun

Being called small
Being though of as too young
Feeling of inadequeacy
Being left out

{{--}}The Phoenix Spirit{{--}}

Well, I'll bet you are wondering that my little flame, Iuna, really is; right? You see, my dad, Phoenix, somehow contracted the spirit of the Phoenix and he shares his body with the legendary bird. But, since I'm his son and the spirit of the Phoenix can only have one vassle at a time; I have my little buddy here! Iuna may look like a cute, beady-eyed little fireball, but he actually can transform with me to become a kinda 'mini phoenx', as I like to call it. I think, as I get older, Iuna gets older too....He seems to be changing a bit since I first remember him. He has arms now...or more like wings actually. Anyway, Iuna has other purposes too....Like bugging me or embrassing me around my friends with his cute little babble! Bah! How can I be the real guy I am with his squeaks and squawks all the time behind me. TT *sighs*Oh well, he's still my guardian spirit and I'm glad he's around.

{{--}}Fan art{{--}}

Art by the wonderful Wolfie!^^

By Ssorrows!^^

Art by the wonderful Darkie!^^

Thank you so much,Siyukatsu!
I'm... so... sick... By Piderbugg!You steal,you DIE!X3

By Rin

{{--}}Toy Box{{--}}

{{--}}Warmth at last{{--}}

By this time, the sky had started to darken some, the snow finally decreasing in pace into nothing more then a few small, orphaned flakes that made their way lazily to the ground. The field of white was now turning black, the rays of the sun sinking slower then expected below the horizon. Oh great...Now you were lost with this interesting young lupen, in the middle of Terror Mountain, without your original tour guide (that boring ice bori) and Auma had STILL not lead you to this "cave" he had said he was going to. You looked to him, cuddling closer to your windbreaker coat, mittens doing little for your cold hands, and opened your mouth. But, before you could request to know where you were going; the lupe turned around, fiery eyes upon you with a sly smile.
Well! Here's your stop. Thanks for taking the Terror Mountain background tour. Tips and Pumpkins welcome.
he managed to chuckle, flicking his tail behind him as his paws were dug deep into the snow.
....We're back..?
You ask with a vague recollection of an annoying Ice-bori's repremanding tone still drumming a constant drone in her skull. Auma merely smiled, his large ears perking forward.

Didn't I tell you that I'd find a way to get you back? And not a scratch--or a tooth mark--on you!
He laughed inspite of himself, taking in the uncomfortable look that flashed across your face. With a final nod of his head, he smiled and turned around, slowly loping back into the wilderness in which he'd come from. As his white fur blended with the snow, you could almost see him plotting to bury himself once again, hiding out, waiting for another "hapless victim" to pass by. That was, unless that floating flame of his didn't give the joke away.
You raise your hand high in appreciation, waving it frantically.
Thank you, Auma!
you shout over the roar of the oncoming wind. That warm cabin right behind you was beginning to sound like a very good idea! Today was certainly going to be something to tell your friends when you got back home! But wait...Oh no! The bori's dull drone had faded far too quickly and soon you were lost again! Hmph, today was just one of those days...

{{--}}Where to now??{{--}}

COPYRIGHTTT! This page was created by Sakura_phoenix(Sakura)and anyone caught abusing this material or claiming it as their own(this includes idea, story, deisign, the looks of Auma, music, art, and other things)THEN VENGENCE WILL BE MINE AND YOU WILL..MOST LIKELY BE FROZEN...Thank you for your time and attention.(Everthing this is copyright Sakura unless other wise posted...^-^)So...don't steal ok?0_____0;

Yeah!! I have my own adopties now!!^-^ and by popular demand, they have been reformated..hope you like the new ones!!

Adoptie status Trades: Open/Closed
If you want your own, just remember to look and see if they are open firstXD
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  • NEVER claim these as your own...they are my creation thank you!!
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Adoptie Format!!
  • Name(full name please):
  • Fur color:
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  • Special markings:
  • Wing description(or no wings):
  • Anything Else(reference picture appreciated^-^):
Now just mosey on down to the neomail and ask SakuraFor an adoptie with the title: Thephoenixrises, to show that you read the rules. Thanks and enjoy your adoptie!!

Dahling plooshehs!
Woot! I have an FAQ now!!^-^
Q: Can your pet and mine be friends?
A:Sure!! I love to rp! And that is the catch, they must rp first to see if they like eachother. Trust me, I tried to be friends with one lupe..but they were way not compatable.XD

Q: Why won't you be my neofriend?
A:Ummm....Do I know you from somewhere? Most of the time, if you are neofriends, there's some connection between the two of us and we are 'friends' as the name implies. Though it's rare, I might accept random friend requests, but PLEASE let me know you from somewhere before you start randomly asking. Thanks^^;;

Q: Join my guild?
A: Heh, well, I'm in a lovely guildy and I never ever wanna leave it! *hugs*Me and my friends have been through so much in the guild..and we are like a family^^ but, if you want to join us you can! -invites-XD

Q: Can I have an adoptie for So_and_so?
A: Sure!..but make sure that my trade/requests are open. Also, it must have more then just one design!! Not just a spot or somethingXD Various adoptables are located on Moon's, Phoenix's, Motiku's and Kenny's pages, besides this one of course^-^

Q: Can I use--
A. NO!!!! You may not use anything that is copyright me, sept music..cause it isn't mine...some of it is..i found it on googleXD need to be creative!!
against art theives, please sign and protect the true efforts!

Alright, n00bs! Get your stupid mits off of my friends' work and all the true artists out there! I might be lucky that my art isn't good enough to really be 'taken' and I'm not well known...but it doesn't mean that I won't support true art! BACK OFF! Final warning....Mess with Danilee or anyone again and I'll have to get invovled.....even though I'm not sure what I'll do...Just.....Stop. It's wrong, it's stupid, and it's false. Make your own drawings, if you would.
Q: Can I roleplay with you something besides neopets?
A: Sure! Again, I love to rp!..but more then one line of post please^-^;;

Q: Can I have/borrow any of your pets for avatars or other selfish purposes?!
A: ABSOLUTELY NOT!! I love all of my pets, and their designs and personalities and everything about them. I worked hard to get them to where they are((especially Moon)) and I will not be giving any away to random people((or friends.)) Besides...they all love me too much anyway! *Hugs them all*
Moon and Motiku: Hiss-Growl!
0-0;;; Well most of them do anyway...^-^;;

Q: Can we do an art trade/request?
A: Yeppers! Me loves drawing and would also love drawings of her pets!! But again, make sure that They are open*points to lookup*
Q:Did you ever take any art classes to get that good on your artwork??!! Because you are better than I have ever seen!!!!(An actually question someone askedXD)
A:Heh.. ^///^ Thank you for that, but there are many other better artist out there....But, No, I've never taken any art classes in my life other then ones that I just drew by myself inXD I"ve never had "personal" teachings.

Q: What program do you use for your drawing?
A: Well, most of the time I use adobe photoshop Elements 2 for my coloring, shading, and often times lineart. This is the program I also use to do my layouts and such :3 Though, sometimes I do go on paint-chats and boards of that nature to do the lineart and pictures that seem more solid than most, and you have to love paint! That's where I do my mini-adoptables and makeables. Yep, nothing really fancy here...But, yes, I do have a tablet, and I would be nothing without it!

Q:Hey, can you tell me how to do ______ with HTML?
A:...Why sure! I'd love to help you out if you ever have any HTML problems that you think I might know how to do^^ Just remember that I have a very limited knowledge of this..and so therefore I doubt if I'll actually know how to helpXD You could also go to a CSS Help page on neopets^^
Q:Can ____ be __Auma__'s girlfriend?(I hate things like this..--;; ))
A: Auma: .....owo;;;; WHAT?? Ew That's gross, sick...wrong..and ..NO! *snorts and turns around angrily*
Sakura: Heh..Well, you heard it straight from him. He's not really "interested" in anyone at the moment...And, even if he was, they would both have to rp to see if they like eachother and if it would work out. This goes for ALL My pets...Rp is the only way they can be friends/mates/know eachother or ANYTHING. Thank you.
Q: What are your other pets' names?
A: I have many pets, that I do. I think..about 14XD Well, you can only link like half of them now, but here a list of all of my pets that rp/have pages...:
  • _phoenix_flamed_wing
  • _Forest_02
  • __Auma__((duhXD))
  • Buki_Moon
  • _Baku_
  • Guardian_Bruno
  • Blue_flame_star
  • Xiethner
  • Myaloki
  • Phradie
  • Celistal_soarer
  • Akuma_motiku
  • Kenshins_pal

Umm..if there is anything else I didn't get too, please feel free to ask!!^-^

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