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Hi there guest! I'm Deci. Do you want to get your site reviewed? If not...well there isn't much to do here, unless you want to sign up to be an affiliate! Anyways, for those who would like to have their site reviewed, please use the form below to sign up! *Note: only sign up if your site is high quality and functioning properly*

*Note: I got that request pixel from Candy's Pixels (link attacked with pixel), she didn't outline the text, so I did it, and re-uploaded it, so ...Pixel by Candy's Pixels...Edited by me! xD*


1. Do not nag or annoy me, telling me to "HURRY UP WILL YA LADY?!? MY GRANDMA WORKS FASTER THEN YOU DO!", because saying that won't really make a difference, but I'll probably just ignore your request! So ...if you're nice...I'm nice...it's as simple as that! xD

2. Stolen content=no review. It's as simple as that, and I'll inform the person who's work has been stolen, and they will deal with that. So, please do not steal other people's work, they worked hard, and they will not appreciate people claiming their work as theirs. You wouldn't like it if that happened to you, would you? (If your answer is a "I would love it" then you, my friend, have some serious issues there...)

3. Last but not least, please don't request a review if your site is on revamp, or on a hiatus, it's just taking up the waiting list space, so other people can't request, and that wouldn't be very fair.codeword:34532, Oh yes, and make sure your site is high quality.

The Waiting List

Tallie- Sector 7


First glance: What did I think as soon as I entered your site? It's appearance, its quality, does it make me want to stay? Or run away? A HUGE banner with CSS that doesn't fit nor match? it's organization, everything I notice at first glance is what this section will be graded on, so better clean up your site!: /10

Content: What sort of content do you offer at your site? Is it high quality? Or all made messily? Does it look like you worked hard on it? Or something you did in a second? Does the work show your pursuing "career" on neopets, or does it make me want to scream in terror? These are things you should think about before applying. : /30

Language and Grammar/Spelling: Do U talk LYK DIS OnnN UR SITE?! "HAYYY HOMIEEE XDD WUT ^ YEAH IMMA RLLY GOOD SK8ER YEA UHUHHH LYKK TOTALLYYY.. EVERY1 L1ST3N ^ YE BRB IMMA GO ON ME HIATUS NOWW...P3ACE MAN ...P3ACE..."?!I hope not! If so, apparently your review score will be something you wouldn't want to know! So, please go over your spelling and grammar, and your language styles, don't talk in slang/chat talk or anything else on your site, it isn't professional, but smiley faces are alright though, because who doesn't love smiley's? :D x) xD :): /10

Updates: How often do you update? Once a year? Decade? You should be updating at least every week to let the people know what's new and how active you are if you want people to visit your site! And also don't state things that people don't really...care about that much such as "OHHH EMMM GEEE I'M MOVING TO ALASKA, I HEAR THE ICE FISHING IS GREAT DOWN THERE!!! :D" well actually, I would be quite fascinated by that, but that's beside's the point, but you know what I mean...(At least I hope you do...) how about another example for people who didn't understand what isn't related..."Hey everyone...I got a new pen today...it is blue...I like it..." Uhuh...truly amazing isn't it? Now, when are you going tell me when the next layout is coming up...: /5

Organization: If I enter your site to see your credits way at the top and your banner all the way at the bottom, obviously, you need to practice your organization skills! Organization is a huge part of a site, without it, no one can find anything in your site, and random images all scattered all over the place, and huge glittery letters containing random text such as "I LOVE BANNANAS!" (Unless *ahem* that's your site name...but otherwise I don't see why anyone would do that...) is a BIG no-no. So, if you don't know how to organize your site, then please get a friend who does, to help you, and I, myself will also be giving out tips to help people :) So please try your best to keep everything neat and tidy! : /15

Layout: Is your layout someone would look at in disgust or worship? Is the colour scheme messed up or perfectly well put together? Is it high quality? Did you spend time on it? Does it look professional? Think about it. : /30

Tips/Advice for You : This is the part where I give you tips to improve you site.

Total score: /60

and finally...The Reviews

Sector 7

First glance:I click on the site link, and enter the site. I almost immediately found a huge turnoff. The marquee. It looked very unprofessional in my opinion, and I think maybe you should make that bold or in italics, but definitely not in marquee. Your banner looked a little simple and it look have looked a lot better with some special effects with GIMP/Photoshop or whichever program you use, or you could get a custom request for one too, or ask someone to spice up your banner, because you want people to enter your site with a "WOW." And not a "Okay...:|" So I suggest you add a little bit more "pizzazz" into your banner to grip your viewers full attention! (P.S-I love the site name. ;) ) I also like the fact that the background isn't bright to distract the viewer's attention to what they really should be looking at, which is your welcome sign, so that's good. Nice colour scheme as well. : 7/10

Content: Since all you have is links, there's not much to say about that, but I love the fact that you have creative titles along with cute subtitles, that's something unique, and I always appreciate a person with unique ideas! It's great that you used pixels to spice up your site, they look great, and match the colour scheme! Also like the fact that your site isn't a boring page stuffed with links with absolutely no effort put in whatsoever. However, I recommend using a pixel for the neomail sign to make it look more interesting and eye catching. Wouldn't you rather click on a pretty neomail pixel rather than a simple link? I thought so ;). Maybe you could even add a small ranking section as well, such as "top five sites of the week" or something like that, just something to make a simple directory a little more ...unique...then the others :) I also love that instead of stars like everyone else uses, you used wings to represent your recommended sites. : 28/30

Language and Grammar/Spelling: There were quite a few mistakes I spotted such as the word "steadely" instead of "steadily", and lowercase letters after a full stop, and "For us folk...(etc)" instead of "For us folks, unless of course you did that intentionally? However, these were all minor errors, so luckily, not as many points got deleted as they would have if you had used chat speak or slang.. :) : 8/10

Updates: I'm glad to see that you update almost every day! Updating is very important to know whether the user is active or not, or whether the site is still functioning properly and such. Great job! : 5/5

Organization: Hmm...You have a decent navigation bar, with all the links working and directing you to the correct location...it just looked a little bit busy, especially with the marquee and the giant gaps between the links on your directory, maybe you could fix that to make the gaps smaller? Or fill up the gaps? Love the little pixels that lead you back to the top though. The banner not fitting in with the CSS bothers me though, expand the size a bit more so it fits. :) : 12/15

Layout: Since the layout wasn't made by you, there's nothing much to say about that, it's good but the middle column looks a little too big and empty, so you can either get some more links or perhaps delete the space? It just looks a little messy with a gigantic middle column with barely anything inside it. For the banner, which I'm pretty sure you made, assuming there's no credit for that, is a little small for the CSS maybe you could do the spicing up to it with effects as well as expanding the size to fit the column? The banner would look superb if it fitted in with the CSS column, along with some extra effects. ^^ : 25/30

Tips/Advice for You: Okay, so first of all, you should definitely do something about the middle column, and maybe make the column to the left (the one with the updates) have the same size as the one to the right (or vice versa), and collect some more links (or, delete the extra space), and if you expanded the size of the banner just a little bit, and maybe did something to the font as well (looks a little plain), it would look awesome, and some few extra effects wouldn't hurt either, just make sure you don't overdo it. :) Overall your site was pretty decent!

Total score: 85/100

Site Name

First glance:insert stuff here about site.: /10

Content:insert stuff here about site: /30

Language and Grammar/Spelling:insert stuff here about site: /10

Updates:insert stuff here about site: /5

Organization:insert stuff here about site: /15

Layout:insert stuff here about site : /30

Tips/Advice for You:insert stuff here about site

Total score: /60

Site Name

First glance:insert stuff here about site: /10

Content:insert stuff here about site: /30

Language and Grammar/Spelling:insert stuff here about site: /10

Updates:insert stuff here about site: /5

Organization:insert stuff here about site: /15

Layout:insert stuff here about site : /30

Tips/Advice for You:insert stuff here about site

Total score: /60


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