Hello guest, my name is _______Lily_Pad_____ the Koi. I am 86947 hours old and I live in my Neohome with my owner, _royal_meepit_. As you may know, us Koi orignially come from the great underwater city of Maraqua. Now and again I go back there and visit old friends such as Professor Chesterpot and Chiazilla.

Chiazilla may look mean, but he is a loyal friend to us Koi. He has been the guardian of our city since anyone can remember. If he is in a good mood, Chiazilla lets the younger Koi practice their Battledome moves on him. Sometimes Chiazilla is not in a good mood though, and it is best to leave him alone:)
So what am I like? I am quite strong for a Koi as my onwer takes me to the Island Training School once a week. I also like to read lots of books, which helps make me smarter. One day I want to be a great inventor and create something almost as great as the clamp fish.
This is me! _royal_meepit_ is one of the nicest people I have ever met because I always get lots of toys to play with, and lots of good food to eat. One time we even went to the Mystery Island for vacation and took a peophin pleasure cruise! If you want to come and play with me, or go adventuring, just neomessage _royal_meepit_!