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To collect a banner, just right click your choice and select properties. Now copy the address (URL) and paste it in the correct style tags.

Please credit me for my work. If you are caught stealing, you will probably be reported.

Affies & Listers should tell me if they close/quit, ect so I can take them off. Please do!
I will try my best to do likewise for you.

Only TNOers may request a banner.

Banner Notes!

Note: I spend between 15 minutes to 3 or 6 hours making a single banner.

Note: I am ever making more Banners!

Note: All banners are 500x300 px. No exeptions.

Note: All banners are made by me unless they say otherwise.

Note: Send a topic suggestion if you can't find a topic you'd like to use.

Hiatus! Banners

Are you taking a break? Going on a long vacation? Use a Hiatus Banner to tell everyone you're gone for a while!

We hope you have enjoyed our selection of Hiatus Banners!

Moved! Banners

Has your site moved? Want people to know? Use one of these!

Coming Soon!

I hope you enjoy the selection you found in 'Moved' Banners!

Closed! Banners

Site or Shop closing? Let everyone know!

Coming Soon!

There'll be no question you've closed with THESE Banners!

Adoption Agency! Banners

Are you adopting out a pet? Do you need a better advertizing strategy? Let everyone know they are UFA!

Good luck adopting out! (Or adopting)

Hello! Banners

Want to say 'HELLO' to everyone who visits? Use a Hello Banner!

Hello! Enjoy a Banner!

Miscellanious! Banners

The odds and ends of Banner-Making! These banners are fun to make, not overly useful either. I'll put them here anyway!

For anything, anytime, or anyplace!

Special Occasion! Banners

Holiday? Celebrate with one of these fun banners!

Enjoy any special day with a Special Ocasion! Banner.

Birthday! Banners

Is it your birthday? Your pet's birthday? Celebrate with a Birthday Banner!

Coming Soon!

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Vacation! Banners

Going on a trip? Let everyone know!

Enjoy your Vacation!

Altador Cup! Banners

Time for the Cup? Show your support with one (or more!) of these banners!

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Hi! I'm Star, and this is Bright Light, a Premade Banner Site striving to have the biggest selection to suit your every need. Open since Friday, May 13th.

At this point, banner suggestions are: Open !


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This site is a dream come true! I've always wanted to run some sort of site I could constantly add to, and have it all on one page. Thank you for being a part of this dream!

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