Not something I'm entirely happy about. I never wanted to be the button maker who showed up, made buttons, and (I thought) just quit. It's not that simple, anyways.

I stuck around for almost a year! I also don't believe I'm done making buttons either. I just need a longer break than the one I had throughout the summer, to refresh my love for making buttons. But it's not fair to make people wait around for me during that time, which is why Belly Buttons is closed.

What a great site I've created (no arrogance intended - I'm just proud!). I mean, just look at how much I've improved!

My worst:

My favorites

Can you even tell that I'm the same person who made them all :O

I'd consider BB my first site. I get very attached to things like this, so it is hard to close. But I hope to become busier this year (job, teams, last year of high school), so this is for the best. There's so many people to thank, but I wouldn't remember them all, so I'll just let you know that, if I knew you visited my site, or if I ever got a neomail from you, you'd probably be included :) All those other visitors who came, thank you too!

Good bye for now! I'll be back one day, but in the meantime, I'll still be running my other site, Kaleidoscopic. I couldn't bear to leave all the people I've met and talked to yet!

My amazing affiliates:

Belly Buttons closed on September 22, 2011, with about 4700 hits!


September 21, 2011
Oh gosh :/ I think I may close BB. I just didn't have a long enough 'break' from it... And it'd be easier to close rather than have people waiting around for me. Hmmmm...
I really don't like the button I just made... dunno of it's just me or... If Flora doesn't like it, I'll happily (and gladly!) redo it!
I misspelled another button. Let's hope I spelled it right the first time trying to remake it this time!
0 requests | 3 buttons

September 19, 2011
I'm odd. I prefer making buttons on the weekday to the weekend, unlike many other button sites!
0 requests | 1 buttons

September 18, 2011
Hopefully I have time for one more button later today!
1 requests | 1 buttons

September 17, 2011
Only one button done today, but I swear they are getting better and better :D
0 requests | 1 buttons

September 16, 2011
New affiliate, the amazing Kyuki! Therefore, I am now no longer seeking affiliates.
I think my past few buttons have been some of my best yet! At least I hope so; if it were true, that'd mean I'm improving :D
Viky sent me the sweetest neomail! Thank you so much Viky, really makes me feel good 'bout my buttons :D Check out Impulse, Viky's site!
Button requests are now open closed! I also made myself a new link back :)
3 requests | 2 buttons

September 15, 2011
Now affiliated with the cute pixel site, Vanilla Gazebo.
0 requests | 3 buttons

September 14, 2011
Requests are opened once more closed :)
New affiliate: Cass with her new site: Fantastic, a new premades page, Absolutely, as well as Bijou! Also, inactive affies (1+ months) were cleared. Be sure to reapply if you return!
3 requests | 3 buttons

request a button!

Here you can request a button! Please read the rules! After that, you just have to copy the entire textbox and then click the envelope below. From my userlookup, neomail me, make the message subject "Belly Buttons Request", paste the copied text into the message, and fill out the form.


Please order only one button at a time.
Remember to credit me with a text link or one of my link-back buttons.
I can remake a button if you would like. Just be polite!
Due to so many of my buttons not being used at new sites, your site must be 2 weeks old before I make your button.
No buttons for off-site pages will be made, but I will make buttons for any sort of petpage (that follows Neopets rules).
I will reply to your neomail once I have recieved your request to confirm to you that your request has been accepted.
Add a link in the form that leads to the page you want the button to link to.
I will decide your button border, animation, and font. If you would like to make a suggestion based on a button from my Portfolio I will take this into consideration. You can pick the image, though, or if you chose not to, I will.

Waiting List

order form

neopets image

Send me the link to the image you want your button to focus on, and/or you can give me a hexadecimal color code for a specific background color. A good place to find interesting backgrounds is here! (Tell me what part of the image you want the button to focus on)


If you have any other preferences for your button or anything you would like to mention to me, be sure to include it in this part of the form. I will do my best to accommodate your request.


If I have sent you a neomail that your button is complete, you will find it here! I will take your button down after it has been in the pick-up area for three or more days. If you did not get your button within that time, neomail me and I can put it back up here.

Button from: Belly Buttons


This page contains the most recent of my buttons. Every once in a while, I'll move them to my full portfolio, which can now be found HERE. Newest on top, and they all link to the petpage site they were made for (unless, of course, it's not a petpage site!). Enjoy!
Total button count: 198
(including this page + full portfolio)


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Sister Site

I am now seeking a sister site. Neomail to apply! Please include a little bit extra, so I get to know you or your site a little.

my other sites

Want to join a competition with a TWIST? Visit my site, Kaleidoscopic for a different type of competition site!

I made this site for you, guest. Visit it to find out more about Cellblock, get an unbeatable strategy, and win the trophy!



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Belly Buttons © jaquie888, November 2010.
Layout skeleton by Vibe, edited by me, jaquie888.
Acara PNG from Nienke's Resources.
Header CSS from Checkmate.
Button here signs from Foomanshu.
Textures on layout and buttons are from 17 Day One, Swimchick, Foomanshu, and Nienke's Resources.
Background from 49 Days.
Counter hosted at Boingdragon.
Counter image from Dark Light.
Bullets and envelopes from Cuddle Bug.
Help with all sorts of little coding details thanks to Apartment Nine.
The Neopet Credits below are from The Lodge.
Button Portfolio' banner, Request status sign, and Back signs from The Lunch Box.
Images from Neopets, Google, and DrSloth.
I use GIMP to make my buttons.

Counter started November 10, 2010


Welcome to Belly Buttons site extras! Here you can find many interesting tidbits.


Button Collage #2

Now being hosted at my other site, Kaleidoscopic!

Button Collage #1

Current Step: Admiring!

Look at all that fabulous work! I have to say, hosting this event was, thus far, my high-light to site making! I enjoyed it immensely and the support and positive comments I got made all the work worth it. Below, you can see the animated image and you can pick up a quick picture of it too if you'd like to display it anywhere! Remember, I'd love to see your site host a button collage :)

Click on a button to visit the button maker's site!

Display this image wherever you'd like! (If possible, link back to Belly Buttons so if anyone would like to visit any of the involved sites they can find them here!)

Final Thoughts

I just wanted to say, I've receieved so many positive comments about the Collage, as well as the idea being mentioned so many times at other sites. Your participation and help in getting the event out there is really rewarding :) I plan on running another Collage this summer, say June/July? See you there!

Idea created: Jan 17/11 by me. I would actually love to see someone else host such an event, and I'd of course love to participate. If you would like to host a similar event, feel free, just be sure to credit me for the idea!

Site History

I was inspired to start a button site when I first read Lucy's Button Tutorial. I made my first button using that tutorial for my guide, Unlock Cellblock. My first buttons, as you can see in my portfolio, were not so good, and sort of too in your face. Slowly, but surely, I've been improving, learning new techniques, gaining experience, and developing my style.

When I first hosted the Button Collage Belly Buttons finally started to get recognized and noticed more. That event was not only so much fun to host, but I loved to see the positive results I got from other site owners. It was really gratifying.

I'm not sure the exact date that I officially opened Belly Buttons. It was somewhere around November 10, 2010. When I was thinking of a name for my site, I wanted something that was unique, interesting, and also related to me. Almost the first thing I though of was Belly Buttons. My name is Kelly, so Belly Buttons was suiting, as 'belly' is a word I've heard almost too many times when people rhyme with my name! Not only that, but it would be obvious that Belly Buttons was a button site. Also, the reference to a belly button would keep the site name relatively humorous! Hope you enjoy not only my site, but the effort I've put into making it the best for you.


Recognized at Soroptimist Directory's Site Recognition Month!
Recognized by Chris as the "Up and Coming Buttonier" at Manifest!


Layout Archives

V.1: Monkey See, Monkey Do
I really liked this layout. I made the background image, so I was really proud of that :D. I couldn't find a color I liked as a background, but the one in that picture is okay. I liked the Myncis though because they have belly buttons! Overall, I think it was cute and fun!
V.2: Orange Blossoms
I'm not so sure if I liked this layout. I liked the image, but I didn't like the shape of the layout I made, plus, as was noticed in a review with this layout, the updates box was incongruous. It just wasn't right, especially with the fun (rather than calm :P ) atmosphere I want to make with this site!
V.3: Calm and Cool
This layout was actually inspired by a backround at Teetot that I fell in love with. I designed the layout around the backround, and although it did not turn out looking as great as I would've liked, I still really like it!
V.4: Race!
When this image wasn't chosen for the Button Collage, I decided to use it for my layout! I thought it was cute, but just a little too busy.
V.5: Long day at the Park
Thank you to TLB for this beautiful banner! I decided to change up the layout style, as I quite liked it. It worked well, and I'd definitely think of using this style again :)
V.5: Charlies Chocolate Factory
This layout was created by Add a Name Petpages, but I sadly lost it! Zel's layout was of course, beautiful!