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i've always wondered
why must we work
so hard to reach
our dreams?
come with me
take my hand
we can explore.


Hello, it's me, __Lady_Moonlight__! But call me Moon. You're reading my piece of the internet, thanks! C:

This page is about my venture to Alexia's home. Note, that I don't have a solid character, i'm here for alexia to draw, write about, and most of all, love. i, myself, don't need a character anyway, i prefer just being a regular pink shoyru. so thanks for visiting! continue on~


moon was what brought me back to neo. she's my oldest pet that i've created and kept, and i love her. i created her when i created . i was still finding my way around the new site, still wondering how i would make neopoints.

she was a regular blue shoyru for the longest. my sister adopted a christmas zafara from the pound that was named lady moonshine, and i created moon based on that name. the two were supposed to be friends for life. i had so many ideas for her, so many!

eventually, i got my hands on the entire lab map. i zapped moon for the longest time, watching stats become increased and decreased, species changes, gender changes, color changes. she never looked how i wanted her. her character was prissy, girly and loved to be social. she was, at a time, a darigan shoyru who was a male. then zapped female. then, she was zapped pink.

imagine my surprise.

It got me thinking. so many times i considered putting her ufa, but i didn't. we stuck together. (cont.)

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she was with me through my two high-quality sites(now closed), and she hosted one of them before. she will remain here for as long as i remain on neopets. c:
And that's how Moon stayed home!

bye bye for now~