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Hello~ :D Thanks for visiting my screenies page. ^0^ This is where I put all my screenies which I just started doing not long time ago. Hope you will enjoy them! :)

First of, my name is Grace. But just called me by my username (imthai). I'm a junior in high school and I love to make graphics. :3 I learned to draw when I was 6 (my first draw was a stickman xD). I really like to watch animes and reading mangas. Japanese people are just so creative. x.x Anyway, I got on Neopets about a year ago and I'm hooked to it (well, sometime I would go on hiatus, depend on my mood) xp

I have four pets on my main, four more on my side accounts. Only four of my main will be display on this page. :3

If you like my screenies, visit the page below. To be honest, that page inspired me to made this screenies. Thanks, Dhevil! xD

GM tries to be funny... =_=

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Read it and weep!

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She was later transfered to my side account -- lo0kkiky

She was created on the Poogle day (09/19/08) :3

I wanted a ghost pet for a long time. So cute!! :D

Please don't mind my bad drawing on this one, I was kinda tired. xD

Yay! I love Strawberry Poogle~ :D It just too adorable.
*SFF PB = Strawberry Fields Forever Paint Brush*

This is the same board as the above one. Hype's screenies is at the bottom. :)

You too can play that game...

Someone Neomail me how to draw a Maraquan jubjub... xD

Chickaroo = Your pet will think it is a chicken, pecking the ground for food and crowing at dawn.

I can honestly say, "I cannot draw a drackonack..."

She later told me that she was just joking. xD

There seems to be a little misunderstanding =_="

My reaction = o.O...... (for about an hour or so)

I'm not going to tell you where I found this. (It's pretty obvious -_-")

The LC's question was: What do you get when you multiply six by nine? xD I'm serious.


Now that's what I called "Pwned by lab!" xD

Yeah, my hair got a bit longer... I hate having a long hair. =_="

So, I change my mind (once again) and decided to turn Pockie into a Usul. =P

Familiar? ;D

Yes, they were done in Jaleles style. XD

Nyoro~n Churuya san! xD

Kawaii desu!!! *0*

Yay, my first Art Gallery Entry! x3

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Mud Mails

Yup, you heard it right! These are my collection of Mud Mails I received from fellow Neopians. =3

Just to clear things up, just because you send me a mud mail, that doesn't mean I'm going make it a screenie. So, no request to be on my screenies, don't give me the details of your appearance or what neopet you want to be feature in. x.x I got too much of those mails and... such. No offense guys. I love you all equally. ;D I'll probably pick one randomly and maybe, just maybe, yours might ended up on this section!

Make sure you visit Hype's screenies. She's hilarious. ;D

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Fanart - Request

Woot!! Fanart! I actually get a fanart! xD I love you!!

Okay, not all of them were fanart. :P Anywho, I still enjoy seeing my pets drew by other artists. XD

Hover over the thumpnails to see the real size!

First fanart! WOOT!!

This was a request. Extremely adorable, nevertheless!

First art of Blueberry! :D

Pockie! ;3

Pockie without glasses! ;D

Where's Kacheekinki? xD (in emo corner, most likely)

Not exactly a fanart, but the thought counts! ^^

The other side of Blueberry. Cute! xD

Isn't this adorable or what??

Haha, blushing Lookkiky. Very fitting with her tsundere personality! xD

*SQUEEEEeeeeeee* By Sumi (suzhuu). *SQUEEEEEEEEEEEeeeee*

Oh my goodness! Is that suppose to be me?! xDD This is too adorable!! Thank you so much, Axel! ;3

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Wee~ I actually got an award. :D I'm speechless! Well, first of, I want to thanks my beloved neopets, my mom, my dad, my sister, my......... (and so on..... for 2 hours) :D Thank you! Good night, everybody!


This is  Jalele's PWNFUL screenie award. Think you deserve it? Neomail her!

King Chi's Award

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My award!

Muahaha! Free award to everyone because GM is awesome just like that!! *0*

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Soemone would actually review my humble screenies? xD

Review by

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Link Back

So... Nobody could ever find the link back (which is on the comic page... xD). So, here it is! ;D


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Other great screenies

The screenies listed in this section are pretty hilarious. Be sure to check them out! :D
*** Please note that these are NOT affiliates, they are just so funny that I want to share them with you. :3 ***

Hype screenies x3!

lol xD

 Screenies that stay crunchy,even in Milk!


Hisakii says that you must click this button, after all, youve already rolled your mouse over it anyways! X3

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