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Beyond the golden, soft sand of Hawaii lies the salty ocean, where tourists around the globe come to enjoy the nature breezes warm sun, and rolling waves. Breaking waves and lines of whitewater move shoreward towards shallower waters and of course, the shore. You notice a few visitors are far away in the seas, standing up on a canoe-looking, flat board. You wonder what it is. That in fact, is known as surfing. You turn and head towiriards a straw hut which stands all alone a couple of meters away from the water. You decide to walk into the fascinating shop, which holds thousands of Hawaiian artifacts and items - including a variety of surfboards.

Aloha animalislands, and welcome to Alaia, a review site run by, yours truly, Florelle. Alaia is pronounced ahl-lay-ah and It's a type of surfboard made entirely of wood. It's around six feet in length and is used by Hawaiian commoners to surf. At Alaia, we provide helpful, in-depth reviews to help improve the sites you create on Neopets for other Neopians. We offer more than just the typical review site - with more than 3 review formats to choose from!

Hawaiian Updates

- Taryn has switched to another rubric (The Malibu), so I'll be done with her review sometime today. Reviews will be completed quicker because it is the weekend and I have more time.
- Alli at Juniper is now an affiliate of Alaia!
- Stork at Sparkle Wire has requested a review so now reviews are closed until I finish all the reviews on the waiting list.

- Accepted another affiliate request from Cookies at Sample Reviews!
- I will not be able to review the sites in the waiting list until the questions I've asked are answered.

- I've accepted one affiliate request from Eve at her upcoming site, Infinite!

- Long live our heroes and we will always remember those who helped people in the twin towers that day.
- +1 Request from Lee @ Viridian
- Normally I would close reviews since I've received three requests, but since I can't contact Interl about the invalid rubric choice, I am putting that on hold so I only have two reviews to complete until Interl gets back to me on that.
- Also know guys, that copy and pasting rubrics other site owners made and putting it on your own site is considered STEALING and can be reported for doing so.

- Interl hasn't answered my question so I'll have to move on to Taryn's review before Interl's since Interl had requested an invalid rubric and I can't contact Interl.
- Finished the Frequent Flyer 'Review You' Challenge!
- Received a lovely gift button from Taryn at Affinity. I appreciate you creating this for me, Taryn. It is an honor for you to create this lovely gift button. Thank you! :)

- + 1 Request from Taryn @ Affinity
- I am going to be working on a bunch of new extras for Alaia as well as extending the story on the home page to all of the pages.

- Alaia is now recommended at Soroptimist Directory. Thank you SO much Cass! This is a HUGE honor for Alaia and I appreciate it a lot.
- Affiliated with Cafe au Lait
- +1 Request from Interl @ The Magic Of Disney

- Alaia is now listed at The Secret Library
- Requests are still OPEN so feel free to request a review. :)

- Finished Madame's review
- Recoded the Customers section so it has more than one page showing the reviews completed

- +1 Request from Madame @ Neostars Magazine.
- Advertised Alaia in Soroptimist's Sitely News and EHG Press.

8/28/11 :::
- I have two new affiliates- Allusion and Euphonious.
- Advertised Alaia in Soroptimist's Sitely News and EHG Press.

8/25/11 :::
- Accepted Shenyi as an affiliate.
- Requested a review from Sitely Service

8/23/11 :::
- Finished Sarah's review and now all three request spots are avaliable!

8/22/11 :::
- +1 Request from Sarah @ Blank Canvas Magazine
- I became affiliates with Adzs's new review site, The Marchen, and also requested a review from her.
- I also became affiliates with Kraken of the Sea.
- I have two more open spots for anyone who would like to request a review. Reviews are quite fast at the moment, but will be slower when school starts tomorrow since I will be getting home later and receiving more homework than ever. I will indeed still have plently of time for reviewing, but of course, It will take longer to complete each review.

8/21/11 :::
- Got a fresh new look for Alaia and decided to start over.
- Requests are OPEN. I am only allowing 3 requests at a time before I close them again.
- Received a huge amount of new link back buttons and removed a few old ones.
- Sadly, I lost a huge amount of affiliates that closed their site such as Effloresce, Collegiate, The Rice Hut, Boat, and Critique.


As you walk into the hut, gazing at all the merchansise, a young girl - about the age of 13 - skips over and greets you with a smile. "Could I interest you in any of our fine items?" She says, pointing at shelves of items. You nod and the girl takes you to the front of the store, where the front desk is. Surfboards were lined up behind the girl, laying upright against the wall. "If you would like to purchase one of our surfboards, you'll have to fill out a form to customize it!" You quickly wait for the girl to hand you the forms regarding the information of customizing a surfboard.

Only sites on Neopets can be reviewed since we'd have way too many requests if we do. We wouldn't have enough surfboards for everyone either!
Please link back to Alaia before, after, and during your review otherwise you will be removed from the waiting list.
I do not review about me pages, shops, galleries, guilds, guides, and applications. I will only review Neopets sites that you have created.
Be sure to answer all parts of the request form. Do not assume I know your name. If you didn't read the rules, put Reflection somewhere in the form.
If you have made significant changes to your site, you may apply for a re-review.
If I do not confirm your request for a review within three days, check the waiting list. If you are NOT there, neomail me again with the form completed.

* Before you request a review, keep in mind that I will review your site in Internet Explorer unless you say otherwise. Also know that if you find me unclear in any part of your review, don't hesitate to ask questions.

Request a Review | Select a Surfboard


I haven't properly introduced myself, have I guest?" The girl says to you. "My name is Zoe, the daughter of the owner of Alaia." She smiles quickly at you and then gives you a slightly torn paper with writing on it. "This is a list of all the surfboards we sell. Please do tell me if you are interested in buying one of these today.

The Thruster: The standard review. This review is recommended for newer sites or hosts that don't want me to be too critical.

The Longboard: A very in-depth review recommended to sites that are professional and established. It is written in the form of a letter to the owner of the site.

The Malibu: This style is a simple no-score review for those who want something brief.

The Fish: A no-score review that only addresses what needs to be improved in a section.

The Bodyboard: This style is meant to be a starter for newer sites. It will ensure your site has the basics. Your score will be determined from the six key points.

The Funboard: A no-score review that is basically like an interview. Ask me 5-20 questions about your site and I'll answer them as in-depth as possible. Try and avoid yes/no questions like 'Does my layout look good?'. A few are okay, but don't over-do it. Look at this section for examples.

The Thruster

First Impression (?/15)
First Impressions are definitely one of the most important sections in a review. When I come to look at your site, I will say my first thoughts when I first see your site. Are there certain things that get my attention that inclines me to stay? Are there certain parts that make me want to leave? Do I know immediately what your site is called?

Introduction (?/5)
Is your introduction original? Do I know what your site provides? Does the introduction catch my attention? Do I know who wrote/hosts the site?

Layout (?/15)
Have I seen your layout on anyone else's site? Is your layout unique? What do I feel when I am looking at your layout? Is it a premade layout? Does it fit the theme of your site?

Content (?/30)
Do you have a decent amount of content for the time you have been open? Is it helpful or useful? Is your content easy to understand?

Organization & Presentation (?/10)
Is your site easy to navigate? Is your site tidy or messy? Can I find everything easily? Have you presented everything in your site well? Is the text in your site lined up appropiately? Can I read the text easily? Do I have any problems seeing anything?

Grammar & Spelling (?/10)
How often have you misspelled a word or haven't used proper grammar? Is everything on your site spelled correctly?

Sitely/Affiliates (?/10)
Please know that I will take into consideration how old or new your site is.
Did you make an effort to find high-quality affiliates? Have you been listed at a decent amount of directories? Are your link-backs enjoyable to look at? Are they high-quality and eye-catching?

Bonus (?/5)
If I feel you have made a huge effort to create and run your site, I will give you a portion or all of the bonus points. It is also awarded for well-made/fantastic sections.

Overall Score - ?/100

Final Comments -
I will say any final comments I have about your site and sum up the main topics of the areas you need to improve on. If comments I have don't fall into the categories above, I will also write them here.

The Longboard

Dear name,

Your review will be in this form. As well as giving positive comments, I will be very critical. If you choose The Longboard review, I will not hold back any comments I have. The criteria is below:

First Impression (?/5) -
Introduction (?/5) -
Layout (?/15) -

(Please do not request this style yet.)

The Malibu

Positive Comments
Here I will state all the positive comments and things I liked about your site.

Negative comments and suggestions
Everything that I disliked or thought needing some improving will be listed here. Suggestions on how to make your site even better I'll also go here.

Final comments
Anything that does not fall into the two categories above, I will state here. I will also give you an overall statement on how I liked your site or whatever needed improvement.

The Fish

Section being reviewed
In each section you would like me to review, I will state what needs to be improved and why it needs to be improved. If there are any problems, I will provide suggestions on how you can fix the problem. The Fish will not review what in your site that you've done well. Anything unaddressed in the review, you may assume does not need fixing.

The Bodyboard

If you choose The Bodyboard review, I will screenie the homepage of your website and comment on what you have done well and what you should change. You may click and drag the screenie of your site to view it in full size.

Appeal (10 points)
Colour Scheme (5 points)
Creativity (10 points)
Layout (10 points)
Organisation (10 points)
Grammar & Spelling (5 points)

Your score will be out of 50. The Bodyboard perfect scorers will not be able to get an icon award, but will be featured/advertised on Alaia for three days.

The Funboard

How could my layout be improved?

Should I add any textures or remove textures in my banner?

Are there any gramatical errors in my site?

About how many affiliates should I have max.?

The Funboard review may or may not focus on a certain area of your site. It all depends on which questions you ask. If your site is new and you request the Funboard review style, you won't be improving as much as if you request the Thruster, Bodyboard, or Malibu review rubric.


Date: August 31st, 2011
Review Type: The Funboard
Total score: No Score
Word Count: 683

How do you like my introduction and how could I improve it?

Your introduction is quite short and quick to read, though it gives the visitor all the information they need to know what your site is about. To make the introduction more exciting, I suggest you add a story to the introduction to spice it up. Describe what the Neostars Magazine looks like or what the "building" where Neostars Magazine where the magazine is made looks like. You can even write and elaborate a character getting on their bicycle and throwing newspapers with your magazine in it to each Neopian neighborhood. Creating a story to go along with your introduction attracts more attention to visitors, which is one of the goals when you make a site - attract attention and interest to your site.

What do you NOT like in the layout?

The layout containing the Neostars Magazine issue is somewhat dark and of lower quality. When you hover over a link, the color of the text is hard to read and blends in slightly with the layout content section, which bothers the viewer. I suggest changing that color to a dark grey, like #0F0F0F or #212121 so it doesnt blend in. If it blends in, then the visitor won't be able to read it! On the main layout, I dislike how the Neopets Copywrited things is in the smack center at the top. My eyes keep glancing over to it since it is close to the focal point, which is the typewriter, the desk, and the cloest cabinest with cubbies.
I suggest removing that and putting it in your Credits section instead. All you have to do is copy and paste the coding below anywhere in the coding of the main layout.

If that doesnt work for you, though it should, check out CSS|Guide or neomail me.

What do you think of the graphics section, and what could be added?

When I visited the graphics section, I definitely wasn't expecting icons that you can show somewhere. I was thinking I'd find graphics for the visitor that were banners of Neostars Magazine saying 'I subscribed' or something like that, which is a bit different. I find that idea quite unique, though I would change the name from 'Graphics' to either 'Icons', 'Awards for You', or 'Icons for You'. This is so visitors get more of an idea of what they would find in that section.

I would add a few banners saying the name of the magazines. Visitors or workers can place the banner on a petpage or on their userlookup etc linking to Neostars Magazine so more people can find out about Neostars!

Do you have any more ideas how to improve the magazine?

On linked images or buttons with a blue/purple border around it, type border="0". That will remove that unnecessary border which you don't want.
[Img src="urlgoeshere" border="0] This border is found in Job Positions, Sitely, Articles (the back button), Editorial, Extras, Submit Work section, Customization Contest, AND in Graphics. It is quite unappealing to look at that border so I highly suggest removing that.

I was also browsing through Neostar Magazine's affiliates and found some unusual affiliates. I recommend only affiliating with writing or publication sites rather than guilds like The WeeWoo Journal because other writing sites are more similar to a magazine site like Neostars Magazine, but a guild doesnt exactly provide the same thing as writing sites do.

Is there any grammar on the job positions page that needs correcting?

Instead of saying, If you want to apply send the application below to Redmadam, add the words 'for a job' next to apply. That'll make it 'If you want to apply for a job send the application below to Redmadam'.
Also, under Requirements, change the last rule to 'Following all of Neopets' Rules is a must.' instead of repeating the words you and must to start every sentence. Visitors tend to dislike repetitive wording because it lessens the variety of word choice.

What should I change in the job positions section of Neostars Magazine?

I would center the words 'Grab an icon for the workers on the graphics page!' so it is more noticeable because you want workers to see that to grab an icon to display.

I suggest putting the job positions in a table like on the front page so it is a bit more organized. You can even label the two columns so those who want a job having to do with writing articles can easily find that under the category. Same with those who want a job having to do with Graphics. They can see the word 'Graphics', then easily scroll and find the job they want.


Journalist/Writer - 4/5
Writing articles and short stories for the magazine.
On job: catlit262, sillykitty7, 4coolcookies, and lil_mail1998

Advertising Specialist -
on the boards and other places every few days!
On job: greenshoyrustar,golden88aquarius and libby_alanna_hughes

Altador Cup Reporter - 0/2
Watching Altador Cup, announcing news and winners.
On job: None

Writing short poems for the magazine monthly. On job: _forever_and_ever_16, bubbaapoop and juledatool

Editor - 3/3 POSITION FULL
Editing articles and checking grammar. On job: laughing_owl, katie5978 and cibola

Editorial Worker - 1/1 POSITION FULL!
A person who answers questions send to the editorial.
On job: xxxtaetaexxx845


Graphic Maker/Artist - 2/4
You'll be drawing comics and pixels for the magazine.
On job: josephinefarine and the_rice_devil

Fashion Stylist - 0/2
Creating new fashions and styles with Images and customizing tips.
On job: None

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Date: August 23rd, 2011
Review Type: The Thruster
Total score: 84.3/100
Word Count: 2,237
Deemed: Not Recommended

First Impression (14/15) -

Rest assured, my first impression of Blank Canvas Magazine was great. The layout gives visitors a magazine-like atmosphere seeing the old typewriter and parts of an article, which is always lovely to find in a magazine's layout. However, I did find that it wasn't that convenient to navigate the site. Every time I clicked a link in the navigation bar, it would send me down to the text. When I wanted to click another link, I would have to scroll up again and again to be able to return to the navigation. I will, of course, address this more in the layout section of the review.

At a glance, Blank Canvas Magazine seemed well presented and organized. I did notice a few things you can improve on such as the borders around buttons and linked pictures. If you don't know how to fix that, I will be sure to include the instructions how in the Organization & Presentation section of the review. I also have some ideas that will better organize it, which you will find in the Organization & Presentation section of the review as well.

-1 Point for Inconvenient Navigation

Introduction (4/5) -

Though your introduction is short and to the point, a more detailed Introduction is more interesting to the visitor. It gives the site more of a story to it instead of just saying welcome and if you are hiring. I suggest rewording most of the text in the Introduction to create a narration or story to spice it up rather than short sentences describing the magazine. For example, before the welcome paragraph, you can elaborate your description of where you imagine Blank Canvas Magazine is published or of workers at work, typing up articles and interviewing different people at the main building. This gives both the visitor and the reviewer an interesting description of your interpretation.

-1 Point for short Introduction

Layout (13.5/15) -

As noted in the first impression, it was quite inconvenient to have to continue to scroll up every time you wanted to click another link. I would suggest moving the navigation down closer to the content rather than in the upper left hand corner. This is so you only have to scroll down once to get to the navigation rather than continuing to scroll up to return to the navigation in the upper left hand corner.

This is also pretty easy to fix. I've checked your site page source and all you have to do is edit the top and left where it says:
div id="sitenav" style="position: fixed; top: 100px; left: 100px; z-index: 300;
Keep on trying different numbers and previewing it to decide where you think it should go. Continue to do that to your liking. The higher the number for 'top', the lower it is. The higher the number for 'left', the more right it is.

I also noticed something in the layout that I would fix as well. Right above the coral flower on the bottom of the layout, part of the scrollbar from another section is showing. Drag and drop the picture below to the address bar to see what I mean if you don't understand.

To fix this, simply follow my instructions below.

-1.5 Points for location of navigation and partially showing scrollbar from another section

Content (27/30) -

Blank Canvas has a good quantity of issues for the time it has been open.

Be sure to link the authors of the features and articles to their user lookups. Where it says 'Usuki Adoptable - By lionlover33333', link lionlover33333 to their user lookup instead of having to copy and paste that in to the Neopets search bar on the side. I would do the same with the rest of the usernames.

Another thing I would change in Blank Canvas Magazine's content is that you shouldn't center the text. Centered text can be quite hard to read. If you open a magazine or novel, the text isn't centered. It is aligned to the left. I believe the only time centering should take place is when you have a small blurb or image.

I was browsing through the content and I clicked on AC Staff Tournament. It's quite disappointing when I read it for it didn't tell me any information at all. Questions were racing through my mind. How was the winner determined? What IS the Staff Tournament? I find this more of an announcement rather than an article.

Also, the Autumn Looks images were very low quality. I checked the image file properties and found it was saved as a JPG. Resave that as a PNG to make that image higher quality.

I had a great time reading the magazine. Blank Canvas Magazine is unique and the Usuki's theme is really creative! It's always nice to see a bunch of Neopians participating and contributing to this.

-3 Points for article without information, centered text, and low quality images

Organization & Presentation (8/10) -

Overall, the site is fairly organized. The navigation is in order and the magazine issues are set up very nicely with a table of contents to browse through. I only have a few things to point out. The scrollbar is quite small because the magazine issue is so large. I suggest creating a hidden section for each article and feature and then an 'a name=#textgoeshere' for each one in the table of contents. Be sure to put at the bottom of that article or feature a 'Back' button so visitors can get back to the table of contents with ease. I am suggesting this because if I want to scroll down when I am reading the magazine issue, it's quite hard with such a tiny scrollbar. However, if you put each feature and article in it's own little anchor, it is much easier to scroll and read the issue.

The purple and blue borders around a few linked buttons and images could be made more attractive. Simply write border="0" in the coding after the image url to get rid of that.

Under Sitely, Put all of your link back buttons in a row to make it less cluttered. I have provided the coding for that in a textarea.

After pasting that in the Sitely section, You can create the textareas for each one. No [br] is needed. Just align the textareas right next to each other and be sure to set the padding in the coding for textareas to 2px.

I also noticed a bunch of unnecessary place holder buttons in the affiliates section of your site. I would remove those because it is extra clutter that is not needed on the site. You want to make sure to fill up blank spaces but don't put anything unnecessary. Instead of putting those place holders, I suggest marking down the amount of affiliates you have so far and the amount you want before you don't allow any more sites to become affiliates with you. For example, You currently have fifteen affiliates. I would close affiliate applications at twenty affiliates (Unless you want 25 at the maximum because that is quite a lot of affiliates) so you would write this above the buttons: 15/20 . If you wanted 25 as the maximum amount of affiliates, you would write 15/25 instead to let visitors know how many open spots you have left.

For the table of contents, I highly recommend creating columns (like some links on the left and some on the right) to make it neater.

Well done on scoring a 8/10 in Organization & Presentation! A few touch ups here and there and you're site will be perfect!

-2 Points for unattractive purple/blue border on linked buttons and images, unnecessary place holders, and some low-quality affiliates' buttons

Grammar & Spelling (9/10) -

I couldn't find any spelling mistakes, but I do recommend changing some sentences for better grammar.
Instead of writing If you do nm me for a chance, change 'nm' to neomail since some Neopians don't know what 'nm' means. I suggest you do the same with 'AC' and 'NT' by changing 'AC' to Altador Cup and 'NT' to Neopian Times. Also in the Usukis Issue, the article 'Usukis - By mothernaturess', had a small grammar mistake in the subtitle. In the sentence 'We go crazy for em', put an apostrophe before 'em' so it's We go crazy for 'em instead of 'We go crazy for em'.

Under 'Usuki-tropolis:', you have a slight grammar mistake as well. The creator of that feature wrote There is so many Usuki's. Simply replace the 'is' with 'are' to make the sentence There are so many Usuki's.

On the 'Just a Little... Different' story by nurseryteacher28, Quotes should be surrounding dialogue on both sides instead of just one side. Nurseryteacher28 had only put quotes on one side of the dialogue. There are a bunch of places with this in that story. An example is here: Tyto," I began firmly. See how the name 'Tyto' has quotes only on the right side? It's actually supposed to have quotes on the right and left side.

-1 Point for simple grammar mistakes

Sitely/Affiliates (8/10) -

You do have a bunch of affiliates, though most of the buttons you picked to show on your site for them are not high quality. I recommend changing Cheeky's Drawing Requests' button to the other choice Cheeky provides and removing Abstractum's Screenies as an affiliate because the site itself is not high quality and it is best to have high quality affiliates. I suggest having all your affiliates in the writing or magazine category to be close to the idea of what Blank Canvas Magazine is since your site is a magazine site which provides articles and stories for the visitors and subscribers to read. Writing sites provide stories and other writing things like poems for visitors. Because those types of sites are pretty much the same general idea, you should have them as affiliates because of their similarity. This works with most of the sites out there. Check out Soroptimist Directory or The Faerie Compass to view a few examples.
Most font sites usually want only font affiliates. Most review sites usually want only review site affiliates. Most button request sites usually want only button request site affiliates or some sort of request site. Though that isn't the best comparison, it shows that types of sites that are similar or the same type of site are affiliates with each other.

Also, I think you should remove the Genericizing competition button that you have up under sitely because you were in the competition June 1st through June 9th and that's long over. I suggest you do the same with Classical since that is long over as well. Only put up the current buttons for SOTMs that you are in currently. Otherwise, a visitor will go and be confused as to how they can vote for you if you aren't in the SOTM currently. You might as well just delete the 'Vote For Me' category you made under sitely if there are no SOTMs you are in currently and then put it back if you are ever in a SOTM again.

-2 Points for low quality affiliate buttons and unnecessary SOTM category with old SOTMs

Bonus (1/5) -

I believe you deserve this bonus point for making the effort to advertise your site in the major directories and advertise Blank Canvas Magazine. You seem to have done a great job of getting Neopians to contribute and post their articles and features as well as yours.

Overall Score - 84.3/100

Final Comments -

The main concerns in the review were in the content and the organization. The site lacked the visitor convenience a recommended site needs. Reorganizing the site will help to improve that and make it more convenient to visitors. It will encourage them to stay as well. Visitors look for a nice organized site to look at and read otherwise it might make them leave which is why organization and visitor convenience is important. As of now, I don't recommend Blank Canvas Magazine because your site lacked organization skills and needed a bunch of improvements. The 'work for us' section is quite unnecessary since you can do a small mention of that somewhere on the home page saying anyone can apply. It was quite hard to browse the content of the magazine since of the very short scrollbar.

However, I truly think Blank Canvas Magazine has a lot of potential to become a popular magazine site. The more effort and work you put into running this, the better the site it will become. Know that as your site grows larger and the visitor number increases, you will gain a bunch more articles and features for sure.

The reason I wouldn't revisit, as a visitor, is because of the organization issues. As said before, the visitor convenience has lots of room for improvement. By following the tips I tell you, your site will be much more organized. By being more organized, visitors will revisit your site and continue to come to read the issues. Many visitors revisit sites based on the effort that the owner has made and the quality of the content. I, of course, revisit sites as well based on the effort the site owner has made. I see you have put some effort into Blank Canvas Magazine but be sure to put as much as you can! The more effort you put in, the better your site turns out.

Continue working on Blank Canvas Magazine and you will go far! It was an honor to review Blank Canvas Magazine and I hope I have helped you improve! Please feel free to send me your comments, questions, and if you have any concerns about the review. Be sure to link back to Alaia using the button below or some of our other buttons here. To have a re-review, you must have made significant changes to your site.

Recommended | Not Recommended

Revisit | No Revisit

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August 25th, 2011 // 84.3/100 - The ThrusterAugust 31st, 2011 // No score


Zoe smiles as you ask about Alaia. "I'd be more than happy to give you information about Alaia!" She replied, placing a small flyer in front of you. "We place these onto bulletin boards to spread the word about Alaia." Zoe gives you a copy and you carefully look through it, reading all about Alaia.

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Please bear in mind that your rank may change if someone in that category gets a higher score than you. If this happens, be sure to change the rank number wherever you wrote it in your site.

Pixels -
Adoptables -
Competitions -
May 10th, 2011 // 96/100 - The Thruster (#1)
Coding Help -
Fonts -
May 17th, 2011 // 92/100 - The Thruster (#1)
Graphics -
Link Directories -
Miscellaneous -
August 23rd. 2011 // 84.3/100
Premade Layouts -
May 1st, 2011 // 84/100 - The Thruster (#1)
Requests -
Review Sites -

Surfing Awards

Please only take the award you were given in the review.

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The Alaia

What is an Alaia?

What sizes do the Alaias come in?


Frequent Flyer Review

Review Yourself-

Alaia has participated in the Frequent Flyer 'Review Yourself' challenge. The objective is to review your own site with pros and cons.

Three Positive Aspects-

- Alaia's layout works in all browsers, which I find very convienent for all visitors since I won't have to lead them to a seperate link for them to view the layout properly. It is also quite a pain to have to get another browser in order to view that layout properly.

- Alaia has a decent amount of original rubrics suited for different purposes. If you want something semi-brief but with detail, The Funboard is recommended. The Funboard is like an interview where you ask me different questions and I answer them as in-depth as possible. If you have a new site and want something short, The Bodyboard is for you. That style is meant to be a starter for newer sites. It will ensure your site has the basics. Your score will be determined from the six key points which are:

Appeal (10 points)
Colour Scheme (5 points)
Creativity (10 points)
Layout (10 points)
Organisation (10 points)
Grammar & Spelling (5 points)

In all, there are six rubrics you can choose from, which is more than the standard review site.

- I feel that I review quite quickly as I finish extremely in-depth reviews in less than two days. Though I cover mainly the entire site, I write each review with great detail and many suggestions to help other sites improve their quality and know what they have done well.

Three negative aspects-

- The request section of Alaia takes up too little space. I know that you don't want too much stuff in one space but you definitely don't want too little. That part of the content isn't as organized, which is something I must work on - making it more organized in that certain section. I find it not as organized because I have centered lots of text and it looks quite messy.

- While reviewing, I can be unsure of how many points I deduct. I don't want to deduct too many points because it is unfair to the reviewee. When I was still an unexperienced reviewer (few months ago), I once deducted 1 point for 1 grammar mistake. Now as a much better reviewer, I know that I shouldn't have. Though in some categories, I tend to question myself if I am deducting or giving the right amount of points.

- In the story of Alaia, on the sitely section, I write as the character 'Zoe'. I didn't introduce who she is which leaves the visitor wondering who is Zoe and what does she look like? I should explain somewhere in the pages of Alaia who Zoe is. Is Zoe the girl that showed you the papers? Because I didn't explain that, it leaves the visitor with questions.

Heads Up! You're about to leave Neopia!

You've clicked on a link that will take you outside of We do not control your destination's website,
so its rules, regulations, and Meepit defense systems will be
different! Are you sure you'd like to continue?

It is a journey
I must face...alone.
*dramatic music*
I want to stay on Neopets,
where the dangers of
Meepit invasion
are taken seriously.
Heads Up! You're about to leave Neopia!

You've clicked on a link that will take you outside of We do not control your destination's website,
so its rules, regulations, and Meepit defense systems will be
different! Are you sure you'd like to continue?

It is a journey
I must face...alone.
*dramatic music*
I want to stay on Neopets,
where the dangers of
Meepit invasion
are taken seriously.
Heads Up! You're about to leave Neopia!

You've clicked on a link that will take you outside of We do not control your destination's website,
so its rules, regulations, and Meepit defense systems will be
different! Are you sure you'd like to continue?

It is a journey
I must face...alone.
*dramatic music*
I want to stay on Neopets,
where the dangers of
Meepit invasion
are taken seriously.

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