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The forest expanded all about you, the sun beaming just barely through the leaves so that it cast shadows and split into different places on the ground. It created patterns all about it as you walked on wards, wondering about this forest in the middle of no where; so it seemed. The sound of your feet was the loudest thing in the area, besides the sudden rustle of a bush, the twittering of a bird, or the sound of a small stream babbling over small rocks. You sighed lightly, though this was almost seemed TOO quiet.

Suddenly, you step into what looked like a clearing, covered in small blades of grass that were stirred by a stray wind through the trees. From the center of the field popped a small, yellow flower from the ground. It seemed to come from no where, and all on it's own too. You tilted your head, wondering about this for a second. Yet, before you could figure something out, another flower popped up right beside it, a red, almost violet on e came up. Another long stare and suddenly it was filled with shimmering, smooth petaled flowers that cascaded over the field on e by one, each different shades of colors, ranging from a brillent red, to a pure white.

Woah!! Where did this come from? You ask to yourself before a new, faint sound came to your ears. You look up over the crest of the hill, spying an large, green shape moving towards you with considerable speed. As it came closer, it was now seen that it was a regular, green, lupe, but larger then most. He had bright eyes, which looked green as he came to a stop near you, panting heavily after his run. You look over him, seeing a necklace, resembling leather, with a deep red rose on the end of it.
The lupen twitched his ears and smiled up to you, sneezing lightly before he started to talk.
Hi there! What brings you to my glade?
He asked in a bright voice.
Well, I guess I just stummbled upon it...
you confess with a nod, his behaviour seeming to brighten your mood a bit.
Well welcome stranger! I"m Forest, it's nice to meet you...
guest, right.
he said with a grin.

You smiled back to him and then looked to the flowers that seemed to almost want to come over to the lupe. That was odd. You then remembered the necklace...
Hey...a little while ago, this field was kinda you remember if there was ever flowers here before?
you ask, hoping you weren't just halusinating. He smiled to you and laughed.
Oh that...well, let me tell you more about myself, considering this is my forest. Maybe that will explain the flowers too..
he offered and then started to walk in the center of the flower field. With a small snort, he plopped down in a cluster of them, wagging his tail heavily, wanting you to join him. You nod to his suggestion, feeling curious to this strange occurance that had happened on ly minutes ago.

My life...there isn't really that much to it. I was born, I lived in a beautiful forest with a wonderful family, and I'm still living today. Oh? You want to know what happened to my family? My odd power with flowers? My...rose necklace? Well, let me explain to you a little more about my, maybe not, average life.

I was born in a cave along with my twin sister, Selva.We were both children born to a happy, loving pair of green lupes. At that time, it was us, dad, mom and my older sister Silva. I had a really happy childhood, full of sunshines and flowers, to be quite literate in that sense. For you see, my mother always wore this beautiful flower necklace tied on a leather rope around her neck. On the end of it was a deep red rose. I always used to play with it when I was little. The strange thing was, it never wilted. It never seemed to age. It never died, even in the coldest months of the year.I had this odd connection with the flower...and didn't really understand this until later. My sister helped care for me and my sister, watching us when mom and dad went out to hunt or get other food. I never liked meat...I don't know why, but food from the earth seems to me the best kind of food you can get. Plus, it saves energy, isn't a massacare of life, and all together a much better way to eat. But, let's not talk about that right now, we still have my life to get at.

Well, on e day while me and Selva were playing, were were about 5 months old by then, mother came back...alone. Silva asked her where our father was, and she said that he had been taken by a pack of rabid dogs that had overtaken them in the woods. Now, when she said this at first, I didn't really understand where my father had been exactly "taken." So, I hoped and waited for his return, not knowing that he was long dead. Niether mother nor Silva told me or Selva about my father's death. Probably should have...but it's too late for that now. Everynight, after we were finished playing, me and my sister waited up for father's return, though he never came to see us. Selva eventually decided to give up, leaving me alone on night watch((which my mother protested very much, but she was too much in grieveing and trying to keep us alive to really enforce the rule. I probably wouldn't have listened anyway...)).

During these little night watches, I began to understand a hidden power that was within me. It seemed that whenever I would sit, staring out at the moon, the stars, or over the horizon, hoping to see my father's figure; that I could manipulate certain flowers. It was quite an interesting perk at first. I didn't really understand how to do it yet, but it was fun making the petals of various little orchids or snapdragons open and close with just a wave of my paw, or spoken yip. Yet, the power was very limited, showing my age and inexperience with it. I still kept at it. The nights when I was bored trying to wait for father alone, I would sit and talk to the flowers. Yes...sounds odd...but the strange thing was: they could hear me. They even talked back to me. I learned then that I could speak to the earth.

My mother seemed really...distant after these first months when father died. on e night when I was waiting for him, she came out to me, interupting my practice of working with the flowers. She on ly smiled as I tried to hide my secret from her, placing her paw on my head lovingly. I tilted my head as she told me that she was proud of me, and that her brother had had the same power. I was named after him evidently...I giggled and smiled up to her. Oh how she loved my smile. She said it was the most beautiful, happy-go-lucky thing that she had ever seen. It also reminded her of father. She didn't like talking about him anymore, even though I, being a curious pup, wanted to alot. She merely told me that I should never stop smiling, to always keep the grin on my face and a skip in my heart. And even if my powers were a confusing, and sometimes scary, she wanted me to develop them more and get better at it. Which I did.

Months passed, and still no sign of my father. Though, another male had come instead...He was badly hurt, and a normal blue lupe back then when Silva first brought him in to the cave that we still lived in. The winter months were coming soon and Silva convienced mother to let the male stay with us, considering we were a small pack and needed a little more force with us. And that is how Kenny came to be with us. Me and Selva knew from the start that Silva had her eye on the brute. He was really nice though. He was just like an older brother to us....but never a father. No. No male, however kind or good, could have replaced our father.

Then came that day...the day that mother took me on Selva and I's first hunt. Oh how I rejected I protested her pleadings, but I was forced to go. So we started out on the hunt, walking through the woods quietly: me, my sister, my mother, Silva and Kenny. All of us sneaking through the underbrush in different positions. I stayed near the back, walking next to Selva as she rammbled on about our first hunt. Man, she can be such a pain still.

Anyway, I got the eery feeling that we were being watched from the shadows. Then, I saw my mother's auds perk up, her body standing tall as her tail paused in mid flick. What could it be? Was it the same thing I had been sensing? I walked over to her, but she stopped me with a rough, forceful snort. I folded my ears back, searching the forest for signs of trouble. Suddenly, the sound of growling came all around us, catching us all off guard, except my mother, to what was coming next.

From the trees came the barking, nashing of teeth, and the furried eyes of about 5 hunting dogs. Their pointed noses, tails, and black, empty eyes stared at us deeply as they incircled us into a small group. Kenny, Silva and my mother were on the outside, protecting me and Selva lest the dogs should attack. Which they did. And they went straight for my mother.

They snarled and snapped at her, trying to get to her throat to kill her. Another pair went for Silva, figureing that she was weakest of the barriar that lead to me and my sister. Kenny growled and lundged at on e of them, ripping at his neck as he closed his teeth around it, but not killing it. That seemed his speciality...I never understood why he always acted that way about things, but he seemed a little distant and other-wordly when it came to fighting. on e of the dogs was now down, twitching uncontroably. Another came upon Kenny, getting on his back and digging his fangs into his neck. Meanwhile, Silva was trying to fight off the pair that was at her, though not succedding.

I watched in horror as on e of them go his fangs into her left paw, the other taking her by her slender maw. She yelped loudly, trying to get them off, blood coming from her wounds inflicted by them. I growled deeply at this, going away from my sister and trying to get at them. But I was too young still...only about a year old at this point. My mother stepped infront of me, tellling me to stay back with my sister. I still had to protect her. My eyes were wide as I saw the look on my mother's scarred face. She was very hurt.

Kenny came from his battle with the other dog and knocked on e of the dogs off of Silva, bringing it to the ground and putting all of his weight on it. With this distraction, on e of the dog's saw it's chance to get at my mother, tackling her to the ground a few feet away and digging it's talons into her flank. She called out in pain, struggling to get up, but she was loosing too much blood.

The horrid sound of more baying filled our ears. More dogs were coming....there was no way that we could defend ourseleves against this many. That is mother told us to leave her. She instructed us to go, to save ourseleves from these stupid dogs. I tried to talk against her, but the dogs were getting to close.

she ordered, and we weren't on es to disagree at this point. Kenny, taking Silva on his back, fled with a look of sorrow on his face, knowing no other way; Selva close behind him as she was weaping from fear and confusion. But, I didn't leave her. I went to my mother's side, tears streaming down my cheeks as I looked to her tired form. I wasn't going to leave her now.

The sound got louder. I could hear the dogs crashing though the trees. I could almost see their sharp teeth in my mind. I closed my eyes, curling myself to my mother, but she pushed me away, using what little energy she had left to push up on her huanches. She smiled sweetly to me, her golden eyes holding a look of a watery, odd happiness in them. She then bent her neck down, the beautiful leather necklace with the rose on it that she always had on, slid down her and on to the ground. She picked it up gently in her teeth, lifting her head and placing it around my own neck. Then, she said something that I will never forget.
Forest...take this necklace. Please, never get rid of your love or your smile. Your smile brings so much happiness to those around you. Happiness is the most wonderful thing that there is. Never let anyone be sad when they are around you.

And with that, she left this world and went up to the big forest in the sky...I saw her die right before my young eyes. With a loud howl, I ran off with incrediable speed, faster then I had ever run before. It was like I was connecting with the earth. I closed my eyes, dodgeing everything that would have gotten in my way....or did it move for me? I felt an odd power growing within me. I opened my eyes sharply, seeing the necklace glowing a bright green color, floating in mid air. I stopped in my tracks, skidding to a halt and kicking up a dust flurry as vines started to crawl about my legs. I just stood there, breathlessly watching as my tail and legs were now covered in spiny thorns from the vines. The tannish of my fur was now away, the on ly thing left was my deep green fur. What was going on? What was this?

I perked my auds up, hearing whispers all about me. Voices? From the trees? They were speaking to me again! They were...comforting me. All of a sudden, flowers grew all around me of different types, different shades, everything that you could imagine. The necklace still glowed brightly as it hovered near me. The power. The power that I had shown when I was little was being amlified by this necklace! Now I understood: I had the power to control plants fully now, with help from the necklace.

Slowly, the glow of the necklace faded, bringing me out of shock, dimming the voices some as I panted lightly. Then, the thought hit me. My family! They must be worried about where I was. I sprinted off on ce more, feeling on e with the earth as my fur started to change back to it's normal colors, the vines falling away from my appendages. I quickly found home, relieved that the rest of my family made it and were ok. Mostly.

I told them of all that had happened to me. What mother said, the necklace, the light. I even told them about my odd powers...I had on ly told mother of it before this. They were all quite confused and surprised by this. It seemed that none of my other siblings had that power, though Silva did have the rose pattern on her leg. Yet, the excitement soon faded as I remembered what had just happened. Mother was dead. She was most likely being eaten right this moment. I broke down on the ground crying my eyes out, the pain and loneliness that I had suffered all the time I had waited for father came out. I didn't even care that my family saw it.

Then, I remembered what mother had said. She said she didn't want to see me sad ever again. I sniffled, getting up off the ground finally and looked up to Kenny, who was trying to comfort me. it was then the words of my mother came back to me...I decided that, from then on, I would make it my sole purpose that everyone and everything that was around me could be happy. To keep a smile on their face, to fulfill my mother's wishes...that was what I truly wanted, and what I still strive for today.

  • Name:_Forest_02
  • Alias: Forest, Buddy
  • Age:Umm......5?
  • Gender: MALE..duh!*laughs.*
  • Stoicheion: Earth. Can control plants in or out of elemental form. Gets most powers from the necklace he wears.
  • Crush:*cough*
  • Love: none
  • Pups: NONE!
  • Pet pet: Vineyvu the Rashpid
  • Markings:Usually a normal green lupe, but in elemental form changes to a forest green color with green eyes and a rose necklace. Vines curl around his legs and tail.
  • Pack: Silver feather
  • Siblings: Selva, Silva,Kenshins_pal(kenny)
  • Friends: Listed Below
  • Mood: Cheeful, Playful, Caring, Understanding, Kind
  • Domain: The forest he has lived in all his life


The Earth
The sun
Being alone...somtimes
Having fun
Making others happy

Those who base others on looks
His Twin(XP)


Well, this is my step-brother Kenshins_pal...but you can call him Kenny for short. In fact, do call him Kenny. He's a real fun guy, very strong, brotherly, a really good leader to my family's small pack. He did alot for us after mother died, helping Silva back to health, reconnecting the family. He's an all around good guy...I don't understand at all why he was cursed...
This is Silva! She is my blood sister. She's a little bit older then me...about a year or so to be exact. She's really sweet, and pretty...and she also has a cool red rose on her left leg. It's funny that none of the rest of my family got my power. Oh well. Just makes me a little more unquie...
....This is my ANNOYING twin sister Selva. She used to like my best pal, Phoenix, but now that he has a mate, guess it won't work outXP. She may look like me when I'm in my normal form...but we are SOOO different..She went away a while back and I haven't seen her. I wonder where she is..?
Dude...He's BEST pal ever, just like a brother to me! He was on e of the first lupes I ever met back when Kenny first came to live with my family. He's a bundle of fun, even if he is cold sometimes. He just needs to understand that not everyone looks down on your for the way you look...or what's inside you. His mate helped him to understand that some I think. But, he'll be my best friend matter what happens. Peace bud!
Heh...this is Nie, me best bud's mate. She is cool...she lived in the snow all of her life. I probably wouldn't make it there...not enough flowersXP But, she's nice, and gave me a "newphew" who wants to be just like mwa!*smirk*
This is my "nephew", or the son of Phoenix. He's such a cutey! Heh..He's a pretty good runner for his age, though I"m unbeatable in that sort of thing. He's fun, calls me Uncle Forest, and has a flame that hangs around with him. Quite a neat little nephew if you ask me.
This is Jhedi...she's Phoenix's daughter. I don't really get to see much of her, but she grows so fast...She's already a beautiful adult. *sniff*Makes me feel old ;-;
This is Nameless, or actually...if you think about the name I have her, Athena. She is really very nice, despite her past and apperance. But, I would never base anyone on that alone, so I feel sorry for those of you that do and don't get to know her. She is the "sister" of Phoenix's mate Nie. It's a little complicated...but I guess that makes me sorta a step-brother. Wow..I have lots of family members. Ah well, family is forever. But really, she is deep in personality, and quite an interesting wolfess.

Lineart by Darkduskk
This Section...Has Gotten kinda sparce lately ;o; All my friends went POOF--

Niri...I can't believe it's actually her! It feels like so long since we've seen eachother and yet here you are--near death, with a slightly different exterior, and lacking a memory, but you're here. She was one of my very first friends and continues to be a valuable one today. I love her as much as any friend could and I'll do anything I can to restore her memory and make her happy. I don't know how she got into this predicament, how dangerous it might be--But, I don't care what happens to me...She'll always be one of my closest friends..and I never leave a friend.
..You keep vanishing, it seems, but I'm just glad to have sweet, small moments with you beside me. I miss seeing you so often, but I hope you're doing well and know that you'll be on my mind often! Keep trying with that running, you're definitely improving; but there's no way you'll ever keep up with me. Heheh--running's what I do!
This is Etheronin...Or Ether as I like to call him (or at least he allows me to call him that. He was just 'following his feet' when I found him one day out in my forest. Though he was a little cold to me at first, we soon found a common ground in topics and I think that he's starting to warm up to me a little bit. It's nice to have someone with whom I can discuss deeper matters with...and if you ever wanted to discuss some thought provoking things; Ether is the one to go to. Overall, he's a wise, though a little blunt, and great companion to have.
Now this is a lupe that I've be-friended rather quickly!! Not only does he have a talent and pure curiousity to listen to the world around him, but he loves to run and races me whenever we get the chance! I mean seriously--how can you beat a friend like that? Running's the best, we both agree, and he keeps raving about my foresty home. Apparently he's got a forest home too--maybe after he's done touring mine we could go visit his. Granted we race the whole way, of course!

Cree, Cree, Cree. What can I say about Cree? Well, for one thing, I can say that her name isn't really "Cree"! I've nothing against her real name, it's just easier for me to remember things when they're shorter. There's no need to go into the long reasoning behind my memory...Let's just say it's not that great all the time. At any rate, I've never really met anyone quite like Cree...She's pretty quiet and hurt by something she won't really talk with me about, but I do my best to make her smile. That's what I'm here for! One of the things that makes her smiles the most are roses...Something about her connection with them in her childhood. Imagine that! Another lupe like me who can talk with flowers. She says that she loves my home, and so do I...We haven't had the chance to have a race yet, but I'm hoping to introduce her to Old Eno--I'm sure he'll love her!

Why me....?

By: DemonicPixie made by Sparrrows Me.and.Meh.Bestests.buddieth!!

get your own little fella hir

Well wow, will you look at that? Random fanart! :D That's not something you see everyday
Heh, who can resist doing a picture of meee? ;D

Thank you, Fluff!
FWEE! Thank you so much xx_scarletnight_xx! It's so beautiful...and Forest looks like he's really enjoying himself!XD

Aww! Thank you Fang_werecat! I love how he looks in this one..X3

OHMEGEE!! This is adorable!! :333 Thank you so very much for this, Shoirolo! [Forest with your nose so bright..tee hee]
Forest: Hey! T//T

DAWWWWW!! ;~~; That's so sweet, Wolf(wolfsrainspirit)! Thank you very very much! I love it, really! *cling*

Hee hee.. XD This is adorable! Thank you so much again Shoirolo! *hug*

Awww!! Thank you _water_wish_!! It's beautiful!^^

OHMEGEE!! Naz, this is so beautiful!! ^^ I adore everything about this picture, and it's definately a really emotional peice for my little cheery buddy :3 Thank you! *hearts Valdrak*


You sat beside Forest, your hand fiddling with some of the soft blades of grass around you as you listened to him tell you about all of these things. You sighed lightly and then glanced up to the sun, still barely visable through the densness of the foliage above your head. You squint your eyes, peaking through a break in the leaves to noticed the sun...looking very red at the moment.
Oh great!
you say in an exasperated tone as you hung your head near your chest, calling Forest's attention to you more.
Hmm? What's wrong?
I think it's time for me to leave...It might be really late..and I need to get through this forest before the sun goes down,
you say as you get up from the ground, brushes yourself off. You then smile weakily to him, nodding.
Thank you so much for the story! And also for letting me stay here to listen.

You say as you wave him to him and start to walk towards the direction you were starting from earlier. Forest blinked as he smirked, getting up quickly from the ground and swishing his tassle brightly. He shoke his fur and barked loudly after you in a cheerful tone. You smile, glancing back to him, going to give him on e more wave...but he wasn't there?

You pause, feeling a little upset that he had left so suddenly. As you turned around though, there he was! He stood there, a few feet infront of you, panting brightly as the necklace about him glowed brightly, vines moving and twisting about his person, green eyes sparkling.
Wait, wait! on e more thing, then you can go, O.K.?

Come...Fiyolu ... Forestry

None yet, but if I find on e, or you see yourself here...please go to this site for understanding of your wrong.

Please tell all your friends that you know about me....I want to see lots of people come here so that I can catch up with Phoenix...he has so many views ;-; Trading would be nice ^-^

Image by Wolfsrainspirit

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This just in! Flower adoptables have been given a new face-lift! Strange--Sakura got adventureous and did a frontal-view. Now they look just slightly less disgruntled X3 Xiethner got to try these on;D

Fwee!! Aren't they just adorable?XD These are the newest, and are .gifs, so don't worry about the background are some RULES though.
  • When asking for an adoptable BE NICE!!!
  • NEVER take these images as your own and use them in the beauty contest, pet pages claiming that you did them, or guilds..these are CUSTOM ADOPTABLES..and should be used as such
  • Please have a reference's not really required..but it would help in the adoptable alot..
  • NEVER EVER EVER take Sakura's name off these images...she drew and colored there V.V

Now time for the form!
  • Name((full)):
  • Main fur color:
  • Eye color:
  • Wings or no:
  • Flower color/design:
  • Any accesories they might have:
  • What you want them to say inside the bubble:

Want an adoptable? Just
Neomail me

I will do blood, metal limbs, clothes((though I don't like to....)), wings, jewelry, missing tails/mutiple tails, and other interesting things they might have. Thanks for reading this and, if you have gotten this far, then you will get the secret code that you need to get the adoptables....Head your title with poke and you won't get the on to this and say Magicalleaf, and you will get an adoptable from me^-^ Thanks for paying attention ;D

Trades:((liked very much. Be sure it's good, I'm picky now XP))Open/Closed
UPDATE: Adoptables have been revamped to get rid of icky Gifness! But only Customs *coughlazycough*
To do: NONE
Waiting on: NONE


Done so far((customs))
Adoptables like the one below are specially chosen and for CERTAIN trades ONLY. These include gifts, photoshop trades of equal "value", and the like. Feel free to ask for the "flower" adoptables otherwise. :3



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