Hey there! Welcome to Elementary, a graphics site ran by Danielle and Lexy. Our mission is to make quality graphics for you to use here on neo. We do anything and everything from layouts to resources; We want Elementary to be your choice for everything. So We hope that you look around and get a feel for things because this summer there's going to be a ton of new exciting content for you to use!

Before you head out and look around we want you to know something: This site is about you. We've made it simple and easy to use so that you want to come back. Elementary is an image heavy site, so give it a second to load. Aside from that there isn't any magic HTML or CSS, just a lot of ingenuity. You could argue that it's too simple but if we may, we'd like to tell you something that da Vinci said,

Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication.

While you're keeping that in mind take a look around Elementary, use something, request, just enjoy your time here, we do this for you so immerse yourself in the experience.

Last Updated October 29

IMPORTANT: Everywhere you see clear: both; in the code you must delete it and replace it with position: absolute;

To find it just click ctrl+f (command+f) and type in clear: both; when you find it just take it and replace it with position: absolute; Thanks for understanding and enjoy your layout!You can drag and drop the image to the URL bar to see a larger preview!

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Style Two

Style Three

Style Four

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IMPORTANT: To save click ctrl- until the save button appears! Afterwards click ctrl+ to go back to normal.

The layouts here are organized by their topic, so sometimes they aren't always the same! You can drag and drop the image to the URL bar to see a larger preview!




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Before you head onto the request section of the site please read these rules completly! It's actually really important that you do. Also, there are two Neopian Times articles mentioned and it's in your best interest to read the questions regarding art requests [250] and graphics makers [308].
  • Please only request when requests are open.
  • Fill out the form in it's entirety. If you are unsure how to answer something or would like to leave things up to me, say so!
  • DO NOT alter the code for aesthetic reasons. Changes may reflect poorly on my design ethic. If you don't like the way something looks, let me know and I will fix it. Neopets is on the same page as me if you don't believe it read here.
  • Rules stink, so thanks for reading and make sure that you click 'or' below not agreed!
  • DO NOT remove the credits!
  • Layouts are tested in all major browsers, so they'll look great in whichever you use!
  • I won't accept any form of payment for requested layouts even if it's a gift. Please don't send me one. If you feel the urge, read this article.

Now, do you agreee or disagree?


You can either neomail me your request or put it on a petpage, either works fine just make sure you send me the link! Also, feel free to neomail me before you request if you're unsure what something means. I'll be more than happy to help! Just make sure that they're separate from your actual request!


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Color Schemes

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100x100 Icons

150x150 Icons

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Button Bases

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Bullet Points

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Drag and drop the images to your URL bar to see the full size image. If you use one make sure you credit!

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Elementary offers two types of signs. There are the traditional images that just say a quick message to your visitors and also blogs. The blogs combine the traditional image as well as a small box so that you can put a little information there about why you have a sign posted instead of your site. Both types are really helpful so that you can keep your visitors up to date about what's happening around your site!



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Open/Closed Signs

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Sister Site

Hey, I'm looking for a graphics site to be sisters with. If you're up to it neomail me your name, your sites name, your URL, and a fun story about yourself!

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If you would like to be affiliates neomail me your name, your sites name and your URL.

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Listed At

Hi! If you've listed us, please neomail Danielle to let me know! She'll make sure to link you back!

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These are all the reviews that Elementary has received!


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Hi! If we've forgotten anything, please neomail Danielle or Lexy to let us know! We'll make sure to fix it right up!

  • Coding by Danielle
  • Layout design by Lexy
  • Fonts are from DaFont and Losttype
  • Content by Danielle and Lexy
  • Request format inspired by Cameron at Scheme
  • All images are originally from some sort of database
  • Brushes are from various DevArt users and swimchick
  • Best Viewed in Chrome (works in all!)
  • Hosted by Neopets

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