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On an early star-strung night in an aged and darkened forest, the wind howled violently through the old gnarled branches of the large trees. The aged forest seemed to be completely abandoned, and on this dark night through this very forest a beast traveled.

Apart from the flames that etched up his massive limbs and ears, the beast's thick fur was completely made up of darkness. From a distance some may label the beast as lupine, but how often would lupes grow to be almost six feet tall while on all fours? He was huge; a giant compared to most any creature that one would find. That is why this large and thick forest concealed him better than any other.

The beast sauntered through the old familiar forest for the first time in what seemed like forever. He left the aroma of blood wherever he sauntered, and he had no scent but fear, blood, or death itself. The slight view, scent, or even thought of this deathly beast would surely send shivers down most spines. His blood red irises seemed to sit in a pool of darkness in his eye sockets; furthermore, the beast's gaze bore no reflection--instead it just pierced through targets like poison.

Two bone horns protruded from the beasts head, curving inwards like that of a kau's, and they particularly became noticeable when the best shifted his gaze around the gloomy forest. Most who would come within sensing distance of this brute would just run, others would die, and some would be lucky enough to be saved; however, to the soul of a blue-eyed hero, not any would ever truly understand.

Perhaps the only way to get closer to understanding is to observe the beast from the inside. And what if you were given the chance to do just that, without risking your life, would you take the chance? Would you want the chance to learn about the beast? What if that chance is before you now... just waiting to be grasped?

Well in this moment, this very instant, you have been given that chance. You are now in the impossible realm of darkness. The place where you can see into memories, see into thoughts, see into everything and anything that is this beast-- without having to be afraid for your life.

A Place To Vent

Jan.20.10: Devil can get the best of me a lot, but he almost killed Xee... and I fought harder than I've ever fought before. Perhaps Yiore has influenced my hopefulness. I don't even care... I just am happy that Xee is alive. But can I truly stay in contact with her? Can I stay in contact with anyone?
Oct.26.09: I need to find Yiore and Fell.. I haven't been able to stop thinking about doing so since Yiore returned. Every day it taunts me... but leaving this forest only brings danger. Am I truly destined to always fight any urge I have for happiness, or for those I truly care about?
Nov.26.08: Yiore is back.. somehow.
Nov.01.08: I have vowed to protect yet another. Her name is Xee. I really don't know what would become of me if I lost myself again to Devil. If he did it again...
I don't even understand how I'm still alive..

Sept.09.08: I dreamt about Memory last night. It was bizarre. I wonder where life has brought her...

Aug.19.08: I have been really missing Akela lately, and Devil is using my feelings for her to torture me... as usual. I have been trying my hardest to keep Devil from killing again, but that time with Suniitah a few weeks ago still eats at me. He will always kill random creatures... but when he goes after ones that I know and care about, it kills me.

Within This Vessel

Name: Devil
Species: Demonic Spirit
Fur: Black
Eyes: Blood Red
Gender: Male
Age: Immortal

Name: Frost
Species: Lupe
Fur: White
Eyes: Ice Blue
Gender: Male
Age: --


Yiore, on so many levels, is the reason why I am who I am. In many ways she is the reason why Devil and I are what we are. Yiore started it all... but she did it so innocently. All Yiore ever wanted with her mortal life, was to fix the balance between good and evil and to make sure that innocent souls could have happiness and peace. Yiore showed me what it was like to love, to be happy, and to be content. Even after Devil had taken her body as his home, I could see her radiant compassion and goodness. Yiore is the mother of my son, and she died the same day that Devil took my body. Devil killed her because he wanted me.
But the strangest thing has happened... Yiore, some how, has come back from the dead.. and I don't know what to do, or think, of it... But somehow it gives me hope.

Memory, heh, leave it to me to fall in love with a Promised One.
It's funny, I haven't seen her for many years.. and still her face stays etched in my mind. I don't really think she knows that she had the ability over me.. she could make me weak in ways that Devil never could even imagine. Just with her eyes.

But just as everything good in my life does, Memory and I ended our friendship. I am grateful that she got away from me before Devil could have his way with her; however, I fear that Devil had his way regardless. I never have had proof of it, or any actual hint towards it being true, but I believe that Devil left something with her.. in her.
It scares me to think that it may be true, because I hate the idea that she may be being tortured from within.
I dream about Memory often, I wonder if she ever thinks of me? I really hope her life is how she deserves it to be... amazing.

Akela remains to be the most understanding creature I have ever come in contact with in my long life. Akela believed in me, and somehow she was able to see past Devil.
Akela was strong, and determined to help me fight Devil... she even performed an exorcism on me once.. She never really got the chance to see just what that did for me. Because of Akela, I am able to be myself in my dreams, and I can even enter other creature's dreams too. I don't think she intentionally gave me that ability, but she did. Because of her I can hear my own voice, live my own dreams, and feel closer to who I am without Devil.

I am eternally grateful to her, and I miss her more and more every day that passes by.
I am so sorry Akela. I'm so sorry for what I did to you.
I know you'd say it was him.. and his fault... but it felt like me.

Please forgive me.


Fell is my son. To this day I do not fully understand why Devil allowed me and Yiore to have a pup. I think about Fell many times a day, every single day. I haven't seen him, let alone talked to him in years. I don't know what his life is like, and I don't know what he is like. It's the strangest pain I know, to know that he is alive and living a life that I am not a part of in any shape or form. I've thought about going out and trying to find him.. but then the fears of Devil finding large populations of creatures to kill flashes through my mind, and I never go...
For the longest time, Fell was the only thing that still connected me to Yiore... but now she is strangely back...Now that Yiore is back... I wonder if she can find him?

Sacrafiice, even though I don't really know how, has an odd respect for me. Regardless of all the things that Devil has done to him, and those he cares about, he still he holds on to some fragmentation of a good image of me. Sacrafiice is the kind of lupe I always aspired to be in my youth; however, my life has been lead much differently.. and much longer, than I ever imagined... or ever wanted.

Even though Devil took Sacrafiice's entire family from him, Sacrafiice found his own family through Striider and Suniitah... And out of all the families that Devil has destroyed, tortured, or just corrupted, I feel that Sacrafiice's family of Striider, Suniitah, and his biological family as well, have been the most tormented than any other. But somehow the three siblings stay strong... well, two of them do.. anyway.
And that inspires me.

Striider, I am sure, will never forgive me for Devil. In fact, I doubt he'll ever truly grasp the idea that it was Devil who did all those terrible things to his family, and left him cursed to a life of darkness... but I cannot blame him. I, too, often blame myself for the things that Devil does. I really wish that I could lift the curse for him, save his sister from her spiraling, and crashing, sanity.. and make his life what he wants it to be... but I can't. So I accept his hatred, and his denial.. and sometimes, just sometimes, I think he is right. Perhaps there really is no Devil, and I just make him up in my mind to shield myself from the guilt of destroying so many lives.

I truly am sorry.

Suniitah, though I'll never understand why, believes in me. No matter how many times Devil has tortured her, she still believes in me. Suniitah's mother died long before she could have known her, and that death was because of Devil. There is something about Sun that Devil wants.. and, even though I know her powers are strong, I don't think it really is her abilities. Suniitah barely understands her Promised One power to heal, and she can't control it. I honestly believe that if she didn't have the ability to heal, that she would be dead purely on the fact of how unhealthy she is... and Devil has driven her to this state of mind.. to this sick reality in her head. He finds pleasure in watching her manifest danger out of safe situations, and safety out of danger. Suniitah is just a prime example of why I truly hate Devil as much as I do. It's not the deaths that bother me most, but the torturous things he does.

Xee, I am so grateful for this lupess. She came into my life at a sad time, and she as the ability to raise my spirits. However, I feel Devil's thirst inside of me. I feel his longing to tear into her and rip her apart limb by limb. I feel his thirst to torture her, to torture me. I promised her, just like I have promised many in the past, to protect her from him; furthermore, I have promised to protect her from the humans that are hunting her down.

I am already very fond of this lupess. She has proven friendship, and despite her fear for my appearance and for Devil, she still sticks around. She still shows acceptance and appreciation for me-- which, though I do not completely understand, I am thankful for.

Reoccuring Thought

Perhaps it is just another one of my mind's ways of escaping the reality of Devil being around, but all my other method's of coping seem to fade away after awhile.

This one, however, seems to stick around-- as though it is real.. or something. Wouldn't life be simpler if it was real? I mean.. then I wouldn't have to worry. Devil wouldn't be killing real creatures-- but instead just fake characters created on a human technology called the internet-- on something called a "website"... something called "neopets"...

I do not know where the thought came from, but it's there. It has been ever since Devil chose me as his host... and in these thoughts (almost like daydreams) there is everyone I've ever met... but there are certain creatures that are all connected through one human that supposidly created us on the website... I'll explain it to you a little better.

In my odd thought, there is a human named Jessika that created us all. It is rather strange, because that human Jessika is the very human that Devil failed in killing when Sacrafiice rescued her. Maybe my mind uses her out of guilt of being connected to her attempted murder; however, I don't know why my mind thinks of such strange things.

Maybe the only reason Striider is in my vision is out of the guilt I have for Devil cursing him and killing his family, but he's there too. In my odd thought he was also just a character created on the website called neopets.. which I guess is a soothing thought since he cannot possibly actually hate me if he, just like me, is nothing more than an imagined character.

Suniitah is connected to me in this vision too through the human Jessika. I guess she's in the thought so that I don't have to think about Devil constantly hunting her anymore.. and her poor frail emotions.

Sacrafiice is also apart of this "neopet" reoccuring thought. In it, he was also created by Jessika. Again, probably just to help me in lessening the guilt I feel for being a part of his family's murder.

Yiore is in my thoughts too. But the reason for her being there is obviously guilt.. just like the others.. even though she is back now, I can't shake the thoughts...

There are other lupes in this reoccurring thought, however, that I don't even know.. or that I don't even think really exist.. but in this thought, they too were created by Jessika and are her pixelated creations online that she roleplays with. They are named Xic, Ayado, Iglupe, Dejavuh.

How could I have imagined such a thing? To come up with the thought that nothing I have ever known or seen in my long years of living has actually been real. That in fact, everything I think is actually typed up by a human named Jessika sitting on a computer on something called the internet on a website called neopets..

I know that it is weird for anyone to have thoughts as strange as this, but sometimes I want to believe it to be true. Then this burden would be gone.


Prologue Part I » » The First Promised Ones

There are many different realms of possibilities in this universe, many different dimensions of power and existence. In these different dimensions lie the answers, reasons, and causes to how, and why, some creatures are born with magical, or spiritual, abilities and connections, and others are not.

Throughout history, there are many stories that speak of great spiritual Beings coming to live on earth as mortals, and whether you believe in these stories or not, the possibility of it happening has been explored through the ages.

And in the case of Yiore, it truly did happen.

Yiore was not born on this planet; furthermore, she was not born at all. In fact, Yiore was originally a powerful spiritual Being whose purpose was to monitor the balance of good and evil on Earth. In her many years "supervising" the balance, Yiore discovered a gradual growth of wickedness. She found that more and more creatures were falling into darkness, being possessed, or just destroyed by malice.

Yiore set out to create a method to protect the balance by protecting those with benevolent souls. This method was not to be similar to an average enforcement or guard, no; instead Yiore had a vision of certain creatures being born into a group of protectors with supernatural abilities. These creatures would have potential to fight with the strongest of force against evil. These creatures, chosen before they were born, would be under oath to shelter good and battle evil. These creatures would be born with a birth mark to indicate their role in the Promised Ones.

Yiore's aspirations were lofty, for giving living creatures power would mean that the power would have to come from somewhere else. Since energy cannot be created or destroyed, there had to be a sacrifice of power in order for that power to be distributed.

So, in becoming a mortal, Yiore sacrificed her role and status as an all powerful spiritual Being, in order to create The Promised ones.

It was a frosty morning when Yiore woke up on this planet in the form of a lupine. On this same morning, a litter of four pups were born in a mountainside cave. All of which were born with the same birthmark found on different parts of their bodies.

With their birth, and with Yiore now a mortal canine, there now existed the first five Promised Ones.

Chapter I » » One Frosty Morning

Cure, Keen, Shift, and Frost
- The story of Frost's birth, and loving family.

Chapter II » » Intertwined Fatalities

- Yiore and Frost fall in love.
- Close for years.
- Yiore goes missing. Next time seen she changed.
- Frost sees past Devil, for his love of Yiore.

- Frost and Yiore have Fell

- Yiore loses to Devil. Devil kills. CARNAGE. RAWR.
- Yiore fights as much as she can, but she cannot any longer. Devil wins. Kills Yiore, and then enters Frost. Making Frost's body kill his entire family.

Chapter III » » Years of Apathy

- Darkness consumes everything. Even the strongest and purest of hearts can fall into it. Especially when the heart is broken.
- Almost killing Jessika. Death with Sacrafiice, Death with Suniitah and Striider's curse. ETC.

Chapter IV » » The Promise Memory
- Meeting the Angelic lupess named Memory.
- Demonized?!?!?!!?!?!?

Chapter V » » ?!?!?!

Chapter VI » » ?!?!?!
- Akela? Gifts... etc.
- Companions? Xee???

- Yiore miraculously back?!?
- Learning new facts of a beast that has been in your company for decades.

Only Devil

Fighting back the past,
Fighting back the pain,
The memories they last..
Each day that is rain.

Love has failed me too,
Three times in this life,
Though my love is always true...
It stabs like a knife...

I deserve all the stir
About how I look,
Inside a monster....
A criminal, a crook.

Critisize me if you want,
But I ask you... please don't
It's hard to fight his taunt
I cant, and I wont.

I work hard to protect,
Even though he strives to kill...
If one second I neglect,
Death to you, believe me he will.

I hate his everything...
But I won't go to his level,
I would never kill a single thing...
Only him, only Devil.....

Poem/Character/Art ©tr0pz


I have met many creatures in my life; however, it seems as though every creature I grow close to Devil scares away... or worse, he kills. Every time I get close to someone, as a friend, I vow to protect them from Devil...

But deep down I know that I am not always going to be able to do that...
In many ways I feel selfish for allowing others to keep me company because I know that there is a possibility that Devil may just get the best of me.. that Devil may just kill them.

Yiore, was my first love, and in many ways my end. Through Yiore I got Devil... and Yiore was the first creature Devil ever took from me.
Fell, my only son, hates me... and because of this hatred I never see him... and in many ways I know this is the best thing for him.

My second love, is now just a Memory... She fell into a promise, and twisted herself demonic.

My third love, Akela, helped me feel the closest to myself that I have since Devil chose to imprison me. She was priestest-- and I-- he killed her.

I long for companionship; however, history always seems to find a way to repeat itself.

Memories with others

Xee with Frost: Those were the only two words she needed to hear before the regret followed. I'm sorry. It was from Frost, poor Frost. Look what she had put him through. She was a savage beast herself, a tyrannt. She shouldn't have put him through this mess. It was just going to end up in flames. Her eyes closed and she fell to the ground in a heap, sadness beginning to fill through every vein inside her. "No, I'm sorry," she spoke quietly, mostly to herself.


This was a mistake they shouldn't have made. They knew better than to defend themselves. Of course, the leader would have thought this would just puncture the beast and then they could run out of here. But it wasn't so simple. No, the bullet did made an impact but then it made the beast stronger, more evil. They could tell by the transformation. No, they didn't even begin to run yet. The command made by Frost had surprised them, just as it had Xee the first time she heard it. A gentle voice telling them to save themselves. Instead of looking for this creature, the humans decided to listen to it and were beginning to run in the opposite direction.

The opening, there it was! Where they had entered and where they were about to leave. One human had made it up the climb to the hole, seeing the light that was before him but then something dreadful happened. The rock rolled back into its place. Like magic. And the humans head smashed beneath it. One of them was already gone. The last few humans turned around in horror, looking at the culprit. This creature, he was magical. He was more than that. He was like a wait, he was like a devil. Everything along his coat came to life. The flames jumped out toward the humans and large fangs jutted down from his upper mouth, the longest they had ever seen. This was no beast. This was a monster.

Eyes wide and mouths open, the humans stared in awe at the now even more terrible devil before them. They dared not speak, they dared not run and they dared not defend themselves. They were ready for death.

Frost with Xee: Bullets. Something the beast had encountered once before. Something he did not want to remember, but he did. Frost watched as the human lifted the rifle and shot out of pure terror.

What did the humans know? All they wanted to do was protect themselves. They didn't know. They didn't know the consequence of firing that rifle; but Frost knew. He felt it all, all at once. The feeling of the shattered shotgun shell spreading with pellets into his chest, just missing his heart and impaling into his lungs. His large form fell to the cave floor with immense pain. He could bare it though. This pain was nothing compared to what Devil did to him. This was nothing compared to what Devil was doing now.

Devil was purely fuelled at this point. Devil fought to come out now, determined to protect his host's body, determined to keep Frost's body alive so that he may continue to torture the lamenting soul. Frost knew what was coming now. There was no way of avoiding it. At least Xee was safe. At least Xee was safe.

Closing his eyes hard Frost said two things in his own voice before he lost control of his body. The first thing that he said past into jut the humans' minds, "Run, you fools."
The second thing he said went to both Xee and the humans, "I'm sorry."

And just like that it was over. Frost stopped fighting, and succumbed to the pain. Devil was now taking over. It all seemed to happen at the same time. The flame-etchings upon the beasts paws and ears vanished, and instead his fur was all completely jet-black. And in place of the fake flame etchings on his paws, real flames exploded into life. Flickering upon the paws of the beast, like some sort of dark magic, lighting the whole cave. Next two long and thick teeth seemed to spurt from his mouth. Growing much too quickly and protruding through the bottom jaw of the beast, causing blood to continuously drop from the two new gaping holes.

Blood red eyes opened again, now, somehow more menacing than before. Their focus was purely upon the humans as a loud echoing sound could be heard from the tunnel above; the sound of a very large boulder rolling back into place and blocking off the exit.

Xee to Frost: Magic. It wasn't real, or at least that's what Xee believed. But here it was endless, snaking its way into every corner and empty space. It was his voice that woke her from her trance and it was the magic that kept her conscious for the next minute. Her vision had just cleared to be able to see the cave-like wall turn into an icy state. And then it disappeared. What was left was another opening, a secret area.

She was beginning to think that this was all just a dream. There was no such thing as magic. But would that mean that Devil and Frost weren't real either? She was beginning to think so. At least this dream was magical and amazing; she didn't want to end.

Her eyes quickly laid upon the entrance to the area. It was extremely inviting, it would be enough to satisfy her and keep her mind away from the supposed "dream humans". Crawling through to the other side, she was met with a pond below and a gaping hole above. She wasn't too worried about the hole, the pond was much more interesting to her, as well as the grass that seemed to grow next to it.

Instantly, she darted toward the pond beginning to lap up the oddly fresh water. It was surprising to find out that it was both cold and extremely clean, as if it was untouched by dirt and sediment. This dream was more than she could ask for.

Frost to Xee: Blood red gaze watched Xee closely as she flinched at the vicious tones that emptied from his mouth; furthermore, his keen ears listened carefully to the sound of her gentle heartbeat sputter with fear at his appearance and his voice. No matter how many years he had bore Devil and seen the malicious acts that he had done, no matter how much pain Frost had endured through Devil, and no matter how many years passed of watching others shutter in fear at his presence, Frost still felt the weight of guilt, loneliness, and utter sorrow towards every facet that Devil had over his life.

This very sincere moment of true responses and true concern inspired Frost to speak. His voice now fluttering into Xee's head with his actual gentle tones, "About a year ago a dear friend of mine gave me a gift. She was not intending upon doing so, but she did." He paused for a moment, obviously the thought of this friend brought sadness, "she was priestess, and prided herself on her powers… because with her powers, she would help others. She fought demons and saved others. She performed many exorcisms in her life and was set upon helping me.".

It was odd to even consider that this tender voice was coming from the beast, and even odder to accept that the voice was breaking up with sadness. "I told her that she couldn't possibly help me, but Akela was.. Akela was determined…" the voice chuckled with sadness, yet happiness at her memory, "She performed the exorcism and with it she allowed me to feel as close to myself as I have in almost a century.".

The magical flames in the center of the cave flickered gently, and dimmed slightly as though to feed the beast's desire for less light. "There was a moment, before Devil came out and killed her, where we were together in my mind. Where Devil couldn't go. Where she saw me, as what I used to be. As what I looked like before Devil took over me. She made the world beautiful in my mind. She created beautiful scenery in my darkness. She gave me my voice… and then, Devil took over." .

The feeling in his stomach twirled, like a hurricane of pain. He could hear Devil inside of him, mocking his sorrow. Mocking his weakness to emotion. "He took over me more than I ever believed possible. These stupid horns grew through my head. I didn't have them until then. I felt them rip through my skull, and I couldn't do anything. I couldn't even stall Devil before he killed her.".

Silence again, as though he was paying this deceased priestess respect. His voice started again, soft in her head, "it is because of her that I can speak to you, in my own voice, telepathically. It is also because of her that I can enter other's dreams as myself. My true form… and I am so grateful for this gift," he inhaled deeply, "but I would give it back if it meant I could have her company again."

Xee to Frost: Her eyes focused to the light emitted by the fire and she was thankful that she could see more that was around her instead of just outlines of objects. But as her eyes lifted to the figure that entered after her, she wasn't so sure whether it would be better to just not be able to see the monster at all. By just hearing the soothing voice in her mind she could imagine a lupe slightly larger than her with a gentle face but everytime she opened her eyes, she saw a gigantic, meanincing beast.

. "Yes, of course I'm alright," she said softly, flinching at the voice that replaced the one she cherished. But the flinch could merely have been from her body veering too close to the flames. "Are you alright?" she asked which was quite a stupid question to state. How could he be alright?

Frost to Xee: Silence. He did not reply for a few moments. It was as though he was in deep thought. The forest, though he talked of it as his haven, really acted as his prison. A place where he purposely trapped himself to protect others from Devil; however, in doing so he also caused himself misery. Loneliness.

Time to only think. Time to only have Devil inside torturing him.
. "An old friend of mine," he replied. His vicious voice now took on a sorrowful tone, "taught me to believe in fate..." His eyes closed for a moment as he thought of the priestess that once was a part of his life, "and just as I was fated to carry the burden of Devil, I believe you were fated to come into this forest.

Devil to Xee:["Foolish questions" he said simply as the flames that were etched up each of his paws sprung into life. Flickering and causing more light to spread into the darkness. Each of his paws were engulfed in the flame, yet he didn't seem to be in pain.

Something inside him felt the pain though. Frost knew better than to sleep, but he mortal. He needed to; however, the feeling of his paws searing from the flames that Devil had caused to come to life made him feel like he was burning alive. A yelp of pain echoed through the mind of the beast, the vessel, but it could not be heard out loud. However, this sound caused Devil to feel the need to rush.

With Frost awake, it would only be moments before he tried to stop him. Vicious blood red eyes stayed locked upon the small lupess as blood started to gush from his mouth. It was not random, however, for two long and thick fangs and broken through his bottom jaw which conveniently fit perfectly through two holes upon his bottom jaw. Again he did not feel the pain of this happening, instead Frost did.

He paused, looming over him. The flames flickering at his paws were barely an inch away from the small lupess. "This is the part where you run away.".

He listened as her heart sped, her eyes showed immense fear-- but also, such will. Such will to live. He loved it when his prey had that certain glint in their eyes. Made the kill that much more enjoyable.

The small bits of grass around his paws caught on fire and began to burn away to nothing.

Suddenly, a cooling and gentle voice entered into the small lupess' mind. Instead of pounding pain like when the other voice had come, there were only gentle vibrations. "Don't... run. It only excites him..." The voice, despite its kind tones, was obviously in struggling pain.

Xee to Devil: She felt like she was trapped now, she had stopped walking quite a while ago. It seemed darker in this area, more abandoned. At this instant she regretted her idea to go "explore". She wanted to go back, she wanted to run away. But she couldn't. Her legs wouldn't move. They were numb and she felt like she had lost them. It was then when she realized that she was in a great amount of trouble. There was no injured animal here, it was a trap. She could tell. But it was too late.

The word started out soft at first but then became louder. It was now ringing through her mind, richocheting off every part of her brain. Her head throbbing and it truly scared her completely. She nearly jumped out of her fur, literally bouncing four feet in the air. This inoculating word didn't come from a voice, it just appeared in her mind. Telepathically, almost. It was terrifying.

Wh...wh...who are you?" she stuttered quietly. A small growl escaped from her lips in the process, quite an opposite reaction from her demeanor at the moment.

Devil to Xee: A vicious smile spread across his muzzle instantly. Not that she could see it. Pitty, she would probably soil herself if she could. So he would allow her to. Why not? It would only increase the moment's intensity in his eyes.
It was a few moments before the tint of red light had filled the area, allowing the lupess to see the giant. The light was coming from the beast's eyes, apparently by magic they had begun to glow. With the glow, uncovered the darkness in which the male seemed to hide in. He was a beast, large and shaggy. With the dim light his massive form was revealed.
Standing almost 6 feet tall while on all fours, the thick male glared down at the lupess with a wide vicious grin upon his face. Two kau-like horns protruded from his skull like that of antlers and an odd off-white marking seemed to be stamped upon his black fur on his left bicep.

His eyes showed no reflection. No soul. No white. Just blood red irises in a pool of darkness. "Who?" his vicious tones now rang out into the night air, as opposed to her head, "most would ask 'What'." He chuckled, viciously timing each of his words. "My real name can not be said in your tongue. Thus I adapted the name of 'Devil', for most can understand the darkness of the title..."

Inching forward, the beast's gigantic form seemed to hover above the small lupess, "And who are you?" Thick tongue slid across his teeth. He enjoyed listening to her pounding heart. The fear.. almost served as an appetizer.

Devil to Akela: Intelligence, ahh the joy. By watching her movements, every careful movement. She knew he was around, and she wasn't going to put herself into danger. This would make the hunt much more exciting. Oh, but every hunt this beast made was exciting, for he wasn't a normal hunter. He knew she couldn't hear him, or see him, but for sure she could smell him... and that is what was going to lead her to him. Surely curiosity would rule out fear, that is what usually happened to the intelligent creatures. They would wish to save whichever creature that the blood stench was coming from, surely something was dying. Heroes, some of the funnest creatures to kill.

Akela to Frost:As unfortunate as it is and as sorry I am for your losses, I gather you were meant to bear him,' she said gently. 'You have a chance to battle with him when others could not, and you may be the only one yet to be able to battle a harbored demon so powerful as he.' She dipped her head subtly to him and continued, 'You are to be commended for such selfless actions. I only wish I could help you more, and just the same, I feel I cannot leave you to your fate regardless of how little I may be of use.'
For once in her life, the Miko had to admit that she might actually be of no real use against a demon. Still, she could not ignore the situation. She could not turn her head aside and continue her duties elsewhere, pretending such a demon never existed to her.

Akela about Frost: Frost is a selfless Lupine with a very unfortunate burden. Though our meeting may not have been the friendliest of sorts, it is understandable as to why it was not. Frost, you see, is possessed by a rare and powerful demon named Devil. Two souls reside within the same body, ever fighting for central corporeal control. I am rueful to admit that I can do little to help Frost's situation, for Devil has now become a very powerful being and has latched onto Frost's soul. Devil can only leave his vessel if Frost dies, and then Devil would continue on killing by a new host. Frost hopes to lessen Devil's killings by staying alive and fighting this inner battle indefinitely.

What part can I possibly wish to have in such a fix? Certainly, I realize now that this is Frost's battle alone, but my very intuition commands me to stay and do whatever I can to aid him. This I cannot refuse.


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