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Well hello there jupitersaturn. I'm _CleopatrasCat_, the Darigan Aisha. Welcome to my Quest Help page. If I look familiar, it's probably because my page has been here almost 10 years now. Not much has changed, but anything that has, is fully updated here.

If you have any tips you'd like to share, or find any incorrect information, please neomail my owner. You're also welcome to neomail with any questions you have. If she has an answer, she'll reply.

If you're needing immediate assistance on a quest, please visit the Quest Help Board and post a new topic. Most times there are helpers available 24/7 to answer questions there. If you haven't been answered yet, please don't bump your topic. Helpers look for boards with "0" replies to answer first, and sometimes you may get overlooked that way. Just be patient. =)

Uber-Faerie Quests:

Once in awhile you're lucky enough to be graced by a special Faerie appearing on your screen to ask you for an item. If this happens, don't fret! This is usually a good thing. In most cases, the item is inexpensive and in return the special Faerie will reward your pet by raising it's stats. If you think battling your pets is inhumane, you may have absolutely no interest in most Uber-Faerie quests. For those who are BD'ers or just want to be able to knock around a few villains though, this is a really cheap way to train. Here's a breakdown of the who's who in Uber-Faeries.

Fire Faerie: In exchange for a clothing item, she will increase your pets Strength 2 points.

Light Faerie: In exchange for a collectable card, she will raise your pet one Level.

Earth Faerie: For years, most considered this faerie to not be worth it. However, she no longer only feeds your pet. Now she'll raise one of your stats by 2.

Air Faerie: In exchange for a grooming product, she will increase your pets Movement 2 points.

Dark Faerie: In exchange for a toy, she will give your pet 2 more Hit Points.

Water Faerie: In exchange for a book, she will increase your pets Defence 2 points.

Faerie Queen: On very rare occasions you may get a quest for the Faerie Queen, hers can be quite expensive and you can generally gauge her reward by how many codestones/dubloons it would take to increase your pets stats. As a reward she will make one of your pets "super strong" which will raise your pet one Level, three Hit Points & three Strength. In example; _CleopatrasCat_ is level 152. It costs 7 codestones to train her one stat. A cheap quest here saves me 49 codestones and literally days of training. If it's inexpensive, her quest should DEFINITELY be worth it. If not, you may want to decline.

Space Faerie: Her quests are also very rare, she can ask for practically anything above rarity 90. In return, she'll increase one of your pets 4 levels! If the item she asks for is inexpensive and you need levels, definitely go for it.

Battle Faerie: In exchange for an item with a rarity of 83-89, she will increase your pets Health, Defence & Strength by 2 points each.

Fountain Faerie: The rarest of all uber faeries is this one, and she has the greatest rewards some would say. She can also ask for just about anything between rarity 94-97. As a very special reward she'll allow one pet to be bathed in the Rainbow Fountain. You'll be allowed to choose which pet and have it painted almost any available colour for that species. If you're wanting that expensive paint job (i.e. Faerie, Pirate, Zombie, Maraquan, Darigan, Plushie, Grey or any of those flavorful Chias..) and can't afford it, this may very well be a great deal for you. To decide on the perfect new look for your pet, you may want to consult with the Rainbow Pool. Note: Unfortunately the Fountain Faerie will not paint any pets Robot, Royal, Ice, Sponge, Usuki, 8-bit or MSP. *sigh*

Crafting Faerie: This is a special Faerie and does NOT raise stats. In exchange for 2 NC items, she'll make you a special wearable. This quest costs Neocash (that's real money) NOT Neopoints, so if you don't spend money on the game or dress up your pets, you may be completely uninterested. When you receive the quest, she'll tell you which items you need. If you're not sure what your reward will be, it'd be a good idea to consult with a Guide listing possible rewards.

On Uber-Faerie quests, you can't use the Shop Wizard! But if you come by the Quests board (follow the Chat link) and nicely post the item you need, there's almost always someone online who will direct you to a shop so you can purchase it and finish your quest quickly.

Once you purchase the item, go back to the Quests Home (in Faerie City) to give it to the Faerie. Your active pet will be the one blessed by the Faerie, so be sure to have your Battle pet active.

There's no penalty for declining these quests ever. (In previous years, there was a 10 minute wait, but now that is gone.) Just be sure to actually decline them or you won't get another one and won't be able to use your Shop Wizard.

WARNING: Some "helpers" will ask you to neomail them, offer on a trade or buy the item from their shop. Though sometimes their intentions are good, this IS a common way people attempt to scam questers by overcharging. It's really best to post on the board (whether you create your own topic or one a helper created) and ask for a shop wizard lookup. The regular helpers aren't there to create a profit off of you, they're just there to help! You don't need to reward anyone for help. If anyone asks for an item or a contest vote in exchange for help, you should immediately report this to theneopetsteam. Just click "report message" by the offending post on the Neoboards and the same if it's in a Neomail.

A Faerie Quest Fortune Cookie can be found in the NC Mall. They cost 100 NC, which equals $1 US Dollars. Once you open this, you can go straight to the Quests Home in Faerie City and start a quest. You'll be able to do 1 each day until it expires; 7 days. The same "rules" apply with these quests. You'll need to get a Shop Wizard lookup for your item and your active pet will receive the blessing. Fortune Cookies have a limited availability, so you may need to check the Mall multiple times before finding this one on sale.

Other Quests:

Okay so now you're not on an Uber Faerie and they're just taking way too long to give you a new quest? There are many places through out Neopia to get Quests that you can do at any time. To keep the mass hysteria down to a minimum though, you may choose to follow these simple guidelines:

1. You can use the Shop Wizard! Be sure to spell items correctly, using correct punctuation & choose "identical to my phrase" from the drop down list on the Shop Wizard. Also, hit your F5 key to refresh your page for more results. You may find it even cheaper this way!

2. Don't spend more than you can afford to lose! There's no guarantee on these rewards and they may ask you for expensive items. Rule of thumb: If you can't afford it, don't buy it!

3. Check prices of all items before purchasing! You may otherwise get stuck with items you don't need after realizing some are way too expensive.

4. Don't BEG! According to this Editorial, it's against Neopets rules to beg or ask for donations. Furthermore, the reason why someone else has more Neopoints than you, is probably because they didn't spend on things they knew wouldn't create a profit.

5. You can only do 10 of these Quests per Day! Sometimes this is a non-issue given the cost of some of the quests. But it is a good thing to keep in mind. (Illusen, Jhudora & the Uber faeries are not included in the 10 per day limit.)

Okay now that we've gone over the basics, I'll be more in-depth. These are by no means guaranteed but.. a first hand account on what my experiences have been or others that I have talked to.

Snow Faerie Quests: (Located in Terror Mountain)
Asks For: Magic or Chocolate items
Rewards: an item (food, toy, bd, or magic), NP's and a snowball
Worth: Usually between 2-3k.
Side Notes: Rare, but possible rewards given out by Taelia...
Taelia's Tips, Taelia Statue, Taelia Negg, & Taelia Usuki.

Kitchen Quests: (Located on Mystery Island)
Asks For: Food (any kind)
Rewards: Either an item (food, toy, petpet), Neopoints or sometimes raises a pets stat.
Worth: If it's an item, on average it can be worth anywhere from 1k-10k. You never know. If it's Neopoints, usually a lot less. Sometimes under 1k. If you regularly train your pet, this can definitely be worth it. Unfortunately, there's only about a 33% chance of a stat increase in my experiences and the stat does not necessarily go to your active pet, like Uber Faeries do.

Witch's Tower: (Located in The Haunted Woods)
Asks For: Toys or Grooming Items
Rewards: Spooky Food and NP's
Worth: Usually between 500NP's and 1k.
Side Notes: You can also get an avatar from doing her quests, though this is entirely random.

The Esophagor: (Located in The Haunted Woods)
Asks For: Spooky Foods
Rewards: Practically any kind of item.
Worth: Usually 1k and up.

Brain Tree: (Located in The Haunted Woods)
Asks For: you may see something similar to this "Howard Pteria died a long time ago, and I need to know where, and when, for my records. You must go and find this information out. Return to me within 0 hours and 50 mins, and I shall give you a prize."
How to Solve: The ONLY way to answer Brain Tree quests is to do 2 Esophagor quests. Each time you feed him, he'll give you one answer. These answers are random, they change every time so you're the only one who can get the answer. If the items Esophagor wants is expensive, allow the quest to time out and try again later. As a general rule, try not to spend over 1k on each Esophagor feeding, even then your reward could very well not be worth it in the end.
Rewards: Item (Spooky or BD) and NP's
Worth: Usually between 2-3k, sometimes can be way less, very rarely much more.
Side Notes: The Brain Tree has now been limited to only 1 per day.

Illusen's Glade:
(Located in Meridell)

Basics: There are 50 levels in all for Illusen, once you complete level 1, you move on to the next and so on. You're given about 16 minutes to complete each level, if you fail, you must start back over at level 1. You can attempt another level every 12 hours.
Asks For: This can range greatly. Anywhere from a cheap junk item costing 1np to an extremely rare item costing hundreds of thousands of NP's. Anywhere after level 20 she can start asking for unbuyables, usually you're not asked for any until level 30 or so.
Rewards: You generally get a reward about every 3 levels, you will find that none of these rewards will be anywhere close to what you paid until about level 35, so this is a huge gamble and you must be patient. You can find a list of rewards on many fan sites, just go to a search engine and look.
Recommendations: If you're new, don't do these quests. Once you get into higher levels you will more than likely fail and get nothing in return worth what you have paid out. Do these quests ONLY if you have the NP's to spare. You can almost just as easily buy the rewards off of the shop wiz cheaper than going through the quests.

Side Notes: Recently, Illusen has been asking for new Neohome items. Ones that can't be bought or sold in regular user shops. It's actually EASIER to find these items, you just need to know where to look! Just check the Neohomes NP SuperStore and buy the item she asks for. You can buy these with NP, no NC cash is required. If you don't see the item, simply refresh the page (occasionally takes a few refreshes). You will be able to buy the item and it's actually all quite cheap. Spiffy, eh?

Since the items she asks for vary so much, just to give some examples I've documented what she asked me for on each level on my recent quests for her.

(Quests from September 2008)

Level 1 - Cheese - 335 NP
Level 2 - Basic Orange Floor Tiles - 520 NP
Level 3 - Simple Blue Rug - 210 NP
Level 4 - Simple Green Rug - 231 NP
Level 5 - Simple Blue Table - 537 NP
Level 6 - Orange Chicken - 17 NP
Level 7 - Sausage and Cheese Roll - 137 NP
Level 8 - The Art of Cybunnies - 850 NP
Level 9 - Cookie Jar - 400 NP
Level 10 - Beautiful Golden Ring - 195 NP
Level 11 - Island Mystic - 600 NP
Level 12 - Classic Dining Table - 1500 NP
Level 13 - Thornberry Java with Cream - 340 NP
Level 14 - Pteri Ball - 1700 NP
Level 15 - The Mover - 900 NP
Level 16 - Grape Jam Hot Dog - 800 NP
Level 17 - Black Cherry Sundae - 999 NP
Level 18 - Chocolate Cybunny Paw - 2280 NP
Level 19 - Chia Cereal - 5700 NP
Level 20 - The Book of Ice - 1444 NP
Level 21 - Jug of Fresh Phearade - 100 NP
Level 22 - Vanilla Bruce Muffin - 8322 NP
Level 23 - Plain Snowbunny Loaf - 7919 NP
Level 24 - Fancy Desert Headdress - 29000 NP
Level 25 - Hazelnut Mince Pie - 4600 NP
Level 26 - Peophin Toothbrush - 3900 NP
Level 27 - Rice Dice - 499 NP
Level 28 - Ogrin Survivor - 50 NP
Level 29 - Earth Faerie Hair Clip - 14700 NP
Level 30 - Hanging Fruit Basket - 8780 NP
Level 31 - Snow Gazebo - 23000 NP
Level 32 - Bazatlan - 4095 NP
Level 33 - Darigan Cybunny Fluffball - 6275 NP
Level 34 - Darigan Aisha Action Figure - 210000 NP
Level 35 - Green Shoyru Morphing Potion - 450000 NP

(By level 30, I was in 13th place on the High Scores List without actually even trying. That's an easy Bronze Trophy!)

(Quests from August 2004)
Level 1 - Small Rasmelon Smoothie - pd. 500 NP
Level 2 - Apple Juice - pd. 100 NP
Level 3 - Clay Vase - pd. 1000 NP
Level 4 - Vegetable Deluxe - pd. 650 NP
Level 5 - Green Doughnut - pd. 200 NP
Level 6 - Plantmelon - pd. 340 NP
Level 7 - Sky Blue Eyeshadow - pd. 60 NP
Level 8 - Denim Coveralls - pd. 750 NP
Level 9 - All About Light Faeries - pd. 1700 NP
Level 10 - Har Codestone - pd. 4900 NP
Level 11 - Almost Gummy Rat (Strawberry) - pd. 49 NP
Level 12 - Choras Tillie - pd. 700 NP
Level 13 - Jingly Bell - pd. 200 NP
Level 14 - Grackle Bug Stamp - pd. 590 NP
Level 15 - Pickled Leeches - pd. 3 NP
Level 16 - Yellow Fuzzle - pd. 1500 NP
Level 17 - Mint Chocolate Wocky - pd. 5200 NP
Level 18 - Sproing - pd. 3000 NP
Level 19 - Extreme Ixi - pd. 3699 NP
Level 20 - Geometry Level 2 - pd. 5800 NP
Level 21 - Extra Meaty Sandwich - pd. 5000 NP
Level 22 - Blumaroo Pancakes - pd. 11500 NP
Level 23 - Glowleaf Melon - pd. 1000 NP
Level 24 - Sword Pencil - pd. 1000 NP
Level 25 - Orange Rambus - pd. 1200 NP
Level 26 - M*ynci Fan Book - pd. 5600 NP
Level 27 - Rohanes Mother - pd. 28440 NP
Level 28 - Lemon Kougra Cake - pd. 1000 NP
Level 29 - Fire Goldy Bath Toy - pd. 49990 NP
Level 30 - Brilliant Bubble Cream - pd. 3250 NP
Level 31 - Jhudora Snowglobe - pd. 46000 NP
Level 32 - Mynci Suit - pd. 29995 NP
Level 33 - Hot Tyrannian Pepper - pd. 3375 NP
Level 34 - Starry Scorchipepper - pd. 4250 NP
Level 35 - Usuki Defender (r99) only 1 in trades -- FAILED :( --

Jhudorah's Cloud
(Located in Faerieland)

Hers are very much like Illusen's only gives out different rewards. An added note, you can't do both of their quests. Example: If you do a Jhudora quest, you must wait 12 hours before Illusen will give you another quest, then after that wait another 12 hours before Jhudora will give you another one.
Side Notes: There are now avatars for Jhudora and Illusen quests. After completing level 20, you will be able to use them on the NeoBoards. (These are 2 seperate avatars so you will have to do BOTH of their quests past level 20 to get them.)

Examples of the items Jhudora asked me for on my last little trek through her territory.

(Quests from October 2008)

Level 1 - Simple Purple Table - 470 NP
Level 2 - Fried Egg - 233 NP
Level 3 - Simple Red Side Table - 300 NP
Level 4 = Organic Mushroom - 61 NP
Level 5 - The Kreludan Flag - 590 NP
Level 6 - Rolling Chair - 500 NP
Level 7 - Basic Shovel - 70 NP
Level 8 - Gruel Cake - 5 NP
Level 9 - Ocularimplant - 609 NP
Level 10 - Sand Grapes - 1 NP
Level 11 - Improved Lightning Beam - 799 NP
Level 12 - Hubert the Hot Dog Salesman - 1375 NP
Level 13 - Voidberry Faerie Bubble - 450 NP
Level 14 - Plate of Grunion Fruit Biscuits - 4400 NP
Level 15 - Chocolate Moehog Tower Cake - 1100 NP
Level 16 - Strawberry Cream Cybunny Paw - 6400 NP
Level 17 - Sauce Drenched Pizza - 300 NP
Level 18 - Plushie Skeith Socks - 394 NP
Level 19 - I Love My Mutant Symol Shirt - 160 NP
Level 20 - Faerie Peophin Plushie - 17499 NP
Level 21 - Darigan Peophine Plushie - 489 NP
Level 22 - King Hagan - 185 NP
Level 23 - Slorg Play Pen - 26999 NP
Level 24 - Earth Faerie Usuki Doll - Failed!

(Quests from September 2004.)
Level 1 - Small Splime Smoothie - pd. 579NP
Level 2 - Large Splime Smoothie - pd. 460NP
Level 3 - Pumpkin cookies - pd. 88NP
Level 4 - Plastic Butter Knife - pd. 3NP
Level 5 - Yellow Frost Cannon - pd. 428NP
Level 6 - Hot Worm Hot Dog - pd. 3NP
Level 7 - Kaubuggle Mocha - pd. 175NP
Level 8 - The Great Chomby - pd. 585NP
Level 9 - Pebeanjay Flowers - pd. 324NP
Level 10 - Jewelled Peophin Mask - pd. 90NP
Level 11 - Reject Techo Toy - pd. 350NP
Level 12 - Basic Rubber Axe - pd. 99NP
Level 13 - Usuki Dream Stove - pd. 150NP
Level 14 - Plastic Sword - pd. 1399NP
Level 15 - Pressurised Water - pd. 1990NP
Level 16 - Rainbow Elephante Lolly - pd. 6000NP
Level 17 - The Techo Cookbook - pd. 900NP
Level 18 - Artistic Usuki Doll - pd. 5555NP
Level 19 - Potato Counter Usuki - pd. 590NP
Level 20 - Purple Zafara Plushie - pd. 8000NP
Level 21 - Fruity Brucicle - pd. 13500NP
Level 22 - Stuffed Olive Salad - pd. 2700NP
Level 23 - Jelly Bean Pizza - pd. 20000NP
Level 24 - Staff of the Earth Faerie - pd. 5800NP
Level 25 - Blue Scorchstone - FAILED - *tear*


Can you get Trophies from Quests? You sure can! There are 3 Quests that give out trophies.

Brain Tree Quest:

Getting a trophy here is utterly random. Since you're now limited to only doing 1 quest per day for him, you only have one chance to try to get a high score. As previously stated in my guide, the rewards are random but are *usually* around 2-3k. Your "high score" is the amount of NP's you are awarded upon completing the quest. It doesn't matter what item you got, just the Neopoint reward. If you want a trophy, do a quest for him everyday. Just remember it's random.

Tips: The scores are reset on the 1st day of every month. If at all possible, try then! The high scores will be much lower. Also, ACCEPT The Esophagor quest FIRST. See if it's cheap. If it is, go accept the Brain Tree's quest before you turn the item(s) in. That way you atleast know one quest is inexpensive, just cross your fingers that the 2nd one is too. If the first quest is expensive, let it time out. Go back and try it again later. There's no penalty and if you didn't accept the Brain Tree quest already, you'll still be able to try again later and attempt getting that high score.

Jhudora's Cloud and Illusen's Glade:

These can both be attained the same way. They're ultra easy, you just need to be dedicated to do it. As stated previously, the high scores are reset on the 1st day of each month. Choose a time when you will be able to be on every 12 hours. The scores are reset around 12:15am NST on the 1st of the month. You can just keep checking the high scores around that time to see if the scores are lower. You also need to decide which trophy you plan to try for. Only try for one a month. You can do their quests every 12 hours, but NOT AT THE SAME TIME! If you do one for Jhudora, you have to wait 12 hours to do one for Illusen. In order to get on the high scores list, you'll need to be doing 2 quests per day for the same faerie.

Tips: Before the first of the month, go to either Illusen or Jhudora and make sure they're ready to accept a quest from you. When you accept your first quest after the reset, have a window open to the quest page, one open to the Shop Wizard and another open to the Neohomes NP Superstore. At lower levels, they sometimes ask for the new Neohome items. Wall Paints and Floor Tiles are non-tradeable, you won't be able to buy them from the Shop Wizard. The Superstore is always stocked, if you don't see your item at first either refresh the page or click on "more" by the type of item you need for your quest and buy it there.

The maximum amount of points for each level is 2000. (this is what shows up in the high scores list) For every second you take to turn in your quest, it takes so many points from that 2000. So grab the item from Shop Wizard or Superstore as fast as you can and turn it in. If you have a bad memory, write down what time you completed the quest! Try to get as close to every 12 hours as humanly possible. Also keep in mind that trophies are rewarded every night at 11:50 NST. You must have your scores in before then. For every level you do, you gain more points.

Other Notes: It's best to start out at level 1. You CAN start at any level, but you may not get the trophy the first night. It could be a few days to a couple of weeks following this guide. Lower levels ask for cheaper items. You want to be able to do these quests quick and easy. Later levels ask for unbuyables, it'll take alot of points from your score when it takes awhile to obtain the item. (Not to mention you also risk failing.)

If you happen to miss a quest, take the next as soon as possible. Don't panic, this is just the easiest way to get one FAST. After a week or so, people that already got their trophy tend to get bored of keeping up. It gets easier to get back into high score range.

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