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I'm sarting a pack, the Night Shadows Pack.

Puppy Adoptables!!!
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Demon :"Akuma" |

| Name: AkumaTenshi

Angel :"Tenshi" |
| Age: 19 years old
Black, Grey and White :Colors |
| Mother: Lolli
| Father: Nillo
Well, let me tell you something about me, I am a half angel and half demon lupe, the angel part came from my mom, Lolli, she is acctually an angel, and the demon part came from my dad, Nillo, he is not a demon but, I don't really know why, he passed throught experiences, and genetically, he is like a demon...
This dark crystal I have, my mom gave it to me, she said something about powers or whatever, someday I'll understand. Anyway, she told me to never let go of it so, it is always with me.


I have a petpet... his name is Panda the Faellie... he is my best friend... I love to play with him...
click here to see panda's page...
(he has faellie adoptables!!!!)


Lolli is my mother, she is an angel.
I love her very very much.
She is the one who takes care of me, cause dad is never around.

Nillo is my father.
I don't know him very well, he's never around, mom says that he loves me, and he would like to be with me, but he just can't.
Anyway, I think I love him too, he is my father...

Kalish is my little brother.
he is a baby, but is growing up fast.
he's always with me, cause dad is never around, and mom is always busy, so I am the one who tooks care of him.

description coming soon

Love you ask?!?! Yes, I think I found love.
A little white Demon, the cutest demon I've ever seen.
So lovely, so beautiful...
When I'm around her my heart beats so fast, and I've never been happier before.

I love you more than I ever thought I would.