meraki (n) the soul, creativity, or love put into something; the essence of yourself that is put into your work

Welcome to Meraki, a CSS site by Tia (dancrbabix26). Meraki is dedicated provide you with simple and clean CSS for your user look ups and petpages.

Please read the rules before using any of the layouts. Take a look around, and hopefully you will find something you like!


1.14.17 Sorry for the delay, but there is finally a new layout option called portfolio style I made this one with a portfolio in mind, but you of course can use it for whatever you would like! On top of that, requests are still open. I don't have a request limit indefinitely, so I will do as many requests as I can.

12.11.16 Meraki's update is finished! New layout and all the petpage codes are fixed and should work better now! As always, let me know if this isn't the case for you and I will fix it. This also means that requests are now back open! I will be accepting 5 requests for the rest of this month! New content will be added through the rest of this month and January so check back soon!

11.27.10 In the midst of everything else, I started a new project with Jake. We opened a button request site called Solasta, check us out!

11.17.16 Requests are currently closed and will remain so until sometime in December. I am planning to do a huge revamp starting next week to clean up my layout codes and recoding them so that they're more functional, as well as a new layout for the site. So due to this, I won't be taking any requests until its finished. As always upgrades are always open and I will take small graphic requests (buttons, banners). Requests will open up again whenever I finish, but shooting for end of December (hopefully earlier!

10.09.16 A new month means that all 4 requests are open again! As always, I may add more depending on time/demand. We will see how the month goes. On another note, the triple border petpage wasn't working on macs for some reason, but it is fixed now. Please always let me know if you have any problem with any of the layouts!! I will always work with you to make sure the layouts are working properly, and this goes for requests as well as premades.


Please follow these rules if you are going to use anything from my site.

1. Always link back! Do not remove the credit from the layouts under any circu.mstances.
2. Feel free to edit the coding in anyway, but this does not make the layout yours. Please keep my credit on the page.
3. Don't claim any of these layouts as your own. I work really hard on all of my layouts, and do not appreciate people saying they made them.
4. I have a right to deny any requests if I feel that it will take too much time. Please do not beg me if I say no and just let it be. If I find I have time I will contact you again and see if you still need the layout.
6. If you see anyone breaking any of these rules please let me know. It would be most appreciated.


Drag and drop the image to see the full preview!


One text box that grows with your text with nav at top.

Purple Dreams



Night Sky

fixed title

Title & nav stay at the top of the page while the entire page scrolls. Individual text boxes will grow with what you type inside (do not scroll) No page anchors.

bright blue




nav border

Anchored with one scrolling text box and nav on the side. Max of 7 anchors/links.

orange lime

sweet pink

bright purple

blue blue blue

Scrolling boxes

Entire page will scroll while nav stays on the side. Page anchored. Boxes will grow as you write.

gray skies


sea green

deep purple

blocked title

Title & one text box. Page anchors with room for 8 links in the nav.

steel blue

earthy green

midnight purple


compact box

Text box with nav underneath & page anchors. There is room for 10 total links in the nav :) *Note: I redid this code, the old one fit 11 links, this one will only fit 10 without any adjustments.





double box

Two side by side scrolling boxes. Good for wishlists & trade lists, etc!


muted blue

muted green

muted purple

side bar

Side bar with text and nav. Nav has 8 links, room for more but not without adjusting the coding a bit ;)




grayish blue

triple border

Full page layout



dusty rose


whole page

Whole page layout with nav. Each section will grow with the amount of text you write.

light green


light purple

just peachy

portfolio style

This layout was made with a portfolio in mind. Plenty of room to add as many links and page anchors as you need.

sandy beach

night time


dreamy pink

look ups

Drag and drop the preview image into the address bar to see full size!


simple 1 box with nav. Shows shop, pets, & user info.

summer time


dusty purple

earthy blue

Compact- Color Block

All info in one block, shows User info, collections, shop & pets. Side bar for your text & nav.

blue skies

sleepy green

pinky pie

midnight purple

fixed header

Full page layout with header & nav fixed at the top. Shows all stats.

peachy keen

pinky pie

steel blue

purple power

side bar

Text and nav in the side bar. Shows all stats

rainy days

brown & red

earthy green

light pink


Tricolored background. Full page, shows all stats

under the sea

rusty green


summer time

double box

Shows everything. Side bar where your text goes along with a nav. Plenty of room to add your own links to the nav if you want!


berry smoothie

burnt orange

baby blue

Rounded Edge

One box shows everything all info IMPORTANT: For whatever reason the filters won't let me use "border-radius" in style tags on a petpage. If you use this code in the style tags you will see contentModuleHeader, .contentModuleHeaderAlt, h1. In that section I put XXXX you will need to change the x's to border-radius in order for the look up to work.

a day at the beach



summer sun


Not finding what you need? Let's solve that problem! There are two types of requests: regular & upgrades. Please continue reading before you place any requests!

An upgrade is a simple request where you are using one of the already made layouts on the page and want to change colors, font faces, add a custom made banner, background etc Absolutely no changes will be made to the actual coding. If you are looking for more text boxes, or any changes to the actual layout, you need to place a request. Note: You can upgrade more than one thing on a layout and it still be an upgrade, but if you want changes to the actual coding it is a request.

A request is when you are looking for something completely different from what is on the site. This could involve graphics, css, or whatever you need. However, less of these will be fulfilled each month.


Requests are open for the rest of December. I don't have a set amount of requests at the moment, so feel free to request! Check the waiting list to see the status of your request.

To place a request neomail Tia the following form. If you would like to see some examples of what I do, click examples in the nav bar.

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upgrades are always open

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