Welcome To the ISLAND!

Hello there! ~ My name is Zolque and I am a Maraquan Krawk. Once I was just a simple little wee petpet just like these other little wee Krawks, then one day I wandered into this Mysterious Cave...... It was such a hot hot day you know, and I had been swimming around for ages so I was really beat. I got down to rest a while and when I awoke I noticed this strange glowing aura around me! Holy Macaroni! I think its coming from underneath?! I moved a little closer and saw it was actually this smelly reddish-green fungus. I can't explain why, but I just reached up and tore off a piece of fungus and swallowed it whole. It tasted like chicken! ~ like chocolate and honey and marshmallows all rolled into one, so I ate a little more, and more, and more. Before I realized what was happening, I started to feel all tingly in meh belly and I began to morph. I grew taller, wider, and big ol' spikes appeared along my back and tail. I actually felt the POWA!


Temporal Influx

Once said to be the mightiest in all of the Neopia land, sky, and space,.. it was all an illusion in the end. Space and time were conflicting faster than the speed of light.


To be or not to be was not a question. It was the galaxy I define, not the reciprocal. Patched in time, covered by lies, and exposed with secrets have all led up to this!

Limitless Transformations

Near the brink of extinction.... They all thought wrong....

True Power

Unobtainable power matched with superb wit. In the wrong hands, or flippers in my case can be devastating. Luckily, forged with will and woe, fate always chooses destiny.


My Wish

Training to be the biggest, greatest, fastest, and strongest Krawk every day! Ask my Owner Jelly about getting me more books to read!~