Did you have a BAD DAY?

How bad was it?

It was that bad?

Wow, that's pretty bad.

Not a fun day.

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But wait. Just listen.

There were some other neopians who've had it worse.

Trust me.

You could have been attacked by aliens from outer space.

You could have dropped your egg in a race.

A horde of meepits could have swarmed around you.

You could have been as sticky as glue.

Your swimming pool could have turned green.

You could have skidded into a ravine.

You could have become extremely obsessed.

You could have been late to complete a quest.

You could be facing your biggest fear.

You could be trying to get out of here.

You could have forgotten to laugh at jokes.

You could have ended up as ashes and smoke.

Your boat could have landed ashore.

You could have been chased by a dinosaur.

You could have had to clean up this.

Your birthday gift could be amiss.

You could have been eaten alive.

You could have encountered a beehive.

You could have found an undead soul.

Or fallen through a symol hole.

You could have hit your head.

You could have woken on the wrong side of bed.

You could have been chased by a giant snowball.

You could have been the victim of a cabal.

You could be sicker than someone at sea.

You could have forgotten to bring your key.

You could have eaten something gross.

You could have lost what you loved most.

You could have become the walking dead.

You could have felt a lot of dread.

You could be going into debt.

Your sunny day could have turned wet.

You could have been as clumsy as I typically am.

You could have failed your final exam.

You could be the one they've chosen.

Your account could have gotten frozen.

Your pirate ship could have sunk.

You, as a person, could have shrunk.

You could have been hit by flying weapons.

You could have woken up with questions.

You could have had a surprise guest.

You could have been extremely stressed.

Your recipe could have come out wrong.

Sloth could have been ruling us all along...

You could have ended up after lunch a bit swollen.

Your cookie could have gotten stolen.

I hope you're smiling now, and didn't bawl,
Because your bad day isn't so bad after all.

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Wow! Look at all of the fan mail we've received!

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