Ho hum! I am glad you asked — Spook is a customization directory dedicated to spooky-painted pets and their stunning customizations. Why Spooky Pets? Why not?! Their creepy undertone in customizations is beautiful, yet endearing.

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January 25th3 pets added.

January 21st17 pets added. As usual, if I missed you re-submit (:

January 20th — 1 new affiliate: Dare to be Bare — A new directory I've created to celebrate outfit-less pets!

January 2nd — 1 new affiliate: Bad & Boujee.

December 26th3 pets added. HAPPY HOLIDAYS! 2 new affiliates: Haunted Ixi, Dead Designs.

December 1st17 pets added. 6 new affiliates: Ixi Registry, Ixi Gala, Ixi Playground, Zomutt Hills, Droolik Puddle , Drugal Gathering

November 9th12 pets added. As usual if I missed you, mail me again! In addition, I've chosen to add Stealthy and Shadow pets to Spook! They can be considered spooky, so hey - why not ;)


Your pet must be one of the following colours: Transparent, Zombie, Mutant, Halloween, Darigan, Ghost, Stealthy, Shadow or Wraith. Your pet does not have to be customized spooky as long as it's one of the above colours. Your pet must be wearing three+ wearables.

Keep in mind, not all pets will be accepted. First and foremost, this is a customization directory (not a pet directory). Pets that do gain acceptance typically have higher quality customizations.

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Make sure to read the requirements before form submission. If you are submitting multiple pets, please compile into one mail.

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Featured Pet

Gix the Transparent Skeith


There are 125 transparent pets. Aisha is the most popular species.


There are 56 zombie pets. Draik is the most popular species.


There are 56 halloween pets. Kacheek is the most popular species.


There are 29 ghost pets. Aisha is the most popular species.


There are 36 darigan pets. Draik is the most popular species.


There are 42 mutant pets. Draik is the most popular species.


There are 28 wraith pets. Draik is the most popular species.


There are 32 UC pets. Aisha is the most popular species.

Stealthy / Shadow

There are 10 stealthy and shadow pets. Draik is the most popular species.


Total Spooky Pets: 414

Directory Created: March 26th, 2014

Most Popular Species: Aisha

Most Popular Colour: Transparent


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