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Backgrounds provided by the creator of Whitespace for your usage and convenience.

Looking for resources, backgrounds and textures? Check out Aurora by Sunny!

Credit is not required when using the following resources. You may go as far as using these resources in your premades. Additionally, you may edit all resources for headers, buttons, etc.

While credit is not required, if you so happen to use the resources in your premades, it would be beneficial to link back so your users may swap out their images with ease.


A selection of colors and their hex value — You may used the following values to switch out colors of Whitespace layouts as well as other layouts you may be using.

Full Backgrounds

Full background resources are 2000 x 980 pixels. Replace your background url with one of the following. To use these as a complete background on any page, use the code in the black box.

Partial Backgrounds

Partial background resources are 1100 x 525 pixels. Locate #back within the style tags and replace the image url with your chosen one.

Tiled Patterns

Tiled pattern resources are a selection of my favorite patterns from Subtle Patterns. These can be used as backgrounds, headers, banners and on other various elements.