Zhekia the avenger

Zhekia The Avenger

Note: That Picture Up There Is Only Temporary Until I Draw A Cooler One Yeah

by the by, this petpage is a major wip

With a bone-cold glare
And a sneer on his lip,
He has a cannon by his side
And a cutlass in his grip.

With a thunderous blast
From his cannon's might,
He shivers the strong
And cripples their fight.

He takes what he's lost
And turns it to gold,
For He's crafty and shrewd
And He's fearless and bold.

-Alfred H. Lockamy

my identity isn't one to be known

Full Name: Zhekia Dethmere
Nickname: Zhe; Zhekuu
Species: Aisha
Color: Pirate
Gender: Female
Age: Late Teens/ Early-Mid Twenties
Birthday: September 17th
Status: Noblewoman
Relatives: Jandael-brother

Current Occupation: Pirate
Markings: Tattoo at the side of her waist
Born In: The Central Empire
Family Origins: Noble
Current Residence: The Atlantia -her ship
Petpet: -insert here-
Artifact: Fedora Feather
Gift: None

Height: 5,6
Physique: Toned.
Hair Color: Teal with Red Streaks
Hair Style: Relaxed. Somewhat wavy
Skin: Grey
Eye Color: Golden
Tattoo: Black

About Petpet

Name: Ashford
Nickname: Ash
Species: HUggy
Gender: Male
Personality: Snarky. Playful. Mischievious. Selfish.
Gift: None.

Likes & Dislikes

-Her Ship
-The Oceas
-Light Rain
-Her Hair
-Soft-Spoken People

-Super Harsh Weather
-Sultry Women
-Hot-Headed People
-People Who Expect Her To Comfort Them
-Waking Up Early
-Being The Cause Of A Death
-Her Seasickness
-Wasting Time
-People Who Refuse To Follow Orders
-Being Forced To Play The Flute


Stubborn & Independent:
Zhekuu is quite the hard-headed gal. While she hates when others don't follow orders, she herself refuses to do the same thing. Suppose you can call her some sort of hypocrite. Zhe has some sort of issue with doing things for herself as well.  She refuses any type of help from anyone unless it is completely necessary. (Though she does love ordering her assistant around to get her food and things). However, when it comes to issues that involve her work, she refuses to take ideas, suggestions, and assistance from anyone but herself. 

Superiority-Complex & Arrogant:
Zhe has some sort of issue with admitting she is lesser than any given being.  In her mind, she believes that she has wonderful potential and that she just has yet to reach it. During a fight, Zhekuu isn't one to back down even when she knows herself that the tables don't tip to her favor. Whenever she loses, she blames everyone and everything other than herself.  She has some sort of thing with always being right as well. With Zhekuu as your captain, you are always the loser. At least, in her point of view.  She dislikes arrogant people but overlooks the fact that she is herself. While she isn't vain in means of appearance, she isn't shy about her achievements. 

Ill-Mannered & Rude:
This Pirate has some sort of vibe that just doesn't seem approachable. She is quite snappy and says what's on her mind without remotely contemplating how it would affect the other person. There have been times when she has gained uneccessary enemies simply due to her mouth.  Her language isn't too nice on the ears either. More often then not, Zhekuu is a bad-mouth, ill-mannered woman who could care less about  what proper "etiquette" is. While she does keep her areas and herself tidy, her manners when it comes to social affairs are simply horrible.  One of her tendencies is to pick at her nails during a conversation and yawn right when another is telling an important story. 

Awkward & Seemingly Unfeeling:
Zhekuu isn't the sensitive type and doesn't really connect much to other's feelings. While she does care, it doesn't show very easily in her actions.  When she is confronted by a someone who is falling apart due to an emotional imbalance, Zhekuu simply doesn't know how to react. She doesn't know how to comfort others despite her feelings being top priority as a child. Because of this, many wrongly assume that the woman doesn't  own a heart. Or that if she does, it is has hard as stone and as cold as the poles. 

Materialistic & Selfish:
Zhekuu, to many, is the most selfish of the most selfish. Several times, she cares about nothing but her money and her jewels.  When the crew nabs a good loot, the Captain usually takes way more than half for herself. She doesn't usually spend the money but rather stashes it in a secret compartment somewhere. While she doesn't care much for clothes, her pride and joy are her two swords, gun, and dagger.  She doesn't let anyone touch them not even her assisstant. 

Misunderstood & Misjudged:
To those who have just met her, Zhekuu is an inconsiderate, ill-mannered, selfish, pompous, arrogant, narcisstic, stone-cold excuse for a human being.  While it isn't a secret that she isn't the most pure-hearted person out in the seas, deep down, Zhekuu isn't truly as harsh as others think.  She simply makes it seem that way on the surface. Her image for being "stone-cold" is  mostly due to her inability to emotionally connect with anyone. She simply doesn't know how to approach such situations. Zhekuu is vaguely aware of what others say about her and though she knows herself that it isn't true, she prefers it that way. In her mind, if others see her as that type of person, they won't see the  woman that lies underneath. 

Merciful & Guilty:
Even though she is a Pirate, Zhekuu is not fond of ending other's lives. Her choice to destroy her brother's murderer is one that  was made because for Zhekuu, the kller has crossed the line. One of the things that she despises is the klling of innocents.  Though at times she holds them for ransom and speaks of torturing them all high and mighty, she doesn't actually go through with her words.  Suppose you can say that when it comes to klling people, Zhekuu is all talk. She lies many times about the amount of people that she's klled, but in reality,  every person that she has ended were due to accidents or self-defense. Even when it was for her own protection, she never meaned to kll them.  Her concience eats her up more so than the average human being. Despite his attempts at taking advantage of her, Zhekuu still feels guilty for  Dallasony's death and beats herself up about it most of the time. This is the same for all the other people that died infront of her. 

Deep-Down.. Actually Considerate & Kind-Hearted:
When around someone that she truly, really cares for, Zhekuu does show, albeit not much, a bit of her kind-hearted side.  A few times before, she has sacrified her life for a single member of the crew without hesitation. When a crew-member is sick, the Captain orders all members to quickly head towards the nearest land mass to buy the proper medicine. Zhekuu then delays their journey until said  crew member has fully recovered. While Zhekuu is selfish when it comes to materialist things such as her jewelry and money, she  won't hesitate to give her life for another human being's. She values other's lives much more than her own. Many Pirates see this as a flaw becuase of her position.  As Captain, the crew should risk THEIR lives to save hers not the other way around. Zhekuu however, sees it a different way.  When praised for doing kind things, Zhekuu flushes and orders them to never speak of it again. It seems that she is embarassed of her  heroic deeds when actually, she should be proud. 

Quirks & Habits

-She gets seasick. Go figure.
-She won't drink water unless it has been poured right infront of her.. Something about her paranoia about being poisoned.
-She actually isn't that good of a swimmer.
-She gets cold very very easily.
-She bites her lip when confronted with a situation she is "iffy" about.
-She can actually play the flute pretty well
-She secretly enjoys the "shinding"-bonfire-thing that the crew holds during cold nights.
-She is afraid to say the two words "Thank You".

Beliefs & Customs

-insert here-


-Find the Black Pearl and sell it to bring her family out of debt.
-Destroy Jandael's murderer
-Be notoriously famous
-Take care of her mother
-Help Elizebethe find her way to Eternal Paradise


*Zhekuu has quite an agile body. Her strength is mainly seen in her jumps, landings, and her speed during a chase.  Her upperbody strength is quite impressive since she has the power to hold herself up even when hanging from a horizontal mast. 
*Zhekuu's mind is programmed to see details that others would have normally overlooked. This makes her skilled in analytical thinking and  strategic plans. She is usually the one who plans the attacks on other ships. A quick thinker, she usually relies on her mind to escape  from an ambush or goosechase.  
*Her leadership skills cannot be misjudged. Zhekuu is charismatic enough to allow persuasion. (Though her attitude sometimes  flushes that skill down the toilet) She is pretty well-equipped in confidence that allows her to come off as in charge.


*Zhekuu's haste in sacrificing her life is more than sometimes a threat to the crew and their journey. When faced in a dangerous situation where she has either the choice of doing nothing to play it safe or sacrifice her life for a single crew member, Zhekuu will always choose the later.  However, while it does save a life, they almost always find themselves in a worse situation that endangers all their lives instead of just one.  For some reason, Zhekuu seems rather impulsive in the act. 
*She is a liar to say the least. She makes wild stories that never happened to make herself seem more tough or more ruthless.  While it does help in gaining respect and fear, the lies will eventually tumble down on her head. 
*Zhekuu has a tendency to over-estimate herself. Several times, she has brough the ship and crew into very close situation because of her over-confidence in her abilities. 
*When faced with the tender topic of her brother's death or her family's financial status, Zhekuu becomes vulnerable and weak. She quickly  looses focus and forgets about her duties which endangers not only her but the lives of her crew members as well. She needs to work on blocking the words  from playing with her mind.
*Suprisingly, Zhekuu does get horribly seasick. While it isn't so bad to the point that she is puking her guts out, she does get light-headed several times during sailing. She has somewhat got it controlled but there have been many times that she has had to sit down and wait till the nausea passes over. 

The Tale Of A Pirate

Quick Background Info

Zhekia was born under Noble blood. Her father was the Archduke of the Captial City of the Central Empire. As a child, she was frilly, girly, and very much a feminine. She adored trinkets, jewelry, ribbons and the like. A hobby that her mother as well possessed. 

When her father passed away when she was a mere 4 years of age, a huge debt was left on the Dethemere family. Apperantly the Archduke didn't have his spending habits controlled. Her older brother by 6 years, Dael, and her mother were the only family that Zhekia had left. To keep the child from worrying, Dael and Mrs. Dethemere kept the news of their financial crisis from little Zhekia. The little girl grew up unaware of the shortage of money between her families.

Dael, on the other hand, chose to enlist in the Navigational Efforts of the Central Empire. It was well known that those who set sail for the sake of finding new colonies earned a hefty amoung of money. And so Dael, at the age of 10, boarded a ship for the first time as an assistant on the ship, The Atlantian. Every day, when Dael would head to work, Zhekuu, holding the hand of her mother, would stare and watch, longing to be with her brother. It was during one of those times when the girl began a deep admiration for those who set sail on the blue waters. 

Dael's efforts earned the Dethemeres sufficient money. Enough to keep them going but not enough to completely pay off the debts the Archduke left behind. Several issues took place warning the family of the revoking of their belongings. While there were pieces of furniture that were taken away from them, the house, as of now, belonged to them. 

A flurry of events occurred and eventually Dael's exceptional determination and capabilities earned him the Captain of The Atlantian. He was promoted at a very young age. Zhekuu, now in the process of growing an opinion and mind of her own, made an effort to completely dedicate her time in studying to be a sailor, and learning the anatomy of ships. It was her greatest dream to set sail alongside her brother. Several times she has asked her brother if she could come along with his crew. Each time, Dael would refuse saying that the life of a saior wasn't fit for a woman.

Her intense admiration for the sailor life gave her a reputation among the rest of the socialite children. They dubbed her a "tomboy" called her "rascal" and "rough". Zhekia however, would simply spit on their words and went along with her research. She wanted to prove to her brother that she could be a nice addition to his crew. Zhekia grew up to be strong-hearted, determined, and a fighter. She lived to prove others that women could do anything a man could do twice over. However, in the back of her mind, she was somewhat aware that perhaps she was working so hard for something that might never even happen.

However, when Zhekia was 18, news reached home saying that Dael was slaughtered by a gang of Pirates while out on the coast of the Southern Islands. Zhekia was devastated. 

Mrs. Dethemere went into a breakdown from the greif she felt. Falling to her knees, she told her daughter the secrets she has been keeping involving the financial situation they were in. Zhekia, thinking that they always had money, was absolutely horrified. 

She then thought of a plan. Not wanting her mother to live in such a saddened state, she proclaimed that she was going to set sail in her brother's place. That she was going to make money and everything was going to be okay. After all, she has spent so many years studying the ways of the ocean.

Mrs. Dethemere was dumbfounded by the idea. She had no hope of her Zhekia in making a living through being a sailor. Partly because she was so young, but mostly because she was a woman. Women simply had no place out in the ocean. 

Irritated by her mother's extreme doubt in her, Zhekia decided to go undercover and runaway to the docks. Knowing that her mother was right in the fact that they would never allow a woman to board a ship, she disguised herself in men attire. She changed her name from Zhekia to a more masculine, Zhekuu.

It was then that she first set sail on the very ship that her brother captained not so long ago. Secrets unfolded during her ride on the ship that changed her way of seeing the world. She was shocked to find out that Dael was actually working as a Pirate in secret rather than a Navigator. She blamed her brother for doing such a selfish, merciless thing but soon realized that he only did so to maintain his family after their father died. 

Eventually, Zhekuu even turned to Piracy as well. 

A flurry of events happened then that lead to the current state Zhekuu is in now. Now the Captain of The Atlantian, her brother's former ship, it wasn't easy to get to her status. Her determination, stride, and perseverance aided her into achieving her first goal; to show men that women are capable.

A legend spoke of a Black Pearl that was hidden deep below the depths. A Pirate's tale spoke that if one were to find the pearl, he could sell it for enough gold coins to last him for a lifetime. It became Zhekuu's goal to search for this legendary pearl and save her mother and herself from the threat of poverty. 

But there was one thing that Dael didn't sail for that added even more determination to Zhekuu's heart. She longed for the death of her brother's murderer.




Just a little outline. Mostly for me so I know what to do with her and won't go having a writers block XD Will elaborate this eventually C:

Years before, their father, an Archduke passed away, leaving the family in huuuuge debt. This debt was unknown to Zhekuu for she was still young when her father died. Basically, their closeness to bankruptcy is a secret her entire family keeps from Zhekuu. 6 or so years later after the death, Jandael ends up being klled by Pirates, leaving his crew to his co captain, Dallasony (The ghost lupe). 

Once her brother died, she is suddenly overcome by the feeling for revenge. Disguising herself as a man, Zhekuu boards her brother's former ship the Atlantian and works as a deck swabber.

While sifting through the captains quarters, she realizes that her brother wasn't actually a Map Charter but a Pirate himself. He didn't die from a random Pirate Attack but rather, died from a Pirate Battle. She also finds out that he was searching for a pearl. (The very pearl that keeps Aquieo my RG Peo from dying because of a curse) The pearl is supposed to cost alot and before his death, Jandael planned on finding it beneath the seas and selling it, hopefully to bring his family out of their debt. Zhekuu is shocked because she was unaware that her brother was a Pirate and the fact that her family was even in debt.

Later, Dallasony (now the Captain of the ship and Jandael's old bestfriend) finds out that Zhekuu is actually a woman and threatens to tell the crew to have her walk the plank. But then makes a compromise. Dallas finds If she wereto love him, he would keep her secret of being a woman.  Of course, Zhekuu refused. 

Sometime in a storm, Zhekuu and Dallas end up in a fight. By sheer luck and accident, Dallas is stabbed by Zhekuu's dagger and dies on the spot. During the brawl, her disguise falls apart, leaving her long flowing hair in the open. The rest of the crew was watching the fight in Zhekuu's dismay and find out that is shocked that she is a woman and that she kept it from them.

Zhekuu tries to explain but they won't have it. However, once they see her golden eyes, they know that the woman is the brother of their late former captain. A few men respect her because she stood up for her beliefs and stuff. 

Thinking it was only fair that the Atlantian goes to Zhekuu since she is the sister of their former captain, the crew accepts her as captain. With Dallasony dead and Zhekuu now the captain of the Atlantian, Zhekuu goes about the seas trying to find the solution to her problems and avenging her brother.

The Atlantian & All It's Glory

-insert picture of boat here-

Nickname: Old Singer {Thanks to the fact that her decks are so creaky that it almost makes a sing-song}
Material: Solid Wood. Most of it is worn down and decaying
Number of Sails: 5 all in all
Number of Living Crew Members: 20
Homeland: The Central Empire
Belonging To: Jandael Dethemere

Okay so maybe she ain't the most prettiest ship out in the ocean. But Old Singer takes us to the same places that these other more swanky ships do. Even though she's creaky and rotting, I still hold a very dear place in my heart for her. She isn't my ship of course but my brothers. He and father split the costs half and half and bought it from this old man who used her for nothing but a dusk-collector. Perhaps she does need a little.. furnishing.. I can't doubt that. But if I were to be offered the most expensive, most luxurious boat out there in trade for The Atlantian, I would refuse licketty-split. 

Crew Member Listing:

Zhekuu: Or at least a listing of those members who actually do something other than swab the decks.

He's the commander of the masts. 'cept he doesn't seem to understand that I'm the commander of the ship.

Nothing angers me more when we end up reaching an iceberg just because Private Nordstrom fell asleep on the job.

Maybe the food don't look as fancy as a chiffon eclair but Pappy whips 'em up just as good.

Youngest of the bunch. I think he's about 16 or 17? Nevertheless, he's a pretty hard worker. Polite too.  I ask him to bring me a book from the library, he'll have it done before I can say "kelp".

And a very skilled navigator he is. There is hardly any sea in this world that he doesn't know.

River doesn't really speak alot. Actually he never speaks at all. He's a man of few words, I'll say, but he keeps the ship going and that's all that matters. I don't really know why people call him  "River" though.

Buck & Chuck:
Storage Keepers
These two make sure that we're always supplied on our voyages. They spend most of their time down in the belly of Old Singer sorting out the inventory. 

Zhekuu Reference

For Those Planning On Drawing Her:
*Please remember her little skull thing on her neck that holds her ruffles together? It's a  keepsake pendant that her brother gave her and Zhekuu simply wouldn't be complete without it.
*Um.. Her hair has streaks of red. Many times even I forget them. And she's my design. -facepalm-
*I always end up forgetting to draw her Aisha ears and tail. You can draw them with or without. I don't really mind^^ Though since her design is already detailed as it is, it would be easier to draw them without.
*She has somewhat thick, youthful eyebrows that slightly arch down. Maybe that's why she always seems mad.
*Zhekuu's look usually looks like she's hunting someone down. 
*She has four weapons. Two swords, a dagger, and a single pistol. Feel free to design those weapons however way you want.
*Her hair is sort of whispy. Looks as if the wind messed it up and she didn't bother brushing it back into place.
*Her stances are always strong and confident. Her back is straight as an arrow. One of her pet-peeves is slouchiness in people and herself.

Artist Notes: 
Zhekuu's design is one that I am actually incredibly fond of. Her clothes came to me in a flash since well.. she gives me tons of inspiration.  I actually have a couple more outfits in mind for her that I have yet to draw. I swear, I can come up with outfits for her like every day since she's just  so much fun to design. Pirate designs are somewhat new to me but their intricacy and their ruffles and noble-like appearance are interesting in my opinion.  This is Zhekuu's original design. I have maybe altered a bit here and there but basically, I stay true to her design. 

I've said it a million times and I will say it again. Her color scheme took AGES. I had to ask help from the PC just to figure it out xD  I'm satisfied however, with the way she turned out. 

I don't know why but I swear I draw her everyday xD Random Sketches.. doodles.. you name it. I guess I'm just new to this whole, Pirate Design thing. 

Zhekuu's Wardrobe

To view this picture in all it's entirety, please drag to the address bar

Zhekuu has a ton of different designs xD  I mean, just like us, she doesn't stick to a single set of clothing. Here are some of her random choices. AS you can see, she likes to show off her midriff xD And she seems to have a fondness for boots. 

1) Regular
This is Zhekuu's normal clothing. The original design we all know xD
 I've commented on this thing several times already xD

2) Street-Wear
Zhekuu wears this whenever they simply walk around and stuff.
She basically wears that when she doesn't want people to know she's actually a pirate.

3) Buckaneer
Just an alternative outfit. It's sleave-less vest and wrappings are
very comfortable especially during hot weather.
Many times, Zhekuu wears this outfit when she attempts to steals something.
 Apperantly it's super comfortable.

4) Battle Armor
When preparing for battle against rival pirates, Zhekuu wears this outfit.
The boots are metal but they are flexible at the same time enabling her to move around. 
Her belt also proves as a sash that holds a variety of weapons such as a pistol and several knives.

5) Sleepwear
Just Zhekuu's nightgown. Consider yourself fortunate.
Nobody ever sees Zhekuu in her night-gown.
As in nobody. The several locks on her cabin make sure that it stays that way.

6) Worker Gear
When Zhekuu is out and about working around the deck, she wears this clothing.
The faded jeans are due to the many times they have been stained with white paint or the erosion from the sea water. 
The rag tied around her waist is used to wipe her hands when it's covered in dirt such as coal. 

7) Fancy Smancy Wear
She barely wears this outfit. Seriously. 
I think she only wore it once. It's just stuffed in her clothes chest somewhere.
Basically it's what she's SUPPOSED to wear during formal events. 
But meh.. She just wears her regular old outfit.


-insert picture here- Former Captain Jandael Dethemere

There is no one in this world that I admire more than my older brother.  He was a bit on the narcisstic side but heck, he had all the reason to be.  As a child, I would always see him surrounded by women. Always. Whether that was because of his doing or their's, I hadn't a clue. There wasn't a soul I knew who wasn't fond of him. I guess you can say that he's pretty much perfect. It always made me seethe with jealousy as a child. Never really saw him much as a little girl since he pretty much belonged to the ocean and all that. But when mother and I would come down the dock to  bid him a farewell before he casted on another of those long voyages, I remember begging him to let me go. I even got down on my little knees and cried.  Of course Dael wouldn't budge. He told me that one of his biggest jobs was to take care of his little sister.  And that he did so by not taking me on one of them journeys.  Kind of a lazy captain though from what I hear around the deck.  He had this tendency of slacking off and being complacent. Hmph.. That is something I will never tolerate on my ship.  It just angers me that he was klled by a dim-witted Pirate. But more so than the anger for his death is the suprise I felt that he was actually a Pirate himself. Tch. Darn Dael.. you hid it well from us huh? Well don't worry big brother. I'll make sure to finish what you started. The Atlantian is safe in my care so you don't have to sweat. You don't have to worry about your baby sister anymore. I'm all grown up.

-insert picture- Former Co-Captain Dallasony Brudenwire

Okay so maybe I lied. This fellow wasn't too fond of my brother after all. He was overcome with envy apperantly and I don't blame him. He was the Co-Captain of this ship when Dael was still up and breathing. Became the Captain after Dael fell down dead. And now.. well..  He's swabbing decks in Davy Jones' Locker. He's quite the ruthless pig from what I have heard and seen. The first to find out that I was a woman.  He held a deal, sayin' that if I were to give him my heart, he wouldn't tell a soul that I wasn't actually a man. Told him to go walk a plank.  He didn't take it too well and while the skies rained hard, we had a little squabble. If it weren't for that mast that crashed down, I wouldn't have  been able to survive him. He was like some kind of bull. All strong and fast. Haven't seen him once since his dramatic death in that storm. I was there too y'know.  Mean, I probably was the reason for his death. Don't think I don't feel guilty cuz I do y'hear? I just.. I have never in my life seen  someone die right infront of me. Sure he wasn't the shabbiest man on the deck and it wasn't like he held a special place in me heart, but the old  feller didn't have to die.  

Elizebethe Narden

A sweet gal that was apperantly murdered on The Atlantian long before my brother set sail on the seas for the first time. She hasn't been able to  rest the poor darling and I feel for her y'know? Says it has something to do for extracting revenge on who klled her.  Don't blame her. Revenge is a sweet, sweet thing. Don't know why nobody else can see her 'cept for me. Maybe she only shows herself to me or somethin' She's a sweetheart to say the least and usually when I have some free time, I converse with her and she tells me stories about how the old times were on  The Atlantian. Sometimes I feel as if she's the only one in this ship that actually hears what I have to say. Them pathetic excuse for a crew always mess things up.

-insert picture- Miss Novelty Esaro

The nurse of the ship. Vel is a patient, kind-hearted soul. Except sometimes she can be totally clueless. Like one time, she ended up  drinking the crew's gin during a cold since she thought it was cough medicine. Yeah.. We had to fix that when it got too crazy.  Doesn't have a single bad thing to say about anyone, Vel is the one who keeps the crew's spirits up. Sometimes she hangs around on the deck and  watches clouds. I can't think of a reason to how that can be fun. 


A mermaid that I came across my travels. I only saw her face once in my entire life and I suspect that maybe she has something to do with the black pearl.  A shy little thing. I swear on my father's grave that I've seen her light blue scales drift among these waters tons of times. Maybe it's my imagination though.  But if it was her, what the heck does she want with me and my crew?

-insert picture- Alezinn

Ugh, Alezinn. A siren of the most presumptious nature. She's arrogant and narcisstic. Thinks she's some kind of goddess that woman. Her voice isn't  too shabby though but it gets annoying after you hear it day after day after day. Stories say that sirens are evil beings that attempt to sink ships into whirlpools.  I don't have a sliver of a doubt that this pompous ocean princess is one of evil. Oh yes. Did I mention that she won't shut up? And not just with her singing. With talking as well. Many times, I have seen her clinging on the floors of the deck, her tail swinging in midair, flirting with my crewmembers.  Oy... First of all, what's there to flirt with anywho? These boys are nothing but slow-brained nincompoops. I've had to kick her stupid face just so she can go back to the oceans.  Caused a permanent scar on that pretty face of her's too. I don't remember much but I think she yelled something about getting even. Mehh... I guess you can say that she and I aren't exactly on friendly terms. 

-insert picture- Captain Tiitus Zhehelo

Don't get me started with this man. He's only 3 years older than me but he treats me like I'm some kind of little girl in a world where she doesn't belong.  What is he? Some kind of critic? He's too much of a rock in my opinion. Weak. He won't even have a conversation without looking me in the eye and  he dares to treat me like a child? He thinks he's so high-and-mighty with his stride and how he is a man of few words but really, he's nothing  short of a coward. He refuses to fight me. Says that he don't hurt women or something. He thinks women are best sitting at home having tea parties and fancy balls.   Who does he think he is, generalizing like that? He ain't the God who gets to make up the rules. Maybe the only thing he and I have in common is the fact that we're both hard-workers. The crew members always make jokes sayin' that he and I are meant for each other because we both have sour attitudes.  Sour attitude is right. But there is no way in heck that I can even stand that man for more than 7 minutes. 

Miss Katherine Dewford

Everyone calls her Kali though. I don't know why. She is a woman that comes and goes on our ship.  She's the type to use her feminine charm to get what she wants. What? You think I'm  jealous that she has all that male attention? Pffft. As if. *Ahem* Anyway, she's some sort of a waywarder. Pops up on some voyages, walks around on her own during others. She calls herself a Phantom. Coming and going as she pleases. Her head is harder than cement since she apperantly takes orders from  no one. Whenever she asks to tag along with us on one of our voyages, I always get outnumbered despite my ranking as Captain. The crew finds her appealing.  I find her revolting. What kind of woman would swoop that low as to use her image as means of persuasion? Me? I have respect for myself. I don't need to flaunt to get what I want. Hmph. 

Princess Himene Viviana Excalion

Some kind of crazy Princess. My family works for hers so I guess I shouldn't say such a thing cuz she's a bit touchy when people call her crazy.  What? It is true! They say she screams at night for no apperant reason and talks to knives. Hey, I may love my knives, but I don't make friends with them much less talk to them. I've heard stories that her and my brother were close. If you catch my drift. Sometimes I hear things from the crew sayin' that he used to  steal all these pearls and junk and give them to her when they reach homeland again. Apperantly their little relationship was kept on the downlow.  Not like it mattered anymore really since he's gone and she's just a lonely girl locked in a castle. 

-insert picture- Zin Venga

I don't know much about her but from what I hear, I ain't fond of her. I mean, I don't really like sea-dwellers anyway but at least Aquieo keeps to herself and the most harm Alezinn can do is  stain the deck with her digusting scales. But Zin? She's apperantly held a grudge on The Atlantian for quite some time. I've seen her a couple of times. Once during a storm.  I couldn't really make her out but what I did see was that her entire left fin on her head and one of her dorsal fins were pretty badly ripped apart. I reckon a past event  regarding The Atlantian was the cause for it. Dang.. revenge seems to circle around the history of this boat doesn't it? I sometimes overhear the crew saying that they think they've seen her around the boat. They seem pretty shaken by her. I don't know what makes her so threatening but I can assure you that  if she ever so dents a piece of wood on this ship, she's going to be swimmin' with no fins at all. 

-insert picture- Miss Izabella Reinhart

She isn't a person I see often. A woman of few words too. I just hear stories about her. She's not a pirate. Not a sea-dweller. Just one of them wanderers that I just so happen to spot every once in a while. She's usually dressed in black or blue and has a ton of tattoos about her. Hear she comes from the  Eastern Empire with their technology and all that. But I ain't so sure.  My opinion on her? I guess you can say that I admire the gal. She has some sort of spunk about her. Keeps those boys intimidated and at bay. 


These are a few portraits that Aerynn either ordered herself or made herself.  What.. You think I asked people to paint me for myself? I'm not that superficial man.

Art By Aerynn

By Others

^Screenie thanks to Silver

The Color Scheme Thing

I've always wanted to create a foul-mouthed, trying-to-prove-that-women-are-equal-to-men, "bad" pirate woman. And yeah.. she gave me tons of inspiration.  So yesss. I created her little intricate design. The clothes themselves took about 10 minutes to get into my head. Her design just came to me. 

But what didn't come to me was the color scheme Dx Yes. Yes. The color scheme took me about a week and a half to think of. GAHHH. So I asked some of you to help me with it.  And like I said, I shall keep it on her petpage for as long as she lives^^ 

-the two sketches that I did when I blanked out on color scheme-

BUUUTTT.... As you can see from the very first picture up there, I have FINALLY chosen a stupid color scheme and I am quite happy with the way it turned out C:

I sort of combined a bunch of people's ideas together coupled with a bit of my own to create the final piece. 

I have decided to use razzroths idea for the dull-teal with the red streaks in her hair. I SWEAR YOU ARE A LIFESAVER.

Thank you to those who answered the questionairre and for taking 8 minutes out of your time to help me. Like I said, you'll be credited. 



Hair Color: Blue, definitely. 8D
Eye Color: Green
Top Jacket: Purple
Pants: Black
Boots: Blood Red. 8D
CAPE: Black
Inside Jacket: Red
Inner Corset: Grey
Inner Corset Stripes: White


Hair Color: Auburn/orange/gingery color or black...
Eye Color: A vivid green.
Top Jacket: Black
Pants: Black
Boots: Red
Inside Jacket: Black, but if you want an inner color I'd say a lighter shade of red than the cape/boots.
Inner Corset: White
Inner Corset Stripes: Red lace/stripes.


Hair Color: Dark blue to Black
Eye Color: Very light brown
Top Jacket: Red
Pants: Black
Boots: Red
CAPE: White/Grey/Black
Inside Jacket: White
Inner Corset: Black/Grey
Inner Corset Stripes: White


Hair Color: solid brown
Eye Color: blue or green
Top Jacket: red
Pants: charcoal or tan
Boots: brown. or black
CAPE: red
Inside Jacket: tan
Inner Corset: burgundy
Inner Corset Stripes: purple


Hair Color: Your purple works well
Eye Color: Gold like treasure~
Top Jacket:Black
Pants: Black
CAPE: Deep red
Inside Jacket: Nah
Inner Corset: sedated red tone, similar to cape
Inner Corset Stripes: yellow/gold

Hair Color: Purple
Eye Color: Gold
Top Jacket: Black
Pants: Black
Inside Jacket: Eh,
Inner Corset: Red
Inner Corset Stripe: Yellow

Hair Color: Blonde, changin' it up.
Eye Color: Blue, like Ice~
Top Jacket: Red
Pants: Black
CAPE: Black
Inside Jacket: Eh, idk
Inner Corset: Black Inner Corset Stripe: White


Hair Color: im very obsessed with silver hair - But if not, black-blue ^^
Eye Color: hazel
Top Jacket: dark grey
Pants: black
Boots: dark brown/red
CAPE: (This one I am having major issues with) something that doesnt clash with the bottom half, so probably black/dark grey. Adding a colour line to the bottom of the cape might make it look more interesting though.
Inside Jacket: (If it tends to be a different color) red
Inner Corset: black O.o
Inner Corset Stripes: blue or red. 


Hair Color: Brown
Eye Color: Blue
Top Jacket: Maroon/Dark Red
Pants: Navy Blue
Boots: Brown? /shot
CAPE: Dark Muave
Inside Jacket: Grey
Inner Corset: Purple
Inner Corset Stripes: Bright red?


Hair Color: Purple
Eye Color: Red
Top Jacket: Um, rusty brown
Pants: light brown
Boots: Red
CAPE: Black! :3
Inside Jacket: Red
Inner Corset: White
Inner Corset Stripes: Red


Hair Color: dark red/black
Eye Color: gold
Top Jacket: black and gold
Pants: redish brown
Boots: dirt brown
CAPE: royal blue
Inside Jacket: deep blue
Inner Corset: red
Inner Corset Stripes: dark red


Hair Color: Platinum blonde.
Eye Color: Teal.
Top Jacket: Dark gray, should have a bit of a shine, as if velvet.
Pants: White.
Boots: White with teal detail.
CAPE: White.
Inside Jacket: Teal.
Inner Corset: Teal.
Inner Corset Stripes: White.


Hair Color: Brunette
Eye Color: Blue
Top Jacket: Dark Brown
Pants: Really Light Brown/Tan
Boots: Dark Brown
CAPE: Black
Inside Jacket: Dark Brown
Inner Corset: White
Inner Corset Stripes: Red


Hair Color: Brown or orange
Eye Color: Violet/Lilac
Top Jacket: Black
Pants: Black
Boots: Dark purple(same as cape)
CAPE: Dark Purple
Inside Jacket: Light grey
Inner Corset: Violet/Purple
Inner Corset Stripes: Lilac


Hair Color: Blonde with Brown highlights
Eye Color: Silver
Top Jacket: Grey
Pants: Khaki
Boots: Black
CAPE: pale red
Inside Jacket: pale red
Inner Corset: Black
Inner Corset Stripes: Pale red


Hair Color: Dull Teal w/ Red Streaks
Eye Color: Amber(Gold)
Top Jacket: Light Plum (I used the highlight color of the boots)
Pants: Dull Red
Boots: Plum
CAPE: DARK Plum/near black, maaaybe red or teal designs
Inside Jacket: Khaki
Corset: Dull Red (underneath thing is khaki?)
Corset Stripes: Light Plum

Divinity Challenge 31

ART CHALLENGE : Draw Your Character As He Or She Might Have Been, If He Or She Made A Different Choice

Zhekuu if she had never thought of stealing her late brother's ship and crew. I'd say that though she doesn't look half bad in a dress, the pirate gear suits her more. I mean, in this portrait, she isn't Zhekuu: The Avenger, The She-Captain of The Atlantian, but Zhekia Clarisse Dethemere. And, in my opinion, that name doesn't suit her at all D:

WRITING CHALLENGE : Write About Your Character Making An Important Choice

I wonder what my brother would think if he saw me now. Sailing his ship. Commanding his crew. It's insane really. I wonder if this would've been what he wanted for me. I mean, back when I was a kid, he wouldn't even let me near The Atlantian. Hmph. Either way, here I am now. It's not like he could do anything about it.

But still.

I wonder how things would've been if I never stepped foot on this ship. Never disguised myself as a cleaning boy and swabbed the very decks that I now command. What if I just sat back and grieved like any normal person would once they learned a family member died. Just wore black and mourned with my mother like the sad, miserable lot we were. I probably would still be in that wretched corset that squished my organs together. Instead of drinking gin and whiskey, I'd be sipping on tea, one pinky up. My hair would've been up in that fashion that mother adored and I loathed. I'd be sitting on an expensive loveseat imported from somewhere obnoxious like Brazil or Russia or whatever. Taking out my lace hankercheif in that delicate way women these days do. I'd be ordering the maids around like the fancy socialite that I am. Or was.

Hahaha. Even if I was back home and even if I never thought of doing what I did, I doubt I'd be going along about it like that.

Like hell, I would have.

Sigh. But I gotta admit. It does sound pretty dang nice. Sitting back and enjoying life the bougorsie way. Having not a care in the world. Of course, it probably wouldn't be like that seeing as we're still in debt. But still. I'd much rather sleep on a down matress than the stupid bunks here anyway. Warm croissants, with just the right amount of crispy-ness. God, the smell of those things when they came piping hot from the kitchen. Yeesh, what I would give to have a fresh, golden croissant right now. And the champagne! Ahh. Better than the strong crap here. I mean, gin is good and all that snazz but the champagne!

Ugh. What are you saying Zhekuu? Snap out of it! Remember why you left that life behind. Remember your goals. The rewards are much sweeter than any croissant from any bakery in the world! Yes. That's it. Remember why you abandoned that life. You want to avenge your brother right? You want to destroy the man who ended his life right? Of course you do. And remember your love for the seas! Yes, yes, it's cliche and you've heard it a million times before but remember your passion for these roaring waters. Not to mention your addiction to life-threatening situations. Remember your longing for adrenaline! To have your heart beat so hard that you would think it would burst out of your chest. To have the sea breeze whipping your hair as you swing down those masts during battle. The wails of your enemies when you send them down to Davy Jone's Locker.

Ahh.. there we go. That's all I needed. A quick refresh. And I'm back on track again. Yup. Back on track.

Hmm.. I wonder what the men are doing. I hope they aren't playing jacks with scales and fish eyes again. Ugh.

Divinity Interview Challenge

Divinity Interviewer: Divinity is here today to interview Zhekuu. Zhekuu, thank you for being here today.  How are you this fine morning?

Zhekuu: Fine fine. Can we just get on with this thing? I have things to do... Pearls to find.

DI: Great! Shall we get started with the questions, then?

... That is what I just said right...? *raises brow* You don't get out much do you?

DI: So when you walked into this room - or actually, when you walk into any room - what is the first thing you notice about others?

The fact that they look at me like I don't belong where I am. They give those glares and all that junk. Well not everyone looks at me like that. Just... A vast majority.

DI: I see. And is that what you want others to first notice about you?

*leans against chair nonchalantly* Like I care what those dunces think about me.

DI: So for you, is one sense more highly developed than another? Are you more visual, or audial, or do you rely on some sort of sixth sense?

I'm nothing special. Just a normal being I guess. Though what I find weird is the fact that I can see Elizebethe and no one else can. I wonder why.

DI: Interesting. So you've probably heard this saying before: Love looks not with the eyes, but the heart. What are your thoughts on it?

Love is nothing but an idea in the mind. Unless love is based on a family structure, it's useless to me. Perhaps it may work for those prissy little pansy women put there but for me? Nahh... It's just a distraction.

DI: Then how do you fall in love? At first sight or over a long period? And how often?

....*blinks* I don't fall inlove..... I'm serious.

DI: So would you consider yourself a romantic?

...Again... You don't get out alot do you? What did I just say? *scoffs*

DI: Enough about that. *laughs* Let's move on to other things. Tell me about your ambitions! Any career goals you're working towards, right now?

*holds up three fingers* Find my brother's murderer. That stupid idiot will get something from me if ever we see face to face. *let's down one finger* Find that pearl. What is it? Some sort of fancy shmancy black thing that socialite women will pay big bucks for. But it's not for me. It's so my family will get out of their debt.... Oh and yes! *holds up last finger* Have my name sail these seas as often as the waves sway in the ocean.

DI: And any personal goals? Well let me ask you this. In short, what is it that you want out of life?

...What are you, my therapist? Listen, I don't need to sort out my emotions like the rest of these twits out here alright? I'm here to fulfill my goals. Not to go on a spiritual journey.

DI: How close are you to accomplishing these goals?

...Shut up. I'm close enough okay?

DI: What factors are preventing you from accomplishing these goals, in the outside world and in yourself?

That pathetic excuse for a dead soul Dallasony. He seems to want to mess up my life just like I ended his. Meh.. *shrugs* Can't blame him. Revenge is revenge

DI: Well, you've got to have some strengths, too. Tell me about them!

Strengths? *blinks* I'm not some girly socialite princess who loves to brag on and on. Go on a single voyage with me and you can see for yourself.... *hesitates* ...But let me just tell you that I can do anything a man does...ten times better.

DI: So when you were a small child, did you ever dream of becoming who you are today? Did you turn out the way you expected?

I dreamed of many things. One thing I wanted was probably to set sail on Jandael's ship. Because well... I thought it was the coolest thing in the world. To see the oceans so close like that. And to feel the sway of the waves... Took a while but look at me now. I own these seas kid.

DI: If things could have turned out different, then what is one thing you would change about your life?

My brother wouldn't be as dead as a dog and my old man wouldn't have left us with this gargantuan of a debt....*thinks* and maybe a bit more. But hey, I ain't getting personal mmkay?

DI: How about your physical attributes? If you could change just one, what would it be?

Physical traits are something I can care less about. They think of me as a gorgeous stunning specimen, cool story. Think of me as a hideous twit, fine by me. I might actually prefer it to be the later.   

DI: And one physical attribute that you're proud of?

...You're never going to stop are you? *sighs* You want to know? It's my hair okay? Happy? Yes, my hair is something I'm proud of. I kind of like it's color.... *pouts* Great, you're making me sound like some stupid priss. You should be proud of yourself.

DI: Well, I have noticed that! So, what do you like to do when you're alone? Any hobbies?

*Blushes* Nothing you need to know!!! *hesitates* ...Fine... Between the two of us... I write poetry. Literature is a favorite of mine. And maybe sewing.... *quickly shuts mouth, eyes wide*.... I didn't say that.

DI: What about when you're not alone? Company in general...how do you feel towards it? Are you a people person?

Unless the conversation revolves around a potential storm or an iceberg coming in our way, I'd rather not converse.... But *sighs* Honestly? I wish to have one of them heart to heart talks you know? Like those ones where you can just pour yourself out.... And you know that the person next to you won't judge you or care less if what you say is stupid. But heck, I'm not that kind of person myself. Why should I expect such a luxury?

DI: What's your best friend like?

I wouldn't call her my bestfriend, but Elizebethe is someone I guess I can trust. Who cares if she isn't alive? She's still a person!  ..... And how she is...? She's kind.. Gentle-like you know? The complete opposite of me, but maybe that's why we get along. She can stand my random temper outbursts... And I quite like the fact that nobody else sees her except for me.

DI: And what about your family?

My father was too busy with work.. And now he's dead. *shrugs* What can you do. What? You look surprised? Of course I miss him and all that junk. But... *slightly falters but regains herself* ..life goes on. My mother is back home. She's probably worried sick about me. I mean, ever since Jandael was klled, she held onto me like I was why kept her standing in this world. A part of me feels huge guilt for leaving her like that... So vulnerable and broken.. I swore on my grave that once I find that pearl, I'll give her a mansion that she would never want to leave.

DI: Oh, I see. Time for a random question! If you could be an animal, then which animal would you be and why?

Hippo. What is with that face? They can be underwater for like an hour. I would love to stay underneath the water for that long and get away from the world. I envy them hippos.

DI: That's interesting! Let's keep these random questions coming. What are you most afraid of?

..*is appalled* W-What?! Nothing! Nothing at all! I s-swear!! *sees a bug crawl up at her arm and flips out* ...Cough ahem.. Anyway... Next question.

DI: I guess that does sound scary. What do you want to hold dear to you? What do you value most in your life?

...What I value? If anything, this ship. The Atlantian. It was my big brother's and he died on this ship. If there was anything, I only wish to do the same. It holds memories you know? Maybe not my memories... Those'll come in time.

DI: Well, I've kept you here long enough, Zhekuu. It was a pleasure meeting with you, and thank you so much for allowing yourself to be interviewed!

Ahh.. Alright. Don't thank me kid, thank the crew and mother nature. If there was even a slightest bit of a storm out here, I wouldn't have had the time.... Anyway yeah.. I said a few things that probably shouldn't have been said. But hey, no regrets. It wasn't as stomach wrenching I thought I guess. *stands up and salutes DI like a general* Smell ya later captain. You might see me again sailing around in this big blue ocean.. *thinks* As a matter of fact, you can count on it. *winks and then exits, cape flinging behind her*


Link Back Yes?

Thank you so much lady_piratez for the beautifuul icoonnn~

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