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February 13th
New layout - v.3 Reflected Upon the Lake. It was designed by Zel at Add a Name Petpages. Hope you all like it! I'll get around to fixing the little details that mess with the colorization (bullets, etc) later.


On-neo sites only, please!
No about me's, guilds, apps, or shops/galleries. I may also reject your review request if I am unfamiliar with your site's type.
English sites only.
Link back before and after the review.
I will re-review your site if you have received a score under 70% and have made obvious, drastic changes to your site.
If you do not see your name on the waiting list after three days, neomail me.
Please note that my review is designed to help. Do not neomail me if you are upset about your score.



This is the Standard Review, the style you see in most review sites. Your grade will be based on the scores you receive in different areas of your site.

First Impression (?/10) Upon entering your site, what do I see? Am I tempted to stick around or compelled to leave? Do I know what your site is called at a glance? Would I venture further into your site from what I see?

Layout/Organization (?/25) Layout and organization are both incredibly vital to a site and its visitors. Is the layout neat, or is everything scattered about? Did you use any images or colors to make the layout truly shine? Premades are fine - but did you edit it to set it apart from the original? How do the colors come together? Can I navigate around your site with ease? Was there anything out of place in your site?

Content (?/30) Ah, content - the most important part of a site. Is your content high-quality? Would I use any of the things you offer? Is there something unique about your content? Do you have a reasonable amount of content?

Sitely (?/10) Do you have a good amount of high-quality, active affiliates? Are you listed in a good amount of sites? Can I find any dead links?

Link Back (?/5) Do you have a good number of attractive, high-quality buttons? Do they clearly display your site's name?

Grammar (?/5) Are your sentences concise? Does anything need to be reworded? Did you miss any punctuation? Are there any spelling errors?

Organization (?/10) Could I navigate around your site with ease? Was there anything out of place in your site?

Originality/Effort (?/10) Does anything about your site distinguish it from others? Is your site reminiscent of another when I look around? Did you put any effort into your site?

Revisit (?/5) Would I come back in the near future? Was your site memorable?

Final Thoughts/Bonus Points In this section, I'll say any comments and add any bonus points.


This style of review is called Focus Point. For this review, you can choose up to three categories from the Standard Review to be reviewed on. This review is for those who want a particular section focused on for the review. I will not grade you on other sections, but I will be very detailed and harsh on the sections you choose.

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No score is given, only a letter grade. Example: B

This criteria is titled Q&A. In here, you can ask me any one question about your site and I will respond with a brief answer. This review is unscored.

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Dreamer / Standard Review


Heidi @ Zeal
Standard Review

First Impression (7.5/10) I immediately felt at home upon entering your site – it felt so cozy and peaceful. Your site's name did grab my attention despite the Shoyru at the right – good job! I feel that the subheader could be a little more noticeable and describe your site, however. Instead of saying "a site by Heidi", actually write what your site offers. Perhaps write "a graphics/resources site by Heidi" or something similar. One thing that really did catch my eye at a glance was your heavy use of the drop shadow. It stands out too much, especially the "inner" shadow. I will elaborate further on this in another section. The snowflake above your title also stood out too much and distracted the visitor from the focal point of the layout (your site's name), again, this will be described further in "Layout".
Your introduction was clear-cut and straight to the point; good job. You may want to include a Neomail link in it if the visitor wishes to contact you easily.
-2.5 for subheader problems, eye-catching drop shadow, brush issue, and no Neomail link

Layout/Organization (18/25) As I mentioned earlier, your layout is stunning and gives off a wintery, homely feel. I did notice a number of problems – I shall begin with the banner. It's very lovely, and I love how you've completely edited the colors of the image. The yellow hues in it seem to dominate the image a bit too much, however – try not to stray too far from the overall color scheme when working with images as the sharp contrast in colors degraded the quality of your image. Moving on to the text – as I said beforehand, it has a drop shadow that is too large. The blur radius should be decreased. In addition, the font does not correspond well with the theme of your site. You've used the font Heffaklump, which is a font used for more fun and playful images – not the calm, serene vibe you've accomplished in your layout. Fonts I'd suggest using when making tranquil layouts like this in the future are Never Let Go, LaPointe's Road, and Wendy Medium – pretty much any calligraphy or script. In your title, I also noted that it was a bit fuzzy around the edges, probably because of an issue when you applied a texture into the font. This dramatically decreased the quality of your layout – I, sadly, do not know how to fix this - perhaps change the font. Another thing I mentioned earlier was the snowflake above the text. I'm not sure what the intent of it was – if it was to be used as a brush, the opacity should have been lower and it should have been placed at an area less distracting to the text. If it was meant as decoration, it looks rather out-of-place. Once again, the subheader also needs to be more noticeable – maybe add a faint border around it in the future.
Something I saw when I looked closely at your layout was the change in opacity on the drop shadow as shown here:

It's not quite so noticeable, but you may want to change it – the layout doesn't seem to flow correctly with this error. Match the opacities of your drop shadows at all times to avoid mistakes like this!
I also noticed one small problem with the navigation – it's very minor, but I felt the need to point it out:

The stripe doesn't extend all the way past the image – the margin makes the navigation appear like an afterthought. In the future, extend the stripe until it reaches the border. The drop shadow on the navigation text is also too dark – a similar problem presented in other aspects of your layout. Another thing I'd like to mention is how light the navigation turns when you hover over it. It's too much a contrast. Increasing the opacity to perhaps a 0.8 would look much better.
The blend in your background from a pattern to a hue of blue was too "abrupt", if you will. The color of the blue was a little too bright – the blend would have appeared smoother if it were closer to a grayish shade.
The colors in your layout were nicely incorporated into your codes. I feel that you could include some subtle greens into your layout – maybe consider an olive like #9daf5b in a header or such? Other than that, you've done a great job with color usage.
I suggest removing the yellow Neopets bar at the top. Use this simple code to get rid of it:

I see little problems with your organization – fantastic job. I do suggest labeling the icons and banners as "icon bases" and "blank banners" – this way they seem more like a customizable resource. You should also have a link to the requester's petpage on your waiting list. Also, the counter shouldn't belong in the "Shout-Out" box – for most sites, it's standard to have it placed in the "Credits" section. You'd probably want to move it there for visitor convenience.
-7 for color issues, yellow Neopets header, drop shadow, text issues, and minor navigation/organization problems

Content (22/30) You've provided a good amount of content for visitors, and looking around, I'm pleased at what your site has to offer. You make graphics and resources of good quality, although there are a number of things I'd like to point out. Let's start with your site signs. They look fine, although I can tell that you've used a Swimchick texture on each one. Always avoid using Swimchick textures alone in graphics – they are usually very common and can be recognized. Another thing I noticed is that the drop shadow is much too obvious. Lower the opacity on those and make the blur radius smaller. Drop shadows should be subtle and not stand out so much. Regarding your banners, the majority of them look great! My favorite would have to be this banner:

On this banner, you've used a good amount of textures to liven up the banner. The text stands out clearly, and the colors complement each other. Some of your banners, however, don't quite display the same quality.

On the first banner, the text looked somewhat fuzzy. I'm not sure if something went wrong when creating your banner, or if that is the font. If it is the font, I suggest using a different one – in it, the "eroded" appearance was not well executed and looked very pixelly. In addition, the drop shadow was too heavy. As with the signs, lower the opacity and decrease the size of it. The second banner would have looked fine; however, the "Sorry, this area is" text was placed too far away from the "Under Construction" text. They should be placed closer together so visitor's eyes won't have to jump quite so far to connect the two ideas.
Another thing I've noticed about your banners is that you don't use any non-Neo related images. Try using photography in your banners - deviantArt has a fantastic selection of photography for you to choose from.
Your layout bases are such an original and creative idea! I've never seen them around, and they truly set your site apart from others. However, I feel you should add a drop shadow on your layout bases to give it a 3-D effect. In addition, the content boxes should have a higher opacity so that the content is more visible. I'd also recommend making more bases with varied sizes – many sites such as directories would require a content box much larger. I would like to point out as well that your Slorg layout has the words "Texture by Swimchick" in the upper left corner.
The banners you provide look great! The Poogle one does have an image cut off to the side though:

Crop the little bar off – should be an easy fix. Once again, experiment with non-Neo related images.
All of your icons and icon gradients seem fine – no problems there! Perhaps experiment more with the gradients, though? You could try making diagonal gradients, or even using three colors (not sure if GIMP allows you to do that, however). Button bases look great too – nice job! Again, however, try using non-Neo related images.
Your request status and "Back to the Top" signs and buttons were good – but the drop shadow was too obvious. As I have stated earlier, drop shadows should never be noticeable.
The pixels you offer are lovely! You could probably add some envelopes in there along with those, but other than that, great job with them.
Your layout tutorial was great – it really got to the point and showed visitors how to create a lovely layout. You probably shouldn't tell visitors to apply such a heavy drop shadow on their layouts on the tutorial though – drop shadows, as I mentioned earlier, should be subtle.
You offer layout requests, something very uncommon in sites these days. I commend you for providing these – they're definitely a way to attract visitors. You may want to add target="_blank" in your Neomail link to have it open up in a new page just so visitors can have a convenient way to refer back to your site while they're filling out the form. Also, your layouts do have numerous issues. I'll look at the three recent ones and point out errors as I go along.
Your most recent layout for Classic Vintage was nicely done – all the colors coordinated and the image was well edited. It is probably my favorite layout out of the ones you've made. The feather pen at the right seemed a bit blurry – it was hard to tell what the image was. In the future, you could avoid applying too many textures in that section of the image to deter issues with image clarity. The content box was too opaque – when making layouts with a transparent content box, do not lower the opacity too much. Another thing I'd like to address is the choice of font. You've used Scriptina, a lovely font that corresponds well with the image. However, I felt that the last four letters (tage) was a bit messy because of the "loopy" script. I advise you to check the readability of the text before using this font.
The layout you've made for Café de Lis, however, needs a considerable amount of work. For one, the text looks a bit fuzzy around the edges just like your current site layout. I also found that you used the image Rebecca and Amy used for a previous layout of Café de Lis. Missy requested a layout because she wanted a change in layouts and a different look for her site. Using the same image makes it look too repetitive – so unless Missy stressed that she wanted that image, do not use it. I'm also not sure if she wanted a content box that small, but if she didn't, you should have made it larger. Review sites need a good-sized content box so that reviewees do not need to burden themselves with a heavy scroll. The "Reviews by Missy" subtitle also looked too large – Café de Lis should have been the main text in the layout.
Your Frosted Potential layout incorporated lovely colors, but the navigation was very hard to read. Increase the opacity on it. The content box, again, was too small – unless requesters want that size, try to make them bigger for reviews sites/directories. I also wasn't too fond of the gold in the header and bold – that color wasn't very dominant in the image. A light pink would work better.
-8 for heavy usage of drop shadow, some text issues, obvious usage of Swimchick textures, some color coordination issues, and readability/placement of fonts

Sitely (8/10) I couldn't spot much wrong in your Sitely page – great job! I'd like to point out, however, that Flamboyance and Trapped Fairytales both provide higher quality link back buttons – visit their sites to grab a better button. Katie's Fonts is also closed, although she has left her content up. You have a sufficient amount of listers – to find more, check all the link directories at Soroptimist. You can also check the "site community" daily for any new directories. Under "Reviews", Revisal, Lacuna, Luv Fashion Reviews, and Lotte City are closed – unlink their buttons. Under "Achievements and Gifts", the site that made you a gift button is now closed.
-1 points for affiliates' low quality buttons, -3 for dead links

Link Back (3/5) You provided a sufficient variety of buttons for your visitor, although a good amount of them weren't high-quality. The first one was too plain, even though it stood out from the font. I could tell you used a Swimchick texture right off the bat – avoid using them in buttons as they are extremely common. There was no animation (which is understandable, since you used a large font) – but that combined with the simple border didn't make the button shine. The second button looked fine, but the green felt out of place in the button. The third button's image should have been edited – it looked too simple. The fifth button's choice of font was unreadable. In addition, the animation was too subtle on that button – it should have been darker. The colors on the button also contrasted too much – it went from a white shade to teal.
-2 points for several low-quality buttons

Grammar (4/5) Your grammar was mostly spot-on, great job! In your intro, I'd suggest changing the "I" to "we". In your previous section, you wrote "Zeal offers" – making it plural will make it seem more professional. On your third rule, you've written "You may only edit the blank bases, nothing else". Change it to You may only edit the blank bases – nothing else. In your "Past Layouts" section, capitalize Kyrii and add a period at the end of v.2. Under "Layout Requests", capitalize CSS. "You're" under "Request" should be your. You may also want to consider adding the Site Rules for this section or compose a new, bulleted list of rules for requests. The second sentence under "Layout Requests" should be I do not make layouts for guild pages/webbies, pet applications, screenie, or celebrity-related sites. Please note that I do not make layouts with celebrity-related images either.
-1 for some capitalization errors, sentence fragments, and confusion

Originality/Effort (8.5/10) Zeal is set apart from other graphic primarily because you offer site packages. That feature was definitely something I haven't seen before – it was such a clever idea. In addition, you take layout requests; which many sites do not offer any longer. Layout bases are also a great addition to your site, and so is the tutorial! I feel that the majority of your premades, however, need to stand out more. Perhaps you could experiment with different styles on them. You could also use non-Neo images, such as nature.
-1.5 for lack of creativity on premade graphics

Revisit (3.5/5) Zeal is definitely a unique site I'd like to check on every once in a while. Its content is unique, such as the site packages and layout requests. Some issues definitely need to be fixed in your graphics, however, such as your drop shadow usage and fuzzy text. I wouldn't revisit for your graphics – I could get similar quality at another site. The resources are wonderful though – they're definitely something I'd recommend.
-1.5 for not revisiting for issues with graphics

Final Thoughts/Bonus Points Zeal is certainly a site to keep an eye out for. Though the content needs some work, what Heidi offers in her site is unique and definitely gives her site potential. One major issue in your site that I felt dragged your score down was your heavy use of drop shadow – though, judging from the new layout you showed the guild, you're definitely improving on that. I'll definitely make a note to drop by every now and then just to see what's new. With a little dusting around the corners, Zeal will definitely soar to the top of graphic sites.


Anisha @ Melody
Standard Review

First Impression (8/10) Upon entering your site, I was greeted with a layout with a gorgeous color scheme. The banner looked lovely, although I could spot some minor problems. Some of the textures and brushes you've used stand out too much, and the "glossy text" effect you tried to achieve was done incorrectly. I'll address these issues further in the Layout/Organization section. I could immediately tell what your site's name was – although the subheader didn't state you provided banner requests as well! You don't need to list "extras" such as icons and resources in your subheader, but banner requests are another large part of your site! In addition, the text didn't "pop" out to me. My eyes swarmed to the blues of the guitar rather than the title. I'll elaborate on this in a different section. Your introduction was short and straight to the point, and though there are minor grammatical errors in it, I applaud you for keeping it simple. Overall, I'm tempted to look around your site and see what you have to offer.
-2 for issues with banner and site name

Layout/Organization (18.5/25) Your layout has a gorgeous color scheme I adore.The colors go so well together – I'm actually inspired to make my own layout with those shades.
The banner is elegant, and the image suits the name of your site well. When comparing it to your recent banners, however, I feel you could do much better. I could clearly tell that you've used Swimchick's textures on the image. The left side of your image is composed mostly of the texture. Apply additional brushes and textures to cover that up – you don't want your image, even just part of it, built of one texture.
I also felt that the text didn't stand out quite well enough. At the moment, my eyes are trained toward the guitar's fingerboard because of its blue hue. Change the blue tone on the guitar as well – it stands out a bit too much. Though the indigo tone goes surprisingly nicely with the image, it is gathering all the attention. The text should be the focal point of your banner. You could have enlarged the text – the left side looked quite plain.
I noticed that you tried to add a "glossy text" effect to your banner. That's fine, but the way it was done made it look strange. Glossy text should have the "line" at a curve, rather than just a line. The colors used also shouldn't contrast so much. You've used two different hues – an orange and a pink. Glossy text is typically made with a slightly darker shade on the bottom and a color vaguely lighter on top. Example:

Need help achieving this effect? Visit Aurora Tutorials - there's a guide there.
The black glow around your text looked strange – it was too obvious. In the future, lower the opacity. You could also consider using a drop shadow rather than the glow. You can use Aurora Tutorials or the Create Impressions Banner Tutorial for help on making them.
The blur around "Melody" looked quite out of place, especially since it wasn't around all of your text. The textures and image didn't flow together with the addition of the blur; instead, they looked "cut off" from it.
The golden… spirals? (I'm not quite sure what they're called) above the text were much too obvious. If you meant for them to be brushes, they should have been more understated and blend into the background more. If they're designed to be part of the image, they look quite out of place and don't really correspond with your image at all.
The drop shadow around the entire content box also stood out too much. You should lower the opacity to make it more subtle – the black color is too dramatic compared to the soft orange hues of your layout.
The paper clip at the corner was unnecessary and didn't do anything to enhance your layout. Keep layouts as simple as possible; adding too many "extras" will make the layout look cluttered.
The left sidebar looks rather empty on the bottom. You can move the link back buttons to that column to fill up the space.
The underline text looks too light – make it slightly darker. #ffa563 would work well. I also felt that the color of the navigation when I hovered over it was too light. Hover colors should not contrast quite so much from the original. A darker shade, perhaps #ffcba5, would work better. I do like how you've incorporated some of the blues in your layout – that was a nice touch.
The layout may look better if you placed it closer to the left because of the paper clip. When something is paper clipped, it is typically placed in the corner.
The giant "REQUESTS ARE CLOSED" sign doesn't look aesthetically appealing. I'm sure that sign was placed to gather more attention – but rather than plain text, why not use an image? Cloud Nine uses one – it looks great and clearly states the request status! If you'd like to use the sign, Lola's other site, Impressionist, provides them. Of course, it'd be much better if you you're your own, considering you're a banner maker!
The Neomail sign is a shade of purple not found anywhere in the banner. Use an orange or pink instead. Also, add target="_blank to the link code – that will make the link open up in a new tab so visitors can switch between tabs/windows if they need to refer back to your site any time when they're filling out the request form.
Your organization was spot on, I could find my way around your site easily. Everything seemed in order, great job! However, there were a few minor issues with the textareas – they're all shifted to the side slightly!

To fix that, don't add the space before every new line.
It's best not to bold your "secret word". Most people (like me) only skim the rules, and it'll be less overlooked if it stands out.
-6.5 for minor issues with banner, noticeable drop shadow, color issues, placement of layout, unattractive request status sign, textarea issues, and bolded secret word

Content (24/30) I'll begin with your buttons, which are absolutely stunning. Most of your buttons have a peaceful, serene vibe to them and feature lovely color schemes. My favorites are the following:

The first one is gorgeous, I adore the colors and the choice of font. The texture used had a grungy but calm air to it, and everything worked together in perfect harmony. The second was lovely as well – the text stripe was well executed and corresponded well with the border. The third button was great - everything matched in that button. Though buttons with that color on it usually looks tacky, you chose the perfect border to go along with it. The last button had a striking gradient, and the colors worked well together. The animation was also a great choice.
Notice how most of the buttons above included a texture. You seem to work best with these styles – in fact, the majority of your portfolio is texture-based buttons. Few of your older buttons have images; it appears as if you only recently started working with images. I commend you for experimenting with this style, but some need some more work. Let's look at few recent image-based buttons:

The first one's text border blended in with the background too much. It made my eyes hurt after looking at the text. The second button's teal was too dark and didn't go with the rest of the button. The last button would have looked gorgeous – but the grass looked strange when compared to the maroon. Image based buttons are generally harder to work with. To make the text stand out more, add a drop shadow and make the text borders a different color. Ensure that colors line up together when creating a button – the second button's jump from a turquoise to a dark teal, for example, was too contrasted. A similar problem was presented in the third button. Other than that, the image-based buttons look fine – though they're a bit plain and generic. Experiment with more effects when it comes to those, such as unique animations and text stripes.
As for texture-based buttons, it seems as you're more accustomed to those. I found you used Swimchick textures rather often in the past, though recently you've switched to others. That's great – avoid using Swimchick textures too often on buttons as they're very common. The Suriden and Love, Alice buttons seem to share the same texture (or at least an identical color scheme). Never make two buttons similar (unless you're making two/three different buttons for the same site) – mix it up!
Try experimenting with more fresh, unique borders. It seems as if your current ones are very common (although the one used for Suriden's button seems new). Buttonful is one example of a site with many creative borders.
I also found you don't offer many animation styles. Try using different animations, such as fades. Buttoness, for example, has adorable animations such as falling snow. There's so many you can come up with – get creative! For a fade tutorial, you can visit Dreams are Reality.
Your banners are lovely, and I especially love the text effects you've put on them. You incorporate lovely textures into each banner's text. There are minor issues with some of your banners, however:

In this banner, the text looks absolutely gorgeous. However, the Draik on it draws all the attention because of its size. Always aim to make text noticeable when making banners. In addition, the subtitle is a bit hard to read because of the opacity effect you've added to "High Quality". It's a nice touch, but the opacity should have been higher. The banner also could have used more brushes in it as well as a few more textures – right now it appears as if you simply colorized it and overlayed one or two textures.

This banner looked great as well, although the brown Peophin clashed too much with the aquamarine theme. The text was also placed on the brown Peophin – the colors contrasted too much. Be wary of text placement – if the text is a different color than the background it will look strange. The text was also quite plain and looked somewhat "flat" without a glow or drop shadow.
I decided to review only the two recent banners as the others look quite outdated.
Your icons are extremely plain and have little to no effects on them. You need to add more textures on brushes onto those. It appears as if you only colorized them. Try to experiment with other borders and adding text on them as well. Right now they look like "icon bases" rather than actual icons – and even in icon bases, more textures and brushes are added.
Your resources are great, and they're a lovely addition to your site. The color palettes are pretty nice and aren't a common sight. Your "Button Heres" are also wonderful, although this button's text is too light:

Just make it several shades darker – should be quite easy to fix!
Your tutorial is also great and goes very in-depth into creating a button request site. There are some grammatical errors, but other than that it looks great. I've found some issues, however:
Under "Taking Requests", you instruct the reader to open requests for two days. Instead, say "open requests until your waiting list fills up" or something similar. Not all button requests sites receive as many requests as your site does. For you, opening requests for two days would generate a myriad of requests; however, that might not be the case for another site.
You also tell visitors to "take two to four days to finish requests". Button makers should not have a time frame to finish requests – they should instead focus on making it look as good as they can. Replace that with "Spend as much time as you need to make the button look great – just don't take too long!
You also state "When the buttons are done, put them in the pick up section" – which implies button makers should finish a batch of requests and then put them in the pick up section. That's fine, but not all would want to do it in that style. You can suggest that idea, but also include that button makers can put buttons up in any way they want. I'm sure that some button makers will finish one button and struggle on the others in a batch – that will slow you down and make requesters impatient.
In addition, you've put a "maybe" before professional. Delete that – site owners should always be professional, even when sending out mails!
It's also not necessary to compose a new mail to the requester – in fact, it's better to reply to the old one. The requester can see what he/she wanted the button maker to do and find out if the button corresponded with his/her preferences.
-6 for minor issues with buttons, banners and tutorial, low-quality icons, and light text on resource

Sitely (8/10) You have a great number of affiliates and three high-quality sister sites. You're also listed at a good number of sites. However, To You from Me and Velvet, two of your affiliates, are closed. Mystrious, Dictionary, and Lhians Directory, are also closed. In addition, Rikuesuto offers higher quality link back buttons now – I recommend updating them.
-3 for dead links and sister site's low quality button

Link Back (2/5) Your link back buttons are great, I love them! I suggest replacing the first one though – the colors don't stand out much. Normally those colors would be fine, but the button has no animation – that combined with the dull colors make the button rather plain. I also felt that the second button's text could have been a bit darker. The letters blended in too much. The last button looked fine, although the text was placed on an area of the image where the gradient wasn't used, making the colors look too contrasted.
-2 for one low quality link back button and problems with the two others

Grammar (3/5) Your grammar seemed fine at first glance; however, as I read further into your site, I noticed a number of errors:
Button Request in your intro should be button request. Also, you don't need to put a comma after "resources".
Again, in your rules, Button (or Banner) Request does not need to be capitalized. "Link credit me" is worded a bit strangely, I suggest changing it to Remember to credit me with a link somewhere visible.
In "Tips", I feel the main header should be Tips for Button Request Sites as you don't offer tips for any other type of site. Once again, Button Making, Button Request, and Site Community in the intro do not need to be capitalized. The second paragraph in the intro is a bit confusing – the "How to Run a Button Request Site" looks like a title with the capitalization. Try saying: In this guide, I will teach you how to run a button request site based on my experience. Under "Link Back Buttons", the last sentence should be with different borders, colors, font, animations, etc. On "Taking Requests", "flooding your waiting list with bunch of requests might not be very likely" is confusing. I've changed it to flooding your waiting list with a bunch of requests will only stress you out or something similar to it. The original sentence didn't make any sense – what were you referring to that wasn't likely? There is no need to put a comma after minutes in the second sentence. "Open the request for two days" should be Open requests for two days. "Would" in the sentence after should be will. Professional is spelled incorrectly. As I said earlier under "content", rewrite the part about "working on buttons". Once again, "the requests" don't need a the. Add a space between "one" and the parentheses, and capitalize "take". When the buttons are done should be "When you finish the button, put it in the pick up section, and Neomail the owners to notify them his/her button is finished". This is, of course, only needed if you decided to take my earlier advice about finishing buttons. Neomail should be capitalized. In accordance with what I said about being professional earlier, remove the "maybe" before professional. Delete the sentence about replying to request mails – it's not necessary to have to compose a new mail (once again, I addressed this earlier). In "Request Form", change the last "important" in the first sentence to a synonym (vital would work). The sentence sounds too repetitive. You may want to consider bolding the "Contents of a Request Form" to make it stand out more. Add a "be" after to in User Name. Under "Border Selection", the first sentence should be As we all know, borders are essential to a button. There is no need to have a comma after "GIMP/Paint/Photoshop". Would should be could. Pixel Fonts does not need to be capitalized. "Extremely" did not need to be added to amazing (under Pixel Fonts).
Under Sitely, Request Site does not need to be capitalized. There is no need to have a comma after "only". and you ought to see the results is not needed, "amazing buttons and banners" pretty much describes the "results". Describing the meaning of your sister site's names is irrelevant, the description should be kept short and sweet and only mention what the sites have to offer. Open in Affiliates does not need to be capitalized. Move please don't be offended if I reject your request to a separate sentence – putting the two ideas of the sentence makes it sound as if you'll reject a high quality site. Soroptimist Directory does not need a "the". Add a space after "Star Site" in Achievements.
In "Credits", contents should be content. (Me) is not needed. "The" after Annie & Elle for all should be "your". Like bullets and envelopes are not needed – most people know what pixel resources are. "Scroll boxes" should be scroll box. "Ego-Box" only needs one space.
-2 for reoccurring capitalization problems and sentence fragments

Originality/Effort (8/10) Your site offers lovely buttons as well as banners – banner requests aren't very common these days. You also provide high-quality resources for visitors, including color palettes – which I don't see often. There's even a lovely guide! However, you need to offer more unique borders and animations. Top button request sites usually come up with their own borders and animations – but I've seen most of yours used. The "text border" animation is something I haven't seen around, although you don't seem to use it anymore. Have a distinctive style so that others will recognize your buttons when they are used! You've put obvious effort into your site - I can tell from how much you've improved on button-making. You also try to add extras to make your site more memorable.
-2 for unoriginal buttons

Revisit (3.5/5) I'd probably revisit if I needed a button; however, I suggest incorporating a certain style into your buttons. Right now you don't offer a unique look to your buttons, and there are guides out there that could teach others to replicate your buttons easily. They're high quality – they just need to be more special. Your banners aren't bad, although you have some issues with usage of textures/brushes and text placement. I probably wouldn't come back to request one of those. Your resources and icons are a lovely addition, although the icons could definitely use some work. The guide is fantastic – fix up those grammatical issues and a few sentences and you should be good to go! -1.5 for not revisiting for generic buttons and some low-quality content

Final Thoughts/Bonus Points Melody is definitely a site to keep an eye out for. Your site is wonderful and you truly put effort into your site. Your buttons are lovely; and though there are minor issues with some, they look great overall. Try adding your own twist into your buttons as they don't look very different from other request sites. Work on your banners and icons – they could use some more brushes and textures. Your resources and guide are definitely helpful and are useful to every visitor – I only deducted points from those categories for small problems. All in all, Anisha, congratulations for hosting a wonderful site! I look forward to seeing how much you'll improve over time – you have great potential. I wish you the best of luck with you and your site!



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